Mom Approved Stuffed Animal Easter Basket Ideas 2020

8 Cuddly Easter Basket Stuffies That The Kids Will *Love* Forever

April 11, 2019 Updated April 3, 2020

Best Easter Stuffed Animals

Don’t get us wrong: Easter just wouldn’t be the same without Cadbury eggs and marshmallow Peeps. But if you don’t want candy to completely overtake your day (and inevitably, lead to a sugar-induced meltdown), try stuffing your kids’ baskets with treats that won’t lead to an energy high followed by a crash (and inevitably a stomachache).

With spring in the air, snuggly surprises like fluffy plushies (bonus if they’re inspired by classic storybooks) and soothing sleepytime accessories are a festive way to celebrate. Better yet, they bring comfort, spark creative play, and even promote bonding with you or between siblings. These presents can be used long after the Reese’s bunny is gone, and — perhaps we’re being optimistic, here — all that coziness may even earn you a relaxing morning instead of the usual chocolate-fueled mania. Now, doesn’t that sound nice?

With Easter almost here, the time to start assembling baskets for your little (or big) ones is now. If your kiddos are smitten with huggable stuffed animals and all things cozy, these cuddly gift ideas are as sweet as candy— sans the sugar.

Best Stuffed Animals For Infants & Toddlers

Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram Guess How Much I Love You: Deluxe Book and Toy Gift Set

Reading together is one of the snuggliest activities there is, and this precious board book and plushie are bound to encourage cuddling. Featuring the classic rabbit-centered story Guess How Much I Love You, little ones are thrilled to hold Little Nut Brown Hare while hearing how Big Nut Brown Hare loves him “to the moon and back” (the same way your Little is loved by you).

This gift is especially ideal for small children, thanks to the board-style book and the small stuffed animal. “The little rabbit that comes with this set is the perfect size for toddlers to carry around. It’s exactly what I was looking for,” one Amazon reviewer points out. Even after Easter is over, this adorable duo may become a new part of your kid’s bedtime routine.


Baby GUND Animated Flappy the Elephant

With over 8,000 Amazon reviews and an average 5-star rating, Flappy The Elephant is bound to please your little tyke on Easter morning and beyond. This animated Baby Gund toy isn’t just huggable, she sings, talks, giggles, and play! Press one foot to sing along to “Do Your Ears Hang Low” then squeeze the other, and Flappy will cover her eyes with her ears to play peek-a-boo.

Reviewers rave that this friendly elephant is “sweet” and gushed about its cuteness. “It’s brilliant,” says one customer. “I was super surprised about the quality of it. It didn’t look nearly as lovely in the pictures as it does in real life, and wow is it soft.” Flappy comes with three AA batteries, but buyers mention they die quickly, so you may want a backup set to keep the fun going.


Best Stuffed Animals For Big Kids

JOYIN 24 Pack Pre-filled Easter Eggs

If Easter isn’t complete without an egg hunt, we hear you. But if you’re trying to steer away from giving your kids too much candy, filling those plastic spheres with treats can be a challenge. That’s why we love this 24-piece set of eggs stuffed with petite plushies, which will delight hunters just as much. One thing to note, though: these toys are tiny, so they’re probably best suited for older kids.

This set comes with an assortment of characters, so every egg is a new surprise. Each animal has a string fastened to the top, so they can be used as keychains, backpack charms, Christmas ornaments, or dangling decorations. Trust us, your kids will forget all about chocolate and jelly beans once they start collecting their mini menagerie.


GUND Cozys Collection Stuffed Rabbit

This GUND stuffed rabbit has a pastel pink hue that makes it a fitting addition to any Easter basket. Floppy, fuzzy, and snuggly, it’s the perfect stuffed bunny for kiddos who simply want to snuggle. It’s constructed with the brand’s legendary quality, and between its irresistibly soft fur and long limbs, it’s just begging to be hugged. “It is the softest plush animal I’ve yet to encounter,” one reviewer reports. “Aside from its weighted feet and formed, round tail, this plush is squeezable and soft all over.”

This critter can sit up on its own (if your child ever puts it down), making it an adorable prop for a bed, shelf, or dresser. All in all, an Easter morning must-have for children who love stuffed companions.


Perfect Stuffed Animals For Any Age

GUND Peter Rabbit Plush Toy

If you’re looking for *the* quintessential Easter bunny stuffed animal, the GUND Peter Rabbit Plush Toy is it. Inspired by Beatrix Potter’s family-favorite bunny “tail” (get it?!), this soft stuffed animal — donning a bunny-sized blue coat — is made for snuggling. And with his classic good looks, you won’t mind when Peter is inevitably left around the house.

Try making a theme basket by picking up a Peter Rabbit book, then snag the animated movie (released in 2018) to inspire a cozy night of cuddling. You’ll feel a dose of nostalgia as your child discovers the antics that take place in Mr. McGregor’s garden. 

$20 At Bed Bath & Beyond

cloud b Twighlight Turtle in Green/Orange

While they may have graduated to their very own room, sometimes, big kids still need to be soothed to sleep. This Easter, help them banish the scaries with the cloud b Twighlight Turtle, which projects bright stars  — modeled after real constellations — onto the ceiling. They can even switch the glow between blue, green, and amber, which adds to the fun.

This bedtime buddy may not be soft and squishy (the head and limbs are plush but the body is plastic), but it’ll soothe children who are scared of the dark. A 45-minute timer shuts it off after they’ve drifted to sleep, but it can be turned back on with the push of a button. With this clever critter, kids are more likely to cozy up under their own covers rather than sneaking into yours.


Hanna Andersson Rabbit Rider Family Match PJ Set

Aren’t these Hanna Andersson PJ’s the cutest? While they’re not a stuffed animal, they’ll make your loved ones as snuggly as ever. After all, nothing says “come cuddle up” like a comfy set of jammies. And want to hear the best news here? There are sizes available for the whole family from infants to grown-ups. So go ahead: Have a matchy-matchy photo shoot. 

While adorably festive for the holiday, the bunnies-on-bicycles print doesn’t scream “Easter.” That’s good news, because since they’re made with soft organic cotton, you and your youngster can wear them all year long.


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