Hooters Sponsors Denver Boy Scout Camp And Parents Are Angry

Parents Outraged When Kids Come Home From Boy Scout Camp In Hooters Gear

Image via ABC News

Hooters sponsored a Boy Scout camp, but someone probably should have told the parents first

A Denver Boy Scout camp made a visit to a local restaurant that was serving as a sponsor. Pretty typical stuff. The kids hung out with employees, and got to leave with some restaurant-themed swag.

Unfortunately, the swag said ‘Hooters” on it.

According to ABC News, one of the boys’ moms was taken aback when she saw what her son was wearing at pick-up. “I step back for a second, and I take a look and I’m like, ‘Are they wearing Hooters visors? Wait a minute,'” Michelle Kettleborough, mom to a 7-year-old at the camp, said. “Quite honestly we’re questioning whether we’re going to keep him in the organization at all next year.”

Kettleborough wasn’t the only parent who was upset by the collaboration. Marsha Corn feels the “philosophies” of the Boy Scouts and Hooters are “polar opposites.”

First of all, lol forever at Hooters having a philosophy. That’s rich. Second of all, are we really still outraged about Hooters? It’s 2016, not 1986. The girls are hardly scantily-clad, by anyone’s standards. It’s not a strip club.

The Boy Scouts emailed Corn, and explained Hooters’ role. “The restaurant assisted with the costs of putting on the camp, and through their community volunteering several of their waitresses donated their time to help staff the camp. Glad to hear your son had such a good time.”

Image via ABC News

Image via ABC News

That is the email equivalent of a straight-arm. And good for them. This simply isn’t a big deal. A local restaurant did a good deed and sponsored a camp. It’s not like they were giving the kids lap dances.

I totally understand not wanting your 7-year-old to walk around promoting a mediocre-at-best restaurant, but I’m guessing none of those kids had any awareness of anything impure happening. They probably thought “hooters” were owls and enjoyed their popcorn shrimp. Until their parents raised the alarm.

Image via ABC News

Image via ABC News

Unfortunately, the Boy Scouts don’t have the world’s best record of acceptance and inclusivity, and that history might put this visit in a different light, if you choose to view their jaunt to Hooters as some kind of progressive move. But my guess is the camp was simply happy to accept money from a local business and didn’t see anything wrong with it.

Again, it’s 2016. In the photos from the “incident” the waitresses are even wearing jackets. Jackets! The ladies in Frozen wear less clothing than the waitresses at Hooters.

The parents should be happy their kids weren’t being served reindeer meat.