10 Gifts For Your Fur Babies

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Your pets are officially about to hit the holiday gift jackpot

If you’ve made your list, checked it twice, and still haven’t added any goodies for the fur babies in your life – we’ve got a problem. Your pets deserve just as much holiday love as humans (if not more), so buckle up because we’ve put together the ultimate gift guide filled with furry swag.

1. Highwave Auto Dog Mug

Image via Walmart

Are you always on the go with your pup and have zero patience for lugging around a water bowl? This mug makes everything much, much easier. You just have to squeeze the bottle so the water comes out and it’s completely leak-free. Now, you have zero excuses for not going on those long doggie hikes (ugh).

2. K&H Thermo-Snuggly Sleeper

Image via Walmart

Winter is just around the corner and the very best gift you could possibly get your furbaby is a super cozy, heated bed. It comes with dual thermostats, a washable cover, removable heater, and so much snuggle.

3. Puppy Shoes

Image via Walmart

While we’re on the subject of snuggle, these winter boots are the perfect solution for keeping your pet’s feet nice and toasty, no matter how far below zero the temps fall. Chilly walks to the grocery store just became much less miserable.

4. Premier Pet Fountain

Image via Walmart

Bring on all the refreshment. This pet fountain supplies 50 ounces of filtered water and is super easy to use. Your fur babies will thank you from the bottom of their forever-thirsty hearts.

5. Cat Condo

Image via Walmart

Your cat is about the live the super extra life that they’ve always dreamed of. This condo is 4 feet tall and provides plenty of spots for lounging and mouse swiping.

6. Boomer & George Lodge Dog House

Image via Walmart

Don’t worry, your pup can get in on the fancy action as well. This dog house will give your pet some nice shelter during the cold months and comes complete with a sleek porch.

7. Hidden Cat Litter Box

Image via Walmart

Is your cat a little shy when it comes to doing their business? This hidden kitty litter box will provide all of the comfort and privacy (plus it has a filtered vented system that will get rid of dust and odor). Win-win for all of us.

8. Interactive IQ Treat Ball

Image via Walmart

Food + toys = every dog’s dream come true. Your pup can play with this interactive ball while figuring out how to get their treats out of the contraption. It’ll very likely keep them happily occupied for many hours.

9. Premier Pet Zip Automatic Laser Cat Toy

Image via Walmart

We can’t let your cat get bored, either. This laser toy will keep your feline fur baby entertained and encourage exercise. If only it were that simple for us humans.

10. Dog Santa Costume

Image via Walmart

Was this Santa costume designed to benefit you or your pup? Who’s to say (…but probably mostly you).

Your pet’s holiday just got so much more fun. Hopefully they’ll reward you with just a smidge less barking and scratching.

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