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I Lava You

35 Valentine's Day Jokes Sweeter Than Candy For Your Little Valentine

Yes, they’re clean ... and definitely corny.

It's a Biting Good Time

50 Shark Jokes And Puns For The 'Baby Shark' Enthusiast In Your Life

Where do lonely sharks go to find companionship? Sand Bars.

Sales For Days

25 Black Friday Jokes So Funny They'll Have You Peeing In Your Bargain Hunt Clothes

Bought a new vacuum on Black Friday. It sucks!

Give 'Em Pumpkin To Talk About

70+ Boo-rific Halloween Jokes And Riddles For Kids And Ghouls Alike

What do you call two witches who live together? Broomates.

Challah Back, Girl

40 Hilarious Hanukkah Jokes To Last You Eight Days And Nights

What’s the best thing to put into the sufganiyot? Your teeth.


Don't Drop The Ball! Tell These New Year's Eve Jokes To Make Dec. 31 A Real Blast

What do snowmen like to do on New Year’s Eve? Chill out.

Ho Ho Ho

60+ Jolly Christmas Jokes For Kids Sure To Put You On Santa's Nice List

What kind of music do elves listen to? Wrap.

It's A Graveyard Smash

90 Spooky And Groovy Halloween Songs and Videos For You and Your Little Monster

Let’s do “The Time Warp” again!

Without Feather Ado

60 Side-Splitting Thanksgiving Jokes You’ll Gobble Up More Than Turkey

Squash boredom at the kids’ table with these zingers.


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