Rainbow Baby T-Shirt An Adorable Way To Honor Loss

Here’s An Adorable Way To Honor Rainbow Babies — And Mamas, Too

Image via Katherine Emrick

Rainbow Babe and Mama tees are an adorable way to celebrate your strength

Approximately one in four pregnancies end in loss — yet it’s still such a lonely and isolating experience. Thankfully, women are beginning to share their stories more and more, which is so important. Speaking of a pregnancy loss was once so taboo — but women are breaking down the barriers that leave us isolated after these experiences by talking about them, and also celebrating our strength in getting through such a difficult time.

If you’ve endured the experience of pregnancy loss — you are a warrior. You are a survivor. And why shouldn’t that be celebrated?

Dr. Jessica Zucker is a psychologist and writer specializing in women’s reproductive and maternal mental health. She was in the field for years before experiencing her own miscarriage at 16 weeks. Her experience led her to write extensively on the topic and even launch the hashtag #IHadAMiscarriage to attempt to remove some of the stigma surrounding an experience that so many women have. It also led her to the idea to create pregnancy loss cards, to acknowledge those who are going through one. She’s now launched the second installment of the #IHadAMiscarriage campaign: honoring rainbow babies and mothers.

She’s created T-shirts and totes for rainbow mamas and rainbow babies in honor of Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Day. Photographers Vaughn Dabney shot a beautiful portfolio and all proceeds go to The Birth Hour, a podcast that enables women to hear each other’s birth stories.


Image via Vaughn Dabney


“These items break silence and shatter taboos around this very poignant and ubiquitous experience,” Zucker tells Scary Mommy.  “Some people say, you don’t know about miscarriage until you enter the secret society.’ This part of my campaign continues to promote connection.”

Items will be available as of today in Zucker’s online shop. Totes are $5 (sold separately, but free of charge when purchasing tees), Mama tee is $30, and Babe tee is $26.

These items work against the shame and instead show a sense of pride for our histories/journeys and allow women to say “I had a miscarriage/pregnancy loss(es)” without saying it outright,” she explains.

October 15th is Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day, and these are a great reminder that so many of us share this experience. If one person who’s experiencing grief or loss gets the silent nod of connection when they see this shirt, the whole campaign will be worth it.

• THE NEXT CHAPTER OF THE #IHADAMISCARRIAGE CAMPAIGN IS LIVE • Today also marks the 4 year anniversary of my miscarriage • It is Pregnancy + Infant Loss Awareness Month • Meaningful in all ways. Always • _ MAMA + BABE TEES & TOTES _ This chapter of the campaign focuses on: • Rainbow mamas + rainbow babies. A “rainbow baby” is a baby that is born following a miscarriage, stillbirth, neonatal or infant loss. Are you a rainbow baby? Do you have a rainbow baby/are you a rainbow mama? Rainbows don’t always follow storms, and when they do, they do not wipe away what came before. Pregnancy after loss can be arduous + might affect who we are as women and mothers. If approximately 20% of pregnancies result in loss and a majority of women go on to get pregnant again, rainbow mamas and babies abound. Ask the women in your family about their reproductive histories. See what they say about the ways in which previous generations talked about these life-changing experiences • Encouraging intergenerational conversations about pregnancy loss • Igniting conversations about pregnancy + infant loss, fostering connection + community, building global support. Continuing to de-shame, de-silence, de-stigmatize. Owning our stories, acknowledging our journeys. Illuminating that pregnancy loss knows nothing of race, culture, class, ethnicity, education. The same, but different • Whether you have a rainbow baby, are a rainbow baby yourself, OR love one, these are for you! _ Check out the rainbow mama tees, rainbow babe tees, and rainbow totes in my online shop. Link in profile. _ Tees + totes designed by @annerobincalligraphy. Video by @the_jaki. All proceeds will go to @thebirthhour. _ #IHadAMiscarriage #rainbowbaby #miscarriage #babyloss #pregnancylossawareness #loss #pregnancyloss #grief #1in4 #pregnancyafterloss #motherhood #pregnancylosscards #internationaldayofthegirl // Women involved in campaign, huge gratitude to you: @empoweredbirthproject @motherhoodrising @callmecourt @bstereo @lovexlemonade.

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