Scary Recipe Box : Kid-Tested Mom-Approved Recipes

The Recipe Box

kid-tested mom-approved recipes

Do you spend hours browsing the aisles of the grocery store dreaming up the perfect recipes for an impressive four course dinner your whole family will devour? Do you love eating out at fancy restaurants and tasting new food combinations and then replicating them at home for your oh so worldly children? Is every meal you present met with appreciation?

Then this recipe guide isn’t for you.

The Scary Mommy Recipe Box is for the other mothers. The ones who are happy just to get something – anything – green and leafy into their children’s mouths once in a while. Who have the pizza shop on speed dial and the blue mac and cheese in the pantry. Who serve breakfast for dinner… sometimes numerous times a week. You know, The Scary Mommies.

Every recipe here is kid-tested and mom-approved and none contain more than 10 ingredients or take more than an hour to prepare. Because someday we might make that seven course meal for our kids… but someday isn’t here yet.