Travel with Kids

Travel with Kids

travel with kids
Ever travel to a new city and wonder where on earth mothers take their kids on rainy days when they’ve already watched four hours of TV and it’s only ten o’clock in the morning? Do you find yourself on vacation, wishing you could find out what restaurants won’t scowl at your toddler and which will serve Kraft mac and cheese? Looking for something new to do in your own hometown?

Welcome to the Scary Mommy Travel Guide (AKA How Not to Kill Your Children on Vacation). The Travel Guide is filled with the best things to do with kids all across the US and abroad, brought to you by the people who know the cities and towns best: The moms who live there.

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Within the US:

Anchorage  Red_star-3  Aspen  Red_star-3 Atlanta  Red_star-3 Austin

Baltimore  Red_star-3  Beaufort, SC  Red_star-3  Belfast, ME

Brooklyn  Red_star-3  Boston

Captiva/Sanibel Islands  Red_star-3  Chapel Hill/Durham

Charleston  Red_star-3  Charlottesville  Red_star-3  Chicago

Cincinnati  Red_star-3  Cleveland  Red_star-3 Columbus

Dallas  Red_star-3   Denver  Red_star-3  Des Moines  Red_star-3  Detroit

Galveston  Red_star-3  Green Bay


Indianapolis  Red_star-3  Ithaca

Jackson Hole

Long Island  Red_star-3  Las Vegas

Los Angeles  Red_star-3  Los Angeles, part 2  Red_star-3  Louisville

Madison  Red_star-3  Martha’s Vineyard Red_star-3 Memphis  Red_star-3  Miami

Milwaukee  Red_star-3  Minneapolis/St. Paul

Nashville  Red_star-3  New York

Ojai  Red_star-3  Orlando  Red_star-3  Orlando, part 2  Red_star-3  Oregon Coast

Phoenix  Red_star-3  Philadelphia  Red_star-3  Pittsburgh  Red_star-3 Portland Red_star-3  Providence


San Antonio  Red_star-3  San Diego  Red_star-3  San Francisco  Red_star-3  

Santa Cruz  Red_star-3  Santa Fe Red_star-3  Santa Monica

Scottsdale  Red_star-3  Seattle  Red_star-3  St. Louis

Tampa   Red_star-3  Tucson

Washington DC


Outside of the US…

Bali  Red_star-3 Barcelona Red_star-3 Bergen  Red_star-3  Buenos Aires


London  Red_star-3  London, part 2



The Netherlands





Special destinations:

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