Got A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Here's What To Get Them For The Holidays This Year


Got A Screen-Obsessed Kid? Here’s What To Get Them For The Holidays This Year (left photo) / (right photo)

Do you have a kid that, if given a choice, would rather stare at a screen than do anything else? I’ve got two of them. It’s like pulling teeth to try to get them to put their devices down and rejoin society. But with the holidays coming up, I don’t think it’s wrong to indulge them a little bit. My kids are so busy most of the time that sometimes they just need to come home and do something on a screen for a while.

The toys below are all ones that you can feel good about giving to your screen-obsessed kid, and they will also be thrilled to see them beneath the tree.

1. Sprout Channel Cubby


This is for that littlest screen-obsessed person you have in your house. If you want to feel good about your parenting (because learning) and also have a small window of peace and quiet (because all of your kids’ favorite characters), this is the perfect gift.

2. Sphero SPRK + STEAM Educational Robot


So, this isn’t technically a screen, but you have to actually use a screen to work this fun toy, so it’s a win-win. My kids got the regular white Sphero last year for Christmas, and it’s one of those toys that they still play with. I’ll apologize to all of your pets now.

3. Mini Portable Retro Arcade Machine


I mean, c’mon, this is awesome. I even want one of these. There are over 300 games in this 6-inch tall thing, and these are games that I’m probably still good at! Bring it on.

4. Spy Gear Video Walkie Talkies


They can stare at a screen and be social at the same time! My kids love pretending to be spies, and I love when they are doing something that doesn’t have their butts parked on the couch. These are great to get that screen-obsessed kid up and out of the house, searching for clues and solving mysteries.

5. Samsung Galaxy Tab E Lite 


This Samsung tablet has a touch screen and aligns with the STEM and Common Core education that your kids are getting at school. Thank god something is helping them out because I’m terrible at Common Core math. This can also be used as an e-reader, and you can program it to keep track of the time that your kid is on it. It sounds like it might be a better parent than I am.

6. LCD Pix Frame


Kids love looking at pictures, especially if those pictures are of them. And if you’re like me, you’re probably terrible at putting photos in albums, so you can let this electronic frame do the work for you.

7. Refurbished Apple iPad Mini


Why spend a zillion dollars on a new iPad when Walmart will let you buy a refurbished one? This is an amazing deal and just might save us from the million fights that our kids have over the one iPad in our house. Because Minecraft.

8. Hamilton Electronics iPad Case


It’s kinda pointless to get an iPad without getting something to protect it. Trust me, I’ve spent way too many hours at that place that repairs iPad screens. TRUST ME.

9. Contixo Kid Safe Headphones


Kids need headphones so that we, as their parents, can live our lives without listening to Caillou whine all day. You’re welcome.

10. Disney Flix Jr. Digital Video Camera


I mean, why not? My kids went through a phase last year where they were recording short, silly plays and having this would sure ease my mind about my own phone being used. It’s only $4.99, so not the most high tech thing ever, but it’s sturdy for smaller kids who will drop it 9,000 times.

11. Vtech Kidizoom Action Cam


A little more sophisticated at $39.99, this camera can do slow and fast motion and has the ability to attach to a bike or skateboard. It also comes with an all-weather and water-resistant case because, you know, kids.

12. Vtech Kidizoom Smartwatch



Our kids are basically living in the future, so they might as well have a watch that’s futuristic too. Not sure I’d let this one go to school, however — seems like a little too much temptation for my kiddos.

13. DigiArt Creative Easel


This is for sure going to be under my Christmas tree this year. My 6-year-old wants to be an artist someday, and this looks like just the thing for all of her budding creativity.

14. Bluetooth Karaoke System


This is going to take our dinner parties to a different place, and I apologize to all of my neighbors in advance. DANCE PARTY!

15. Kids’ Drone


Last but not least, this is a mini drone, and I might be getting it more for my husband than for my kids. It’s still cool, and at just a little over 50 bucks, we will all be entertained for many hours with this thing. AND IT CAN FLY IN THE DARK!

Have fun out there pulling your screen-obsessed kid into the real world. It’s tough, but with the right gadgets and toys maybe we can fool them into having some fun with the rest of us.