Best Self-Care Gifts For The Person Who Deserves Pampering 2020

8 Best Self-Care Gifts For Every Woman Who Deserves A Little Pampering

October 21, 2019 Updated June 8, 2020


When was the last time you pampered yourself? (Or when did you even had 5 minutes to spend relaxing in the bathroom privately?) Chances are it’s been awhile for your BFFs or family members, too. This might be because self-care has taken on a life of its own and seemingly become such a big production, and no one has the time (or energy, TBH) for candle-lit bubble baths or graceful but complicated yoga sequences in perfectly lit rooms. But here’s a newsflash for you: TLC is more than a trending hashtag, and R&R doesn’t have to be expensive or hard. It can just mean taking a few quiet minutes to do something for yourself.

So for the next birthday, holiday, or regular Tuesday, present your loved ones with self-care gifts that speak to their soul by going back to the basics: treating them to the little things that make them feel good from the inside out. From face masks to diffusers, read on to see the best self-care gifts to help them enjoy the calm and short-lived relaxation they deserve.

David’s Tea Feel Good Teas 12 Tea Sampler

Tea is like a warm, cozy hug in a mug and this Davids Tea’s sampler has 12 different deliciously soothing sips. The selection of popular wellness loose leaf teas and infusions in this set are designed to help boost mood and nurture the body. The teas in this collection include Bed of Roses, Buddha’s Blend, Cold 911, Ginger Crystals, Headache Halo, Just Beet It, Mother’s Little Helper, Peppermint Amour, Pomegrateful, Serenity Now, Sunny C, and Tulsi Tranquility. With this variety, there are options for every taste and mood. They can choose their daily tea depending on if they feel like drinking something minty, floral, or fruity, and/or if they want to digest, relax, feel energized, detox, and more. Each clear-topped tin comes with enough tea leaves to make about 1-2 cups of tea, and the box is made from 100 percent recycled paper. Good feelings straight ahead.


Tony Moly I’m Real Hydrating Sheet Mask 10-Count Set

Masking makes the skin grow softer and the best part is, it can be done in one step, in a matter of minutes, and almost anywhere. For your beauty guru BFF or family member who loves the look and feel of healthy skin, but not the 12 steps it takes to get there, this set from K-Beauty brand Tony Moly is the best compromise. Each three-layered sheet is loaded with skin-loving, highly nourishing ingredients that transform skin from drab to fab in just 20 minutes. The collection has 10 masks with different types of enriched essences such as red wine, pomegranate, ginseng, lemon, tea tree, rice, and more.

One customer calls them super hydrating, saying “I have super sensitive combination skin (dry patches/oily tzone) and I’ve quickly found out that this is basically the only mask I can handle. No weird burning sensation, no dry tight feeling, no harsh smells or flakiness afterwards..just a super soothing basic mask.”


Roselyn Boutique Jade Roller

A jade roller is a must-have to add to every skincare routine, and they’ve been eyeing one for months. This roller is handcrafted from real, natural jade, and they can use it on their face, neck, and body to cool, tighten, and depuff the skin. Recommend they keep theirs in the freezer to roll out morning puffiness while eating breakfast. It’ll be their early (or hungover) morning miracle.

One reviewer said, “I’m not sure if this actually draws out the bad energy from your face, but if you use it first thing in the morning, it definitely helps to wake you up! The jade roller is nice and cool and feels great rolling over your face. The quality is very good as well and doesn’t seem like it will fall apart. Even my husband has gotten a lot of use out of it! Definitely a great gift for the beauty savant.”


Otherland Canopy Candle

The right fragrance can turn your entire mood around, and a good candle can sustain that mood for hours. This Otherland candle is hand-poured and has a soy/coconut wax blend, with a 55-hour burn time. All Otherland scents are developed with master perfumers (ooh la la), and the Canopy candle has notes of California fig, ivy greens, and summer dew, which will make their home smell fresh, bright, and relaxing. It’s basically like having spring in a candle form, without having to deal with all those annoying allergies. The ingredients are all non-toxic, so there are no parabens, sulfates, phthalates, or synthetic dyes, and it’s cruelty free. The candle jar is pretty enough to be decor on its own, and once they’re done burning the candle, they can reuse and repurpose the candle jar to hold small, miscellaneous items (hint: just put the jar in the freezer for a few hours and the extra wax will be easy to remove).


Poluma Dotted Grid Journal

Bullet journals are trendy again, but in addition to the fact that posting photos of page designs could definitely rack up a serious Insta following (seriously, search #bullletjournal for some true inspiration), research has shown that journaling could benefit mental health, too. This is the perfect self-care gift for anyone who could use a deep brain dump every once in a while. This hardcover journal has 64 sheets of thick, dotted grid paper that are great for jotting down notes, organizing to-do lists or tasks, scheduling out the family’s event calendar, or simply doodling for fun. There’s a bookmark to hold their place and an inner pocket to stash cards or extra reminders. And it’s 5 ”x 8.25”, a convenient size to carry around wherever they go. Add a pack of these markers to the mix, and you’ll set them up for success (not to mention reduce their stress levels).


UGG Women's Ansley Moccasin

Whether they hate walking on cold floors first thing in the morning or just like to have their toes cozy 24/7, a good pair of slippers are an at-home essential. The UGG Ansley Moccasins are made with a water-resistant suede and inside have a cushy foam and soft wool that will make them feel like they’re walking on clouds. The molded rubber outsoles also provide extra grip to walk on hardwood or smooth floors (or ones where someone in the house may have accidentally spilled something, which is probably more often than not). They have more structure and style than those free hotel slippers they probably already have at home, and will pair nicely with any outfit, even pajamas.

One reviewer, who said they are “damn fine quality slippers,” also commented “The silky suede genuine pig leather is really, really high quality and lovely. The rubber soles are very sturdy and substantial and provide great traction on our slick floors for chasing my autistic 4 year old boy around the house every morning. The stitching and seams are very tight and professional and are not going to fall apart on you. The faux fur fluffy stuff is super soft and supportive and WARM!”


URPOWER Essential Oil Diffuser

Candles set the mood, essential oils set your being. Dramatic as that may sound, essential oils are popular for a reason, friends, and that reason is that they hold the power to make you feel all the things — happy, relaxed, energized, focused. You name it, there’s an essential oil for it. So if a loved one on your list hasn’t jumped on the bandwagon, URPOWER’s diffuser will be a game changer for them. It has seven color-changing lamps, programmable on/off cycles, and a feature where it will automatically shut off when the water runs out. It runs quietly and for six hours, so by adding water and a few drops of essential oils, they’ll be able to feel their stress diffuse away. It can also be used as a humidifier in dry or cold climates.

The diffuser has over 42,000 Amazon reviews, and one customer said, “This is a really great diffuser, especially for a first timer like myself. It’s small and simple and also succeeds in freshening up my entire room. The 30 second burst is great at keeping your space feeling and smelling great throughout the day, while the continuous mode lasts for about 6 hours so I keep it on while I’m sleeping.”


ROYAL CRAFT WOOD Luxury Bathtub Caddy Tray

Baths are a luxury, and so when anyone can find time in their busy schedule for one, they should truly indulge in it. This bamboo bath caddy is adjustable to fit most bathtubs and with two side-trays, it can even accommodate two people (if they want to share their bathtime). It has a waterproof book or tablet holder, removable trays for accessories or candles, and most importantly, wine glass holders. The caddy can instantly turn your bathroom into a relaxing spa, as this one reviewer can attest to: “My baths, which I have always loved, are now a true spa time complete with: facial, full body skin care, music or audio book, a magazine or book, and refreshments (fresh cherries & a favorite drink). I appreciate the security of the tray to hold my I-phone/electronics, eye glasses, and hand mirror. The caddy is the bomb: relaxing, fulfilling, and joyful. I look forward daily to a long soak.”


Find more ways to treat the people in your life (or yourself) with more wellness gift ideas here.

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