Sh*t People Say to Women Directors: Tumblr Tells All

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It’s an anonymous blog for women who work in film and TV and want to get a little catharsis by sharing some of the utterly ridiculous things men have said to them. The only people who will know who’s posting are the guys who actually made the comments, if they even remember. So it’s a no-holds-barred release for everyone who submits a story, without any worries about industry retaliation, since retaliation would require the guy in question to cop to his own crappy behavior.

I used to work in production myself, and heard my fair share of sexist comments, but these stories top anything I have to offer. The blog’s founders told Mashable, “Women have been cowed into silence over these issues for fear of being further shut out, marginalized and denied networking opportunities after being labeled ‘whistleblowers’ or ‘difficult.'”

Not anymore! Here’s just a taste of what you can find.

For one, it starts even before that first job. Try film school:

Sometimes it’s just bullying:

Then there’s plain old condescending. This one’s sooo 1960s:

Some men offer sympathy. It’s like they know what it’s like to be a woman, and they want us to know that they care:

Have you ever had to send in your picture for a job when you weren’t auditioning?

Another ’60s throwback:

Think sexual harassment isn’t a problem anymore?

And finally:

Plenty more where these come from; just go straight to the source.

And take heart, because there are guys on the blog too, talking about what a-holes their fellow men can be:

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