No One Is Having More Fun This Winter Than This Snowboarding Baby

A 14-month-old baby went out for her first snowboarding run in Park City, Utah, and it looks like she loved it.

There are few things as heartwarming as introducing your baby to your favorite things, whether that’s eating ice cream or riding horses or whatever that favorite thing might be. The fact that most parents love doing that is probably why football jersey onesies exist.

This week 14-month-old Sloan Henderson took her first snowboarding run at Park City, Utah, and even though she’s barely a toddler, she seems to be a natural if this video from her parents is anything to judge from:

Most 14-month-old babies can barely walk, but once Sloan had her first steps worked out, her parents decided to reward her with a trip to the slopes. She did pretty great, even though they don’t actually make snowboards for babies as small as Sloan.

“Even though it was the smallest snowboard on the market, we still had to make modifications to it so her legs weren’t so far apart,” said Sloan’s father Zach Henderson, who told 2News that they took her for her first snowboarding trip as a reward for learning how to walk when she was 13 months old. “We took her snowboarding at Park City for the first time yesterday and she did great!”

From the video, it looks like little Sloan loved it, and she was surprisingly good. It’s hard to believe she didn’t fall over, but she just slid happily across the snow to her mom, grinning all the way.

While snowboarding might not seem like the most natural activity for a 14-month-old, toddlers in Utah apparently start early, and Sloan was just cruising along the snow, pleased as can be. She’s tiny and adorable, but she’s not even the youngest baby to ever be strapped onto a snowboard. Several other babies on YouTube appear to have started shredding at around the same age.

Sloan’s mother, Katie Henderson, says they got Sloan the board for Christmas and have been practicing with her in the backyard to make sure she had good balance before they took her out on the slopes for real. The Hendersons weren’t sure that Sloan would even like snowboarding, but they were optimistic. Once Sloan was out there she obviously loved it, which is great news for the Hendersons, who probably have a lot of family snowboarding trips in their futures, and maybe an Olympic medal or two for Sloan once she’s bigger.