Kindle Unlimited Subscription 2019 – What Is Kindle Unlimited


Amazon Is Offering A Subscription To Over 1 Million Books For Free Right Now

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It feels like the heavens just opened up to let the best books rain down on us. Amazon is running an insane deal right now which offers access to over one million books… for free. The promotion will run through the end of July. Few things in life are free, and this might just be our favorite.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

Kindle Unlimited is like a media streaming service, but for books. Instead of paying for a single book, you pay for a subscription package and gain access to an unlimited variety of books. In addition to books, Kindle Unlimited offers thousands of audiobooks to choose from, the hottest magazines, and more. Bar hopping is fun, but book hopping is so satisfying.


Is Kindle Unlimited free?

Now it is. It’s free for Prime members and new subscribers to Kindle Unlimited only. Until July 31, you can sign up to read your favorite titles (over one million to choose from) for free via Kindle Unlimited, as long as you’re an Amazon Prime member. The free subscription will last for three months, which is plenty of time to read quite a few titles from start to finish. If you want to sign up to be a Prime member (P.S. Prime Day is in a few days!), you should do that ASAP.

What’s the best Kindle to use?

If you don’t own an e-reader, consider getting the new Kindle Oasis on pre-order. The Oasis is the latest innovation in e-readers. The waterproof Kindle Oasis features mood settings, a more novel-like page flip, it’s super lightweight, and it doesn’t feel as heavy or electronic-like as a traditional e-reader.

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Plus, get ready to bump your favorite tunes at a price possible to pay. Amazon is running another dreamy deal right now which offers access to a comprehensive library of songs and artists… for less than a dollar. The promotion will run through July 16, 2019.

The savings only apply to brand new Amazon Prime members, so you’ll be able to access the deal once you sign up for Prime. The best part? The music will last you four whole months, instead of a wimpy 30-day trial. You’ll get access to unlimited music, on demand and always advertisement-free. You can listen offline (hello, grueling flight!), skip over as many songs as you want, and of course, use it with any of your Alexa devices.


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