Best Unisex Diaper Bags Under $100 for Cool Moms and Dads 2020

9 Best Unisex Diaper Bags That Are Genius For Mom And Won’t Embarrass Dad

April 20, 2020 Updated August 10, 2020

Best Unisex Amazon Diaperbags

If there’s one thing you truly need with a new baby or a collective of toddlers, it’s a diaper bag to keep you (and all that kid stuff) organized. Having your baby essentials handy while on-the-go is key so you’re not scrambling around to find that extra pack of baby wipes when LO has their third blowout of the day (whyyy?).

Diaper bags should be universally functional (we mean a lot of pockets, compartments and organizational everything) and gender-neutral— so no matter who takes bb for a diaper change, they’re not stuck carrying a bag that is embarrassing. We love a blingy bag moment—don’t get us wrong—but we love a utilitarian, functional modern tote even more.

We’ve found the most stylish unisex diaper bags for both moms and dads, from rugged backpacks to cool carryalls that’ll have a place in your wardrobe long past the diaper years. The best part? They’re all under $100 and packed with genius. Did you even know diaper bags could come with stroller clips, tissue dispensers or diaper changing stations? #mindblown

Columbia Carson Backpack

The reviews on this Columbia backpack are so enthusiastic, you’ll be convinced you need it, even if you already have a diaper bag you love. “I. Love. This. Pack.” says a dad on Amazon. “Seriously, as a father and carrier of diapers, bottles, toys, burp cloths, changing pads, pacifiers, socks–I so wish I had known about this backpack before even the first kid. Now with a third child on the way, I can say: if you are tired of the HUGE bags you have to lug over your shoulder…This is the bag for you.” The zippers have helpful loops so you can zip/unzip one-handed, meaning you don’t have to put the kid down to close up the pack (brilliant). This is a diaper bag that doesn’t look anything like a diaper bag, so if that’s your thing, here’s your mate.


Fjallraven Kanken Classic Backpack for Everyday

Is there a cooler or more classic backpack than the Fjallraven Kanken? Originally designed in the seventies, this unfussy daypack comes in a rainbow of colors and is water- and dirt-resistant, to boot. It’s extremely lightweight and utilitarian through and through: One zipper opens up to reveal the full compartment, so if you’re not one for lots of little pockets, you’ll love this. The Kanken is also having a real moment with the fashion set, so you can swap out the diapers and toys for your wallet and makeup bag and be ready for a grown-ups’ night out. (Remember those?) There is a matching backpack in mini size for your mini, so feel free to wear matching colors and let them steal the show.


Land Baby Backpack

It’s hard to beat this spacious, modern backpack that comes kitted out with plenty of pockets—all for the low, low price of $30. At the top, it opens wide like a tote, so you can get a clear view of the 800 things you’ve stuffed inside without losing your marbles. But the kicker is that there’s also an opening on the back near the bottom, meaning you can reach the spare tiny socks alllll the way at the bottom you packed ages ago in a stroke of genius and now desperately need. Did we mention there’s a spot for wet stuff and room for three bottles? We also love the streamlined look and the waterproof fabric. The only (slight) downside is that there’s no changing pad included, but you could pick up a cute foldable one elsewhere and pack it in—there’s room.


Herschel Supply Co Sprout Strand Diaper Bag

If you hate the idea of buying a bag to use just for an express purpose before you need to ditch it, enter Herschel Supply Co’s Strand Sprout diaper bag. This classic tote fits snugly in the cozy camp of Non-Diaper Bag Diaper Bags, and makes it a great choice for minimalist mamas and papas out there who want a catchall that can live its life well beyond the baby years. Made from a super durable basketweave nylon, (the technical name is ballistic weave and yeah, we were impressed, too), this pack won’t rip, tear, stain or get wet. And you’ll feel good on the sustainability front knowing you’ll carry it for YEARS to come. It will even work on your next weekend getaway sans baby— when you’re lucky enough to have one.


Skiphop Go Envi Eco-Friendly Diaper Backpack

Skiphop’s sleek gray-blue backpack belies its humble origins—as recycled plastic water bottles. This sustainable pack is made from eco-friendly material that’s super lightweight yet durable, ideal for those long days when you’re carrying an infant and a diaper bag and your sanity all at once. With six pockets and a mesh back panel, it also comes complete with a fold-up changing pad and a reusable snack tower, in case your little one (or you, let’s be honest), need a quick snack. “Nice size, great features,” says Dcarlo on We couldn’t agree more. Also love the padded, adjustable straps and…wait for it…built in stroller straps so this pack actually stays put on the stroller handles.


Hafmall Multi-function Large Convertible Travel Diaper Bag

Perfectly practical, this multifunction carryall is ideal if you’re looking for a utilitarian tote that can handle a full day on the (parenting) job. With insulated pockets, a special compartment that dispenses tissues (why don’t all bags have this?), and a back zippered slot for your tech and keys, it’s a super sturdy pick if you want something hardworking. This tote travels well, too, with a dedicated strap for attaching to your roll-on suitcase. We also love that it can be carried as a crossbody or via the hand straps. Did we mention it’s roomy? “You can fit a whole bag of diapers in it and still have a lot of space for bottles, snacks, clothes and such,” says Luciana on Amazon.


Frank Mully Large Multifunction Travel Baby Bag

With padded straps, a laptop slot, deep compartments and insulated pockets, this chic backpack is so much more than just a diaper bag—and the price is hard to beat. A bonus? It comes with stroller clips and a changing pad so you won’t have to shell out for other accessories. Are you an overpacker? You’re covered. Whether you’re headed to the park, daycare, or out for a hike/picnic, and rest assured you’ll have room to spare in this spacious pack for everything you need, from extra bottles to a change of clothes to an actual book for you to catch up on some reading while LO snoozes.


Storq Carryall Diaper Bag

We were stoked when we discovered that one of our fave maternity brands also makes a chic, gender-neutral carryall. Storq is known for their streamlined basics, and this bag is no exception. Super functional yet minimal in design, the Carryall Diaper Bag is chic enough that you’ll want to use it well into the toddler years. Made from sturdy cotton canvas (water-repellant!) with leather accents, the boxy shape is roomy without being overly large and the interior pockets and detachable zip pouch help keep you organized, even on your zaniest days. As described on their site, it’s “minimal on the outside, babe friendly on the inside”.


Paperclip Ranger Diaper Changing Backpack

OK, so this one is technically juuuust over $100, but hear us out—it was designed by two dads, and it solves a real problem: the lack of changing tables in men’s restrooms. The Ranger rucksack comes complete with a foldout diaper changing station, meaning no more awkward kneeling on the bathroom floor or balancing the kiddo (and a dirty dipes) on their knees. The foldout station boasts a privacy guard and multiple pockets to hold all the essentials (which is more than we can say for those standard-issue bathroom stations). Did we mention it’s made from sustainable materials? The exterior is 100% recycled plastics. Seems the dads ARE listening and really did come through.


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