The Mom Necklace –

The Mom Necklace

I do remember taking it out of its little sea-blue pouch, nestling the bean in my palm, then clasping it around my neck. I really don’t know why I felt compelled to have it, but I did, and I wore it daily as my pregnancy progressed.

Are you a mom? Are you wearing anything around your neck? Chances are it’s related to your kids.

The mom necklace is one of those ubiquitous pieces of jewelry that women wear now. Like your engagement or wedding ring, as soon as you have a kid, on it goes. Of course, this isn’t exactly a new trend—lockets are some of the oldest types of jewelry around. They became highly popular in the 19th century, when the two halves typically held photos or portraits and a lock of hair. And they’ll never go out of style. But just as modern pregnancy and motherhood became an opportunity for mothers to make a lifestyle statement through what they bought for themselves and their children—cloth or disposable, co-sleeper or crib—the mom necklace emerged as a way to showcase your individual style.

A plethora of designs abound now in the world of mom necklaces, from discs to tags to loops to tiny birds and animals—just search “new mom necklace” on Etsy. Some have children’s names or initials stamped onto them, while some are elaborately engraved with the child’s thumbprint and birthdate. Other necklaces are symbols or sculptural pieces, like a mother figure embracing a child or two peas in a pod, while still others are made up of birthstones, crystals or precious gems.

“Loops embedded with the child’s birthstone are our most popular seller,” says Ali Krebs, owner of POSH Mommy, a jewelry business she founded nearly a decade ago. “Discs are the second-most popular, and can be stamped with initials or full names, plus you can add more on the back.”

Mindy Inman, a mother of triplets, wears a Silpada necklace that is three small circles with a crystal in the center of each. “My husband got it for me when I had already been in the hospital for a month on bedrest. I put it on and have only taken it off once since then,” she said. “I value it the same as my wedding ring.”

Another friend of mine wore a necklace of diamond initials, while another wore small discs stamped with her kids’ initials. Currently, the hot trend is a bar that can be worn at the end of a chain, or added to any necklace above your other pendants, and is engraved with names or initials. (POSH Mommy sells a “Brooklyn” bar, of course.)

At a certain point, I began to feel bad that I had only one bean around my neck, but was pregnant with two—twins. So, for my first Mother’s Day, I asked for a second bean to be put on the same chain. But the two beans seemed lopsided side by side, so I put the necklace away—they needed something between them, but I had no time to think it through.

Nearly two years later, I finally made a gift request—I wanted a citrine, a yellow semi-precious stone, put between the two beans. That was my birthday present this year, and now I wear the necklace nearly every day. I love it because it’s so original and can only embody me and my family.

Whatever you’re wearing, the mom necklace is a talisman, a charm, a physical attachment to your kids even when you’re not with them. On a recent work trip to Nashville, every time I looked in the mirror, I saw my kids.

And the best part? My girls know that the necklace represents them. They point to one bean and say, “That’s me,” and then to the other bean and say, “That’s my sister.” Then they point to the stone in the middle and say, “That’s Mommy.” When they ask where Daddy is, I say he is the clasp.

Is it time to invent the dad necklace?