20 Trendy Baby Boy Names

20 Trendy Baby Boy Names That Don’t End In -DEN

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Names seem to happen in trends. These days, it seems like every millennial I know names their son in something ending in “-den”. Caiden, Rayden, Aiden — it’s so hard to escape the den. If you’re like me and ready for some boy (and gender neutral names) that don’t end in “‘den’, this list of 20 unique boy names that don’t end in -den is gonna rock your (trendy) socks off.

1. Arlo

2. Luka

3. Cyrus

4. Lincoln

5. Elijah

6. Jayce

7. Lennox

8. Drake

9. Liam

10. Malakai

11. Tate

12. Orion

13. Quinn

14. Rafael

15. Solomon

16. Nasir

17. Remy

18. Vincent

19. Yuri

20. Zayne