10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You'll Actually Want To Wear

10 Ugly Christmas Sweaters You’ll Actually Want To Wear

December 13, 2018 Updated December 18, 2018

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Stand out among the ugly sweater crowd with these gems

Between office holiday parties and family gatherings, it’s officially Ugly Christmas Sweater season. Though the best sweaters are those worn non-ironically, the sweaters that are made exactly for this reason — celebrating the season — are pretty darn perfect, too.

Here are 10 ugly Christmas sweaters that you’ll actually want to wear, because there’s something for everyone here.

Hanging Loose Sweater

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This sweater shows Santa doing what we all wish we were doing. You’re sure to stand out among the crowd in this one, because how often do we get to see Santa on the beach living his best life?

Cat Snowflakes Sweater

Image via Walmart.com

Even if you’re not a cat lover (which, if that’s the case, what is wrong with you), cats and Christmas go hand-in-hand to make this sweater purrrrrty perfect.

Hashtag BLESSED Sweater

Image via Walmart.com

If there is a more Instagrammable garment out there for purchase, I’ve surely never seen it. This sweater and the hashtag right smack in the middle of it is pretty much made for showing everyone on social media you’re attending a holiday gathering.

Hooded Reindeer Sweater

Image via Walmart.com

This would work for cold weather outdoors or trying to stay warm (and adorable) indoors. The antlers on the hood add the perfect touch to an already pretty perfect reindeer cosplay sweater.

Funny Nutcracker Sweatshirt

Image via Walmart.com

Bathroom/genitals humor never goes out of style, and nutcrackers don’t really get the hoopla they deserve these days. This off-the-shoulder sweatshirt is a great choice if you’re in an IDGAF mood this season.

Grumpy Cat Sweater

Image via Walmart.com

If you’re the office grump or the only member of your family who has truly earned their lump of coal, here you go.

‘Fancy’ Tuxedo Sweatshirt 

Image via Walmart.com

This garish, holly-berry, faux tux sweatshirt says “I’m fancy AND I like to party” unlike pretty much anything else. It’s versatile, too – it works just as well as holiday wedding attire as it does as a pajama top.

Shitter’s Full T-Shirt

Image via Walmart.com

No Christmas is complete without at least one tangible reference to Cousin Eddie or Clark Griswold, amiright? It may not be a “sweater” technically, but it is an amazing purchase.

Time For Beer Sweatshirt

Image via Walmart.com

It’s the most wonderful time for beer. ‘Nuff said. Cheers.

Mele Kalikimaka Sweater

Image via Walmart.com

This covers all the bases — it’s an actual sweater, it’s truly ugly (hello fringe), and it’s perfect for any holiday occasion you could possibly attend.

There’s simply no reason not to indulge yourself or someone you love with one of these festive jumpers (as Mark Darcy and Bridget Jones would say). Tis the season!

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