Get Cozy This Winter With Hilarious Wearable Blankets

Wearable Blankets: Because You’re An Adult And You Do What You Want

mermaid blanket

Image via Walmart

These wearable blankets will keep you warm and looking fierce

It’s wintertime, mamas. Time to hole up, cozy up, and binge-watch with abandon.

But let’s face it, getting comfortable is hard. You need a sweater, a blanket, socks, and pants. Those are way too many things.

Fear not. Wearable blankets are here to make comfort more convenient for the whole family. No blanket hogging, no adjusting, and no frozen toes. Plus, these are hilarious.

Mermaid Fin

Mermaid Blanket Walmart

Image via Walmart

The worst part about being a mermaid: it’s COLD. Well, not anymore! This crocheted mermaid fin is the answer to all your undersea Disney princess prayers. It comes in purple, green, and rose red too.

Heavenly Unicorn Sleep Sack

Image via Walmart

This reversible unicorn sleep sack is a thing of dreams. Perfect for kids, but also perfect for adults who still love Lisa Frank.

Pizza Slice

Pizza Blanket Walmart

Image via Walmart

Just like pizza, this blanket is perfect anytime, anywhere. Breathable in the summer yet warm in the winter, the zip-up pizza blanket is great for sleepovers, car trips, and for making everybody around you hangry. Plus, if you buy multiple pizza blankets for your family, you can lie down into a pie formation and wave at low-flying airplanes. It’s never been done!

Hungry Shark

Shark Blanket Walmart

Image via Walmart

This soft wearable blanket is super snug inside. Kids ages 3–12 can cuddle up in the shark mouth. It’s the safest way to get devoured by a great white. Genius!

Cute Kitty Hooded Blanket

Cat Hooded Blanket

Image via Walmart

This Comfy Critters Huggable Hooded Blanket will keep you warm and snuggly. It’s perfect for the person in your life who’s always wanted to carry their cat around on their head, but the real thing won’t freaking cooperate.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Throw Blanket Walmart

Image via Walmart

“Wow…have you been working out?!” is what you’ll hear when you wear this Wonder Woman polyester-blend sleeved blanket! Fool all your friends! It’s the perfect outfit for when you kind of want to cosplay, but really, you don’t want to leave the couch.

Unicorn Crochet

Unicorn Blanket

Image via Walmart

This unicorn blanket is soft, sweet, and adorable. You’ll have trouble staying mad at your little one with that crocheted horn waving around.

Rocket Ship Blasting Off

Rocket Ship Blanket Walmart

Image via Walmart

Kids ages 3+ can blast off in this rocket ship blanket. Buy these reversible outer-space bedsheets, and you’ll have a budding astronaut on your hands.

Hogwarts Blanket With Sleeves

Harry Potter wearable blanket

Image via Walmart

Yes, you read right. You too can join the wizarding world of Harry Potter without even having to put on pants. This one-sized-fits-all wearable blanket will get you brewing potions and casting spells — mostly on the other members of your family who need to make the f***ing popcorn for once.

Poop Emoji

Image via Walmart

Until your kids grow out of their toilet humor phase (it’ll happen before they turn 20…right?) indulge them with a poop emoji blanket. Then throw it the hell out.

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