10 Benefits to Hauling Kids with You to the Doctor’s Office


I am not a brave mother by any stretch. If I can’t figure out a way to hit an appointment sans the kiddos, I don’t go. Something must be wrong with my 3 1/2 yr. old and my 1 1/2 yr. old because they won’t sit calmly and patiently through an entire dental appointment while the hygienist repeatedly attacks my teeth with the waterpik?

But my carefully crafted plan of maintaining a large toddler-free bubble around any of  Mommy’s appointments was burst last week. Something came up and I had to get to myself to the doctor rather last-minute. With no child care options in sight, I threw the kids in the minivan and we jetted off.

Now I am not saying that I’m itching for a repeat, but listen, if you find yourself in these shoes it isn’t ALL bad. Obviously, you will promise yourself the largest glass of welcome-home wine in history if you actually survive the ordeal, but here are a few positives you can focus on while actively restraining yourself from frustratedly beating your head against the wall if you hit up a doctor’s appointment with some little cherubs in tow…

1. You will not get bored in the waiting room. In fact, count chasing the kids around the office as your workout and give Jillian Michaels the day off.

2. If your children are wild enough, the staff may even start to panic that your kids will totally destroy the office and call you back into your appointment more quickly.

3. Forget the scale. Chances are, if you are juggling a large diaper bag, a screaming baby, and toddler who is beelining for the spinny seat at the nurse’s station, you can just give the nurse That Look and get an easy pass on the weigh-in.

4. If this doesn’t happen, you are officially justified in grouchy glaring at the nurse for the rest of the appointment.

5. The doctor will be so shaken by the “energy” of your children, she will probably prescribe whatever the medication you want.

6. Similarly, now is the time to stock up on Ambien. The kids are working hard here to support your claim that “Mommy is tired”. The doctor may even offer up a lifetime IV supply.

7. When the doctor hands you your shiny new prescription, you can just whip out That Look again, and she’ll just quickly send it over to the pharmacy. Not that trolling around Target waiting for it to get filled with two kids who are now way overdue for naptime wouldn’t be super fun…

8. Since WedMD has made you smarter than your doctor, when she suggests coming back in 3 weeks and you don’t think it’s really necessary or feel like fronting another copay, you can just pretend you didn’t hear her because the kids were screaming.

9. When you are swinging through the drive-through to deliver on the promised chicken nuggets you bribed your kids with, you can pick up a treat for yourself and justify it as a matter of convenience.

10. Bragging rights. Go ahead and work it, Momma. Casually drop “When I had my kids with me at the doctor last week…” in conversation as much as possible. You don’t need to mention that it was Hell on Earth. Just saying this will give you major street cred and leave other parents in awe that you actually managed to pull this one off. Heck, even write a blog post about it.

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The Next Step 3 years ago

lol, I had to take the 5yo to the pediatrician to confirm a stye was in fact a stye and not something worse, and had to drag the 3yo twins with me. I’m sure they all picked up something from the toys in the waiting room, and I think I heard the receptionist chuckle when I had to answer for the 427th time, “no, you aren’t getting a shot today.”

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness, TNS, you get major bonus points for trying to do ANYTHING with 3 yr. old twins. I am absolutely in awe!

hollow tree ventures 3 years ago

Mercy, yes – especially #10! Bragging rights, PLUS the possibility of pity points at home. “Oh honey, I’m so worn out from taking alllll the kids to my appointment today, I just don’t think I’m up to making dinner…”

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Wow, HTV, you are brilliant. Using this to get out of making dinner in addition to blog post material? Does it get any better?

Ruby 3 years ago

I am a parent to an only child. (No I would not change that for the world…) This does not make it any easier to go the doctor though. I have gotten out of several tickets because of her non-stop screaming in the backseat…

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Ruby, that is just plain smart. Way to use the screaming child to your advantage! And kids are tough no matter how many you have. Keep pressing on!

Sheiryll 3 years ago

Omg Meredith, I’m dying from laughing ( and am reading this while am sandwiched between an 8 month old and 3 1/2 year old snoring boys) trying not to wake them up, since this is the only moment of peace I can get.

I don’t go anywhere without my two boys and trust me that isn’t by choice. Often times I wonder if I can give them away or if I can find a mute button for both.

I dare my husband everyday to spend 24 hrs with the boys by himself so he can see how it feels!!! Lol

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Sheiryll, I am so with you on this! I just want my husband to do it once so he can “get it” (sort of). I’m looking for that mute button too–and you have to fill me in on your magical power of getting them both to sleep at once! You’re genius!

Stephanie (www.whencrazymeetsexhaustion.com) 3 years ago

Still love this one!!!!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Thanks, Steph. I have a feeling you can relate all too well!

Meredith 3 years ago

It is official, Kristin! You win! HOLY COW. You have got balls of steel, Mama. I am in complete awe.

Kristin 3 years ago

My kids go everywhere with me. I’ve got three boys, 16 and 22 months apart. I’ve had all three and STILL waited an hour in the waiting room at the reg. Dr.!! Now hold on to your shorts here, girls because I do believe I deserve first prize for this one….. I took my first two (18 and 2m.) with my to the O.B. to get a Bartholin’s Gland Cyst drained!!!! (If you don’t know what that is, copy paste and Google it, then let me know your opinions.) It was also summer, in Texas, and the room where I waited for 30 min. before I saw the Dr. had issues with the a/c and I was sweating profusely when he came in.

Lynn Kellan 3 years ago

You’ve convinced me, Jill. I’m taking my kids to my obgyn appt.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Can’t wait to hear how it goes 😉

Jeannette 3 years ago

It’s certainly not a picnic hauling two LOs to your appointments. I made the mistake of scheduling their pediatrician visits together. Let’s just say, neither he nor I will let that happen again!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Oh gosh, Jeannette. Is this really bad idea? Good to know b/c I have thought about trying that!

SCB 3 years ago

You don’t need a kid to skip the scales. I once asked a nurse what they did if someone refused to get on the scales, and she said they just noted it on their chart. Sometimes we forget that the doctors and nurses aren’t our parents or the police; they’re people we pay for a service. If you don’t want to be weighed, just say no and get on with it.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    SCB, good to know. So funny, because I think I do see them as the police in my head. Probably best for me to get on that scale though–a good check for me from keeping those yoga pants expanding too much!

Steph at I’m Still Learning 3 years ago

What great points! I usually try to go everywhere without my kids. Even at 8 and 10, they drive me crazy. Well said, mama!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    I’m with you, Steph, taking them anywhere = pure insanity. Now when can we find someone to watch them so we can go meet for a drink?

Amy – Funny is Family 3 years ago

Once my kids got old enough to enjoy a cartoon or video game, I have dreaded bringing them to last minute appointments much less. They are sooo well behaved when they are in a cartoon coma!

Robin, you don’t seem like a troll. You seem like someone who can’t read the tone of a post. We’re having fun here, not planning attacks on the doctors’ offices around the world.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Amy, I have heard that a whole new world of sanity opens up when hand-helds come into play. Thanks for sharing the hope, my friend! And you said it so well–just for fun, and never intentionally trying to attack and destroy anyone 😉

Emily 3 years ago

Loved this…I used to say that I caused a scene with my 3 boys no matter where I took them. I used to avoid appointments too, but one time I took them with me to get my hair colored (the gray roots were driving me insane!) and I was in and out of that salon in record time!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    That’s the way to be smart about it, Emily! Get your color taken care of and keep it moving along!

Robin 3 years ago

Go ahead…call me a troll. I work in a doctor’s office; this list will get you nothing but snippy, snide remarks about how disrespectful your kids are, what a crappy parent you are, general disrespect from the staff and a potential dismissal from the office. Speaking for my office, we are far too busy to put up with kids that parents can’t/won’t control, and patients that know better than the doctor. Go ahead….rip me a new one now.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Robin, I can only imagine how annoying it would be to put up with all of this from the other side, and I’m sure you get stuff like this all the time. And trust me, I so wish I didn’t have to put any of us through dragging the kids along! I’ll do my best to keep running herd on them to make it as painless as possible and wishing you a day somehow magically free of this kind of junk!

      Robin 3 years ago

      I certainly understand somethings can’t be helped, a babysitter cancels, something happens last minute that requires a doctors visit, or you just don’t have anyone to watch them. I truly did get some of the humor, I promise. My point that I was attempting to make is that generally speaking was that parents that attempt to parent their kids and are courteous to the office staff get treated far better than the parents that have an “anything goes attitude”. I also understand that kids can just be plain assholes on any given day. I will make one last observation: if you want the script for Ambien attempt to control the kids and then give the doctor the frazzled look.

        Meredith 3 years ago

        Absolutely, Robin. I’m sure you have seen it ALL, so you know what you are talking about. And thanks for the Ambien tip 😉

Tracy 3 years ago

Just saying – I’m down the street if you need me. But, then again, you would have nothing to write about – or worse yet – you could write about the horrible neighbor who offers to babysit and then gives them all kind of candy

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Tracy, you are a sweetheart, and I think would be the absolute favorite neighbor in my kids’ book if you gave them candy!

Jessica Smock 3 years ago

I’ve never taken my son to any appointment EVER. Now I’m starting to see the advantages. Interesting. I may have to figure out other ways that I can capitalize on these ideas…

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Go for it, Jessica! We moms have to work it all to our advantage 😉

Rebeccah 3 years ago

This is toooo funny – all of it true! It’s amazing how much faster things move along when your kids are going bananas.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    I need to start playing this card a lot more for all sorts of things, Rebeccah. So smart!

motherunit 3 years ago

Great article! Just last weekend, my daughter-in-law said she didn’t want to take her kids car shopping. I advised her how this could work to her advantage. What better way to bargain the price down than saying, “You kids settle down now! Drink your Red Bulls and play with your kazoos! I mean it! Don’t make me count to three!”

    Rebeccah 3 years ago

    My friend took all three of hers car shopping…Toyota got NOTHING on that. She made out like a bandit!

      Meredith 3 years ago

      Rebeccah, that settles it. We need to go car shopping with the kiddos ASAP.

        Rebeccah 3 years ago

        Totally. Borrow your friends’ kids too – take at least five or six with you…and rain down hellfire. Those car people will owe YOU money by the time you leave!

          Meredith 3 years ago

          Ha! I’ll take a whole posse next time, Rebbecah!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Ha! Motherunit, am dying over the Red Bulls and kazoos–nothing more terrifying to a sales clerk, I’m sure!

Elizabeth 3 years ago

Haha! Great post. I hate taking the kids with me to appointments! In fact, I knew it was time to stop taking my son with me to my bikini waxing appointments when he was right at 2 years old. He was sitting on my chest/belly and he tried to put his finger in the hot wax on my thigh! Thankfully the girl who does it is my friend and didn’t think much of it!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Ack! Yes, time to call in the childcare reinforcements indeed when the hot wax is involved. I admire you for even trying, Elizabeth!

Dani Ryan 3 years ago

#2 is my favorite! I always slip in, “is there any way we can get into an exam room a little early so my daughter doesn’t annoy the other patients?” I don’t know that it really speeds things along, but at least it gets us away from the other sick people!

Loved this post!!!!

    Rebeccah 3 years ago

    I had a broken leg and ankle when my daughter was a baby. Nothing got us back there faster than having to nurse a screaming baby in the waiting room…because “I don’t want to bother anyone” hee hee

      Meredith 3 years ago

      Rebeccah! I can’t imagine trying to have a broken leg AND a baby. You are a rockstar for surviving this!

        Rebeccah 3 years ago

        It was hard, no doubt about it, BUT it also cemented what we all know…moms are the toughest mothers out there. 😉

          Meredith 3 years ago

          Iron steel, Rebeccah! You’re amazing.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    You put this so delicately, Dani. What class! At least you have a private room to try and wrangle the crazy in while you wait!

Kristen Brakeman 3 years ago

This totally works to get you out of the office quicker. Especially at the OB/GYN – I always think it’s funny how the office workers at a place with pregnant women especially hate kids!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Ha! I guess they must figure it’s safer if the kids are contained, huh Kristen? Love those speedy appointments though!

Melissa 3 years ago

I had no choice but to take my then 2yr old to my annual pap appointment. He was mortified at what the Dr was doing! He cried the whole time thinking the Dr was hurting me. I think next time I’ll try to leave him at home with daddy.

    Overly Opinionated Mommy 3 years ago

    I did the same thing last year, Melissa. I took one of his picture books along so that he could look at it. When the doctor started my exam I couldn’t see him, but all of a sudden he was dead silent. I think he was confused as to what my doctor was doing to me. Now that he is 3 1/2 I will for sure be finding child care for him the next time I need a pap appointment.

      Meredith 3 years ago

      Overly Opinionated Mommy, I can’t even imagine what those little guys must be thinking as they try to figure it out. Godspeed on figuring out childcare for the next one!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Oh Melissa! Definitely leave him with Daddy next time. I can’t imagine how horrifying that must have been–for you, above all!

Tracy Larson 3 years ago

Too funny! Love this, bottom line, love this.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Aw, thanks, Tracy! Appreciate it :)

Autumn 3 years ago

I always have 3 in tow at every appointment. I have done this now for 13 yrs. I am in and out in 15 mins. They see me walk in an they take me straight back no sign in needed…LOL

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Perfect way to speed along, right Autumn? You are incredible for doing this for 13 years!

Momchalant 3 years ago

You’re a brave woman. I wouldn’t dare take my son to the doctor or dentist with me. I tried taking him to a hair appointment once and it was awful.

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Momchalant, I don’t think I would ever dare attempt a hair appointment–THAT is brave, Momma!

Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense 3 years ago

You definitely earned some bragging rights. I’ve taken mine to many different appointments. One time I had a vaginal exam with my daughter sitting on my chest. *Awesomesauce*

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Oh my goodness, Kristen! You are so taking the award here! Awesomesauce indeed. I am in awe.

Kristy S. 3 years ago

Awesome, Meredith!! :) You know how I feel about taking mine with me! LOL!

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Kristy, I think we’re seeing eye to eye on this one, friend! 😉

Brit 3 years ago

I take both my kids with me to almost every appointment. I ALWAYS take at least one. I don’t really have much childcare options available. It usually isn’t too terrible. I think they are just used to it. (They are 2 years old and 7 months old)

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Brit, it sounds like you have this down. Go you for getting the kids used to this early on!

Theda 3 years ago

Hmph! I only ever get the benefit of #1 (I take my daughter pretty much every time I go). I’m going to try to work it a little better. LOL

    Meredith 3 years ago

    Theda, yes! Totally milk this for all it’s worth. If you’re dragging the kid along, you’ve got to reap the benefits!


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