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  • A complete stranger got upset at my 8 month olds lack of teeth. As a breastfeeding mom I'm actually pretty happy about it but not exactly sure what course of action she felt I should take... Baby dentures?
  • I'm a woman and consider myself a feminist, but I hate working for women.
  • I wish someone had told me nobody would give a shit about my 2nd pregnancy. Feel like I'm the only one who will love this baby.
  • I detest being a working mom. I'd handle it better if someone at home or work appreciated me.
  • I really miss my life before having kids. I didn't know it would be like this.
  • I'm torn between the fact that I love my kids and knowing that my life was happier before they were born.
  • Sick days as a mom are so hard. Its 5 am and I'm counting the minutes until bedtime :(
  • Decided to make a list of reasons why I won't miss my ex when he moves out in a month. I'm hoping if I make it long enough and read it enough times, I'll be more glad than sad when he goes...
  • Today, while hugging me, DS 8 told me I felt like a warm marshmallow. So there's that....
  • I just watched a True Life episode about living in poverty. Damn if that didn't motivate me to get up and clean the house so H doesn't get tired of my lazy ass.
  • I am in a relationship with an amazing man, and I'm terrified that all of my issues caused by all the previous assholes I've been with are going to ruin it.
  • My favorite flats make my feet stink
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