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  • Have to schedule an appointment for the big A. I hate this. It makes me sick that i have to do this.
  • My throat hurts from yelling at DS1 and DS4 today. Feel like its ALL I have done today. I just want to cry. I want to run the fuck away. What is wrong with me?? I love them so much, but today is defeating me.
  • Dread taking my kid to school when he starts on Wednesday. Hate the principal & all the bitchy stuck up fake parents that stand around in line in the mornings. Catholic school fail!
  • I always include my stepson in my "kid count". Not because I consider him part of my family, but because i get huge praise from my mommy friends.
  • I consider the grape shriveling up on the carpet to be a science project: how raisins are made!
  • Didn't want to have eex with DH last night and he knew. He took it anyway. I cried the entire time but he didn't stop. FML
  • I understand why people go berserk and wipe out their co-workers. My list is getting longer everyday.
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