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New on the Confessional

  • I really don't do anything all day. Mad dash before the husband gets home and the house looks presentable and dinner is on the table. I win.
  • My fiancé died unexpectedly in June. It takes all my energy to keep breathing.
  • The day I finish breast feeding, is the day I start taking my diet pills again. So over this extra weight that won't budge.
  • I'm a creative, alternative guy. I want to come up with a boys name that is unique, but simple and doesn't inspire abuse. I am losing my mind. I'm very close to calling my kid John with no middle name!
  • I'm in the middle of watching a documentary about a girl with cystic fibrosis. I hope and pray I never have to see any of my babies suffer.
  • I blabbed to my teenager about Scary Mommy. Wish I hadn't. Afraid to post confessions in case she's looked it up herself! Won't be telling anyone else.
  • They trust me. They believe I have all the answers, and know what the fuck I am doing. I dont. I am afraid I am letting my kids down every day. Either not praising enough, or not disiplining enough. I am consumed with guilt
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