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  • DD9 claims she went back in time and met me & DH before she or any of our DC were born... don't know what to do with that information. Points for imagination I guess...
  • DD8 has pubic hair. She's too young! She's not ready for this! And neither am I.
  • I want breast implants and a divorce. Both would make me happy but I can only afford one.
  • I have 2 children, one being disabled and a lot of work...caught H using sex hotlines...still a mess, and now have trust issues...for everything i do..i feel jipped..i live in hospitals...and thr docs make be feel happier
  • Told H 4 days ago I want a divorce. He took ds2. I ate an entire pumpkin pie today by myself. In tears. I miss my son. Thinking about recanting and just being unhappy so I can have my son.
  • Laying in bed on Thanksgiving sicker than I've been in a long time. Think everything I've gone through the last 6 months have caught up with me.
  • Found a tumblr page full of hot bearded gingers. Now i understand why men look at pics. Love dh very much but daayum. Fine looking men.
  • My husband had an emotional affair while I was 7 mons pregnant. I still haven't forgave him and resent him a lot lately.
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