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  • I used to want children, until I was raped at gunpoint 6 yrs 6 months and 4 days ago in my own bed by a burglar. Now I'm terrified of having a girl that might be raped or a boy that might rape. It would be 1000x worse.
  • For breakfast every morning I have 2 tums and coffee. I can't function otherwise. I can't stand it because it is so bitter and tears up my stomach but need the caffeine and warmth so I add milk/sweetner and an acid med
  • I wouldn't be with my husband if he wasn't such a liar. He lied about everything in our relationship and I only recently found out. Cocksucker. I wish I never met him. I wish I never married the stupid lying piece of shit.
  • I hate my kids new preschool teacher, she has a slappable face and a false smile. What I wouldn't give to punch her in the face but I smile and be all nice mamma all the while imagining poking her in the eye!
  • My H switches between being an alcoholic who talks to me or a sober gamer who completely ignores me,and I can't stand either of them.I have no idea how I got here.
  • 230am, 9/17/14...just googled i hate being a mom...brought me here. glad I'm not alone. :'(
  • I love my 14 year old daughter, but I don't really like her personality. She's so selfish and mean to me. She treats her friends like queens and kings, but her mom like shit. I'm sick of it.
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