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  • I left home 15 years ago and still incapable of cooking a decent fucking meal!
  • My ss12 told his teacher he wants to kill me and he has a book of ideas how to do it. He has major behaviour issues and I'm sure he will try one day....
  • I have the weirdest crush on my son's middle age overweight football coach. Last night when he was showing the boys how to do press ups I nearly died!
  • I'll hit the 9 month mark of my pregnancy tomorrow. Have an OB appointment today. I starve myself for about 12 hours before every weigh-in. That terrified of the scale.
  • Sometimes I wake up in he middle of the night and jerk off using my dw's hand
  • I had some chook for supper and later that night had a dream I was a fucking chook
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