New on the Confessional

  • Sometimes when I am really irritated with the kids I scream the Oscar Meyer wiener song really really loud. OH I WISH I WAS AN OSCAR MEYER WEINER....
  • Addicted to the High School Musical movies soundtracks. I LOVE them. It is happy uplifting and simple music.
  • People keep asking when I'm going back to work. Don't want to sound like a snob and say we've got lots of $$ and it's not necessary for me to work.
  • I want to just throw away all the clutter in my house. If we needed it, wouldn't it have a home or we would have used it in recent memory? I might do it this weekend if I have time.
  • I guess its time to give up on my marriage, DH already has so I can't keep putting myself through more hopeless wishes.
  • I fucking hate my life today, it's 10am and I'm done.
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