New on the Confessional

  • I cannot tell whether I am severely depressed or just disgustingly lazy.
  • Yesterday was the 11th anniversary of my suicide attempt. I cried and cried when I found out about Robin Williams, because so many people I know cared more about a celebrity with depression than cared about my pain.
  • I have been unable to shower or bathe in so long, that today when my baby took his diaper off and played in his poop, my first thought was, "if I crap myself and play in it, do I get to bathe then?"
  • DD2 just fell off furniture trying to do yoga on the edge. Don't feel bad. I've told her a million times not to do that.
  • I love when my husband travels for work, it's like a fucking mental vaca from the bullshit. Yet i act like I'll miss him... Meanwhile I'm stalking calendar..
  • I miss being the hot girl when I walked into a place.. Ok bar.. I turned heads.. Now I'm a mom who has lost her sexiness...
  • I miss the sparkle I used to have in my eyes. Before a rough marriage and 3 kids... I feel like I used to be so much prettier, now they are dull.
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