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  • I had a one night encounter with my bff ( a women also and both first times) one drunken night. We decided that wasn't for us. We have been insuperable way to weed out friends!!
  • I always act coy about having sex on my cycle, but I have to confess that I actually LOVE IT and I hope the other person doesn't mind!
  • I'm seven weeks pregnant w/#3. I think I'm just gaining weight, and not actually showing this baby yet, but my mom and FIL both commented on how chubby I am getting. NOT COOL, ok!? Terrified I won't lose the baby weight.
  • I always steal diapers. DS is almost 6 months old and only paid for them twice. Kids are expensive!!
  • My MIL and I are best friends. Call it weird but I've never had another woman in my life who was genuine and who I actually enjoyed spending time around. Though it is sad neither of us have any other friends haha
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