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  • Ever since my DF and I rededicated our lives to our faith (April), we vowed we wouldn't have sex again until we get married in January. 😩 I just want to rip off his clothes and jump his bone(r)! 😝
  • I whisper "I hate you" and "fuck off" about 30 times a day to the tv, Facebook, magazines, friends, my kids, neighbors, strangers, books, Even some SM confessions. Why am I so fucking angry?
  • I live for receiving facebook notifications. Its like opening a gift. I get so excited.
  • I am so so so full of rage that I scare myself.
  • If I'm not blowing smoke in my kids face and it's not blowing their direction shut the fuck up and stop staring! Smoking does not make me a bad parent! You fuck your kid up, just in different ways
  • Ive "pretended" to be very sick just to stay in bed all day and let my husband take care the kids.
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