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  • Saturday night..... Xanax, Netflix , alcohol ...... yep! I'm living the life!! I'm so lonely 😞
  • I cannot beleive that I carried on with him like a teenager for so long. Actually started to beleive that he had feelings for me. I feel so fortunate that my husband loves me
  • Had the most traumatic bedtime with my 2 year old son tonight. Would have a large glass of wine to unwind if it weren't for being 8 months preggo :-(
  • The only way I can kinda manage sex with DH is to imagine this 18th century dude I totally made up in my head. I'm so lame.
  • I look at my should be SO and want to do something bad to him-like kill him-but 1) I am not physically stronger than him, 2) I am scared to look up how to poison online and 3)would feel bad for hurting my kids dad
  • I think the reason I'm alone is because I'm so embarrassed by my current situation
  • Dreading my parents visit. I'm 35. When do I get old enough for it to not matter?
  • All the neighbor ladies hang out without me. It makes me sad. I'm not that weird, they could include me sometimes.
  • This is horrible but sometimes I miss/wish my now DS8 was still in the hospital. Visiting him was a time of peace and tranquility-me time-that I haven't had in yyears
  • My husband left today and I'm secretly glad.
  • I'm obsessed with looking up plastic surgery procedures I could have if I just had the time and money. H says I'm perfect. I don't believe him for a second. I used to be super hot, now I'm definitely super not.
  • I am pretending I care right now. Really I just want to get a hotel room by myself. Drink beer, smoke cigarettes, eat chips and watch girly t.v. Instead I am sitting here with the DH who I know wants to have sex eww
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