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  • My bff and I had sons 6 weeks apart. I always thought I'd love her son like my own, but I don't. I hate him...and mainly because he's ugly and is the splitting image of his abusive psychopath father. My son is better.
  • Our apartment is heated but I wore my down coat day and night these last 4 days. Just took it off to shower. Now it smells like sweat.
  • Sending dd6 to school after puking this morning. She says she's fine and I can't miss work but I feel like a HORRIBLE mom. I hope the teacher doesn't think that too
  • The kids finally realized I stopped shaving my legs. Now I'm afraid they'll get me a No-no for Christmas. They're obsesses with the infomercial!
  • After years of being divorced, I just realized that I'm still in love with my ex husband.
  • My DS is the poster child for why you don't put blankets in cribs with infants. No matter what it is...blanket, shirt, towel...that kid wraps himself in the tightest burrito.
  • I hide a large bottle of jack Daniels under my bathroom sink. When I just can't stand it anymore, I sneak off and take a shot or two. It only happens once or twice a week, but I think I've developed a tolerance
  • My ds1.5 is spoiled beyond belief im not buying anything for Christmas I just wrapped toys straight from his toy box. I don't see a need in buying new ones when he has so many he doesn't play with already
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