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  • Just got a 2am call from jail. My cheating alcoholic husband was pulled over leaving a bar with two women. But it's ok because they were lesbians. He actually said that to me. I'm going to divorce you, you ass hat.
  • I want my friend to push me up against a wall and kiss me. I miss the passion and lust. Dh is only here bc im comfy. He called me squishy today. Friend wants to fuck. Says im sexy/beautiful
  • So pleased my DS2 looks like my SO (not his dad). Makes it easier for us both to nod and smile when they make 'what a nice family' comments.
  • I know if I tried coke or another drug I would be an addict. Thank God my kids are more important than that!
  • Friend sent me a shirtless pic of himself. Said he took it just for me. He wants to be my sex on the side. Idk what to do. He is hot & df isnt attracted to me anymore
  • It's 5am and dd3mos won't sleep. After 7 hours of fighting with her, I put on Sesame Street. IDGAF! I need some sleep. Hubby is sleeping soundly. Enjoy yourself, girl. You're on your own
  • It is not uncommon for me to get so drunk that I don't remember what I did or said the morning after.
  • I let my autistic son play on the computer for hours just to keep him quiet and outta my face. I'm a single mom fat and depressed. Haven't had a bf in 6 years. I love him to death but miss how I used to be before I had him
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