New on the Confessional

  • I woke up this morning and realized its not a bad dream... This is my life. I cant shake the haunting feeling that I can not escape.
  • I am addicted to food, wine, and online shopping...winning!!
  • I use my BFs credit card to order cute clothes online without him knowing...that's what you get for cheating and lying fucker.
  • I am such a fucked up person. I had a affair with a married man. We fell in love. He wanted to leave his family for me. I ended it. Stayed with DF. I miss that man every day.
  • I take a shitload of vitamins everyday, hoping to make up for the fact that I rarely eat.
  • Shocked at how much easier it is to stay under my calorie count since I stopped putting M&Ms in my yogurt. Who knew?
  • Drank 2-3 dr. Peppers everyday while pregnant. Felt horrible for drinking it, but that's all I craved. Now dr. Pepper tastes aweful. Had a dream last night of drinking it endlessly. Miss it!
  • I have a massive headache. I just want to lay in bed all day long. I miss that part of my life.
  • The only reason I haven't had sex with my boyfriend's mentor is because I haven't gotten all my furniture in my new apartment. Once this place is up to my standards, I'm gonna do him.
  • I'm sitting in my car getting high while dd4 Is in her room watching cartoons, and h is on the couch watching tv. It's 730 am.
  • Ds starts summer school next month. The first experience I have with school. I'm excited for him to go. But I'm nervous about the attention my family gets bc of it. I'm reclusive, don't bother me people!
  • My best friend is the woman who fostered my daughter when I lost her to the state. I did not know her. I got dd back and me and Foster mom are still great friends! Foster parents get a bad Rep but this woman is wonderful.
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