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  • Wonder how much weight I'd lose if I gave up alcohol each day? I hate being overweight, but can't imagine living my shitty life without a little buzz each night.
  • Its my birthday today. We are so broke we are going to a free event at a church. If it wasn't free we wouldn't be going. I wish h would at least have gotten me a card... I love cards, he doesn't so I don't get any from h
  • My brother announced last night he might be expecting again. Today is my birthday. Guess who is getting more attention than me...
  • Forgot today was pajama day at school. S6 actually called me from the main office in tears about it. Wouldn't be a big deal except I have a broken ankle and can't take him any. :(
  • If the hair on my head grew as fast as the hair in my armpits, I'd have one glorious mane of hair.
  • Its my bday, and I'll make a fool of myself if I want to. Its my bday and I'll drink if I want to. Its my bday and I'll get high if I want to. Its my bday and I'll cry and eat the whole cake if I want to. Im now 28.
  • If I would have known that my DH had anxiety, depression, Aspergers and ADHD....I wouldn't have married him and I wouldn't have had kids. It's like living with a ticking time bomb.
  • I have such a crush on teacher at kids school. He has no idea I'm alive. Pathetic is not strong enough of a word for me.
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