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  • I just bought some new shirts and underwear so I can put off doing laundry for another few days
  • Decorating DS17's locker room for the game, and the team moms were thanking me and heaping praise on me for my help and a good idea I came up with. I admit it felt great - gave me a hard on. DW never thanks or praises me
  • Weighed 118lbs when married DH. 19 years and 3 kids later I am 182. Only reason he doesn't give me shit is because he is fat too now. The difference is at least I am trying to lose mine.
  • DH doesn't know I pricematch and coupon saving easily 75% on every grocery trip because I use the "savings" to buy gift cards and things for ME that he claims we can't afford... Makeup, clothes, hair dye. I deserve it.
  • I swear DS2 can smell weakness when I'm extra tired, and pmsing. He uses this opportunity to be absolutely outrageous.
  • I told my two year old son that I was gonna be happy when he went to bed. That's kinda horrible, but also very true.
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