New on the Confessional

  • When I met H he was straight as an arrow. 14 years later, he is the biggest pothead and I hate him for it even though it was my idea he start smoking to reduce stress.
  • My mother would be appalled by my life if we still spoke. She could do better raising my kids. I'm just a dumb adult child.
  • I had a dream that my DH and I weirdly broke up and then he was with someone else right away...I am still upset about it and it was only a dream!
  • I've had my contacts in for 2 years. I've never taken them out. I cant afford new ones or glasses. Woke up with pink eye. Fuck!
  • When I'm alone I pretend to interview myself about the struggles in life I've overcome like I'm a celebrity. It's a fantasy of mine that I make it as an actress.
  • Feel like shit! Grabbed 2yo by arm & threw her down in crib. She was screaming louder after I told her to go back to sleep, no up! Its 430am! She does this often, norm let her CIO but 2nite, back pain & flu got best of me.
  • Truthfully, I am more of a Pinterest mom than SM. But today I hid in the laundry room and ate a bag of potato chips. I love you guys!
  • About to leave to meet my online affair in person for the first time. I feel guilty that I don't feel worse about it. H is a good guy, but I need to feel the spark again. Wish me luck.
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