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  • When I was in high school my mom would bribe and pay me to loose weight/ stay skinny. And now everyone wonders why I have eating issues...
  • I couldn't stand it anymore and I screamed at the baby in front of H after all day since 4 am listening to the crying and whining from three kids. He screamed at me instead of helping. He never helps. I cried myself to sleep
  • I was molested as a child and then raped twice by two separate men on two separate days as a young teen. My husband wonders why I think so low of men and assume all they want is sex.
  • I have eaten 5 soft oatmeal iced cookies this morning. Zero fucks given. Why you may ask? My kiddo has a 4 day weekend. I don't know if either of us will survive. And it's too early for a drink.
  • I get more of a rush speeding in my car than having an orgasm.
  • My little brother bought me weed, wine and chocolate. He gets it now that he's a parent, hahaha!!! He's my favorite sibling! 😁
  • We make 180,000 a year but our jobs are ruining our marriage, while our son sits in daycare. We are giving it all up....for happiness.
  • It's so much easier to think of my marriage in terms of "when it's over..."
  • If I dont find a job soon, im gunna put a bullet in my head
  • Today ive lost control of my kids. Had an anxiety attack and ate half a bar of ex-lax. Half to have some control.over something and half as punishment to myself for failing as a Mom.
  • I miss my old life, not having the responsibility of a kid.
  • I'm dying i'm dying i'm dying!! These children are crippling my soul and destroying my very existance!!!! Why did I think I could do this?!?!
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