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  • I make great money, but I didn't always, I once struggled as a single mom. I don't know how to waste money. I wash and reuse freezer bags and aluminum foil...But I also get massages and facials!!
  • My husband loves to go down on me and I HATE it. It is disgusting, the noises and sucking and slurping. UGH! Makes me want to go shower and clean off! But he loves it - fantasizes about it - LOVES it. So I endure.
  • Think the only reason I "liked" all the sick babies on facebook is to remind myself how lucky I am
  • It drives me crazy that my kid stutters.
  • My DS is almost 2 and I still check on him when he is sleeping (he is perfectly healthy) my tubes tied right after I had him...wouldn't survive if anything happened to him
  • 4yo nephew just busted me picking my nose. Ooooops.
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