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  • I'm afraid of being judged by everyone, including my midwife, for accidentally getting pregnant 9 months after my last c-section.
  • Two hours past bedtime and Dd18 mo is crumbling a pop tart into the carpet and I just don't fucking care right now! The two minutes of silence is worth it!
  • I've kept multiple positive pregnancy tests from both pregnancies. I have to hide them from DH because he'd be so grossed out if he knew!
  • I kind of take it as a compliment when he cums quickly.
  • My friend told me she was going to go to the "church of the holy rosemary" with her MIL, when she insisted that it was rosemary and not rosary I laughed so hard my tampon popped out-funny but so gross I can't tell anyone
  • I found out that I'm pregnant a month ago.. still haven't gone to the doctor. I have no insurance. No job. No money. No car. What am I going to do.
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