10 People Who Make Parenting Harder



1. The person who thought fish made good carnival prizes. This is the ultimate slap in the face to a parent: You innocently bring your kid to a carnival, someplace you’d rather not be to begin with and are doing soley for the kids, and are forced to leave with a pet. A pet who you will have to feed, whose water you will have to change and whose body you will inevitably have to flush down the toilet. It’s bullshit.

2. The obnoxious sport parent. You know, the one who doesn’t really grasp the whole “fun” concept. The one who yells from the sidelines like a four year old and challenges the umpires. The one who acts like a bigger child than the actual children participating in the game themselves. There’s always at least one. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the other team.

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3. The rich toothfairy. A dollar a tooth was the going rate when I was a kid, and given the current economic climate, should be the going rate now. When a parent gives their kid ten bucks a tooth, it makes the rest of us look like cheapskates. Besides, should we really encourage paying big bucks for body parts? Seems like dangerous territory to me.

4. Mothers who dress their daughters like whores. Yes, in theory, a mother should be able to dress their child however they deem fit. The problem is that when you dress your child like a slut, my child wants to dress like a slut, too. Can’t we all agree to at least let our kids get to the teen years before they look like mini-hookers?

5. The teacher who taught my kid that “because” is not an answer. I would have appreciated if she’d noted that it is, indeed, an answer if it comes from the parent..

6. The Bar Mitzvah/Christening/Birthday party show-offs. When you throw your kid an obscenely over the top and perfect event, it makes normal parties look lame in comparison. Besides, the every party you throw sets the tone for the following one — who wants to compete with yourself next year?

7. Parents who don’t effectively kill lice. Has there ever been a lawsuit over this? Is three years ago too long for me to press charges? Because I’m still bitter about our lice experience.

8. The party thrower who wires kids. Parents of young party goers buy presents, schelp kids over and help celebrate a birthday they don’t give two shits about. Serving cake when the party is over, giving candy goody bags and handing high-on-sugar kids back to them is hardly the thank you they deserve.

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9. The parent who knowingly sends their sick kid to school. We’ve all been there. Having a sick kid is inconvenient and annoying and a complete pain in the ass, but exposing that sick kid to the rest of the class is committing the worst parenting crime. You just don’t do it.

10. The insane overachievers. Can’t we all just embrace mediocre? It’s so much easier.

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  1. 2

    Leanne Shirtliffe (Ironic Mom) says

    Ha. Brilliant, Jill.

    And the ones who think “parenting” is a verb. Can’t we just be parents and just kind of “be present”?

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    • 3

      Grandpa says

      Sorry, but your responsibilities run a little deeper than “just being there”. It is your responsibility to show your children the proper way to live life by example. It is your responsibility to raise children that are repectful, thoughtful, and know how to have good clean fun. TV and Computers are very poor babysitters and you are the one that accepted this responsibility by having them in the first place!

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    • 4

      Jessica says

      Parenting is a verb. Raising children is just like doing anything else worthwhile…the more you put into it, the more you get out of it. If you’re just going to “be present”, don’t expect the kids to do much more than that once they’re grown.

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    • 5


      Oh trust and believe, being there means a LOT more than some people would have you believe. Yes, absolutely, we need to be more involved in our kids’ lives than just being a lump on the couch, but I think what you’re implying is the parents who think that every activity their kid is in needs to involve them as well. You know what? It’s perfectly ok to sit on the bench and WATCH your kid play little league. And, occasionally, it’s even ok to *gasp* send them to a game that you, yourself do not witness.

      Your child will survive the trauma, I promise.
      I’m a work-at-home mom and my “just being here” means a lot more to my teens than I thought before we talked about it. Being there is huge. Increased involvement is a bonus.

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  2. 7

    christie says

    so I teach and
    1. I am sorry about the because thing, but, it just has to be done :)
    2. I get SO upset when kids are sent to school sick, especially if they go home puking with a fever AND COME IN THE VERY NEXT DAY. Isn’t there a 24 hours after a fever rule? Or did I just make that up??
    3. I can’t even with the pros-ti-tots….My son will be dating one of those one day…dammit

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      • 17

        Callie says

        Schools try to, but a lot of parents raise such holy hell that schools inevitably cave in. It also doesn’t help when parents send the sick kids in and when the school does try uphold the rule and get the kid picked up no at home answers the phone, or the cell phone, or the work phone. The best is when the phone numbers and emergency numbers are wrong or have been shut off.

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        • 18

          Janeen says

          My mom almost got in trouble BIG TIME for this because I was going to school looking like the walking dead. I was throwing up, looking pale as a ghost, the whole nine yards. They called her in to give her the riot act and she had NO idea what was going on. They called me into the office. I come in, see my mom, ask, “Mom, what are you doing here?!” and they let her off the hook. I didn’t tell her I was sick. I was a bit of a um over achiever back then and I hated being at home sick (because my mom wasn’t the take care of you when you’re home sick type). I totally screwed myself over doing this too. While I wasn’t sick in the sense of exposing people, because I wasn’t giving my stomach a chance to rest, I had no choice but to on the day of the school carnival deal and therefore had to miss all the yummy food which really sucked. I was 11.

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          • 19

            Callie says

            At 11 it’s a little different…and your example is a little different than the kids going home early on Monday with a high fever or throwing up and the showing up Tuesday. It sucks for the classmates and the teacher. Who wants a stomach virus?

            I understand that a lot of jobs will not let you have off to care for a sick child, which is bullshit and there should be laws mandating sicks days to care for family, but it’s really aggravating to watch a child look and feel so miserable. They’re not learning anything when they come to class/school that day. They’re bodies are too busy fighting off grossness to focus on lessons.

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          • 20

            Janeen says

            I totally agree with you and I agree too that there are a lot of jobs that basically make you choose between your kids and your job. I’ve seen it a few times now and I’m sure it’s gotten worse with the lousy economy we currently have. Just happened to remember that though actually the funny thing with that was my mom was actually more prone to keep us out of school than she was to send us to school sick. lol She would would be in SO much trouble if she had kids in school this day and age. lol

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          • 21

            Kristy says

            When my sister was four [turning five], a classmate at kindy broke my sister’s leg [by accident]. She had to have a full leg cast & wheelchair for over three months. My mum was an emergency/theatre nurse at a private hospital at the time, they wouldn’t let her take long-service or leave-without-pay to look after her child, essentially forcing her to quit her job.

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        • 23

          Jeaa Renee says

          On the flip side of that, my son had perfect attendance till two bouts with a chest cold, set 2 weeks apart. It was one of those, he’s not sick enough to go to the doctor, but I didn’t think he should be at school moments. Thinking of how annoying it is as a parent to deal with someone else sending a sick child to school. So I keep him home, he wasn’t vomiting or feverish, just a severe cough and runny nose, stuff that had been going around. So yeah. He maxed out his 10 days and had to have a doctor’s note then on. How do you deal with that, when they aren’t sick enough for a doctor but too sick to be around kids? Incidentally he was sent to school with coughs and leaky nose after that, again just not quite bad enough for the doctor’s office. So not always are parents insensitive assholes hellbent on destroying the happy of others, I swear it!

          @ Teacher, love the pros-tit-tot comment. I personally think Toddlers and Tiaras should be banded and their moms brought up on child abuse charges, but that’s just me. My daughter will wear unflattering over sized out of style clothing with long sleeves and button necks if need be, lol.

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          • 24

            TJ says

            Ive had that problem too. My daughter fractured her spleen when she was 5 and picks up EVERY illness that goes through the school. The school gets mad at me, but when she gets sick she get really sick. I send her and I’m a bad parent for exposing other kids to her. I don’t send her and I am neglectful for not sending her to school. Wish they would make up their minds!!

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          • 25

            Monique says

            OMG love the prostitots hahaha. Definitely going to use that instead of my tramps-in-training lol

            I’m so glad to have read this. I agree on so many levels. My daughter spent a whole hour crying the other day for only having received $2 from the tooth fairy because everyone else got more money. So I did the only thing I could do, packed her things in a suitcase and asked her which one of those families would she like to live with because she is ready. That is where the hour long cry came from, yup I’m that type of mom. Once she stopped crying I told her she scarred the tooth fairy away for good and she better be careful because Santa has a whole year to cancel as well. She’s 8, so I know I only have a few years for Santa, but really trying to make this the last ;)

            For those that wonder about what to do when you max those days out to get a doctors note. You are lucky if you have more than 3 days btw. I had the talk with the District Attorney’s office, they get involved if you are one of those parents, which I am. They said if I don’t feel it is necessary for a doctor’s visit, then I can simply walk into the nurses office, tell them she’s sick, and let them dismiss her for the day. It’s a pain in the rear but better than having a social worker come to our house. What they need to be doing is checking those parents that never check their kids for lice, sending them to school with fever, etc. Ugh.

            This is so my new favorite mommy blog! hahaha. I want to share it so badly but I have those kind of parents I’m complaining about on my pages -__-

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        • 26

          stmpd says

          The best was when I worked a school and my student was vomiting and had a fever. His mother refused to come pick him up from the nurse’s office. The mother insisted he was vomiting because he must have eaten his lunch too fast and that he probably didn’t have a fever – he was just wearing too heavy of a sweater. Jesus fucking christ.

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          • 27

            Mommy to 3 says

            Yep. I had a mom tell me her son was “faking it.” Ummm… faking a fever and vomiting? That would be quite a feat! Never the less, the mom refused to come get the boy. :(

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          • 28

            Should-be-working says

            On the other hand, my son learned how to make himself vomit at will in order to get out of school when he didn’t want to be there. Couldn’t fake the fever but knew the school had an absolute policy on vomiting = sent home. Had to go all the way to the district to get a waiver on that rule because teachers, health tech and I all knew it was not really sickness. Of course we also worked on the reasons he didn’t want to be at school, but that was a whole ‘nother story.

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      • 29

        Erika says

        Problem with that is there is no way to prove it. Unless the school sends the kid home, they can’t keep them from coming back. I teach and I hate when kids come to school sick…they can’t function and they distract others around them if only with concern that they are next. Heck, I get worried I’ll carry it home to my own kids.

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        • 30

          Ivona says

          A lot of parents these days treat school as “daycare” for the kids, but that is at least in part because the system lets them. As someone said, the school caves in the end.

          Yeah I get that numbers don’t work and stuff like that, and maybe it’s just that it’s a public school so parent think they own it and everyone in it. I do think a lot of administrators just pick their battles, we use to have a bunch of kids spending their “school day” at the clinic because they were pulled out of the classroom sick or with lice, but the parent never showed up to pick them up.

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        • 31

          Monique says

          Can’t you send them to your nurse’s office? I feel so sorry for the teachers. I have a “friend” that sends her kid to school even when she’s sick because her kid wants to be on the list in high school that’s never missed a class, of course at the expense of everyone else, That kid is still in 2nd grade so yikes! I’ve also known parents that gave their kids Tylenol RIGHT BEFORE SCHOOL to bring down the fever and send them to school. WTH!!

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        • 35

          Erin says

          Isn’t it odd. . . That all the poor kids problems seem to come back to ” PARENTS”
          Let yourself off the hoook people, Someone raised you that way too. WASN’t ME I was and always have been for the kid. . . So I wonder HOW my Child managed to become a parent that portrays Being a parent such a chore ~ Love her to death and her kids ~ BUT . . . The Problem is she also made the choice to move a thousand miles away from the Family that ALWAYS A-L-W-A-Y-S passed the kids off to someone else at least once or twice a week for fun with their kids! and sometimes it was neighbors kids. If the Rules have Changed, Its You that changed them. ~<;o}

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    • 39

      mandy says

      I accidently sent my son to school sick. He had been faking it (not for the first time) the day before because his sister had a tummy bug. I was expecting him to get it but he looked fine and was playing that morning but every now and again would say he had a sore tummy. So I sent him to school. Yeah…oops…had to pick him up at 10am because he threw up during morning tea. I felt bad so kept him home for 2 days to be sure he was all better.

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    • 49

      auntiemally says

      When I was at my catholic highschool as a senior, we used to call the little new niners pros-ti-tots because of their excessively shorter kilts….love that it wasn’t regional!

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    • 50

      hannah says

      Oh, that makes me sad! However, I have had to send my son to school like that before just to be counted present. He had missed 13 days and was cutting it really close to having to do make up school days. I don’t think he even made it into the class room, but it still made me sad.

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    • 51

      August says

      No, there is not a 24 hours after a fever rule. I have never heard of such a thing. If my kids throws up one day and the next day gobbles down breakfast, I am not keeping him home. Especially with the crazy school district’s policy of not excusing any absence unless a doctor writes a note. I refuse to take my child to the doctor when I know all he has is a short stomach bug.

      @ScaryMommy–In your very first paragraph there is a typo (I hope it’s a typo and not intentionally spelled that way). The word solely has two l’s, not the one that you put in. sole-ly

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      • 52

        Becky says


        I think it is crazy that you felt it was necessary to point out a typo. Actually, that’s obnoxious.

        Get your facts straight. There is in fact a 24-hour fever free rule. A fever means your body is fighting something and being free of that fever for 24 hours means that the infectious process is most likely no longer contagious.


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    • 53

      Jen says

      Yes I totally agree. I am overly cautious about sending my kid to school coughing to the point that he can’t talk and gag. My friend said I should have sent him for he wasnt feverish or puking. I will continue to be overly cautious.

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  3. 54

    Selena says

    $1?!?!?! I think I used to get $0.25. I’m 30. LOL.

    Mini-hookers: YES!!! I saw shimmery leggings for TODDLERS yesterday. To go with the mini skirts. Then again, have you seen the baby bikinis? Too much “Toddlers & Tiaras”. Make the early sexualization stop!!!!

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    • 55

      Jeannine Eubanks says

      ok #3 – I got a quarter. My kids now get a dollar. Some of their friends get $5 or $10, and I think it’s totally obnoxious for a 5 year old who doesn’t really even understand the value.
      #4 – yep, couldn’t agree more. my 6 year old has been BEGGING AND BEGGING for a skimpy bikini. they also see a lot on TV, which I try to monitor, but with a teenage sister, it’s close to impossible.
      #7 – so been there. so so so so been there. I’ve found two reliable lice solutions: flat iron, and robi comb.
      Great article! :)

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    • 57

      Ivona says

      Shimmery leggings doesn’t translate to hookers, does it? That’s seems like stretching it a bit.

      I love getting my daughter all sorts of legging, shimmer included, because she wears them underneath skirts and dresses. It’s the whole outfit that matters not just one item of clothing in it.

      Don’t get me started on “bikinis”

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      • 58

        Ariella says

        I havta say, I agree with the prostitot thing, but I have bought my daughter bikinis before (she is 5 and got her first at 3). Why? Well, its really quite simple. Potty training/bathroom access. I try to get her tankinis when possible, but I can’t always find them and I absolutely REFUSE to buy her a 1 piece. She inevitably ends up having an accident. She just cant get it off fast enough. P.S. I usually make her wear a cover up in public places anyway, so I dunno if it counts.

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        • 59

          Sam says

          Children in bikinis don’t bother me, unless they’re the kind that look like adult string bikinis. It’s a bathing suit. Wear what’s comfortable. A one piece, for instance, is really difficult for a toddler to take off every time she has to pee, when a boy only has to yank down a pair of shorts. My toddler has a pot belly (as so many toddlers do) so tankinis roll up on her anyway, and that makes her uncomfortable. I don’t think a bikini is at all the same as tiny short shorts or skirts, or tops cut in a sexualized fashion, or the twerking six year olds I saw in last year’s Christmas parade. Bikinis on babies. I’ve seen pictures of my mother in a bikini back in the early sixties. It’s swimming attire–normal swimming attire. Frankly, my daughter had an adorable yellow polka dot bikini when she was 0-3 months old, and since she doesn’t know how to twerk and doesn’t wear skirts that flash her little toddler ass every time she bends over, I don’t think it makes me a bad mother.

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    • 60

      Jordan says

      I only got 25 cents from the toothfairy and im mid 20s. My 8 yr old gets a quarter. No problem with what other parents do as long as their children dont brag. I taught my son that bragging is rude. And it is simply not done.

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    • 62

      Arin says

      OMG Justice Clothing! My step-daughter (her real mom sucks of course) just cant get enough of Justice clothing!! BUT she doesn’t pick out the skimpy slutty clothes she picks out all of the FUGLY weird neon color clothes from my junior high years and I just want to faint an die. We also live in Phx, Az and the shorter the better for the summer….its just something for us not so pros-ti-tots (lmao) to get use too. It’s legs and shorts — that are in style — just like skinny jeans — just make her wear a long lengthed tank top so her belly stays covered….the least we can do is help direct our girls to keep they’re legs crossed and bend correctly like the long dressed days in the oldtimer days :) lol

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        • 64

          Jeaa Renee says

          I’m younger then you and think short shorts look bad on most people, but especially little girls. My 8 month old can wear my tee shirts with a belt when she’s older before I’ll let her wear freaking short shorts. I refuse to give perverts and pedophiles an excuse.

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          • 65

            Arin says

            You also probably dont live in Phoenix, Az – and my parenting style is AP, crunchy, informed and totally hippie – it’s all within reason. We also look better in shorts above our knees being we are about 105 soaking wet, not 250 nor wear undergarments that need to be hid. She’ll be wearing skirts with tank tops and shorts with a decent appeal, not a hoochie appeal. Thanks – and remember it’s the 11th year anniversary of 9-11 today – let’s be kind especially today!

            God Bless YOU!

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          • 66

            Jeaa Renee says

            Lol, I love how you assume anyone not loving short shorts is a cow. I didn’t asked what you weighed or where you lived.

            Short shorts are sexist no matter wear you live or how hot it gets outside. Skimpy clothing on kids is freaking tacky, and parents that think it’s ok are too.

            And it’s been proven, you’re better off covering up from the Sun. Unless you aren’t worried about severe wrinkles and skin cancer later in life.

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          • 68

            Jessica says

            Do you also think that women who are raped were “asking for it”? Perverts and pedophiles don’t need an excuse. They are what they are, and it doesn’t matter if a child is dressed in a bikini or a burka.

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        • 69


          It’s because your daughter’s 10 months old lol Wait til she’s a pre teen/teen and then see where you stand…

          Honestly, I don’t think that a particular item of clothing is a huge problem, its how it fits each individual person. Some girls can wear “short shorts” without it being airline (showing the runway every time they bend over), and some girls can’t.

          When my daughter was 8, we attended a Secret Keeper Girl fashion show, and they talked, in very practical terms, about clothing and how to be stylish without being overly immodest.

          As my daughter about “hamster trampolines” sometime. LOL
          The context is- if a shirt is so tight across your chest it creates a hamster-sized trampoline, it’s too tight.

          They talked about layering- wearing a cami under that cute-but-too-low-cut top for example, and wearing leggings under mini skirts.

          No one was suggesting Amish-style clothing, but there were a lot of good tips for not just “covering up” but wearing good-looking clothes and choosing styles that fit your body type. That, imho, is a healthier focus than “slut shaming”.

          (But I admit, “prostitots” made me LOL).

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      • 71

        Tiffany says

        Before I knew what it was like I took my 6 year old daughter in and told her to look around for something she liked. She picked up several things and all of my answers were no so she said “Well is there anything here I can get?” I looked around, said no and we left. Much to her dismay we went to the childrens place. lol

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        • 72

          Monique says

          Tiffany that is hilarious. I have walked into a Justice store approximately 3 times. My daughter was allowed to buy accessories and a couple of tunics that I picked out. She never asks for anything, because she knows my answer. Also, her father has been known to take scissors and cut things up right in front of her. I tell people when buying presents for my daughter to take that into consideration cause even though there are things I might deem appropriate, her father has a different point of view and that would be getting me an expensive set of rags lol

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  4. 73

    Julie Warwick says

    If I could add a #11, it’s those parents that let their kids do ridiculous things that are not age appropriate thus causing our kids to say, “But Janie’s parents let her do that!” Arghh.

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    • 74

      Susan says

      I am a horrible mother because the next words out of my mouth are usually “Well, Janie’s parents don’t love her as much as I love you” or “Well, Janie has crappy parents. Feel lucky that I care enough to keep you from doing stupid crap”.

      Yep, not writing the book on how to win friends and influence people any time soon over here.

      You know what though? My daughter hasn’t said “But so-and-so’s parents let him/her do this/that” in about two years. She’s 12 now so this is a miracle! lol

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      • 75

        Mom0f4 says

        LOL you sound like me. I also tell them well sorry honey you didn’t win the cool parents you got stuck with us.Or the one that makes me sound like our parents ( which I hate ) well you live in my house with my rules if you lived there i’m sure you could..wow that sucks for you huh? lol

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      • 76

        Frederica Huxley says

        50 odd years ago, my mother’s stock answer to ‘ so-and-so does such-and-such’ was ‘well, that’s exactly why you won’t be doing it’. Drove me nuts, but I found myself saying the same to my boys!

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      • 78

        catharine says

        LOL! Stumbled on this blog & it’s cracking me up!!!! @Susan, you sound like me! My daughter is almost 30 & I’m a grandmother. I used to say the same things to her when she was little! Sometimes I’d even say things like “If Mary’s parents are so great why don’t you just pack your little Hello Kitty backpack that I bought you after you pleaded with me that ‘everyone elses moms bought THEM a Hello Kitty packpack… yes, the one you NEVER wear anymore because it is ‘sooo last week’…. pack that f*ckin’ thing with all the clothes, toys, & shoes I’ve bought you over the years & go move in with Mary’s parents! See how long THEY put up with your whinging!” LOL!!! Now she says the same things to my grandson. And it still works!!!

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    • 79

      Laura Menard says

      I combated the “so and so’s mom lets them do it” a long time ago with “different parents have different rules” and my daughter is 8 now and when I say it to her she shrugs and says “oh yeah” and is happy with that answer. lol

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      • 80

        New Lisa says

        That’s my line as well. I tell my kids I do what I think is best and I’m learning as I go. Everyone makes rules that work for their family, and since each family is different, each family’s rules are different.

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  5. 81

    Motherhood on the Rocks says

    Oh I feel you, sister! I worry about my daughter a lot and struggle with ways to raise her that make her appreciate and respect her body – and not want to dress like a whore or put too much emphasis on thinness. It’s a cruel world we live in when 12-year-olds (and younger!) are struggling with eating disorders because every women who is “idolized” is about 2 pounds from crumbling into a heap of bones.

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  6. 82

    Denise says

    I can’t stand the obnoxious sports parents. Do they really think insulting the refs will somehow help the team? I have even seen the start of a physical altercation between 2 women in the stands resulting in one being thrown out. WTF?

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  7. 85

    Jennifer says

    Oh we have a no. 2 on Cady’s softball team, but it is the GRANDparents. I actually wrote about it last week. Jerks. Thankfully tonight is our last game. I just have to make through an hour and a half of softball without showing my ass. Wish me luck.

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