10 People Who Make Parenting Harder


1. The person who thought fish made good carnival prizes. This is the ultimate slap in the face to a parent: You innocently bring your kid to a carnival, someplace you’d rather not be to begin with and are doing soley for the kids, and are forced to leave with a pet. A pet who you will have to feed, whose water you will have to change and whose body you will inevitably have to flush down the toilet. It’s bullshit.

2. The obnoxious sport parent. You know, the one who doesn’t really grasp the whole “fun” concept. The one who yells from the sidelines like a four year old and challenges the umpires. The one who acts like a bigger child than the actual children participating in the game themselves. There’s always at least one. If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the other team.

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3. The rich toothfairy. A dollar a tooth was the going rate when I was a kid, and given the current economic climate, should be the going rate now. When a parent gives their kid ten bucks a tooth, it makes the rest of us look like cheapskates. Besides, should we really encourage paying big bucks for body parts? Seems like dangerous territory to me.

4. Mothers who dress their daughters like whores. Yes, in theory, a mother should be able to dress their child however they deem fit. The problem is that when you dress your child like a slut, my child wants to dress like a slut, too. Can’t we all agree to at least let our kids get to the teen years before they look like mini-hookers?

5. The teacher who taught my kid that “because” is not an answer. I would have appreciated if she’d noted that it is, indeed, an answer if it comes from the parent..

6. The Bar Mitzvah/Christening/Birthday party show-offs. When you throw your kid an obscenely over the top and perfect event, it makes normal parties look lame in comparison. Besides, the every party you throw sets the tone for the following one — who wants to compete with yourself next year?

7. Parents who don’t effectively kill lice. Has there ever been a lawsuit over this? Is three years ago too long for me to press charges? Because I’m still bitter about our lice experience.

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8. The party thrower who wires kids. Parents of young party goers buy presents, schelp kids over and help celebrate a birthday they don’t give two shits about. Serving cake when the party is over, giving candy goody bags and handing high-on-sugar kids back to them is hardly the thank you they deserve.

9. The parent who knowingly sends their sick kid to school. We’ve all been there. Having a sick kid is inconvenient and annoying and a complete pain in the ass, but exposing that sick kid to the rest of the class is committing the worst parenting crime. You just don’t do it.

10. The insane overachievers. Can’t we all just embrace mediocre? It’s so much easier.

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Elizabeth 2 months ago

While I completely understand that sending your sick child to school feels like the only option (and believe me, I get it), it’s unfair of you to put our family in the same crappy position that you are finding yourself in. My mother runs a daycare out of her home (and if she lived closer I’d be her best client let me tell you), and it drives her crazy when people do this. It’s the ultimate in selfish decisions and really puts her in a bad position. It’s all definitely a lose lose situation.

Wrong side 2 months ago

Sugar does not make kids “wired” that is an old wives tale.

Tricia 4 months ago

I’m guilty of #6. We celebrate all holidays in a big way and I really love to plan (and decorate) their parties. That said, we have the parties at home so I kind of feel like it is on par with all the other parties at bounce houses and Chuck E. Cheese . . .

Anonymous 5 months ago

Number 7 for sure!!! I have to put my 3 girls hair up every morning before school now such a pain!!!

Jennifer 5 months ago

Sometimes we give $10 for a damned tooth because thats all the cash we have and the tooth fairy forgot to come two nights in a row. Why grown ass adults ask my kids how much they got for a tooth is beyond me.

Penny 5 months ago

Let’s rephrase #4 – parents who dress their 6-7 daughters like a characature of a streetwalker. It’s creepy. An inch of makeup, skirts so short they don’t make the turn when the child sits down in a public place (unsanitary), and writing across their behinds is not cool for elementary or middle school. Really, no one of any age or gender should dress like a characature of anything unless they’re in a SNL skit.

ASTRID 5 months ago

To #4 Parents who let their daughters wear makeup in 6th, 7th and 8th grade! Then the other girls feel ugly and are made fun of because they dont! Wait until high school!

elizabeth. 7 months ago

lol to #4. in their teen years they are wearing sweats, yoga pants and tshirts – if they leave their room at all. they don’t normally look like sluts – they look like mommies. my 4 daughters were all sad when their schools would no longer let them wear flannel jammie pants to school. and they span the years from 1995 when my oldest went to high school to now, when my youngest is a sophomore. yes, wide age range…

Ember 7 months ago

I don’t think it is ever OK to call a child or anyone a slut. Even as a joke or ranting.

Cheryl 12 months ago

4 and 10 lol!!!

Nicole 1 year ago

Parenting IS a verb. And there is nothing wrong with achieving, or with showing kids that if you work hard to earn money you can afford to have and do nice things.

Nicole Bergeron 1 year ago

OMG, #9… Both as a parent and an elementary school teacher, this one drives me crazy! Your sick kid not only gets all the other kids sick, but the staff too! I hate taking sick time as much as the next person, I get it, it’s a hardship. But, if my daughter its sick or even has a bad case of the green boogers, I take the day and keep her home! Ugh!

Patti Griffin Kelso 1 year ago

Wow……a lot of moms took this waaaaaay too personal. Relax folks, it’s just a mom venting. We all need to do that sometimes. Let’s support our fellow mom’s….not criticize her.

Heather D Morse 1 year ago

4 7 really hate u

Dionna Dunaway 1 year ago

Horribly funny

Katie Thomas 1 year ago

#11 All the commenters whining about the post.

Michelle LaFeir DeLong 1 year ago

This was a mom PMs’ing…
I think every mom is on this list somewhere :-/

Kate Beckmann 1 year ago

This was awful. Too much negativity!!!

Bridgett Bassler 1 year ago

#11 – the Over-Giving Santa’s
What a heartache it is to have your child return home from school after first day back from Christmas break, and sadly wonders why Santa gave her’ friend everything she asked for’ and my child only got two things from her list (and her’ oldest brother only got one present from his list).

Joyce Ribadeneyra Taite 1 year ago

Ding ding ding we have a winner! Lol

Amanda Mcginnis 1 year ago

Also they non parent advice givers. Absolutely love all the knowledge they have to dish out.

Sharon Sunamoto 1 year ago

You should not be referring to children or grown women for that matter as sluts and whores, not to mention the use of “mini-hookers”… We should be fighting the idea that dressing IN ANY WAY means that the other person is having a lot of sex and even if they are (other than minors) who cares? To each their own!
Let us be free of those patriarchal and societal bullshit “values”.

Lauri Mack Burnett 1 year ago

Oops I have my son $10.00 for a tooth..BUT I basically forgot about it under his pillow and last minute didn’t have any ones or change…my bad

Shannon Broyles 1 year ago


Molly Winchester 1 year ago

Another person’s lifestyle is not a commentary on yours.

Dina Carpenter 1 year ago

Let’s post yet another article that serves no clear purpose other than to pit mamas against one another. This trend needs to end, now.

Valerie M Cody 1 year ago

Ok. This is SCARY MOMMY. If you over achieving moms have a problem then go to a different site. This blog was not made for you. :)

Bridget 1 year ago

I dislike when sick children are sent to school as well but let’s please remember that not every parent has a job that affords them the luxury of vacation/sick days.

Jenn Heley 1 year ago

7 & 9. Ugh. Especially 7.

Harriet Keyes 1 year ago

Too funny! I bet you could write a book!

Maria Fahlsing 1 year ago

#4 is a problem, true, but I disapprove of the use of the word slut. It is a word coined by men to control and shame women. So, let’s not use that ugly word against fellow women, shall we?

Maria 1 year ago

I liked what I was reading until the slutshaming part. The word slut literally means that the person saying it doesn’t approve of the way someone else has sex. Also, let’s be supportive of women and not use such a degrading term that was coined by men to control women. Okay?

Noël Pilon 1 year ago

I don’t agree with 5,6 and 8. And 4 could have been worded less crude.

Val Dee 1 year ago

#1 still taking care of that gold fish 3 years later

Jessica Dayle 1 year ago

Using the words slut, whore and prostitute when referring to CHILDREN is abhorrent. I cringed. I get this is trying to be funny but in order to actually be funny it has to be smart as well. This just came off as mean.

Teresa Martin 1 year ago

About #9 … Where my kid(s) goes to school, they want a doctors note for being sick … Mean wile I keep kid(s) home if Anyone is “Ralph Loren” for 24 hrs until after its passed and I then I send them to school Without a doc. Slip because that would be just as dumb to take them to the doc.s as if I let them go to school sick.

Morgan Andrada 1 year ago

Says the person that talked about getting a pony for your daughter’s birthday party lol. And besides, we told Tatiyana that the tooth fairy only pays the big bucks for the important teeth, the first 4 😉 I have the biggest issue with the parent that sends their kid to school knowing they’re sick = for shhhhhhhhhame!

Arianna 1 year ago

I am a number 8! Muhahahahahahaha Deal with it!

    Arianna 1 year ago

    Oh wait! no, I’m not.. I give shits about the party, I just like to get kid hopped up on sugar and let them run around all crazy.

Serena Maine 1 year ago

I must defend with all my might, the amazing Tooth Fairy. She’s smart, sassy and tech-savvy. She comes around for such a short time in their life and is all about hygiene & health care. She generally leaves a kickass toothbrush, toothpaste, maybe a book, drops some usually hard-earned cash (but she’s not about entitlement so the enameled offering better be pretty decent or she will leave a citation and expect better results next time; IF there even is a next time). She is in and out in a flash; no time for games in her line of work. She works 24/7, 365 days of the year (night shift) and gets very little recognition. (Kudos to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson though. Come to think of it, I should probably watch that movie again.) TF is a hard working successful “no bullshit” business woman. Unlike that judgmental, embarrassingly commercialized, child-labouring, works one-day-a-year-gets-all-the-glory, fat bastard capitalist named Santa Claus. (Nice company wheels btw). So yeah, ROCK that Tooth Fairy. Fairy dust and all.

Bunny Cocar 1 year ago

Wow. Slut shaming. Awesome.

Deidre Johnson 1 year ago

Angie Malone Ancell: #7
By the way, both of my girls sported buns for school today. And I keep thinking about that Robi comb. I need one.

Christina McDowell Parks 1 year ago

Just tonight I was quizzing up my 8 year old, “Where did you get lice 2 years ago??” Ugh, I’m still paranoid.

Meghan 1 year ago

I have to say #9 really annoys me. I’m guilty of sending my kid to school sick BECAUSE I didn’t have a choice. I’m a single mom who works full time and goes to nursing school full time. I don’t make a lot of money like most of the families in my son’s school nor do I have a job where I can call in just because my kid is sick. I’ve already called off because of illness, his and mine, and if I called off again I would have lost my job. He’s not old enough to stay home alone without someone calling CPS on me. Anyone I know that doesn’t work either just had a baby or is a fall away from being placed in a nursing home. I don’t have neighbors because I live in an apartment building with single people who work and constantly travel. To really top it off, I had a final exam on the day I sent my son to school sick, and the last time I brought him to school with me because I didn’t have anyone to watch him, the college administrator sent out a school wide email forbidding any children on campus and if someone was caught bringing their child to school the parent(student) would be asked to leave and have to accept the consequences of missed exams or lectures. Lastly, if a parent was desperate enough to send their child to school sick maybe think they really didn’t have an option. Not everyone has the option to stay home with the child, or the family or funds for a caregiver. If it’s a medical emergency that trumps everything, but a low grade fever with sniffles will not make my company or nursing program bend over backwards for me.

James Gabriela Griggs 1 year ago

#9!!! Keep your sick kids home. Your kid coughs and sneezes on mine and it’s NOT fair.

Elynne Boudreau Ey 1 year ago

#4 makes me ill

Jessica Peltier 1 year ago

I don’t understand why anyone would want to teach their kids that mediocrity is all right. Mediocrity teaches not to put forth any effort for a damn thing. This is why we have so many entitled idiots in our society.

Louise 1 year ago

Slut-shaming toddlers and their parents. Awesome…

Tony Hess 1 year ago

There’s a going rate for teeth?

Melanie QwnMel Larocque 1 year ago

Birthday parties I get too. It’s sad for my daughter who is highly allergic to food colouring and preservatives but I bring her own treats so she doesn’t feel left out. She still feels like she isn’t completely a part of the group though so I tend to only take her to parties where I know the parents well and they will work with me. Sometimes I even buy the cake or cupcakes. Comprise helps.


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