10 Ways Pregnancy is Like Toddlerhood

If you really think about it, being pregnant and being a toddler aren’t much different at all.

1. You can’t tie your shoes.

2. Your balance is always off.

3. You can’t drink alcohol.

4. You don’t sleep.

5. You think some of your (un-gross) food is gross.

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6. You’re susceptible to peeing your pants.

7. You trip a lot.

8. You can’t remember where you put anything. Or what you were saying.

9. Your shirt has food and drink stains all over it, thanks to your “belly catcher.”

10. You go to bed at 8pm.

During all three of my pregnancies I’ve experienced the same wonder and excitement about life as my toddler. I’ve also experienced the same frustrations at the lack of control I have over my body and emotions. Pregnancy and toddlerhood could be synonymous.

Well, sort of.

I don’t find burps and farts as hilarious as my toddlers do and drooling isn’t as cute when I do it—especially when I wake up to see my husband crinkle his nose at the swimming pool size of saliva I somehow left on his pillow. Still, it could be worse. At least I haven’t wet my bed.


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Christina Antus lives with her husband, three kids, and two cats who still haven't caught the red dot. When she’s not neglecting laundry or avoiding the grocery store, she’s writing and making mediocre meals for her family. You can follow her on Facebook for dinner recipes and house cleaning tips. Just kidding. It's mostly a lot of nonsense and nothing useful.


Stephenie 1 year ago

I peed the bed both times I was pregnant… (only once easy time.) The first baby I was around 7.5 months along so thank God I had a Plastic bed liner on in case my water broke. What’s that? That’s abnormal? Yeah, no I didn’t want to replace my brand new gel memory foam mattress. Anyway, pregnant as hell peed the bed got up to clean myself up. Returned to wake DH only to discover when that he was laying in my puddle. Now mortified I panicked and got back in bed, making our “no wave gel” mattress shift under my super new weight. He wakes up looks around confused and tells me “Honey I’m so sorry I think I peed the bed.” Yes honey, you did oh my… I finally fessed up in the delivery room. Nonetheless I experienced a giggle related repeat episode with baby 2 at 8.5 months, only DH was awake so no getting away with it that time.

Glam Granola Geek 1 year ago

Bahaha! I go to bed at 8pm all the time though hehe.
All SO true!

Michelle 2 years ago

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Michelle 2 years ago

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Kristena Yeager 2 years ago

11. People always say “look how big you are”

Candice Phillips Evans 2 years ago

My body does shut down at 8pm so I zombie through the last few hours of my routine!

Ophelia Daisy 2 years ago

I’ve wet the bed.

Lily Li 2 years ago

Lol~ I agree with all except the last one. No way I can go to sleep at 8pm

jaye 2 years ago

Also the constant crying for no reason at all.

Missy Lemons 2 years ago

I think old agers apply here too! :) Funny read!

pregnantwith#2 2 years ago

When I was pregnant with my daughter I crapped myself. Yup I thought it was a fart and it was NOT! lol Sad part is we were out playing darts in a bar and I wobbled to the bathroom very slowly hoping it would stay contained. Luckily with my wonderful weight gain my big butt contained the explosion and I was able to clean myself and go back out lol. I have been more careful of farts in this pregnancy. haha

Staesha Anne Kennedy 2 years ago

So true!

Liz 2 years ago

All too true! LOL.

Karah Kreaps Brownawell 2 years ago

Hahaha, so true!!

Monica Bristow 2 years ago


Toni Hammer 2 years ago

Number 10! Yes. I don’t know how many times my husband came home from work around 6 to find me in bed watching Scrubs in Netflix.

“Everything okay?” he’d ask.
“Just regnant.”

Sandra Escareno 2 years ago

I am laughing so hard I am crying and so so glad I am done having kids! Thanks for sharing :)

Heather Jones Whelan 2 years ago

So true!!!

Dolores Bonnett 2 years ago

Lol too funny

Jenna 2 years ago


Courtney Vogt Fritz 2 years ago

Haha. All so true!

Paula Dicaire 2 years ago

Yep lol

Louise Curtis 2 years ago

I wet the bed twice while pregnant *sigh*

Louise Curtis

(Why the %&(^ am I signing my name to this???)

PS also once when a male acquaintance was dropping by to help out. Awesome.

    momofeveryone 2 years ago

    If it makes you feel better I peed myself with my third and thought my water broke. Went to the hospital and called everyone. That was embarrassing!

      Aubrey 2 years ago

      Oh my gosh, both of you (and this article) are too funny!

      Kim 2 years ago

      i did this too! Only mine was at 3 in the morning. Woke up my hubby and had my mother come over to watch our toddler!

      Amber 2 years ago

      Hahaha!!! I did the exact same thing! I was 26 wks with our first, so I was more panicked than anything. My doctor was really sweet about it, but totally laughed his butt off telling me. My husband was cracking up, and i just sat there horrified. It’s hilarious now, not so much then lol


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