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Your 12 Week Old Baby

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Who’s the cutest baby?! YOURS!

OLJ Studio / Shutterstock

OLJ Studio / Shutterstock

These past three months have flown by, and your baby is getting more active (and more adorable!) every day. Now when you hold her upright, you should see little to no head-wobbling, which means that her neck muscles are getting stronger. If you see that her head is still a little unsteady, concentrate on giving her plenty of “tummy time” on a blanket or play mat on the floor, which will help develop those stabilizing neck and shoulder muscles. With your support, she may also be able to rest her weight on her legs and make little bouncing movements, practicing for those first steps.

She’s also starting to smile and show excitement – maybe even holding out her arms – when she sees people she recognizes and likes. (See? ADORABLE.) This is a thrilling, heart-melting experience for parents, but it can also make for a little bit of awkwardness when baby straight-up rejects someone. Keep in mind that just because you have a lifetime of awesome memories with Aunt Fran doesn’t mean your baby does – to her, she’s still a stranger, a new person to get accustomed to. And who wants to be smothered in kisses from a stranger? Give baby a little time to warm up to anyone unfamiliar, and don’t force her to go to a person she isn’t sure about. Some babies are less social than others (and some will retain their shyness far into childhood). It may help to introduce new people in a familiar setting.

Rolling over is going to become a reality any minute now, which means being extra-vigilant about where you leave your baby while you’re taking a pee/feeding the dog/reading all the articles on Scary Mommy. Even if he’s napping, make sure he’s in a secure spot, because the big roll-over could literally happen any time.


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Your 12 Week Old Baby

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