23 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Fierce Female Friendships

23 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Fierce Female Friendships

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It might take us a minute to find that special group of girls we love. Some of us take decades to find them.

But once we’ve found our tribe, you’d be amazed at what a group of empowered, supportive women can accomplish. Magic happens when females who build each other up, instead of tear one another down. It’s a rare and special thing.

My best girls are there for me when I want to laugh as well as when I need to cry. My favorite friendships are with women who are present and honest, and there’s never a question where I stand with them.

The funny people of Twitter understand the complicated, fulfilling love that is female friendship:

True friends get our weirdness:

No matter how weird:

They understand that your dislikes are even more important than what you like:


True friends are fiercely loyal:

While BFFs will defend you in life as well as death:

True friends have seen the ugliest sides of us:

And the bitchiest:

We practically speak our own language:

We had to learn the hard way what supportive female friendships looks like:

And we understand the unique obstacles specific to women:

But we smash those stereotypes every day:

True friends will support us even when we don’t make any damn sense:

And we bring the party with us, wherever we go:

BFFs understand what’s really important in life:

And they just complete you in ways that other people don’t:

It’s a bond that other people just don’t understand:

They complete your sentences and sometimes even help you draft replies to your texts:

This is also true for close groups of girl friends:

In fact, BFFs pretty much know everything about your love life:

But seriously, best friends are everything:

So tag someone in this post so you can have a BFF love fest:

Because good friends are life:

And everyone else can suck it:

Ladies, we need each other. So find your girls, remind them that you love them, and never let them go.

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23 Funny Tweets That Sum Up Fierce Female Friendships

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