A Ghost Story

I am a very cynical person. While I love hearing about ghost stories, hauntings and all that stuff, I pretty much think it’s all a load of crap. Entertaining, but crap. Or, at least I did, before…

I haven’t told this story yet because it just seems so far-fetched, but I think you know that I don’t really bullshit around by now. So here we are.

Jeff and I bought our first house in a tree-lined neighborhood of Washington, DC. It was a Tudor that we purchased from the children of the original owners. They were a brother and sister in their late 70s who were born and raised in the house and had never left. (That should have been the first clue.) They were more than a little bizarre, but the house was beautiful and they seemed harmless. Under the hideous wallpaper and ratty carpets, it had the character and beauty we were searching for with a price tag we could (kind of) afford.

The sale went through and we moved in to the new place. Other than a completely unsettled dog, things were fine. Until, a few weeks later when the walls began to bleed. Say what? Inexplicably, the walls would constantly drip this clear amber liquid all along the second floor ceiling. We had roofers and plumbers and electricians and every other house specialist I could think of over to the house. Each and every one of them had never seen something like it before and the last guy’s response was, “Ma’am, that’s freaky.” Sure, it was a nuisance, but nothing to be afraid of. There had to be some explanation. Or, not.

The house was equipped with an alarm system. Every few days I would get a call at work that there was motion detected on the second floor and that the police had been dispatched and every few days I would dash home to a completely empty house with no disturbance. Eventually, the alarm company began to ignore the second floor motion detections, but since Penelope rarely ventured up there, it remained a mystery. I started to get a bit unsettled.

And then I went up to the attic. We’d never been up there before we bought the place. It was inspected, but the pull-down was pretty treacherous and we skipped that part, leaving it up to the inspector and agent. One day, I decided to explore and see if there were any goodies up there. Maybe some old plans from when it was built or cool antiques left behind. What I found, instead, was an altar complete with countless crucifixes and other religious relics. I entered complete flip out mode– this house was wrong. Between the altar, the bleeding, the alarm and the fact that Penelope would literally run around in circles all night, something was very, very off. I wanted out. A few days later, we found out we were pregnant and it made sense to consider a move out to the ‘burbs and leave the city behind.

We sold the house in a few days (thank you, real estate boom,) and were out in a blink. As we were leaving, the next-door neighbor came up to me and told me how glad she was that we were moving out. No young couple starting a family should live in that awful house, she said. You know it’s haunted, right? Before this experience I would have rolled my eyes and called her crazy, but I just nodded. I do, I said. And we can’t get out of there fast enough.

The night before closing I was up until three in the morning scrubbing the newly stained walls. I wonder if the current owners have to deal with that, too, and if they feel the spookiness. Maybe they’ve never seen any of it at all and are living a long and happy life there. I certainly hope so. But, better them than me.

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Sidney Marie 4 years ago

I didn’t have a chance to browse through all of the comments, so I have no idea if anyone has offered this opinion to you… In damp conditions, tar on the walls of a home that has been smoked in will “bleed”. The other stuff is still totally creepy, though.

Cathy 5 years ago

And also, geeze, the thing I love about you is that you’re so open minded. That’s why I come here. I’m kinda glad you had an experience, because I run into people all the damn time who judge me for being a psychic or believing in spirits. That’s what MAKES ME defend gay rights and root for the under dog and so I’m glad this experienced opened your mind up in a new direction.

Cathy 5 years ago

It’s absolutely NOT crap. I live in a haunted house and am a medium with a 99% accuracy track record who works with the police on a regular basis. You can believe in it or not but please don’t call it crap. ;o)

Evan’s Mommy 6 years ago

After my hubby and I graduated college, he was offered a job 1 1/2 hours away from where we were living at the time. So, we ventured to what would be our new town and spent the night in a hotel while we searched for a place to live. The hotel we stayed at had two parts to it, a main part and an annexed part. Our room was in the annex part. Anyway, before we went to bed, my hubby put the change from his pants pocket on the dresser in one pile. I woke up around 3 AM to what sounded like pennies dropping and spinning on the dresser. I thought my husband was doing it to freak me out, but he was still sleeping next to me. I kept my eyes squeezed shut for a few minutes, terrified out of my mind. I eventually opened my eyes and when I did, the sound stopped abruptly. The next morning, there were two pennies pushed aside from the pile of change that my husband left the night before. I dropped one of the pennies on the dresser and it made the exact sound that I heard the night before. I was so freaked out that I sat in the bathroom while my hubby showered because I was afraid to be alone. I also made him sit in the bathroom while I showered (which I did in record time BTW).

Denise 6 years ago

Sitting in the dark, with everyone asleep (including the animals), at 11:35 at night. I am completely, and utterly, freaked out! Going to the sanctuary of my bed, next to my husband! Good night!

Rae 6 years ago


We had a ghost once. When my son was a baby, I would hear someone singing to him through the baby monitor and when I would go look, nothing. It was super freaky, we eventually found out that a woman who’d lived in our apartment was shot by her boyfriend in front of my son’s room. We moved soon there after. It didn’t seem like she was harmful, but I wasn’t so keen on some random woman singing to my baby as he slept.

The Flying Chalupa 6 years ago

I’m like you – a total disbeliever. But this was fabulous. As a ghost story, I mean. Not for someone having to live in a house like that. CREEPY. And yeah, this made me believe. (cue Thriller music)

watercolor 6 years ago

NOT saying this is what was on your walls… but, my bathroom does that sometimes and it is from old wood sap leeching out in the wood framing coming through the plaster. Does it in the bathroom because of the high humidity in there. It freaked me out when it first did it after I moved in and the painter told me what it was. Made sense. And it only does it when the humidity is high. Which in the deep south, is a lot of the time. And this is an old house so the wood probably had a high sap content when it went in. As opposed to today’s treated and kiln dried stuff.

Nicki 6 years ago

That is very freaky!! I used to work in a daycare that was located in a church. I would often hear ladies talking about church lunches and bake sales when there was no one else in the building.

Queen of Feisty 6 years ago

Wicked post! Yikes, good thing you got out! Great story!


Brie 6 years ago

Oh super freaky, love!

It seems to me like -everyone- has ONE story like this.
Everyone but me. Sincerely, nothing freaky has happened to me.
Pretty much ever.

Guess I’m lucky!

Michelle Saunderson 6 years ago

I have lived in 2 different haunted houses. It is freaky.

Deirdre 6 years ago

NO. I do not believe you for one second. This is your Halloween trick to your readers. And, duh, I don’t believe in ghosts.
Um, Ahem, But,um, it’s dark in this room. And I am the only one awake, and suddenly there is lots of creaking noises, and I am PETRIFIED.

Not liking you right now!

Rachel 6 years ago

Seriously I had to quit reading the “ghost” story comments. That shit freaks me out so bad I can’t even think straight….and I don’t even believe it. Though it’s occurred to me recently that I must because it scares me….but I am convinced if I don’t believe it it’s not true. Because it’s not.

Minnesota Mamaleh 6 years ago

ooh creepy *and* scary. totally fitting for halloween weekend! so very glad that you’re somewhere else now, lady! :)

Danielle 6 years ago



Lisa 6 years ago

Why did I picture the Amityville house while reading your post? Talk about CREEPY!

I was also a skeptic until 2 years ago. I participated in a table tipping. I’ll be damned if that table didn’t lean right into someone’s lap (by itself) and then slowly lower itself back down to the floor (without anyone touching it.) People always look at me like I’m nuts when I tell them the story, but 8 other people witnessed it happen. At least I’m not alone in my neurosis. :)

Sara — The Football Wife 6 years ago

Did the neighbor give you anymore insight? I *totally* believe in ghosts — my mom and I listened to a ghost hunter (who by day is an RN) tell tales of haunted local places and she HAD PICTURES OF THE GHOSTS. Freaky!

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    Just some icky stories about the mother– I really didn’t want to hear more since we were still living there. Now, of course, I’m dying to know.

Tiffany @ MomNom 6 years ago

Scary. ass. shit.

Mrs.Mayhem 6 years ago

How were you able to stay in that house after the walls started bleeding?! And especially after the discovery of the altar?!


So glad you got out before the baby was born!

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    Not easily, but it was only 2 months– I knew the end was close!

Organic Motherhood with Cool Whip 6 years ago

Whoah!! That story totally gave me the heebie jeebies. I’m glad you were able to sell the house so quickly and get out of there!! I’ve heard a few other stories like this that seem really true and I don’t know what to make of them. I guess I’m just glad I haven’t ended up in a house like this. At least, not yet….. *cue spooky music*

Help4NewMoms 6 years ago

Wow! Now that’s a great story with Halloween just around the corner. I totally believe in this stuff, too. Remember The Amityville Horror? When the book came out my girlfriend and I spent a summer reading it and believing every word. When we asked my friend’s Dad what he thought he said, “Well, if it isn’t true one of the kids will slip at some point and cough up the truth.” Not one kid has ever coughed up a thing. (that I know of) I would love to know how the folks who moved in after you made out.

Lisa 6 years ago

That is completely freaky – but what a great story tell you are.

It’s a good thing you got out before the kids was born….

Old School/New School Mom 6 years ago

First of all, I love the Ghostbusters picture included in this story. What a classic film. But I digress. Freaky! I wonder what he amber liquid was. All I could think about what the slimy residue left on the card catalog in the beginning scene in Ghostbusters!

Good thing you got out of that house!

chickensconsigliere 6 years ago

Oh that’s a good one. Wow. Just maybe, though, what you had on your hands was a crying Virgin, what with the crucifix and the suspicious moistness and all. And isn’t that supposed to be a good thing? Wouldn’t people come from all of the world to visit your crying Virgin? Come to think of it, you did the right thing. How annoying would that be? In our house, the electronic musical toys turn on all by themselves at all hours of the night and day. Harmless but it jumps you once in a while.

    Rae 6 years ago

    HAHA! That happens in our house too. I spent a good bit of my evening going around trying to find which one of the damn toys in the toy box was making that stupid noise the other day! One blessing in that is that they will run out of batteries quicker! 😉

Kristy 6 years ago

I’m more gullible and I totally believe you.

Jodi 6 years ago

Yeah, that would send me over the edge and get the flip out of dodge!

Marinka 6 years ago

Holy shit. Or unholy. When you said “amber” it reminded me of how sometimes walls will seep sap. I’ve definitely seen this happen. If they’re made out of wood. And also if there’s been a recent massacre and the bodies are buried behind the walls.

Jennifer @ The Mommy Mambo 6 years ago

Have you sent the script to Wes Craven, yet? Better to get out before your first born was running around rattling off “red rum..” and dragging a bug-eyed red headed doll around talking to the snowy TV screen, huh?

I’ll just say a big “Whewww” …(and wipe my brow for you) I’d still be in therapy.

Lessons in Life and Light 6 years ago

You shut your whore mouth! I friggin’ LOVE this story!

It would be seriously cool to do a little detective work to find out what’s going on over there now…

PhilYabootz 6 years ago

Ironically I am a pretty sceptical person myself, I need to see to believe. Why ‘ironically’? Over the years I have had many experiences of ghosts / poltergeists but I believe them to be energies left over from people who have passed on.

They are far too numerous to mention but whether it is surplus energies or actual spirits there is no doubt in my mind they exist, I have seen them and what they can do.

The only problem I have is definition.

Luckily in my case they have all (with one possible exception) been benign. I would be interested to see how my experiences compare to those of others.

Lolli 6 years ago

Creepy! I am so glad you were able to sell fast. It would be interesting (in a spooky way) to go visit the current owners and see if they have any stories.

Did the neighbors ever go into details about why they thought (um, knew?) the house was haunted?

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    The one neighbor swore it was the ghost of the mother of the owners we bought it from. She said she could see her standing at the window looking out and that odd things happened in the house. I didn’t ask any more because we were still sleeping there and I was having enough trouble as it was.

Charlene 6 years ago

I grew up in a haunted house on the Tanglewood lane in Fayetteville, Arkansas . . . it got so bad that I’d be “hallucinating” armies of wraiths marching up the stairs into my attic bedroom then zooming out of the window for hours while I lay there in bed, frozen with terror, then this silhouette of a tall man with a top hat came out of the closet and tipped the hat at me then flew out the window, then I suddenly felt like I could move and snapped on the lights. Then years later after talking to my brothers, I learned they saw the same things that I saw. The funny thing is that I never told anyone but every time I slept over at friends’ houses, away at summer camps, or away at college with roommates, they told me that they saw this pitch-black silhouette of a tall man with a top hat standing next to me while I was deep asleep. None of these friends knew each other, so I found it remarkable each of them told me the same thing, and also that this shade has followed me from that house. My husband has even seen him several times. I’m not sure what he is, but the friends who saw him told me that they would felt deep abject terror and felt that something horrible would happen to them if the silhouette of the man turned to look at them. Also my teachers while I was a kid would remark on unexplained bruises on my legs and arms, and I remembered that I would feel pinching and punching on my body while I was sleeping. That has stopped a long time ago, but the shade still is around. I got two little girls who also kept looking at some invisible things and they would laugh and talk to invisible things, and I think to myself, they’ve got what I’ve got.

    Candice 4 years ago

    That’s so strange. I have actually read about the man in the hat, though the hat is sometimes described differently. Usually he’s malicious.

Ally 6 years ago

That is just.plain.freaky. Glad to hear you got out of there!

Crazy Lady 6 years ago

Growing up I lived in a haunted house. My parents didn’t really believe me. I saw shadows of people all the time. The same TWO!! BUT when I turned to look, they were gone. I would dream of my bed being moved while I was sleeping. One time I woke up and my bed HAD MOVED!!!! I saw skulls in my room on a regular basis in the same spots. I had dreams of the hall closet having a hidden door under it. Of course I looked… It was an old house and we were the 2nd family to live in that house.. but I always wondered.. what was there BEFORE that house??

Cathy @ All I Want To Say 6 years ago

I absolutely believe in haunted houses having lived in one when I was a kid. My dad would hear footsteps upstairs thinking that it was my sister and me out of bed. Much to his surprise, we were always fast asleep – seriously we were.

Anna 6 years ago

I have never lived in a hauted house but have been (in my opinion) touched by spirits. On night about 15 years ago I was getting ready to go out, I suddenly felt this cold rush down the back of my head, like a hand stroking my hair. I thought it was just my cats tail since I was sitting on the floor by my bed, when I turned around he was sleeping at the foot of my bed out of reach of my head. A friend had died about a month before, so who knows. Later, about a month after my mom died, I was giving my kids a bath and felt a cold rush down my back, again like a hand rubbing my back, once again I thought it was my cat. My cat was laying about 2 feet away with this wide eyed look as if he was staring at someone by the bathroom door but there was no one there. I can’t explain it but it really felt like someone was touching me both times. So I do believe.

San Diego Farmgirl 6 years ago

I have only lived in a haunted house once, in Lawrence, Kansas. The city was brutally attacked, sacked and burned during the Civil War and is crawling with ghosts. Our ghost wasn’t too scary, just a pervert who would always show up when women were dressing or in the shower. I always felt like someone was watching me, and after a casual discussion with other tenants (it was a huge 4-story house turned college apartment slum) we realized we all felt the same thing. Sometimes he would stand over my bed at night, and I’d look at my cat to see if she felt the same thing. She would almost always be looking at the same spot with the hair standing up on her back. A couple of times she walked over to the spot, looked up, and hissed! The house was torn down about 10 years ago. I always wondered where that spirit went. Maybe he haunts the parking garage that replaced the house. I think parking garages are so creepy! haha

dusty earth mother 6 years ago

Okay, I am thoroughly freaked out. Will be thinking about this all day. Thanks.

DC Urban Dad 6 years ago

That’s awesome. My house growing up was haunted and I heard my name being called out multiple times, including a few times while I was in the shower and no one – I mean no one – was home. In DC you don’t have to disclose if someone died in the house. Apparently an FBI agent killed himself in a house a few doors down from me. Good times.

Barbara Hammond 6 years ago

I totally believe in ghosts. My daughter-in-law and I had to ‘remove’ one from our beach house, and it was creepy and exhilarating at the same time. Can’t blame him for not wanting to leave the beach 😉 but it was time to go. He kept turning on the tv and wasting electricity.
I live in a house that’s about 250 years old now and haven’t seen or heard any ghosts, but I wouldn’t be surprised if there were some here. I guess they’re happy with us.

That said… blood on the walls and I’d be in a hotel until I could unload the place!

samantha 6 years ago

HOLY. COW. I’m alternately terrified and intrigued. Tell us more, puh-leeeeeeeaze?

SaucyB 6 years ago

See, I’m a total fraidy cat and I read this anyway. I shall now call you tonight when I can’t sleep. LOL 😉

If you REALLY want to know how much of a fraidy cat I am, check this recent post out:
The un-Haunted House

Karen at French Skinny 6 years ago

Like Heidi, I too am sitting here at 5am, in the dark, with everyone else in the house asleep. That’s freaking scary. I have goosebumps.
I lived in a haunted apartment in Italy for awhile. It’s not fun.

Heidi 6 years ago

I usually read my blogs in the morning before anyone else is awake. I was sitting her on the couch in the dark reading this post. I literally had to turn on the light.

But then I had to giggle to myself when I thought if this had happened to you today…. I would have expected to see photos of the altar on the blog. hehehehe

Aimee @ Ain’t Yo Mama’s Blog 6 years ago

That story just gave me goosebumps. Creepy!

I swear the house I grew up in was haunted. I would hear footsteps all the time and the sound of a creaking rocking chair, which we did not own. Sure, it could have been the sounds of the house settling or something else, but it certainly creeped me out!


Loukia 6 years ago

Wow, Jill. I’m more than a little spooked right now! That attic part? Were you alone when you discovered that? Creepy!!!!

Lynn from For Love or Funny 6 years ago

Wow! That is freaky! And it’s been fun reading the comments about other ghost stories, too!

Kelly 6 years ago

That. is. freaky. I totally believe in spirits…my grandparent’s house has been in the family for generations. During cocktail hour, which my grandmother had every single day with her sisters and a few friends, at 20 after the hour or 20 to the hour the room always fell silent. They would always say “oh, it must be time for the ghosts to pass thru” and would raise their beers. The house was “haunted” but only by family spirits. All the young kids would talk about seeing “The White People” in the back bedrooms, which was my room, btw. I never saw them, but my room was ALWAYS freezing, even when the radiator was hot!

But altar? That is just eff-ed up!! Very “Carrie”. Yikes.

From Belgium 6 years ago

Well you sure live up to the name ‘Scary Mommy’!
I used to live in the house where my grandfather died, but he never haunted it. The weird thing is that I once saw him in the middle of the street, just standing there, looking at me with a smile on his face.

Stephanie 6 years ago

did you do anything with the altar when you saw it up there, or did you just get the fuck out? If you -did- do anything with it, like sell it, I’m sure the ghosts would’ve gotten even more pissed. My husband used to live in a haunted house, too, when he was a child. Though, his experience is unlike any I’ve personally ever heard of. For instance, when he was 3 years old, he says he remembers having a nightmare where satan came to him as a woman, made him say an evil version of the ‘Our Father’ prayer, telling him that he would spend forever in hell. Immediately, he woke up, but still saw her in front of his bed as a dark figure, laughing maniacally. He figured that when he turned the lights on, she would disappear, only, they exploded when he tried. He then grabbed his bible, and ran into his grandmother’s room, freaking out and telling her that the devil was in his room. For years, he and his whole family were tormented by demons and other evil spirits that were caught in the house, including a little girl’s spirit who asked him to help her get out. A few years ago, he was finally able to get the demons out- his faith and prayers to God saving him and his family. I personally have felt evil there ( before he was able to cast the demons out) and felt the little girl’s presence, too. I’ve seen a dark figure clomp heavily up the stairs as well as felt a million evil eyes on me at one point. So for a while, I wouldn’t go back there, until i heard that the evil had left. I still have fear of being alone in the bathroom or walking down the stairs, but it’s not as it was. Thank God.

Artemis Clover: The real L.A. love story. 6 years ago

so funny you posted this right now. i also have had my share of ghost experiences and have been thinking about them a lot lately. and it is something a lot of people are not open to talking about so this was a fun read.

Jack 6 years ago

I never used to believe in any of that, but over the years I have seen a few things that convinced me. There is crazy shit out that I can’t explain- a little bit scary at times too.

beckie & the grub 6 years ago

I’m not a big believer in the supernatural, but I consider you a pretty reliable source. So this post creeped me the hell out. Did you guys ever go drive by the place out of curiosity after you moved?

Angi B 6 years ago

I can’t even begin to imagine how that must have felt. I’m skiddish as-is (SIGNS scared the cuss out of me, especially later that night when we had a thunderstorm. I was convinced the aliens were coming!), so I can’t imagine what it would be like to live in the house and then finally admit that there’s something going on that it’s 100% explainable.

Rachel {at} Mommy Needs a Vacation 6 years ago

Thank god you escaped living there! Bleeding walls???? No thanks!

Kim 6 years ago

I’m living in an older house now – built in 1920. Every so often I smell cigarette smoke – as if someone is smoking in the house. But, I’m a HUGE non-smoker person and no one I knows smokes. And, I’ve had friends over that have also smelled it. I started wondering if it was still lingering in the walls from prior owners and just started to seep through the new paint job. But, you would think that you could smell it all the time – not just really strongly once or twice a month and then lasting for only a few hours. I swear I believe it’s a ghost or, my mother!! Anyway, too bad dogs can’t talk because I’m sure yours would have screamed the minute you moved into that house. They always know.

AlishaJaybird 6 years ago

Oh gosh! That is super creepy!!! Dang, I’m sure glad you guys moved out! I think dogs know that kind of thing. Dogs, cats, and little kids. No telling what kind of freaky stories your baby would have told you when he/she got older. *shivers*

Thanks for giving me the idea to share my freaky story!! I’ll post it later this week.

Sarah 6 years ago

I just shat myself.

Kristy 6 years ago

Wow, that is so scary! After reading the post and all the comments, I am going to go turn on all the lights in my house. My friend lived in a 200 year old house in Boston that was haunted. I don’t think I want to live in any old houses any time soon.

Amanda 6 years ago

Creepy! When I was in grade school the house we lived in was haunted. The doors would open themselves at night and slam shut and I could always here footsteps on the stairs.

Alicia 6 years ago

Wow. That is scary! I don’t usually scare easily either! So happy you are out of there!!!! Not sure if I really believe in ghosts, but I do believe animals know when things are wrong and have a great sense of people, and places.

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    Our dog has moved a dozen times and never had an issue. She HATED that house from day one. She could never settle down.

Jennifer 6 years ago

My Mom had a friend that has a ghost that lives in his house on the second floor. We both felt her. Mom felt her standing by her at the head of the stairs one time and quit going up there.

Melissa (adventuroo) 6 years ago

Wow– totally freaky! I would have high tailed it out of there too. Wanna hear another creepy story? One time a good friend of mine was driving past a cemetery with her son (he was two-ish at the time). He asked her “mommy why are all those people out there?”

She got creeped out but then thought “ah- it’s just a funeral or something!” and looked over. The cemetery was empty. She then asked him what they were doing and he said they are waving at him. CREEP-EEE!

    Alicia 6 years ago


      Scary Mommy 6 years ago

      Yikes. That would have SO freaked me out!

    samantha 6 years ago

    ok, yeah, i agree it’s creepy but at the same time… kind of sweet, too. no? i’m just weird? alright then.

      Adventuroo 6 years ago

      Not weird at all! I’d like to think that there ARE some friendly ghosts out there.

        Elaine 6 years ago

        My friend and I were in an old cemetery (longer story) with my then 6 yr old son. It was later on in the evening (around 8pm) and my son stopped , pulled on my hand and said to me “Mum?, can I go over there and play with the kids?” Both my friend and I looked around and saw no one, and asked “What kids” he then went on to explain ” Mum!! the kids over there!! the ones playing catch, can I please, please go play..they’re calling me to see I can go play.” Curiousity got the better of us and we went over to where he wanted to go…and discovered we were in the “childrens” area of the cemetery…needless to say we pretty much dragged my son to the car and left in a hurry..all the while my son was whining “but Mum!! I wanna Play!!

    Rae 6 years ago

    I’ve heard children can see spirits more clearly because they haven’t been trained to believe they are not real. My 1-year old daughter pointed to a picture of my dad and said “papa” even though he passed while I was pregnant with her, and we hadn’t told her who the picture was of. She also randomly starts babbling or laughing over our shoulders at “nothing.” It doesn’t feel creepy that way, but I guess its cause I figure its my dad, and he’s harmless!

JustMom420zaks 6 years ago

That said, wow. Totally freaky.

Jen 6 years ago

How spooky, glad you got out of there that would have been my m.o. too.

Great scary story.

Sarah at the Stroller Ballet 6 years ago

Oh my goodness that is unbelievable!! I love old houses, but that is something I always worry about (the house being haunted). I would have completely had a meltdown and left the house immediately. Props to you for staying up late to help out the new owners. Scary!!

KMayer 6 years ago

there’s good ghosts and bad ghosts. And bullshit ghosts, which I thought were all related until we had several similar experiences. Good for getting out, and only looking back long enough to post! ooooooooohhhhh!

sweeter the berry 6 years ago

That’s terrible but just be lucky you were able to get out fast. It could have been much worse, like something speaking through your pillow or something talking to you in your sleep and you can’t get up. I’m lucky too because these were warnings. It also follows people to their new homes which can be very horrifying if it’s an evil spirit I’ve heard.

Tara 6 years ago

wow, creepy! Were you not curious as to who/what could have caused the haunting? Perhaps the parents of the children you bought it from? Maybe they died in the house? See, as a paranormal geek, I would’ve asked a million questions. I’ve had one paranormal experience in my life, as a child. I don’t talk about it to alot of people, but you’ve inspired me to make it the subject of my next blog.

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    The neighbor told me that the mother was abusive and never let the kids out of the house when they were young. She said the lights were always off and nobody ever came and went. She swore she could see the woman from the window. I never did, but she scared the shit out of me.

Life with Kaishon 6 years ago

That is beyond bizarre! Bleeding walls?

Mark Nethercote 6 years ago

P.S. – Mark’s last blog on the start of our own scary journey, not knowing what is behind each new set of doors: amarkedman.com

Mark Nethercote 6 years ago

It’s always interesting what you find behind closed doors – even in your own house….

Diane 6 years ago

Holy crap! That is spooky! You could be on that Discovery show, A Haunting, with that story.

The Mommyologist 6 years ago

Totally creepy! I am a firm believer in all things paranormal, and I think it’s a VERY good thing that you got out of there when you did.

I cannot believe you found an altar up there!! I would’ve LOST it.

Jen 6 years ago


Melanie 6 years ago

Wow, goosbumps!! How freaky.

Suzanne 6 years ago

The house we live in now was built by the town funeral director, whose funeral home is still open and operating just one street over. Before we bought it, I checked with every single person I could find who had ever been in or lived in the house, and they all assured me there was no haunting.* So far the closest we’ve come is some unexplained marks on the ceiling, but if it is a ghost it’s a terrible artist.

*I mean besides the people trying to sell it. Because they don’t have to disclose stuff like that. Same as they don’t have to disclose if anyone’s ever killed themselves there. That was the only answer I got wrong on my real estate licensing test because OMG THEY SHOULD.

    Lesley 6 years ago

    OMG I thought that kind of thing had to be disclosed. I’m never moving from my safe little haven…. :)

      Scary Mommy 6 years ago

      My agent told me that you didn’t have to disclose it, but you couldn’t deny it if you were asked. Thankfully we were not!

Roxanne 6 years ago

I remember there was a house in my friend’s old neighborhood that everyone said was haunted. After hearing all kinds of stories, Friend and I decided to venture over. We rang the doorbell and prepared to run. From behind the door we could suddenly hear ghosts & ghouls & screaming. We ran.

I wish I could have met the people who bought a house, moved out (I assume?) and left their doorbell rigged to a cassette player to freak out the children of the neighborhood.

hokgardner 6 years ago

My aunt and uncle live in a haunted house, or at least they did until a priest blessed it.

Before then, the attic door, no matter how tightly you closed it, would swing open on its own, and a ghost of a little girl would wander around the playroom at night. The son of the original owners stopped by once, and they asked him about the girl. He said it sounded like his sister, who had died as a child.

But after the blessing, no more ghost sightings, no more open attic door.

Christine 6 years ago

*Altar. (Sorry.)

That is absolutely insane! Though I suspect that if you had actually used the altar, perhaps lit some candles or something, the amber liquid may have stopped. Slackers.

Assuming it’s all true (let’s), how long were you at the house?

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    9 months.

KB 6 years ago

Wow, I’m one of those people that sits in fascination watching all the ghost hunting stories that are on just about every network right now. I love watching them but if it ever happened to me I think I’d pass out on the spot.
Although, my sister and I both have memories of what as children we thought was a man sitting in the armchair in the living room. It wasn’t until we were both in college and talking about ghost stories one day that we realized we both “saw” the same thing. Not sure if it was childhood imagination but I was so glad when we got rid of that chair.

Tiah 6 years ago

Bleeding walls? CREEPY!
When I was in high school we moved into a new house. A few months after we moved in the previous owner killed himself. One day while we were in school my mom saw the guy in our living room, just standing there. She said she turned to get the phone, turned back around and he was gone. She never told us until we were older and moved out, she said she didn’t want us to freak out. Thank God, because I would have lost my mind. She said it was just the one time, he never came back.

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    I would have lost it if I actually saw anyone. Eeeekkk!

Chaplain Donna 6 years ago

That is a scary story! I was going to mention Madge, but this is even too scary for her!

Lesley 6 years ago

That’s just so freaky. I believe in all that stuff, but thankfully have not ever experienced anything similar. I don’t know what I would have done. *shivers*

Thank goodness you were able to get out!

You told this story in your point of view…I’m curious as to how your husband reacted?

    Scary Mommy 6 years ago

    He was freaked out too. Actually, I think he got there before I did, even.

Ann’s Rants 6 years ago

So glad you got out of there. YIKES.


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