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A couple of years ago, I took some heat after being quoted in the New York Times for landing an impressive, full-time job without so much as a resume. My argument was that in the world of social media, your web presence serves as your always-current resume. How many hits your site gets, how many followers you have and what your engagement is says so much more about your work than any piece of paper ever could. The sentiment, though valid, wasn’t much appreciated by my employer who was suddenly inundated with countless “qualified” offers from moms wanting to work from home without a resume. (Whoops.)

It’s true, though. Bloggers don’t really need resumes and mommies sure as hell don’t.

But, my agent has been harassing me to set up a profile on LinkedIn, and I finally caved this week. Filling out the boxes reminded me exactly why I love what I do so much: I never have to pretend to be something I’m not, even on a resume. Looking at my profile, I’m struck by how I was preparing for motherhood even in high school.

And that? Makes for the best job I’ve ever had.



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  1. Alison@Mama Wants This says

    You can’t possibly have won MOTY in 2011 because that’s mine. For my many infractions, er, I mean, amazing accomplishments. Such as introducing the toddler to French fries and the word ‘shit’.

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  2. Cat says

    Loved it !!! You are a howl. But the mommy in me has to point out the (intended or unintended) misspelled word .. Principle vs principal. Sorry .. Can’t help myself .. It’s the mommy and substitute teacher In me. : )

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  3. Brittany Stewart says

    That’s possibly the best resume I’ve ever seen.
    I always try to come off professional. Somehow you seem so much more qualified without even trying. I love it :)

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