10 Things Never to Say to a Mom Expecting Another Boy

If there’s anything that makes me want to drop out of society completely, it’s becoming pregnant with my third child… and finding out I’m expecting another boy.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled to be having another little guy. Although in all honesty, I was shocked that nature’s supposed 50/50 coin toss had yet again dealt us the same hand, I quickly fell in love with the idea of being a mom to three boys. In fact, I feel it’s a great privilege to be the one responsible for shaping good men. (Lord knows, the world needs more of them.) The problem comes when I share my news with other people. For whatever reason, the mention of a third boy is enough to evoke people’s deepest sympathies, followed by an onslaught of verbal diarrhea which always seems to imply that having children of the same gender just plain old sucks.

Yeah, yeah, I know, I can only change myself. If I put myself in charge of retorting to every single annoying comment, I’d sink myself so deep into the bowels of bitterness and resentment that I’m afraid I’d never manage to climb out. I’d be that 80-year-old woman with whiskers they’d call “Old Man Kiera” who’d still be trying to convince people of how friggin’ great it is to have the same last name as ALL of her grandchildren. (And by the way, GET THE HELL OFF MY LAWN!)

So instead of that, I’ll just have one good vent and be done with it. Here’s hoping it’ll make other same-gendered moms feel less-tortured, and maybe even (whoops!) find it’s way onto the computer screens of a few of those darn Debby Downers.

1. “I hope it’s a girl!” It’s truly shocking how many times I still get this one, even after telling someone it’s another boy. They’ll respond by asking, through sad, squinty eyes, if I’m really sure.  I’ll tell them “yes,” and they’ll either move on to any of the following comments, or gently remind me that ultrasounds aren’t 100% accurate.

2. “Were you trying for a girl?” It happened most recently in a restaurant of all places, where my husband and I were out with a group of acquaintances. One of the ladies turned to me and brightly posed the question, as if she were simply asking if I was enjoying my chicken penne.

I stammered briefly, before muttering something of the fact that we weren’t actually trying per se. Then, a pause… so long and awkward that my cheeks burned red hot with the feeling of utter violation, as I imagined everyone around us having a sudden mental picture of my hubby and I, you know, “trying.”

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The conversation quickly moved on, but I couldn’t help but wonder when it became appropriate to ask someone about their sex life? As if I was really going to launch in about the act of “trying”? (“Actually yes! They say that shallow penetration with no orgasm works well for getting a girl. *Turn to husband* That wasn’t hard, was it honey?” *wink*)

3. “Were you disappointed when you found out it wasn’t a girl?” Um, are you trying to make me burst into tears? Because quite honestly, I’m not sure what else you could be angling for here. It’s pretty clear that you think I should be disappointed though. I mean after two perfectly healthy little miracles, who could even fathom wanting yet another one, right??

4. “At least you won’t have to (insert pretty much anything here.)” “At least you won’t have to (buy new clothes/deal with the teenage mood swings/move to the country and purchase a shotgun)” – it doesn’t really matter what they say here. The problem with this one is at the beginning of the sentence, since I’m pretty sure any good news shouldn’t be met with an “at least.”

5. “Your husband must be SO excited.” I suppose it’s only natural to assume that dads want boys and moms want girls, but perhaps this stereotype should be kept on the down low? Call me crazy, but I tend not to like being painted as the unfortunate woman whose sole existence is based on producing a little replica of herself. I understand that some women quite desperately want girls – and yes, one day I’d love to have one too. But it doesn’t mean that I’m not equally thrilled each time we have another perfect little prince.

6. “Will you be trying again for a girl?” Enough with the verbal molestation!

7. “When I found out I was having a boy, I cried.” Really? Well then you of ALL people should damn well know better! I actually got this from a woman when heading into a public restroom. There I was just minding my own business, when I was ambushed by a stranger whose hands magnetically gripped my belly.

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“What are you having?” she asked me, wide eyed.

“A boy. It’s my third boy.”

She winced. “Oh. I have two boys…”

I perked up. A teammate! An ally in this million-dollar-family world! Surely this person wasn’t about to burst my bubble. But then…

“When they handed me my second boy, I cried.”

I should say, that while I have no judgment for those who feel similar disappointment when they find out their babies’ genders, I do have a problem with the context and timing of this comment. If I had expressed some disappointment of my own, then fine, commiserate away. But I hadn’t! All I wanted was to take a pee.

8. “They say after three kids of the same gender, your body resets and you’ll have the opposite gender.” (Or any other hoodoo, superstitious nonsense.) It had been approximately ten seconds since I found out our baby’s gender when the ultrasound tech spewed out this completely unscientific rubbish. Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m the absolute worst when it comes to buying into the old wives’ tails. (Yes, I peed into the cup of baking soda and guess what it said…BOY!) But here’s the thing: Who said I was hoping for a girl? Did you somehow mistake my ear-to-ear grin for disappointment?

9. “You’re losing your femininity.” Ah yes, I’m clearly the pregnant man. (Did you catch me on Oprah a few years back?) I mean, what else could I be if all I seem to produce are tiny testosterone machines?  And come on, we all know that moms of boys drive minivans littered with stinky sports equipment, grow beards and beat up referees in their spare time.

10. “Better luck next time!” There are just no words.

To be fair, most of the people who’ve said these things weren’t trying to bring me down. In fact, a lot of them either didn’t have kids yet or were too old to remember the rawness of what it feels like to be treated like a walking baby vending machine meant to pop out whatever gender pleases everyone. So most of the time now, I do try to take it all with a grain of salt, remembering that they mean no harm.

…And other times, I lose my shit.

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About the writer

Kiera is a humour writer and mother of two (soon-to-be three) from Winnipeg, Canada. When she isn’t busy wrangling her boys with toddler-harnesses (ah, who are we kidding… leashes), she’s exploiting her life for hilarious posts on The Meditative Mom. Her first novel, STEP, is due out later this year and can be found at kierafogg.com.


BLESSED momof4boys 1 month ago

YES!!!! I have 4 boys and well….. I’m just tired of all the cliche questions.
“Yes, I keep having babies because I’m so desperate for a girl.” Uh no. That’s NOT why I keep having babies. SMH
And frankly with each question/ comment/ concern or “bless your heart!”, I’m *this* much closer to losing it. The smile and laugh I used to give people is appearing less and I think I may give slight eyerolls and a completely fake laugh #keepinitreal.

Vachic01 2 months ago

I am currently pregnant with my 4th child, and it’s a girl. . .after 3 boys, I guess my body reset itself o.O lol lol! I use to want a girl with each boy, but finally understanding that maybe I’m just a better mom to boys than I would be to a girl. I have a rawness about my parenting that may not match well with a dramatic little girl, the universe hands me one, kinda like a test I suppose. I have gotten every last one of those during each pregnancy, funny thing is. . . Even with free girl on her way now, I still get dumb remarks.
So, I guess your done now?
I know you’re so happy to finally get a girl!
Are you getting your tubes tied this time?
Ignorance unfortunately is not illegal :)

Mom_of_course 3 months ago

You are so funny Kiera! I almost spit my coffee out when I got to the part about “trying” for a girl! I can’t believe the ultrasound tech told you that!
Boys are blessings (as are girls!)

Queenofmyhome 3 months ago

I just found out that I’m having my fourth boy. To be honest I was a little upset but then I got over it. I love my boys. We are going to raise good men!!!

Rose 5 months ago

Just know that most people are complete unappreciative IDIOTS. Who the heck cries about gender when one should be praying for a healthy child?

Magda 6 months ago

I’d rather die alone, childless and not marry then be married and be a mother of a boy or boys. I was the youngest of 3 girls and I saw how badly my father treated me and my mother tried to hide her irritation of not having a son, she’s now obsessed with my 2 nephews especially the youngest grandson(2.5 years old) and when my niece was born and young they weren’t obsessed with her. My niece has developed a complex where she wants to imitate everything her older brother and younger cousin do in order to prove she fits in and is good at it including playing soccer and taking karate lessons which she ended up hating. I am not going to lie, I am a girly girl, 30, still single. Too many men have hurt me, man close to my life, never had a male role model or partner who build my confidence as a women up, but rather teased me and put me down and questioned my ability both as a person and professionally simply because I am a SHE. I think if I got pregnant and it was a male baby I would most likely terminate the pregnancy or give birth and let my ex-spouse/partner raise it without my presence. If I can’t have a daughter, someone I can spend that girly/girly time on then I want no children. I thank God for letting my ex-boyfriend leave me, I am happy for being single and for not having too many friends, I am happy I am not social, I am happy I have the ability to come through barriers and do not need sex or a guy to feel good out by myself. I guess I am not more single and childless by choice. But should I do get pregnant in my thirties that child better be a girl or I want no children at all.

Mark 8 months ago

There is only ONE acceptable response to any woman who is expecting her second (or third, or fourth, or fifth…you get the picture) child of either gender: CONGRATULATIONS!

Mary Ann 8 months ago

Oh, this so hits close to home!!! I have 6 boys, and you wouldn’t believe the stupid things people say. My boys are amazing, and I’m the queen of the castle :)

Corgimom 8 months ago

Agreed. I’m a three-time boy mom, and I say to others that I’m specializing in raising boys. It’s nice to recycle all those boy clothes, frees up the clothing budget for myself and what we really need instead.

Jessica 8 months ago

I just tell people to not bother hanging drapes or buy anything new because boys can be pretty active and will use anything to be active. They will hang onto anything. They will destroy everything in the process. But they are tons of fun.

Watch Malcom in the Middle, it will make you feel better. I’ve never laughed so hard on my life or enjoyed a show more. The show made me feel really good about myself as a mom!

Jessica 8 months ago

Welcome to the trifecta of boys club. Congratulations. My three boys are the most amazing little people that I know and I love being a mom of boys. I wanted girls-trust me, I did. But having a all boys is a blessing. Not a curse. They are the best of friends and we do our best to remind them of their special bond. Yes, sisters and brothers have that relationship too but there is down thing to say about same gender siblings. I should know. I have 3 sisters-built in best friends for life. (Shout out to my bro for being cool and not running away from a house full of sisters!). Best wishes for a healthy pregnancy and another little dude to add to your brood.

GEA 8 months ago

This goes for moms of girls too. I just found out I’m having my third girl. To put it bluntly, it’s others reactions that will put me on edge. Everyone keeps saying I hope it’s a boy or I just know it’s a boy because of xyz. Ugh. Enough already. Be happy for safe and healthy babies! I know I am! Here’s to the moms of all one gender!!!

Cjoy 8 months ago

I’m a mother of two boys and I’m enjoying every moment of it…Yes the house is loud,yes it’s ALWAYS messy no matter how much i TRY to clean, but I love it all!I mean, with a house full of boys, I am treated as their Queen and pampered like a princess! <3

Denise 11 months ago

We just welcomed our 5th child to our family through adoption. We had 4 boys and yes, you guessed it we adopted a boy! Now we have 5 boys! I have actually had people say to me that I thought you would adopt a girl. Really, I want to shout do you realize what you just said? Sometimes, I feel I have to justify it but I am learning people mean well and sometimes should just mind there own business!

Triplezmom 11 months ago

I had a girl and then a boy. When I got pregnant with my third, I got a lot if disbelief. More than one person said, “But you already have one of each!” As if gender is the only reason anyone could possibly want more than two kids. People who make comments like this suck.

Aysha 11 months ago

I have 2 girls and when I had my third child, a boy, I got ‘third time lucky eh?’ A few times! Oh and ‘you’re husband must be pleased’.

Meg 11 months ago

I’m currently expecting our third baby, and we have two daughters, this time it is a boy. I told my husband I cannot believe the ignorant responses I get from people about “finally” having a boy. The most common one is, “Oh, I bet your husband is so excited!” To which I respond, “he is, he just hates ours daughters, now he can finally send one of his offspring to school to be a productive member of society.”

Keep in mind, this is me finally losing after hearing this comment for months. I’m due in 3 weeks and it’s 90 degrees. I’m over tact at this point!

Rebecca 11 months ago

Sooo get this. I have four amazing sons and started hearing these exact comments while pregnant with the second. My youngest is now 19 and I would not change a thing I love my granddaughters beyond belief and am just grateful that my children were healthy and strong.

Courtney 11 months ago

When we were pregnant with our third son, we found out but didn’t tell anyone. The comment that I got all the time was ” maybe you’ll be lucky and have a girl this time!” as if having another boy was like a curse…I love my three fellas and wouldn’t have it any other way! Blessings momma to that third baby in blue

Very Bloggy Beth 11 months ago

People said all of these to me! ALL OF THESE! One time at a checkup, and older woman in the waiting room went so far as to apologize to my older son that he wouldn’t be having a sister. I mean, really.

katie 11 months ago

I’m sonsorry that you have 3 children. That must be so rough for you considering all the people struggling to have children at all. I’m sure they would be upset by that 3rd child’s sex as well…..

Bex 11 months ago

i have two boys. I admit at first, for like 5 seconds, I was sad it wasn’t a girl but then I was thrilled!! We are only having two and when I tell people they always respond with “oh but don’t you want to try for a girl?” I have heard most of this list and I just laugh. Of course I would have loved a little girl but I wouldn’t trade my boys for anything. They are my little miracles:)

Lana 11 months ago

DH had a daughter before we met. I’m expecting our first son and can easily say I will be thrilled if we ONLY have boys. I feel zero need to buy in to the princess BS or try to raise a “mini me” – I’d love a house of rambunctious terrific little men.
Thanks, gender stereotyping and all people who think it’s acceptable to butt in on the sex life of others in such a creep way. Not every woman wabts a daughter or feels unfulfilled without one, period. If a daughter happened in my life, of course I would fee blessed to have the opportunity to bring another happy healthy and much loved human into this world.. But I sure as hell won’t have any amount of disappointment if that doesn’t happen.

AP 11 months ago

Mom of 3 boys right here!! Cried at every ultrasound when we found we were having yet another boy…forgot about it the next day. While I’ll always wonder what it would be like to habe a girl (no more kiddos for us), my boys rock!! They are the funniest, most entertaining people I know (adults included) and I wouldn’t change them or the experience of having a testosterone-driven house.

3boysmum 11 months ago

Mom of three self proclaimed”grown ass men”….loved it when people would ask if we were going to
“Try for a girl”…..are you kidding??? It was the best, enjoy <3

Ells 11 months ago

I actually got an “Ugh!” response from someone close to me.

Also, an acquaintance who is also pregnant found out about 1.5 months after we found out that she was going to have a girl actually, did a “I’m having a girl,” in a sing song nanny nanny boo boo melody Really? Was I supposed to be jealous? Good for her, but I’ll take my little prince any day over a girl!

Michelle Porter 11 months ago

I had to smile reading this.. 4 girls. Lol.

B 12 months ago

I’m pregnant with my second boy and I got a lot of ” that’s nice, you can use all the same stuff!” Other than some gear and toys…guess what, the clothes’ sizes are opposite seasons! It will probably cost the same to cloth this guy as if we had to buy girl stuff. Gah!

MenEverywhere 12 months ago

My particular favourite is “are you trying for a football team?” Oh how I wish I had ten pounds for every time I’ve been treated to that bullshit comment! I’m pregnant with my sixth boy and I never want to go out in public ever again!

Amy 1 year ago

Wow. I guess you are perfect and never complain or lose your cool about anything. Oh wait… You just did. Apparently you are offended when mothers talk about the RUDE and UNCALLED FOR things that total freaking creepy strangers say to us. One woman in the isle at the grocery store asked me (I kid you not) what position I was in when I conceived. EXCUSE ME? What gives anyone the right to inquire about the sex I have?And as for the strangers touching my belly … Who in the hell goes up to a woman they have never met, and puts their hands on her stomach?? I threatened to slice a woman’s face off if she didn’t back the f’ck away from me. She looked at me like I was the rudest person she ever came in contact with. And this… “You already have one of each…so you must have gotten pregnant again for the boobs.” Again…EXCUSE ME???

So Julie… You can have all the inappropriate conversations you want to have with rude strangers. Personally I find it offensive. ?

Emma Thompson 1 year ago

When pregnant with my 3rd baby whose gender we decided to wait to find out, people would say with a sympathetic nod of the head ‘oh it’ll be another boy’ & ‘will you try again if its a boy?’ We weren’t actually ‘trying’ when I fell pregnant & I never once said I wouldn’t be happy if I had a 3rd boy, this used to wind me up but as it turns out they were all wrong & baby no3 was a girl :-) & no I wouldn’t have tried again had she been a boy!! 3 is plenty for me!

Rose 1 year ago

Yes!!!! Boys are easier. But there’s nothing wrong with having ALL Boys or ALL Girls. I’ve 2 Boys and 1 Girl & they fit perfectly in this crazy dramatic World. I couldn’t imagine having it any other way. I never got these questions. The taunts were more……..You are HUGE are you having TWINS?!!! Really?!!! That’s actually insulting. So what if I gained weight. So what if my kids are Big. T h ey are healthy and that’s all that matters. 😉 CONGRATULATIONS KIERA.

Feisty Irish Wench 1 year ago

All of my kids were unplanned. This concept of “Trying To Conceive” is inherently FOREIGN to us.
I had 2 boys and was glad of it. Growing up, girls were mean to me. I wanted to be the only girl in the house. Then God laughed at me and sent a clone and a red-headed version of me, and I blame my husband. Surprise #5, he wanted a 3rd girl, and I prayed for some balance to the estrogen-fest we were becoming up in here. Honestly, as much as I love my girls, and the opportunities to create strong independent women who can still be feminine, I would have been perfectly okay with having 5 boys. Speaking ONLY for my girls, they’re just as noisy and messy as the boys, with the bonus of PMS.
And then there is the issue of family size comments that bring the unsolicited advice all its own variety. I got so tired of hearing “Don’t you know what causes that?” so much in a single day, that I took to my blog about it. One of my best friends has lost 8 babies to get the 5 living she has. Nobody stops and thinks about how other people nearby would be affected by the jerkface comments we both get. She very pointedly tells people “Well, when you’ve had 8 losses, you take them as they come, and pray they make it to be born at all” and leers at them till they go away. Then she calls me to rant about it. That leaves me to help my friend pick up the shattered pieces of her heart over and over again by buttheaded comments.

Rose 1 year ago

I have all boys and have heard it all. My sister in law has 5 girls, and when the 5th was born, someone actually came to the hospital and said, “I’m sorry!” That’s just sick. By the way, all 7 cousins grew up in their respective families to be happy, productive, well adjusted adults with families of their own. And all of them are close, despite their sex.

August 1 year ago

What? Boys don’t get teenage mood swings? Nobody told my brothers that! Or my oldest who is a super-moody preteen boy. Actually, in the kids I’ve seen grow up, I think the moodiness of boys is harder to deal with. Girls at least usually tell you what’s going on while boys just silently brood. That kind of ticks me off, the silent broodiness. Anyway, I got all of these too with my first three. Then I did have a girl and everyone’s token question was, “Now that you’re having a girl, you must be done, right?” Nope, we had two more, another boy and another girl. God gave us what he gave us, for whatever reason, but I think He has a reason, nonetheless.

Becky 1 year ago

As a mom of one who had problems getting just that one, don’t let the Debbie downers get to you, be thankful for the beautiful children you have. Not everyone is as fortunate.

Lisa 1 year ago

When we found out our third was going to be a boy after having 2 girls, I had an acquaintance tell me that my family was finally complete! What? Like, it wouldn’t have been if it was another girl? We would have been happy either way. We weren’t trying for a gender, we were trying for a child! So many people thought we stopped when we had our son because we finally “got that boy”, but really, our home was full with our three…no matter their gender.

    Emma Thompson 1 year ago

    Same here but 2 boys then a girl cant fit anymore in!!

Rogue 1 year ago

I’m 4 1/2 months pregnant with my 3rd baby boy. I couldn’t be more proud! I get these comments on a daily basis! This article could NOT be more on point!

Elizabeth 1 year ago

Why do people says such stupid, thoughtless crap! My husband is one of 3 boys, all of whom grew into wonderful men, and are close friends today. When we started trying to get pregnant, I hoped to be as lucky as my MIL when we had children. (We have 2 girls; no complaints about that either!)

phantomm girl maker 1 year ago

I’ll just throw this in. I have three daughters. Did you know that over 80% of electricians only have girls? Yes I am an Electrician, I have friends in the electrical game and they all have girls. Its something to do with the sperm being exposed to electro-magnetic fields generated by electrical current in cables and transformers. It weakens the male sperm, I am told. Of course there is no proven double blind medical test completed yet, but anecdotal evidence suggests that I am correct. In the company I used to work for, our manager actually allowed to have a long lunch one Friday, to celebrate the first boy born to a staff member in 23 years. So those who wish for a girl, get your partners into an area where he is exposed to EMFs. Single girls, marry an electrician if you want a girl. I will close by saying that I couldn’t have given a toss whether I had girls or boys. Like everyone else, I wanted a healthy child. Oh!! And I’m circumcised, just for the record.

tori 1 year ago

I love love love this!!! I have 4 boys (1 is an angel baby) and just recently had a girl n every1 keeps asking if I’m done m now that I got my girl?!? That drives me nuts! Wasn’t trying to get pregnant in the first place and I actually like having all my boys!! I was in shock for Mos oat the fact that I was having a girl lol. I’ve always been a tom boy and have 6 younger brothers so its what I’m used to. Yes girls are neat but in a few yr she’ll be more of a pain than my boys. N idk if I’m done or not!! I know recently post baby I don’t wanna even think about it lol

Ivonne 1 year ago

Just found out I’m having another boy today, total of 3. This post made me feel ten times better. Thank you!

Roma 1 year ago

Pregnant with Boy number two couldn’t be happier, I personaly don’t like girls, due to well being one. Since I know the crap I put my parents throught no thank you, ill take boys any day.

Kristen 1 year ago

I’m a mom to 3 boys here. Everything you wrote is true. WTF is wrong with people? I gave birth to my third son 8 months ago adding another boy has been a blessing and I couldn’t be happier.

Melanie 1 year ago

I have three girls and hear a lot of crap about that too. “Your husband must be so disappointed!” Why? We have three healthy girls. Ever think I, for one, might be happy that I just had girls?! I can imagine it goes the same way on the 3 boys side of the fence..

Leigh-Ann 1 year ago

I have two girls and am currently pregnant. I will find out in 3 weeks the gender and can I tell you…for the FIRST TIME I don’t have a preference:) I really wanted my first child to be a boy, something about an older brother thing seemed perfect…I am so glad my baby was the girl she was supposed to be and that is perfect!!! Then with my second child I wanted a girl…I kept thinking SISTERS!! She was a girl and it is very nice:) Here we are with the third and I really don’t have a care either way. Sure a boy would be nice and a different experience…but I love, LOVE being a mom to girls and would happily welcome another:) Although, everyone I talk to assumes we are trying or tried for a boy…can’t someone just want 3 kids? Best of luck to you!!!

    Melanie 1 year ago

    I felt the same, exact way a year ago when I was expecting my third (after having two girls). We didn’t find out the sex (of any) until the birth and ended up with three girls. I couldn’t possibly feel more blessed.

Christine 1 year ago

When I first found out I was having a boy, I cried. Then I cried 10 minutes later when I found out the ultrasound machine broke and I couldn’t get a picture. I was just a regular tear factory…..But besides that, I wouldn’t want a girl, to be honest, not now that I know how AWESOME it is raising a boy! When my friend found out she was having a girl, I said sorry, I hear the teenage years are rough with those….My boy is a preteen now and he is still awesome!

Laura G. 1 year ago

My Mom had 4 boys before she had me. Then she had another boy. But I can’t imagine my family any differently! Of course, I was a huge Daddy’s little girl!

Karen 1 year ago

While out shopping with Miss 3 1/2 and Miss 2 1/2 i often have strangers asking me about them as they are so close in age. When I mention I actually have 4 girls; I often get the rolled eyes and random strangers asking when am I going to have the boy. No this baby incubator is closed….

mommaof3 1 year ago

I have three beautiful daughters. I’ll admit I cried when I found out my first was a girl and also the second and by the third I just assumed it was inevitable. Four years now, and I’m excited to say that I will soon be able to tip the balance a little or perhaps just add to the female energy of the house. We did try all the tips and tricks to conceive a boy but given my husband’s family line it’s pretty clear the cosmos are probably just trying to extinguish the last name. Here’s for trying for name fake and for my own! All babies are blessings!

Alet 1 year ago

I don’t understand the fuss re most of these remarks or questions to parents expecting yet another boy (or girl, for that matter). I used to make or ask many of them to expecting parents… (especially #2-6 and #10) and now that I’m on the receiving end… – um, why so sensitive – what’s the big deal? :)

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sara 1 year ago

I have 5 boys and I heard it all. We’re we hoping for a girl among them… well yeah but was happy anyway… we did end up with a girl, number 6 and I wanted to beat ppl. After she was born everyone kept saying “you finally got your girl!” I would just think , “no?!, Really?! I didn’t know that she was a girl, thank you for telling me!” But after having 6 kids the focus goes from having boys or girls to just the total amount of kiddos..

Amy Jo Schenewark 1 year ago

I have six boys, and heard all of those so many times except #9!

kittie 1 year ago

I have 4 boys….
I wouldn’t swap any of them. I get really annoyed when people ask me if I’m going to keep trying for a girl, I wasn’t trying for a girl in the first place!

CAL 1 year ago

I’ve gotten some of these comments which drive me nuts. I did want a girl but I have 2 beautiful boys. We found out in January that our 3rd is also another boy. I did have that crash and burn of the baby girl dream but I can’t wait to meet my new lil man. My boys are rambunctious and sweet and always loving on their mommy. People feel sorry for me and I’m not sure why. I have 3 blessings when there’s women who can’t have kids. My own mom was almost one of them. Me nor my brother should be here. I’ve had 3 healthy pregnancies. Thank goodness there are people out there that comment on how cute my blonde hair blue eyed boys are so I remember those comments and shoulder off the rest. Now I just look fwd to watching my boys become good men and hopefully way in the future they’ll bring home good daughter in laws that I can have a relationship with and maybe some day a granddaughter.

Sarah Keller 1 year ago

Congrats on three little boys! We are about to have our third boy too and all we could do was laugh when we saw what so obviously gave him away on the ultrasound (before the tech even announced it, LOL). Anyway, we are thrilled to have a trio of boys (I’m already scheming Three Muskateer Halloween costumes next year) not to mention excited about all the other great things about having three of the same gender. So YAY for us!

-Sarah / http://www.sarahkeller.com

Heather 1 year ago

My first was a boy and second a girl. I always get the whole “Now you’ve got the perfect family! Your not going to have any more are you?” Yes because one of each is everyone’s idea of the perfect family. Sorry to disappoint but we plan on at least one or two more.

Liv 1 year ago

I had two girls and then a boy. The comments were just as bad.
-I bet you hope you aren’t having another girl
-trying for a boy hey?
-are you going to be done having kids if it’s a boy?
-it’s a boy? Good. Now you are done.


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