The 5 Most Awkward Moments as a Nursing Mother


1. Your boobs are center stage… and not in a good way. The first days and weeks after your baby is born,  you will find that the only thing you talk about more than poop is your breasts— and not in a sexy way. Cracked nipples, clogged ducts, engorgement and leakiness will become main topics of discussion. And while your partner may enjoy your new DDD bust size, your boobs will have never felt less sexy. In fact, between the midwife, the lactation consultant and your baby… everyone BUT your husband will be fondling you.

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2. Your milk lets down at the most unfortunate times. In the early days of engorged, milk-filled boobs, I couldn’t even predict when my milk would let down and subsequently soak through my breast pads, bra and shirt. The most awkward times that come to mind are: in the middle of a graduate school class, during a job interview and while knocking boots with my husband.

3. You will end up having to nurse in front of someone you never thought would see your breasts. Even if you are totally comfortable nursing in public without a cover, there are those unexpected moments when you are caught boob-out and mortified. I was working on the weekend with my newborn at my empty office and my boss walked in during a nursing session. My daughter turned to look and milk sprayed all down my side. Other awkward instances for me have included male family members (brother, dad, grandpa) and skeevy strangers.

4. Your baby thinks your nipples are a toy. There will come a day when you baby will notice your nipples. They have always been aware of them, but their instincts kicked in and they just latched on and didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about what the vehicle for milk distribution actually was. When this day comes, your baby will be in the middle of nursing and pull away, furrow his brow and just stare. Then ever-so-slowly he will bring his hand up and (here’s the real awkward moment) he will tweak, pinch or flick your nipple, and then, just to add insult to injury, he’ll giggle. Because obviously you’ve realized by now that your nipples are hilarious, right?

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5. Your baby becomes verbal and knows how to gain access. Eventually your baby will learn to say, and in my case sign, when he wants a drink. He will start demanding “milk” by yelling, signing with his hand (regretfully the sign for milk looks like you’re milking a cow udder) and burrowing his face in your cleavage. Beware of low-cut shirts, because you can count on your baby flashing the cashier at the supermarket when looking for a snack. Also, be sure to choose the word you use for nursing wisely, I’d much rather hear “milk” screamed in public than “boobies!”

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Writer|Photographer|Mama of two. Bryn spends mornings savoring her daily latte and evenings counting down to her next caffeine fix. A Texan at heart, she and her husband are now raising their two kids on the Oregon Coast and eternally in search of a decent margarita. You can find her on Facebook or oversharing on a daily basis at Her Own Wings.

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omg! 1 year ago

#5!!… My son called it boob… nothing else just boob. Our conversation went like this **middle of the mall** LO:me want boob! Me:just a minute buddy. LO: BOOB!! BOOB NOW!!.. oh the joys

Kath Gilmore 1 year ago

Haha….brings back memories!

DW 1 year ago

I guess by my second child I am now pretty much in the “don’t care zone.” I have whipped it out in front of all of my doctors (and their associated students) in the hospital and office, and at my home in front of my father and father-in-law, my best friend’s husband…. whatever. All their wives nursed, nothing they’ve never seen before…

Mariana 1 year ago

I was nursing so discreetly in church (without a cover) the priest came up to where I was sitting to pat my baby’s head, I guess he thought he was asleep… My son chose that moment to unlatch and see who was behind him pating his head. I don’t know who was the most mortified, the priest, my husband or I.

Brittany 1 year ago

1. Pumping on the freeway on my way home to change so I could go out for the first time since having my daughter and turning 21 (was going out with my parents to a local casino) and a huge semi truck was driving beside us. The driver did a triple take.

2. Nursing in a dr office with a cover and a little girl came right up to me and before I knew what was happening, started pulling the cover off of me just as my baby unlatched. Sorry, fellow parents.. Lol

3. In the shower with my 3 year old daughter while my baby was asleep, and I had a letdown and sprayed milk all over my daughters face and head for a second before she said something and brought it to my attention… Whoops! Sorry kiddo!

4. My sister and I had our youngests 9 days apart and she came to visit less than a month after they were born. My dad was sitting in a rocking chair watching TV while my sister sat on the couch using her double pump and I sat in another chair breastfeeding. My dad told us he wished he had blinders he could wear, and that he never thought he would have to sit between his two youngest daughters while their shirts were pulled down. Poor guy. He’s a good sport about it though because he is mainly proud of us for even breastfeeding and sees it as the most natural and beneficial thing we can do for our kids. But it’s still a little awkward for him (and was for us with our first kids.. We got over it fast though lol

Niki 1 year ago

My daughter loved to breastfeed and was very grabby with my boobs (she thought they were hers). On an incredibly hot day I made the mistake of wearing a tube top out shopping, and was pushing my toddler daughter in a shopping cart when she decided she was hungry. She reached out and with both hands yanked the tube top down below my belly button, fully exposing me in the middle of a busy store, and proceeded to help herself to a snack. This was bad enough on its own, but I had to fend off a slimy gawking creep who followed me through two store isles making cringe inducing sexual comments. Thank you, dear daughter, for sharing my books with everyone….

    Niki 1 year ago

    Lol- *sharing my BOOBS with everyone*.

    Sorry auto-correct, I’m not the innocent girl you think I am!

Brooke Morrison 1 year ago

my first would play with my nipple and poke herself with it leaving milk dots on her face lol

LeAnn Montgomery 1 year ago

Over pumping!!!!! My 4lb babe had enough milk for ages and me scrambling to always have a container to hand compress… times :-/

Laura Gruber-Ibclc 1 year ago

Haha…when the old man came up to me at IHOP (with his wife) and whispered in my ear (weird), and thanked me from “the bottom of our hearts, ma’am” for breastfeeding my child…because breastfed babies save him on taxes.

Christine Truhn 1 year ago

Bf in church next to my dad. He was mortified. Several weeks later the pastor said during a mass how he supported it. :)

Kristin Sloane Daggett 1 year ago

I breastfed twins for over a year…it was always awkward!

Amelia Brummund 1 year ago

Baby was startled by an ambulance when I was trying to get him home on the subway in NYC. I walked several blocks, feeding him the whole way (not very subtly, either) and I startled a cross-dresser! (S)he was like, “Was she just breast feeding?!?” lol I was also walked in on by a priest during mass (I was in the back and he obviously wasn’t giving the mass). That poor man turned beet red, I felt bad for him!

Marina 1 year ago

When you’ve nursed so many kids for so long, that having your boobs out doesn’t feel odd. And, you don’t put them away when done!!!!! At the park!!!!!

Patricia Sumter 1 year ago

I breastfed so much at first that I never bothered closing my shirt, and then I answered the door…

Crystal Qualls 1 year ago

1. We drove from California to Texas and were behind on feeding when we pulled into a rest stop. I was so full that it was coming too fast for my son so he pulled off. I was left letting my breasts spray into the gutter with my husband attempting to block me from the gaze of passing cars and parked truckers until the forceful letdown passed.

2. I was nursing my son while wearing him in his Ergo as we shopped for shirts for my husband. The baby got distracted & pulled off and I sprayed the back of a total stranger. He didn’t notice so I grabbed my husband and got out of there fast.

Mary Reichardt 1 year ago

Out at a kids fair in a really nice neighborhood town center and had to nurse. All went well under my discreet cover, but I was so used to a boob being out seemingly constantly that I didn’t notice when I stripped off the cover still exposed, handed off the baby and started to walk around again. Suddenly my mom leaned over and said, “Put that away hon-we’re not in the trailer park anymore.” LOL

Roxie Barnes 1 year ago

I was trying to buy a van at a car dealership full of younger (obviously not used to breast feeding babies) men. My dtr (#3) was a week old…they kept asking if I wanted privacy or to use someone’s office…while holding her like a running back tucks a football, I finally just looked at them and said…do you want to sell this van or not? If so let’s get this paperwork signed so I can go!

Yvonne Ifudidntknow 1 year ago

I was trying to breastfeed my daughter and she was rejecting me, she didn’t want breast milk. So as I was trying to get her to latch, she was taking it then would spit out my nipple and cry, she was so angry and upset but I kept trying, till finally she grabbed my nipple as if pinching it and swang it around angry! She made the milk squirt everywhere lol I just laughed and said ok I’ll give you a bottle then she was happy.

Maura Brady 1 year ago

Squeezing what little breast milk I could muster out of my under-lactating breasts with a pump only to have the fruits of my efforts spill all over the coffee table.

Bratbusters Parenting 1 year ago

in long line at grocery store checkout

Ann Henry 1 year ago

On an airplane. Was covered, but this guy in front of us was totally captivated, turned around in his seat, ogling

Jess Townsend 1 year ago

Breastfeeding was a major FAIL for me. Milk just would not come in, gave up after 3 weeks, mainly because everything just dried up. Most awkward moment was right after I came home from the hospital. My FIL met us at the house. It was him, my mom, my MIL, my hubby, me, and little. Little needed to be fed. I had one of those supposedly helpful apron things to make breastfeeding more discrete. We kept hinting to FIL that I needed to feed Little. And he just kept standing around, staring at me, like he was waiting to finally see my breasts for the first time or something. TOTALLY CREEPY. We finally kicked him out and I went back to the sanctity of my bedroom.

Jenny Collins 1 year ago

Alone, Wearing a lavender coloured tshirt on an escalator and reacting to a new born baby’s cry. I had 2 massive wet circles on my boobs and had to go home.

Vikki Lauren 1 year ago

I needed to nurse while out with our family at a theme park and I realized that I forgot my cover up. My husband found me a nice quiet area to sit in privacy and it was great for about 3 minutes until I realized that I was sitting at a ride exit and the ride was being let out!

Heather Sponholz 1 year ago

At the circus, with 0% space on any side of me!

Louise Mortimer 1 year ago

Trying to feed in front of the hub’s best mate while bubba fussed and I tried to deal with vasospasm pain and cracks half a cm deep….very UN-fun.

Jen @ TOB 1 year ago

Ha ha ha. Last two points especially when baby thinks its a toy, reminded me couple of moments I had :)

Jasmine Burgess 1 year ago

Whenever I was breastfeeding my daughter at my grammas my gramma would follow me around and comment on how huge my breasts were and how back when she was little they had wetnurses that would come and feed babies and then when my daughter would unlatch she would try and help her relatch… Awkward!!

Carly Bonderud 1 year ago

When my milk came in and had a serious oversupply for months. My son would routinely vomit up half the milk all over my boobs and then I would spray everywhere from both breasts. Lucky he was a summer baby because I coped by going topless and holding receiving blankets to my leaking nipples. Also we had a long car trip and he napped through one of his regular feedings. I had to hand express into a bottle while my hubby was driving and I was in the front passenger seat. Now ds is a year old and pulls my shirt down whenever, but meh, they’re only boobs. And I think they still look pretty nice so enjoy the show while you can ppl 😉

Tammy Guzman-Sierra 1 year ago

When we were visiting my sil, I was nursing my tiny newborn son (5 lbs. 18″) and my sil came over, lifted the blanket I had covering myself & baby and said, “OMG, your boobs bigger than his head!”

Annika Miriam 1 year ago

Breastfeeding at a family get-together. People kept coming up and talk to us and my then 6-month old kept turning his head to beam at people. Needless to say, they got sprayed. LOL.

Laurie Shuman Moss 1 year ago

National zoo – broad daylight – do what you gotta do :)

PeanutButterJellyTime 1 year ago

That awkward moment when the second lactation consultant recommends the MOBI Motherhood website to you and quickly leaves. Or when the third lactation consultant sits you down and tells you in a soft voice, “Go to the store and get some formula… Tonight.”

Becca Phillips 1 year ago

Nursed my then one month old daughter in a changing room and forgot to pad the other breast.. I had a HUGE leak down the front of my shirt. I didn’t even have a jacket to put on! I finished shopping in a hurry haha XD

Lindsay Murray 1 year ago

My husband is a youth pastor–one night at youth group I was nursing my newborn under a nursing cover when a high school freshman boy walked over to me to ask what my son was doing. He did this while he peeked over the cover. Awkward. Silence.

Jillian Dawn 1 year ago

So true!

Rebekah Hinman 1 year ago

Haha I remember nursing my son in line to pay at old navy….Some old lady was like his head looks so tiny next to your boob.

Amy McKee 1 year ago

I work at a courthouse, and pumped at work, in what was an unused bathroom / storage area. They use inmates to do odd jobs like.. moving furniture around, sometimes into storage. A particularly bright gentleman in County issued orange scrubs brought in some furniture while I was pumping. Twice…

Kelli Frost 1 year ago

Pumping at work in my second floor office. Beautiful summer day so the blinds were open and I was facing the window. Thought I was safe on the 2nd floor so my shirt was open. Looked up to see window washers hard at work. Not sure who was more mortified!

Michelle Oakleaf 1 year ago

I was nursing my son. Nate and my older brothers friend comes in to talk to Nate, sees he’s nursing, he just turned and walked the other way. Lol. And one time I was grocery shopping and had to feed Nate, and the benches were by customer service, and the lady behind the counter kept glaring at me, and I’d just smile back with the “I dare you to say something” glare.

Deborah Perry O’Brien 1 year ago

Getting almost kicked out of Disney land for nursing in public ( discreetly I thought.)

Stacey Blatner 1 year ago

Going to the grocery store days after my firstborn, feeling great and confident in my light grey nursing tank- saw a neighbor, and chatted a while, finished shopping, go home and discover two circular wet spots (huge). Only then did I “get” nursing pads

Josey Schaub 1 year ago

Become so desensitized to having the tits out that you don’t realize baby/toddler is hiking your shirt up to show everyone the other one. Awkward.

Nicole Noel Ashcraft 1 year ago

Sara totally in line with our many conversations. Ha ha!

Sandi Ferguson 1 year ago

Pumping at work in my office with the door locked. The maintenance guy walked in to check something. I bent over to cover myself and had to awkwardly tell him to come back later. I don’t know if he knew what was going on… Awkward. Lol

Nancy Young Carter 1 year ago

When my two year old looks up at me and says, “Just a minute, Mom.” reaches into her mouth, removes her gum and goes back to nursing.

Anna Russell Moore 1 year ago

Middle seat on a plane. Men on either side

Michele Heath-Pilotte 1 year ago

We were at a family get-together and I went to the far corner of the room, where no one was around, to breast feed my son. I had a full cover-up but I could look down at my son. My great-uncle (probably in his late 80’s) walked up and looked into the cover-up and said something like, why are you hiding that baby? I think he got quite a view! 😉

Daria Dustin Mirra 1 year ago

I walked around Macy’s with my boob hanging out of my Nursing tank for God knows how long until my mom spotted it.

Mariah Reash 1 year ago

It was never me that was embarrassed about pull a boob out for my child. But I was literally a mile from the house and had to sit in the grocery store parking lot in my car and nurse.

Jennifer Clarkson Meighan 1 year ago

1) male friend comes up & coos at baby, rubs and kisses her head THEN realizes she’s nursing. He was embarrassed, not me. 2) breastfeeding in busy mall food court while chatting up friends. Noticed people walk by and stare, assumed they were looking at cute baby. I looked down & baby was staring off while my tit hung out for the world to see. Good times.

Nichole Waters 1 year ago

Being on a rewards trip with the hubby in DC where they schedule every minute! Son was 3 months old and with mother in law. Breasts engorged and painful entire trip–quickly pumping for relief wherever I could sneak into a restroom for a few minutes-at Arlington, restaurants, museums–great trip but owww!!

Michelle Applestein 1 year ago


Lynnette Maples Ristine 1 year ago

I had to pull over on the side of the road one night to pump. A cop pulled behind my car and cane over to ask if I was okay. I said I was fine. He asked what the sound was. I told him I was pumping. He asked what I was pumping, and I told him “breast milk”. He processed to walk backwards to his car like I was holding a gun on him, saying “uh, uh, have a good night”. Epic.

Lea Clary 1 year ago

The security guard telling us to leave while nursing my newborn in an underground parking lot. At our doctors office!! I flipped him the bird. I pretty much rule at multitasking.

Shannon Sweet Gashy 1 year ago

My mother and I threw my brother a wedding shower at his apartment complex clubhouse. I had a newborn and went to my brothers apartment to nurse him. As baby finished and I burped him, he puked breastmilk all over my bothers brand new suede sofa. !

Sue Silverman 1 year ago

When I realized my letdown was as strong as a firehose and could squirt 5 feet….

Jennifer Stratton 1 year ago

My son has pulled my shirt down several times in the store. I usually catch it but I didn’t once at auto zone. The guy put up his hand and my son high fived him (he was just over 1 at the time)

Karen Patruno 1 year ago

Trying to nurse my son on an airplane, and when my son pulled away I accidentally squirt milk on the man next to me. Thank goodness he didn’t notice!

Jean Lancaster 1 year ago

running thru the neighborhood chasing the escaped dog with newborn latched on for good measure.

    Rachel Kathryn 1 year ago


    Jean Lancaster 1 year ago

    we take care of all of our kids!

Rachel Kathryn 1 year ago

It’s amazing. I totally recommend subscribing to Scary Mommy though. Some of the blogs she shares really helped me cope with the first couple of months. Also helped me stay awake during the 3am feedings.

Tonya Storm Mercer 1 year ago

While nursing my twins at the same time one projectile vomited all over me so I had to sit there with vomit in my bra while the other finished. The vomited was just great clean on the nursing pillow!

Bethany Giles 1 year ago

This wasn’t while I was breastfeeding, but while I was pumping. I used to be active duty Air Force as a comm operator on the E-3 AWACS. I took a break to go pump (with a hand pump) and there is absolutely no place to do that on one of those. The bunks have about 2 feet of space inbetween them and the bathroom is tiny and gross, and often used. So I went to the back and sat in one of the passenger seats, It’s pretty easy to be very concealed while doing this in a flight suit, and I had my jacket draped over my front. But guys in the crew would walk by and try to strike up a conversation with me because they had no clue what I was doing. It was so awkward! Especially when the MCC (the head person on the flight other than the pilot), who was a colonel, started talking to me and asked if he could have one of the sheets out of my sudoku book to play while he was taking a break! Talk about embarrassing!

Jill Kleppinger 1 year ago

Oh man what am I in for?!

Angie Shadduck 1 year ago

Well 2 days after I gave birth to my youngest- I came down with Bronchitis which became Pneumonia very quickly since HELLO I just gave birth. My husband was working crazy hours and I have all 3 by my self, the baby had a horrible case of Jaundice and was on a Billy Blanket at home and doctors appointments daily. I got to the point where I could not breathe. I had to take myself to the ER or call an Ambulance, so I drove, newborn in tow (NO other option). As I was checking myself into the ER- the baby needed to eat. I apologized to the nurse checking me in- and started to feed the baby. No one else was really there. She looked at me in disgust and told me that it was unsanitary to BF my baby in the hospital (the one I gave birth in…. and THERE they seemed to encourage it). I still regret not making a complaint. But the first 6 weeks of his life I was just so glad that both of us survived and lived to tell about it!

Erin O’Brien Holden 1 year ago

The very first time I was nursing in public, three young women approached me and asked me if I believe in Jesus. After a few moments of discussion, one of the women asked if they could see my baby and bent over to take the light blanket I had covering us off of her. Totally awkward. But if it happens now (3 kids later) it’d be no big deal….

Kirsten Taylor 1 year ago

Got trapped in a painfully longgggg never ending meeting. Boobs swelled so much i popped the buttons on my blouse. After I tried to nurse and my poor baby couldn’t keep up with the flood.

Sarah Steadman 1 year ago

I got married 3 mos after my son was born… long story short ‘hubby’ forgot the diaper bag including formula…. sooo no champagne for me and I got the lovely experience of breast feeding in a wedding dress and corset…..

Jessica Williams 1 year ago

At a conference for work and needed to find a room with an outlet for my breast pump. The hotel receptionist told me that they didn’t have a pumping room but could find me a quiet room with an outlet. All alone, breasts out, pump going, and I look up only to see a security camera pointed right at me.

Carla Keller 1 year ago

My first child…I was nursing him in a restaurant and He was SCREAMING. I stood right up completely exposed…my mom, being a more private person had the strangest look of horror. That’s how I knew what I had done. :)

Sophia Brown 1 year ago

I was pushing my little one in a cart at Costco and he decided to pull my shirt down bc he was ready to eat right then. The guy walking by got an eyeful lol and my husband got a good chuckle :)

Hillary Moon 1 year ago

I had a previously frozen container of breast milk that I couldn’t open. My hubby tried and couldn’t open it. My brother in law tried. He insisted that it was a pop off top when I knew for a fact they were screw on lids. Anyhow, he pops off the top and sisters my milk all overt himself. I dunno who was more mortified…. lol

rebecca 1 year ago

About one week after my son’s arrival, I wasn’t even thinking and started feeding when my husband and father-in-law went out for errands. Well, they come back much faster than expected and walk right in the door. I’m not sure who was more embarrassed, me or my father-in-law but I just kept going. Oh well, he’s seen it now, why stop? He hung out on the other side of the room checking out everything we had hanging on the walls for the next 20 minutes.

Renea Rucker Poole 1 year ago

When I was nursing my daughter in a restaurant ( Mind you i had my udder cover on )while my whole family was eating, a couple came over and asked “Can you do that in the bathroom?” I came back with,” Are your necks broke or bothering you?” Ofcourse they say no.. So I told them to turn their head or enjoy my udder cover over their head while they ate. I would feed my daughter where ever she got hungry but not in a public restroom ” The hostess over heard it and asked if I wanted to move tables, So I was like yeah is there one closer to them? lol When we left I told them to have a great day while I was fixing my nursing tank snap !

Bri Koop 1 year ago

At my great aunt’s funeral, I let down and soaked through my dress without realizing it, until I had hugged a few of my aunts and uncles and started noticing matching wet spots on their tops…

Helen Russo 1 year ago

My dd was 3 weeks old and my mother’s husband came out for T’giving. I was told by my mother that I had to nurse my dd in the bedroom away from him because he would be uncomfortable do I was Johnny Jump-up every 5 minutes in the evening because she was doing that nurse, I’m done, no I’m not thing they do in the evenings sometimes.
What I SHOULD have done was say, “no, MY house, MY baby, MY rules!” and nursed wherever I damn well pleased!

Leah Thomas 1 year ago

Purple medicine for my nipple. ..STAINED my sons mouth and cheeks 3 months old. Lol

Bobbi Sue Clint Hoflund 1 year ago

Whenever the baby cries my 4 year old yells “She needs the boob!” The best part he isn’t shy about where we are when he yells

Amelise Snider 1 year ago

Creepy old man walked right up close and started videoing me BFing in public.

Nerds R-Us 1 year ago

My husband and i go to anime conventions and in 2010 my daughter was right around 1 month old and we were at the con waiting in line for lunch. my daughter started to get really fussy, and we were waiting quite a while. My husband turned around to look at me and then he gave me a weird look and pointed at me, and i realized i was leaking so bad and it was all over my body down to my legs. i was like CRAP! so i had to run to the bathroom , take off my costume top and change the breast pads, pump and try to use the bathroom hand dryer to dry my shirt off. cause it was the only one i had.. oh did i mention my husbands friend was with us and it was the first time i had met him….. /facepalm. it all ended up ok though lol it was very very inconvenient though 😀

April Renneke Blue 1 year ago

I was working and had to pump. My employer gave me the break room to pump and even installed a lock on the door for me. One day while pumping, door lock, someone tries the door. I yelled that I was using the room and then heard nothing else. A minute later that person unlocks the door and comes right in. I yelled that I was pumping but she didn’t care. She came in left the door open and sat down to read a magazine. I still had about 2 minutes left to go when she looked at me and asked, “what are you doing!?!” I told her I was pumping, she said “oh” and went back to her magazine. I quickly “wrapped it up” and left the room. WTF!!!!

Jordan Cayton Lingenfelter 1 year ago

At a football game…I had never used a nursing cover before because I always found a bathroom/backseat of car/ room, etc. So my daughter kept grabbing the cover and flinging it back to expose myself to many hyper-hormone teenage boys and families….I would fling it back over her and she would fling it back. It eventually became a game to her….

Mekia Ostrem Earle 1 year ago

I had to pump or I was going to explode. So, I was at a PE conference and I just went to the corner, put my nursing cover over and set up my machine. It was loud and I got a LOT of interesting looks. Hey, you gotta do what you gotta do!

Stephanie Ellis Freeman 1 year ago

The time I had a business trip and was still nursing – pulled off the interstate and stopped in the parking lot full of 18-wheelers behind the Steak n’ Shake, and crawled in the backseat to pump.

Ashley Flaskamp 1 year ago

My daughter made my nipple bleed.

Tracey Hilkey Powers 1 year ago

I’m a traveling territory manager but was pumping for my daughter. One week a quarter my boss rides with me. He knew I was breast feeding and knew I would need to stop and pump. Well, one of my appointments ran over an hour late and I had a lunch seminar already scheduled. We were now running too late to stop so I had to pump with him in the car! I was covered but very embarrassing!!! We still have to laugh about it.

Jessica Clarke 1 year ago

I had to go to the hospital when my daughter was only a couple of months old. I took her because she nursed frequently and wasn’t on a bottle yet. When the ER doc came in, I was nursing her under the cover of a blanket. He lifted the blanket and watched her nurse for a minute or two with a smile on his face, then said, “she’s nursing good”. I was too stunned and tired to say anything. I felt so violated. We weren’t there for her! It was ME that needed the doctor. He had no need to lift the cover and watch. He gave me the heebie jeebies.

Alison 1 year ago

I went to a wedding about 3 weeks after my daughter was born. We brought her in the car seat and she was sleeping. They had served salads, and I looked over and saw that her eyes were open. To my surprise, my boob was squirting milk into my salad! My breast pad had moved over… I was mortified.

Carrie Mills 1 year ago

Nursing in a hospital hallway waiting for my appt. Fully covered, a 40 something woman walks up to me and says that is disgusting and you should be ashamed. You’re going to hell. WTF?

Meagan Shippert Watson 1 year ago

When my son bit me on a flight and I yelped so loudly that the three surrounding rows in both directions turned to look! 😀

Tiffany DiMattina 1 year ago

Just recently I had to nurse in The Museum of Natural Histories gem and mineral wing. A foreigner kept circling me as if I was part of the display. Mind you I was covered up. I honestly think he was hoping to catch a glimpse. Sicko! lol

polochick 1 year ago

I’m a teacher and was pumping on my prep period in my classroom. Door locked, blinds down. A knock at the door. I ignore it, no one’s home, go away. A key goes into the lock and the door opens on me in the most vulnerable position a person can be in as my male assistant principal walks in.

I can’t cover up, can’t do anything, so I yell “No! Pumping!”

He freaks out, spins around and runs away yelling “Sorry, sorry, sorry!!!!”

I go find him later to see what he needed. He was going around giving all the teachers chocolate treats on our last day before a break. It was awkward.

Kacie Lindinger 1 year ago

I was pumping in a private room at work, and I forgot to lock the door. My (very attractive) male co worker walked in, saw what was going on, and walked right back out. I didn’t want to leave the room! I was mortified!


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