Baby Must Haves


Baby Must Haves You Don't Really Need

Wondering what baby must haves you really need? Turns out not too many. Forget about silly luxuries like wipe warmers and baby music, my kids survived, no, thrived, without the basics. Turns out, you really don’t need any of those things you registered for, after all. Baby must haves? Snort.

1. Bibs. I’m not sure why, probably pure laziness, but I can count on one hand the number of times my children donned protective gear while eating. And, they were not clean eaters. They just wore a lot of horribly stained clothes.

2. Changing Table. We owned a changing table with Lily, but I never used it. Instead, we changed diapers on the kitchen counter. I set up the diapers and wipes in a kitchen cabinet and slapped a towel on the perfectly tall counter. It was convenient and much easier than schlepping up the stairs every half hour. Who has the energy for that?

3. Diaper Pail. The Diaper Genie? What a crock! We registered for one, but the second I discovered that it required specially designed liners it was outta there. Who wants wrapped up shit sitting in a nursery, anyway? Whether you can smell it or not is besides the point- it’s nasty! A plastic wastebasket and whole bunch of plastic grocery bags did the trick perfectly, thank you very much.

4. Baby Bath. Why mess with a big plastic thing when you can just stick them in the sink? With my second two, I just lined the kitchen sink with a towel and plopped them right in. Clearly, I tried to climb the stairs as little as possible.

5. Baby Laundry Detergent. Tide free is the same thing, at half the price.

6. Diaper Bag. Pre-children, I once mistook a diaper bag for a laptop carrier. The changing pad made a nice little computer wrapper and all of the compartments were perfect for storing my pens and sunglasses. Once I had children, though, I simply bought over-sized bags and threw all of my crap in them. Having a mom car was bad enough, I refused to sacrifice my choice in bags.

7. Burp Cloths. When I thought of it, I would occasionally grab a dishtowel and throw it over my shoulder, but most times I would simply walk around with a perma-stain on my shoulder.

8. Bottle Warmers. We bottle fed the kids and simply never thought to warm the water for our poor winter babies. It was an extra step and middle of the night feedings were hard enough. It horrified both of our mothers, and in retrospect, I can see why.

9. Baby Shoes. You know their feet will never touch the ground, right?

10. Blankets. We were given and bought countless blankets for each baby, but you aren’t supposed to put blankets in cribs anyway, so what’s the point?

I think it’s safe to say that all you really need is diapers, wipes, and a way to feed the baby and clothe the baby. Everything else is really unnecessary. Plus a whole lot of love, of course. And a strong gag reflex always helps.


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  1. 1

    From Belgium says

    Babies themselves seem to think that they don’t require socks (at least mine does, she tries to feed them to the cat), so perhaps we should all rethink the babysock status as a must have.

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  2. 2

    Smores for Breakfast says

    ha! what about wipe warmers? So the room temperature wipe can get warmed up to soothe the baby’s behind while wiping the poop away. I DONT THINK SO! I think the wipe warmer is the biggest crock around!


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  3. 3

    LoveFeast Table says

    Wipe warmer pinch…throw a few in the microwave! I totally agree…by the time I hit number 5, I was lucky if I had a diaper stashed under a seat in the car! The less I could get away with, the better!
    .-= LoveFeast Table´s last blog ..Fancy Friday Dishes =-.

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  4. 4

    Kelli says

    You just made me laugh so hard and feel so much better about my baby coming in August. It’s overwhelming – all the STUFF!
    .-= Kelli´s last blog ..10: 64/326 =-.

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  5. 5

    Cindy S says

    So with you on all of it but ESPECIALLY the diaper genie idea. Gross. My youngest son’s armoire is jammed full of plastic bags. Safe to stock a toddler’s room with plastic bags? Perhaps not. But I’ll be damned if it’s going to smell like poop in there.

    Screw the environment, Mr. Grocery Bagger, I need those plastic bags!
    .-= Cindy S´s last blog ..That’s What She Said. =-.

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  6. 6

    Jessica says

    I was one of those moms who was over-prepared for the birth of my child and didn’t use half of the stuff! Instead, I just got a backache from carrying all the extra junk in my diaper bag! My husband still gets on my case about my bag being overstuffed and constantly says “do you really need all that”.

    Here’s my list of 10 useless baby products. http://bit.ly/9Nmsb2
    .-= Jessica´s last blog ..eBay Photos and Videos =-.

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  7. 8

    Brit says

    Also, I really have no input since I don’t have any kids or any kids coming yet … but I think have the crap – especially the covering the cart cloth thing – is absolutely ridiculous.
    .-= Brit´s last blog ..A Surprise =-.

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  8. 9

    WebSavvyMom says

    –>I didn’t have a lot of gear but definitely needed the burb cloths. My son spit up at least 10 times a day til he was nine months old. Then one day, it just stopped and I found my smile AND nice tops.
    .-= WebSavvyMom´s last blog ..Flashback Friday (Part 53) – Flying Saucers =-.

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  9. 10

    Rachel says

    Oh, I could have written this myself! I, too, forgot a diaper once at the pediatrician’s office. Lucky for me (or for the baby, I guess) they DID have an extra. I’ve never used bibs (what’s the point, they still get food all over their sleeves!) and I currently don’t have a diaper genie, changing table, or a diaper bag and, in fact, my baby doesn’t even have a nursery. I do, however, have a shitload of burpcloths. Thank god.
    .-= Rachel´s last blog ..Murphy’s Mama’s Law #14 =-.

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  10. 12

    Kmama says

    That sleep nest is super cute.

    I have to say, I didn’t use half of the baby stuff I got, but I did use a lot more than you! LOL
    .-= Kmama´s last blog ..FoodShouldTasteGood: A Review & Giveaway =-.

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  11. 13

    C @ Kid Things says

    I completely agree with this. A baby needs very little, most of it is unnecessary, but can be useful, wants.
    .-= C @ Kid Things´s last blog ..Syrup and Sappy =-.

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  12. 14

    Kristen says

    I *thought* my newborn days were behind me, turns out, not so much.
    I believe I know what I need and don’t need this go around.
    However, I will be looking for a wipe warmer on craig’s list, ’cause, dude, have you ever wiped your throbbing ‘roids with a warm wipe? As close to lux as you can get with an achin’ ass.
    But otherwise this baby is gonna be lo-fi.

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  13. 15

    Marylin says

    I had one of those nappy pails when my oldest was little, and it was a godsend as we lived in a flat, but I didn’t use it second time around (the then-toddler zack broke it) and got on just fine! When my next lil one comes along (ttc at the mo!) I doubt I’ll get one!
    Also had a changing table, which was awesome for us (cause of living in a flat), but had to give it back to my brother when they were expecting their 2nd. I *would* like to get one of them, but as there are stairs in our house I doubt it’d be used that often, though it made bathing the baby muuuuch easier!
    I love the muslin cloths, used them all the time – they were burp cloths and bibs rolled into one, and so damn cheap it didn’t matter if they got so manky I couldn’t get the stains out and had to chuck them! ;)
    .-= Marylin´s last blog ..Too much fun for blogging! =-.

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  14. 16

    Amy Bliss says

    I too am guilty of this. Even now, when I have a 3.5 year old… I need to keep a change of clothes with me at all times for him, as well as a pull up or two. he’s potty trained, but there are still the occasional accidents. The backpack we use for him is always primed and ready, but I often forget it.. LOL

    I’d love that thing for my best friend, btw. She just found out she’s pregnant, very unexpectedly. She was done having kids and got a surprise! They have nothing at all anymore. :)

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  15. 18

    erica says

    I am a firm believer that new moms need Mylicon, those gas drops. I vividly remember being at home alone with a wailing baby all day before my friend said, “Hey, have you tried Mylicon?” I was like…”Myli-wha????”

    I sent my hubs for those drops and Bam! Instant fart from babes and crying fit over.

    I cringe when I see “wipe warmer” on a registry… oh, they just don’t know…
    .-= erica´s last blog ..By: e =-.

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  16. 19

    Debbie C says

    Love it! So true!

    I remember a middle of the night feeding session with my now 5 year old.

    I was scooping the formula in, got distracted and nearly gave him a scoop of instant coffee instead. Would have made for an interesting night ……

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  17. 20

    Cory says

    I was a nanny for 3 little boys for over a year and let me tell you… the only thing they cared about was if I had a snack in my bag.. didn’t matter if the snack was warm or cold, just a snack.. and as for these fancy cribs and pack and plays – who needs em.. if you just sleep WITH baby you both stay warm and comfy :-)

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