10 Things To Do In Bali With Kids

When you think Bali, you probably think of a romantic vacation with your spouse, not a family vacation, but Bali with kids is purely magical. Don’t believe me? Read on…

1. Agro-Tourism in Ubud is an amazing experience for kids and adults, alike. As you enter the Balinese jungle you can only amaze at nature. The plants, animals, bugs (eek), and the harmony they all exist in. Children enjoy feeding the animals and amaze at the tall trees while adults (like me) are mesmerized by the quantity of spices, enchanted by the views and delighted at the coffee and tea drinks they offer visitors. Kids will enjoy feeding the civet cats that “produce” the Kopi Luwak and everyone will love observing traditional coffee making processes. .

2. Monkeys here, monkeys there, monkeys everywhere! Monkey Forest is is a gorgeous lush forest whose main inhabitants are monkeys! The ticket costs 20,000 (2 USD) rupiahs and you are able to buy bananas to feed the monkeys just outside the sanctuary. As you walk thru the forest, monkeys approach you and quietly observe if you have anything that they might fancy. Cobblestone lanes lead you thru a maze-like paracours that finishes at a temple. Monkeys are able to roam around freely and so are kids..

3. One Temple, Two Temples, Three Temples: It doesn’t really matter which temple you decide to visit. They are all very similar and give you a clear glimpse of Hindu sanctuaries. You will usually have to pay a menial fee to get a sarong wrapped around your waist and you are able to buy flowers and other offerings right at the temple. The one temple that is definitely unique is the Uluwatu temple that lies by a cliff and is home to hundreds of monkeys. You are also able to watch a very unique fire show that will leave you and the kids mesmerized.

4. As you arrive to Kuta beach and approach the Beach Walk, you feel like you are in South Beach, Miami. This shopping center is not only very upscale and trendy, it’s gorgeous and has astounding architectural details everywhere you look. Although some of it is still under construction most of the stores and restaurants that are already there are working and thriving. From high-end dinning to a very authentic and varied food-court you will find just what you need and kids will absolutely love the floor that’s devoted to them. With fun playgrounds like Miniapolis, an arcade game area and even a Beach Walk will cater to everyone’s tastes.

5. Ahoy mateys! Do you want to have dinner on a tree house or a pirate ship or spend a day pretending to be a pirate? Pirates Bay in Nusa Dua serves dinner and also has Pirate Camp packages where kids can engage in different activities such as a treasure hunt, kite building, and zip lining. This place is perfect for families who want to have fun together or for kids who want to feel independent and be pirates for a day while the parent’s relax and take a break...

6. With a Safari, Aquarium, Dolphin Show, roller coasters and a Cultural Show the Bali Safari & Marine Park has everything you could possibly want to see within the same place. You can ride on Elephants, take pictures with all sorts of animals and enjoy visiting over 300 species of animals.

7. Adrenaline junkies and their sun-craving mamas will enjoy the Waterbom WaterPark. Dozens of slides and pools will keep the whole family entertained for hours. A water play area for the little ones and speedy slides for the not so little ones will hit the spot with everyone in the family. For the parents, not only do they have a fish spa, but they have a whole area devoted to reflexology and foot massages. The kids will enjoy splashing around while parents can enjoy a few minutes of bliss.

8. Tarzans and Janes of all ages will have a blast at Bali Tree Top, a zip-lining park. They have circuits for kids as little as four years old and a special adrenaline circuit for those who are more daring. Although it is in the outskirts of Bali this is a place to be visited if your kids are adrenaline-junkies.

9. If you ask your driver for a place to go out to dinner, they will immediately take you to Jimberan. This place is a very popular tourist venue where the food isn’t the only attraction. The view and the atmosphere will delight you as you sit on the beach and enjoy looking at the sunset while sipping Mai Tais and eating amazing grilled fish. Don’t worry if your little ones get cranky since the staff at most restaurants loves to play and run around with kids.

10. You are in Bali. You are at least entitled to one Balinese Dance show despite your husband’s reluctance and kids’ restlessness. They usually don’t take longer than an hour and they provide such an authentic scenario of Balinese culture. There are many different places to see them so just ask the concierge at your hotel for the one closest to you. Gamelan music and colorful costumes can keep the kids entertained for a while. The show at Uluwatu temple takes place at sunset and is performed around a fire.

Ever been to Bali with kids? Share your experiences in the comments!

About the writer

Ana is the mother of two, currently living with her husband and two sons in Jakarta, Indonesia. She was born and raised in Mexico and is constantly looking for new places to visit and live in. Check out her travel blog at Stumble Abroad.


Kevin Wright 3 weeks ago

Nice list.. i wanna be a kid again :)
I was wondering how we can get our SuperHero Factory Bali on your list for things to do for kids in Bali? (www.shfbali.com)
We have great reviews and i believe it would also give great value to your site.
Looking forward to your reply.
Kevin Wright
0813 1730 3994

Jean 7 months ago

I have a toddler that will be 4 when we take him to Bali. What area is the best to stay that he can enjoy? Also, we are going around end of August-September is that a good time? My main concern is Dengue fever, will there be lots of rain then?

Marie 8 months ago

If you are looking for authentic American food (kiddos can get a little tired of adventurous food while traveling), I highly recommend Ruth’s Restaurant and Desserts in Sanur. Very clean, amazing cakes and ice cream and free wifi!

Helen 1 year ago

Great ideas! Bali is one of our favourite places! We lived there for a while as well! I really love the pottery place in Jimbaran for kids to make their own Balinese pottery to take home- lots of fun!

Joanne 1 year ago

Last year l volunteered with by 12 year daughter for a period of 4 weeks at non-profit organisation called Yayasan Widya Sari in Bali, Indonesia where we together taught basic English classes to 10-12years Balinese children. Its was a wonderful experience for myself and especially my daughter where she was able to experience the real Balinese culture.

see more details http://www.volunteerinbali.org

Franzisca 1 year ago

Hi Mommies
We will open our SanaSini Business in March 2015. We offer kids – surf lessons and kids workshops.
In the workshop the kids will learn in a playful way about the culture and traditions in Bali. The workshops are tailored to the needs of the children and with many game sequences we will guarantee a lot of fun.
You will have time for yourself and your children will be cared for by a Swiss education certified kindergarten teacher. It will be an exciting and unforgettable morning in the middle of the Balinese culture. All workshops include child crafting so the kids have the perfect holiday souvenir from Bali. Our surf guide is an ASI (Academy of Surfing Instructors) certificated surf instructor with many years experiences in guiding. Check out our homepage http://www.sanasinibali.com

Zakh 2 years ago

I’ve found Jimbaran to be especially kid-friendly. The Le Méridien Bali Jimbaran has a great kids club where kids can be safely distracted while parents go have a nice relaxed meal!

Andre | Tours Line | Things to do in Bali 2 years ago

Anna, your list very interesting. Allow to recommend from our party some things to do in Bali with Kids :
1) Bali Safari and Marine park
2) Bird Park – Taman Burung
3) Lembongan Cruise
4) Water Park – Waterbom
5) Buggy Ride
6) Turtles Island In Bali

I not recommend monkey forest – it`s dangerously. Monkey can bite kids and kids can be ill.

Hendry 2 years ago

If your kids over than 8 years old, they can start try scuba diving in Bali. its safe and amazing for them to see beautiful fishes and turtles 😀

Jenny Palmer 3 years ago

I love Bali and think it’s one of the best destinations for a family vacation. It has everything: good beaches, a rich culture, friendly people, great weather, and wonderful food.

shima 3 years ago

Hi Ana,
i’m in jakarta also.. :)
planning for bali trip soon…traveling wit my pumpkin of 15 months old…and only both of us coz daddy will be busy wit meetings…
not so sure about our trip itinerary yet… hhmmm….

Frank 3 years ago

Hola Ana Gaby.
Somos una familia de Venezuela viviendo en Australia y vamos a Bali una semana con nuestros 3 niños.

Tus consejos son muy buenos. Los tendremos todos en cuenta y haremos nuestra investigación para ir a esos sitios.

Gracias por compartirlos.
Frank from Perth, WA

Parking 3 years ago

I really don’t know the way I ended up being the following, on the other hand presumed this particular post used to be great. I wouldn’t fully grasp who you might be yet surely you’ll the well-known tumblr in the event you aren’t by now. Cheers!

Komang AgusTirtayasa 3 years ago

Hi Gaby,

As a son of Bali ( I am Balinese…:) ), I must & love to say BIG thanks for sharing your experience about Bali. I wrote more than 20 things you can do in Bali at http://100thingstodoinbali.blogspot.com/ ( my goal is over 100+ list ).

Wish to see you soon in Bali….!

Ana Gaby 3 years ago

Hola Vicki, Vivo en Jakarta y vamos muy seguido a Balil. Se la van a pasar super! Deberias llevarlos! Si quieres enviame un correo electronico y te platico mas al respecto.

Kim 3 years ago

Ohhhh, sounds AMAZING!!!!!


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