10 Benefits to Having Teen Boys


Gone are the days when I was chasing my three active boys around the playground, or wiping their chocolatey mouths or their cute, little butts. Although two of my three boys are now teenagers, my house is still chaotic, dirty and noisy with a large dose of testosterone pulsing through it. Still, there are times when I long for that phase of them being young again, when I could pick them up and kiss their pudgy cheeks. Yet, I’ve recently discovered that being a mom to teenage boys has benefits that I never would have foreseen when they were little guys…

1. I don’t have to bug them to take a shower. Teenage boys want to look and smell good. No more fights to force them to actually wash their bodies. They have girls to impress!

2. I can curse in front of them. For me, the mom with the potty mouth, this is a huge benefit. If I let the F-bomb slip, instead of receiving a judgmental, “Mommy said a bad word” I’ll likely receive a high-five.

3. I don’t need to buy them clothes. Three rotating outfits will be fine. They care about how they look, but not THAT much. And their clothes pretty much work year-round. T-shirt and shorts are status quo, and when it’s real cold, a pair of jeans or athletic pants and they’re all set.

4. I don’t have to have “the talk” with them. Yeah, I’m leaving all the embarrassing discussions to Dad. He can review puberty, shaving, and any talk about testicles with them. Sorry, not my department.

5. They’re never too cool to hug their mom. They may go through a few years where hugging dad feels awkward, but mom never gets rejected.

6. If I don’t feel like talking, I can get away with it. Teenage boys are not the most prolific creatures. Sometimes grunts and one-word answers are all you’ll get. And if I’m in a bad mood or it’s before 7am, I’m the same way and essentially mute. My boys never even notice.

7. They are stronger and taller, so I have a built-in helper. Need something off the top shelf? Need some furniture moved? No problem! A teenage boy seems to happily oblige if it means showing off their new and improved muscles.

8. I can finally have privacy in the bathroom. Nothing scares a teenage boy more than seeing his mom naked. He will do anything and everything to avoid this from happening. You can enjoy long, hot showers or take a magazine to the porcelain “throne” and I can promise you, you won’t be disturbed like you were when they were younger.

9. I can read their minds. If one of my teens is upset or stressed or worried, I can see it immediately. Teenage boys may hold it together for their friends, but in front of mom, they are as transparent as water.

10. I can feed them Hot Pockets, frozen dinners, or leftover Chinese food and they won’t care. Teenage boys are hungry all the time, so as long as you keep a steady stream of food going into them, they won’t care if it’s home-cooked or straight from the box. Carbs are carbs and that’s all that matters to them.

As of now, I’ve got no complaints being a mom to teenage boys. But, one year from now when my oldest will be learning to drive, my list will change and so will my attitude. Please send me valium now, because that’s one teenage milestone I’d rather not face.


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  1. 3

    tracey says

    I have a near 14 year old son who is still impossible to get INTO the shower and then impossible to get OUT OF the shower… And I have been the one to have all of the sex talks (and I homeschool, so I’ve been doing a little reproductive/sex ed stuff lately) so I feel like I am getting ripped off here! But leaving the sex ed to hubby means they’ll get a couple of sentences and a high five before they play Xbox. That doesn’t seem to quite cover it well enough for me… This is not fair. :)

    But yeah, it’s nice that he’s taller than I am. Esp since I’m pretty freaking short…

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  2. 6

    Chrissy says

    Good to know I have these things to look forward to, although because I’m a single mum I’ll still have to do the “talk”. I’m hoping to leave that one to his grandpa or uncle :)

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  3. 9

    Kate Sciandra says

    Oy. I have a recently turned 15 year old girl. Things that are the same: showers, fear of seeing mom naked, daughter is 3 inches taller and an athlete so useful in that way. But oh, the attitude.

    I understand from other people that my daughter is a kind, gentle, lovely person with good manners and a friendly nature. I will have to take their word for it. No mom gets to see that with her daughter from age 13 until…well, I’ll let you know.

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  4. 11

    Jenelle says

    Please make this true for my boys…right now one’s 4 years and the other is 4 months. I’m exhausted! Glad there’s light at the end of the tunnel…in like 10 years. *sigh!*

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  5. 12

    Crystal says

    I love this! I’m a mom of three boys too, 2,4, and 6. It’s super difficult right now, but I’m looking forward to the teen years. I know it’s going to be much easier for me than my sister who has 4 girls!

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    • 13

      Keelye says

      I love little girls but don’t think i would enjoy having my own. I like to babysit and dress them up lol but when you Get into the child rearing, I think I would go nuts! I have two nieces and all of my friends have girls and let me say OMG the drama and tears that come with those adorable bows is enough to drive anybody crazy lol. I love them but glad when I do have them that I can send them home

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  6. 14

    Keelye says

    I’m going to supervise the talk i do believe bc I’m afraid it would end in a high five or atta boy. I think if I feel like he has not received the correct amount of education on sex, puberty, etc. i feel certain that videos of people with STDs and MAYBE a video of child birth would scare him enough to keep it his in pants for a little while longer :)

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  7. 15

    Amy says

    My boy is five and my girl is three, and I can already foresee how great he’ll be as a teen and how she will be terrifying.

    “Privacy in the bathroom” made me laugh, and “transparent as water” made me cry. Great read!

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  8. 17

    Kat says

    My son is 14 and I love this stage of his life. He’s taller than me so can reach the high shelves. He carries my groceries up the stairs without complaint. He has a bottomless pit for a stomach. Best of all, he still loves his mom and isn’t afraid to show it.

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  9. 19

    Savannah says

    This makes me les nervous about losing my 11mo. I’m glad hugging mom is never awkward an that he will hopefully tell me things. When I was pregnant I couldn’t imagine having a boy, now boys are my favourite little people, particularly mine lol.

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  10. 20

    Juli S says

    Have a 14 year old boy and disagree with No. 1 – dont have to drag him into the bathroom, but have to keep telling him to have one, but once his in the bath he does like to use everything to hand

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  11. 21

    Shannon says

    I wish these were all true for my step sons (ages 13 and almost 15).. They have to be told to shower, and whenever I attempt to make anything that’s a left over, they complain and refuse to eat it. Maybe I will luck out and my son (who is 9) will do all these things.. There is still some hope!

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  12. 23

    Angie says

    They are not showering twice a day because they want to look and smell good, they are masterbating! I just recently had to point this out to my bestie who keeps bragging about the superior hygiene of her 13yr old boy.

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  13. 26

    MM says

    I don’t know; I think you should be talking to your sons about sex in addition to their male authority figures. Maybe a female perspective can help foster respect and appreciation for women. If they’re only comfortable discussing sex with males, how will they be comfortable discussing it with their female pertners?

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  14. 27

    Allen@Funny Baby Videos says

    11. I don’t have to listen to all the drama garbage that girls get sucked into. Boys know how to handle their relationship problems with one another better.

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