The 5 Best Modern Inventions For Mothers

With three children aged four and under in my house, it takes a lot of time and energy to keep our family moving. Aside from tantrums, dressing and undressing, baths, meals, and the sixty finger and toenails ready to cut at any given time, I realized there are many items on which I rely to get me through the day.

And then I realized I had it better than my own mother did, and my mother’s mother, who neither had the luxury of epidurals (for her seven births) or disposable diapers. So, I cuddled my Swiffer Wet Jet tight, and thought long and hard about the best modern inventions for mothers — the items I simply cannot live without — and these are what I came up with:


1. Baby Wipes. Sure, you’ve heard jokes about cleaning the entire house, the car, yourself, your pets, and your children with baby wipes. Well, I’m here to tell you today that it’s all true. With kids (and, dare I say, husbands) at home, there’s always something dried to a wall, a floor, an appliance, or a window. Baby wipes saw me through the Soft Serve Incident of 2013, the Valentine’s Day Donut Massacre, and the Uh Oh! No Paper in the HESS Restroom! debacle just a few weeks ago. They’re abundant, they’re portable, and they’re indispensable. Do NOT leave home without them.


2. DVR. Thanks to modern technology (and a $200 cable bill), my family and I have become experts on the art of the DVR. Kid won’t leave the new episode of Dora for dinner? Freeze it! Movie continuing past bedtime? Finish it in the morning! Kids screaming through a weather forecast you need to hear? Rewind it! Never end your day early enough to sit down for that 8 o’clock show? Set the series to record! DVR was made for families. Use it!


3. Squeeze Pouches. Have you seen what your kids look like when they finish a container of yogurt? And yogurt dries quickly, doesn’t it? Ever have to scrub it off your kid’s arm? Dries like plaster. Likewise with a bowl of applesauce. You’d be surprised how quickly that stuff spreads, and how easily it slides off the surface of a spoon. Single-serving pouches are a godsend. Though I was first a little grossed out by the thought of my kids sucking a spout from a foil bag filled with fruit paste, turns out they really love it. And I don’t have to clean up the mess. Win -Win. End of story.


4. The Magic Eraser. For those precious and memorable times your kids decide your chair rail moldings are actually frames for their art, your hardwood floor just looks a little too ‘woody’ for their liking, or when, despite your best efforts to secure it, your daughter pulls a Zsa Zsa with your makeup, the Magic Eraser has your back. Made from melamine foam (thanks, Google!), the Magic Eraser quickly and simply rids your home of your kids’ crude artwork. From ink to crayon to marker to paint, the Magic Eraser deep-sixes their bad choices permanently. The only way these little rectangles of enchantment could be any more perfect? If they could erase the greater part of the ’80’s.


5. Smartphones. Don’t smartphones somehow seem to make parenting just that much more tolerable? Waiting in a line and your kid’s whining and reaching helplessly for the gum rack? Tweet about it! Got a squirmer in the hairdresser’s chair? Cue up Minnie’s Bow Toons. At the playground and not in the mood to chat? Catch up on your email. From weather to coupons to restaurant recommendations, smartphones make leaving the house with kids almost doable. And when sitting alone, in your van, enjoying the only sliver of peace and quiet you’ll have that day, over a bottle of Honest Tea and a bag of gummy worms, you can read the news, watch a movie trailer, or just scroll mindlessly through your social media. Your smartphone loves you, your smart phone listens, your smartphone is your friend.

What can’t YOU imagine motherhood without?

About the writer

Stephanie is a freelance writer, humor writer, and blogger specializing in the areas of parenting, entertainment, pop culture, social media, and women’s issues at StephanieBernaba.comBlogHer, and Redbook Magazine. She is the proud and exhausted mother of three preschool-aged children, a husband with a rotating work schedule, and three cats. Her brood makes its home in Rhode Island. Follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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Meena Adams 1 year ago

A husband.

Tonya Gerner LaVere 1 year ago

I survived without ALL of those. SHOCKER. *eye roll*

Jamie Johnson 1 year ago

Amazon prime, netflix (I am not paying for cable), Kindle free time, and for moms who make their own baby food they have fillable squeeze pouches! These were a god send for our son who had food allergies and aversions. There were times I could put his whole dinner in the blender then into a pouch and he would down the whole thing! And they also make a spoon attachment for the pouches for those concerned with fine motor development. Also no portable dvd player for us, just strap the kindle/ ipad to the head rest! That way you don’t need to drag the dvds around!

Amy Cadwell Riegler 1 year ago

All of these, Yes yes yes!!! Only you left out ziploc bags

Anna Stephens 1 year ago

Can’t imagine my life now without amazon prime it has saved me so much time and money running around town trying to track down random things

Alissa Gabriel 1 year ago

disposable diapers

Kelly Hartley 1 year ago

Car seats. No one thinks about how much tougher travel with little ones must have been when they were allowed to roam free in the backseat. I remember being allowed to climb from the back to the front seats! I can’t imagine how distracting that would be while you’re trying to drive!

Tara Hillegas Blohowiak 1 year ago

My children!! Lol

Stephanie 1 year ago


Kym Wheeler 1 year ago

disposable nappies

Nikki Wilson 1 year ago

My children, there are many mums out there with out children to cuddle.

Patrick Deforge 1 year ago

Amazon Prime!!! I don’t even have to go to the store anymore; stuff will be at my doorstep in 36 hours, and I get to watch True Blood. Win win.

Rhia Knowles 1 year ago


Kaara Moyers 1 year ago

I bought SEVEN boxes of the Gogo Squeez pouches today. My local store had some on clearance, and they are one of the few ways I can get my autistic son to ingest fruit. Luckily, my husband gets it, so he didn’t question the bag full I brought home.

Ingrid Potter 1 year ago

That little squeeze pouch is PERFECT for baby foods! No more spoon and wearing it! I was leery at first, but I’ve since been sold! No more jars or open containers of baby food! Just squeeze that crap into the gaping face hole!

Terrie Elizabeth 1 year ago

Hard cider and 2 hr naptimes.

Sarah Purse 1 year ago

Dishwasher and washing machine (and dryer)

Mikey Qui 1 year ago

My mother and husband’s help! Oh and vodka’s help!

DeAnn 1 year ago

Dvr, for sure. There is always an episode of sesame Street ready to go so I can cook dinner.

Elaine Honstein Steneck 1 year ago

Boogie Wipes and a breast pump…not used together, hopefully.

Jody Alton 1 year ago

Gogurt, too! High Efficiency washing machine. Dishwasher. The Internet. Zippers.

Miracle Fingerson 1 year ago

WELP. Time to get a dog.

Danyell 1 year ago

I wish the squeeze pouches didn’t produce so much waste. I want a reusable one I can fill myself. Some may disagree, but the amount of packaging used for something that my boys can suck down in 30 seconds seems crazy!

JA 1 year ago

The official name for those is “boogersucker.”

Kami Cottrell 1 year ago

Video baby monitor!

Christy Lewis Bryant 1 year ago


Lisa Manoogian Nedzlek 1 year ago

Rock and play sleeper!! Hands down the best thing we’ve used.

Marnie Russell 1 year ago

Yogurt tubes-frozen!

Vanessa Tokarczyk 1 year ago


Heather Scott-Penselin 1 year ago

The pouches are great until they decide to squirt them, or put them on the floor and step on them (or jump on them).

Sue Varga 1 year ago

mold has been found in those things, no thanks.

Kimberly Wade Johnson 1 year ago

Baby wipes, I still buy them even with a 5 year old!

Kelly Weller 1 year ago

Fruit/veggie pouches. Seriously, to take on the go, for when she refuses all other food, I love these

Felicia 1 year ago

My LO is almost 6 months so I don’t need the pouches yet. But I definitely will use them when I can. But everything else I use. As a FTM I had this crazy idea in my head that I wouldn’t need all the modern marvels and would do it the way my mother did. Now I’ve come to reality and I don’t know how my mother managed.

Beth O’Dea 1 year ago

Oh, and I just dusted my entire house with baby wipes.

Beth O’Dea 1 year ago

Love. Although my toddler can still make a mess with a yogurt pouch!

Laura Arledge 1 year ago


Stephanie 1 year ago

Yes! I need one of those!

Kelli Castro 1 year ago

My sister is 13 years older than me and when I had my first born and had the bottle warmer that warmed the bottle in the time it took to change the diaper in the middle of the night she was astonished. “Back in the day” she warmed it on the stove with water. Lol. I would have gone insane waiting that long with a screaming new born! My second I had the video monitor. Totally awesome. Sooo many times I didn’t know if he was asleep, playing, etc. I can’t go in to check cuz u may wake them. Boom! There they are on the screen! Fantastic!

Kari Tibbetts Clark 1 year ago

My Gym!

Erin Patrick McGregor 1 year ago

Wine and disposable diapers!!!

Danielle Marie 1 year ago

Peppa pig. It’s the only that will make my infant will stop crying … If he does cry….

James Dobbs 1 year ago

Im not a parent yet, but I am looking forward to giving my future children a squeeze tube loaded with sticky goo. I hope it attracts ants! I can tell the product pictured first will fit at least halfway into the dvd player.

Marisa Daniel 1 year ago

I cannot imagine my life without squeeze pouches! haha love them, and of course wipes!

Mindy Culclasure Pickard 1 year ago

Shark vacuum, for ALL the SPILLS- I gave them as Christmas gifts, loved it so much. Don’t have to haul out the dyson for everything, just a quick swipe with the Shark!

Stacie Channell 1 year ago


Kelly Lowman Hiers 1 year ago

All of free above, along with Nose Frida and Rock-n-Sleeper!

Sarah 1 year ago

My parents took us on a trip from Michigan to Oregon when I was a kid and we did fine without a tv in the car (although my sister did act out a show or two in the backseat). We don’t have a dvd player either and have never had a problem on long trips and we’ve done many 7 hour car trips with toddlers.

Sheryl Hackel 1 year ago

Pacifiers! (I’ve been done with the baby/toddler phase for 10 years now, so this is a bit outdated!) Powdered formula. Baby swing. Dishwasher.

Mary 1 year ago

Seriously? I could see that being a problem if they used them all the time. But the pouches are awesome for road trips, outings, etc. I seriously wish they had been around when my kids were little! Would have been an easier way to get fruits and veggies into them on road trips.

Carrie Nelson 1 year ago

Snack cups

Mary 1 year ago

From age 2 on,the DVD player was a godsend for the 400 mile trips to my parents. But the rule was that it wouldn’t go in the car unless the trip was over 3 hours. Then when we were going to drive from MN to Yellowstone when our kids were 10 and 6, my husband announced they needed to learn to be bored and take a trip without it. 7 days with no complaints! It never went in the minivan again!

Phoenix Fourleaf 1 year ago


Mary 1 year ago

I still buy wipes and my kids are 10 and 13! They come in handy for so many things!

Jessie Berry 1 year ago

lolol funny how many say wine.

Kimberlee Ramey Schenz 1 year ago

Formula. Unable to exclusively breast feed. Sippy cups. Pacifiers. Baby wipes! Still carry a pack and my kids are 4 and 6.

Myra Lalas Pitt 1 year ago

Nose Frida!

Jennifer Moreno 1 year ago


Aida Hodkinson 1 year ago

Lotsa trash on this list

Raylene Hansen 1 year ago

We saw pouches like these in the baby aisle at Target – like 500 kinds. Why didn’t someone think of this when my kids were babies?!

Christine 1 year ago

At least two days at preschool! I can’t get anything done with S3 around.

Jessica Fountain Peterson 1 year ago


Dorothy Kelly 1 year ago

My husband.

Diana 1 year ago

Haha! When we no longer had an infant/toddler, and thus no wipes, I suddenly realized how lost I was without wipes! Now that we have a baby again, I’m loving it! My older children…not so much. But the wipes are better than mom’s spit on a napkin!

Tricia Rathgeber 1 year ago

100% agree with all of these!!

Angie Van Leeuwen 1 year ago

Nosefredia nose booger sucker. Best invention ever!

Arzu Yetgen-Bilazer 1 year ago

My job. 😉

Sandra Liddy Papp 1 year ago

I don’t know what I would do without squeeze fruit.

Nicole Cobb 1 year ago

6. The microwave and all of the meals that can be made in said microwave.

Kelly DesRoberts 1 year ago

Wine and nap times

Michelle Bechky Lynch 1 year ago

DVD player in the car, the internet for reading blogs like this one, wipes, hair detangler, and waterproof crib and mattress pads.

Mandy Burk Allerton 1 year ago

100% true!

Jennifer Gibbs 1 year ago

sadly all of these things with my first kid i did without any of them. no DVR, no smartphone, no wet wipes (you just get a wet rag). no squeeze pouches no magic eraser (comet and a good rag work great)
my oldest is 14, doesn’t seem like so long ago. so much as changed in the last decade

Rebekah Ponsford Hall 1 year ago

Yes, yes, yes. I’ve succumbed to each, resentfully, one by one!

Cheri Miller Barnes 1 year ago

Naps, sweet glorious nap time!

Kimberley Smith 1 year ago

Disposable nappies, reusable food pouches, dummies, baby monitor, pram, electric breast pump

Jennifer Fritzemeier 1 year ago


Courtney Vigrass 1 year ago

Smartphones, specifically, the ability to determine allergen safety on the fly. It certainly makes life a LOT easier.

Stephanie 1 year ago

But there is vodka in my house. 😉

Felicia Unreal 1 year ago

I don’t know how my mom 4kids without these

Neva Kayaani 1 year ago

Car seat, hi-chair, and diapers.

Faith Ranae Richie 1 year ago

Sippy cups!

Stephanie 1 year ago

YES!! Clorox wipes! Hi Five, Momma!

Jennifer Osso 1 year ago

Wine, wipes, on demand And Cheerios..aka.. Shut ER Upppers. Give those to my crying 12m, shuts him up quick.. Lol

Gwendolyn Levine 1 year ago

The internet!

Laura Talon 1 year ago

Squeeze pouches are for kids?

Laura Lukasik Pipitone 1 year ago

A keruig. I need my coffee in the most efficient way possible and I need to be able to make it without using any brain power.

Brianna Asten Mahaffey 1 year ago

My phone yes!

Kelly Meuli Collins 1 year ago


Katie De Oliveira Anderson 1 year ago

Number 3 for suuuure!!! My son never used a smart phone and he is almost 2, don’t want to introduce yet, and he also doesn’t know who is mickey, pooh bear or Elmo, so no DVR. 😉

Matthew L. Davis 1 year ago

Food scissors instead of fumbling with a fork and knife.

Cassandra Muniz 1 year ago

I agree with this list completely.

Jennifer Frazier 1 year ago

Wine, wipes, squeezy pouches, smart phone and endless supply of crackers.

Dana 1 year ago

We have one. She unplugs it and gets up anyway. ugh

Alexis Bruzzi 1 year ago

Coffee. I never drank it until I had my first baby.

Jessica Sato 1 year ago


Valerie Ann 1 year ago

Hubby says “his sippy cup” and I agree – took us forever to find one he likes and the damn thing was discontinued so we ordered 6 online – most expensive cup ever lol

Erin Herman Eckert 1 year ago

Rock n play and the NoseFrida

Dawn Robbins Stricklin 1 year ago

Lifeproof cases for my ipad and phone! I am still amazed how far a two year old can throw.

Sarah Grimm 1 year ago

Amazon Mom! 20% off diaper and wipe subscriptions and free 2-day shipping on most items… I don’t know what mom’s did without it!

Tara 1 year ago

Not to nitpick, but I do believe that is something our mothers and their mothers may have used in their day too 😉

Catherine Boulter 1 year ago

A sense of humour would be my answer! :)

Camilla Giulia Bazzanti 1 year ago

Silverette silver cups and the double stroller!

Donna Averitt 1 year ago

Baby swing, Bumbo, wipes, snot sucker, DVR, and online college classes.

Gwen Valcourt 1 year ago

DVD players in vehicles. I don’t want to rot their minds with unending movies and tv but I also don’t want to hear them whine. It’s a trade off.

Angelica Romero 1 year ago

Baby wipes!!!

Miranda 1 year ago

I can’t imagine my life without Disney Junior. My son has a learning disability and no matter WHAT I did I couldn’t get him to learn his numbers or colors. But turn on Jake and the Neverland Pirates and he’s a counting pro now! It’s amazing how he connects with these shows but not me trying to teach him.

Jen Kleinbaum 1 year ago


Anna Forlesi 1 year ago

Silverette USA silver cups !

Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 1 year ago

Tylenol. For all of us.

Amy Hamilton 1 year ago

All hail the squeezy pouch

Rachel Ann Termini 1 year ago

Wipeys? Yes! Squeeze pouches? YES! Magic Erasers? YES!!! I’m on the wall about the DVR and smartphone, though.
I definitely depend on the iPad too much to entertain the little ones… So, iPad? WOO-HOO!!!

Misty Yevonne Jenkins 1 year ago

I use those Gogo squeeze pouches too. I went to a play group and the facilitator was adamantly against them. She said that it is contributing to loss and delay in motor skills of children.

Nikki Floyd 1 year ago

Squeeze pouches so much. My son will eat anything coming out of a pouch. I don’t know how I could get him to eat fruit or vegetables otherwise!

Jenny Blake 1 year ago

The internet in general. I can’t imagine parenting without it. Also, car carts at the grocery store.

Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago

Vodka…wow, i must be missing something. the ONLY thing in my house that’s on this list are the wipes.

Sherel Mainer 1 year ago

DVD players for the car

Dorraine 1 year ago

microwavable mac-n-cheese!

Kiera McCarthy Jones 1 year ago

Kellie Thompson 1 year ago

DVD players in the car! My little ones fought and kicked and screamed when I’d try to get them back into the car. . . Until the dvd players.

And lots of baby wipes for cleanups!

Mariam Regal-Isaacs 1 year ago

Food in a pouch was my life saver.

Miriam Blank-Pilgrim 1 year ago

Snot sucker

April Joy Stalker 1 year ago

Yep, baby wipes and Netflix lol lifesavers

Carla Alston 1 year ago

Boxes of wine, my Boppy, and my Boba carrier.

Hali Acosta 1 year ago


JoBeth Hodges 1 year ago

I should buy stock in Gogo squeeze.

Amy Benton Wesberry 1 year ago

This is 100% accurate. I wish I would have thought of putting baby food in a pouch. Pure genius!

Beth Kemp Serner 1 year ago

A DVD player in the car

Scott Bard 1 year ago

Our youngest are 18 but we still panic when we run out of baby wipes…

Carmen Carson 1 year ago

I don’t have DVR or a Smartphone. I don’t think these are must-haves.

Megan Yancer Haertel 1 year ago

O and also Captain Morgan Long Iced Ice Tea

Megan Yancer Haertel 1 year ago

Jack Links meat sticks. LOTS OF THEM (within reason). It keeps the kids; my 2 legged and 4 legged kids happy for hours of sharing.

Maureen Therese 1 year ago

Baby carrier

Deborah Mullen 1 year ago

The breast-pump and the squeezybulb thing for sucking snots out of a little baby with a cold.

Alicia Marie 1 year ago

Smartphone/tablet for any situation we are stuck waiting

Christine Clinton 1 year ago


Jules 1 year ago

Definitely GoGo applesauce is our goto snack! How about our toddler clock that glows when it’s time to get up? Sun got up at 5am?? Doesn’t matter, the clock isn’t glowing, so stay in bed!

Harmony Hobbs 1 year ago

5-Hour Energy and Clorox wipes.

Marcela Marchesini Kapfer 1 year ago

Everything on this list, I use everyday!

Vicky Ball 1 year ago

Television .

Susan Malone Semadeni 1 year ago

LOL I prefer whiskey and wine (not together, obv., eew) but I soooo hear you on this. LOL

Kirsten Gilbert 1 year ago

i have to agree with all of these. especially the wipes. My kids are 13 and 9 and I still buy baby wipes all the time.

Barbara Dano Cook 1 year ago

A bouncy seat!

Helena Handcart 1 year ago


Hollie Smith 1 year ago

wipes, I would be lost without wipes!

Debbie Patterson 1 year ago

Can’t imagine having a toddler without a dog to clean up all the spilled food!!

Joy 1 year ago

What would I be without Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?! I have no idea what they put in that sucker but it sure works wonders! I can’t imagine having kids in the house and not having those white God-sent squares..or rectangles…or whatever. I bet they will come up with different shapes and sizes eventually. Anyway, good list! I’d like adding social media to the list. Since becoming a mother, the internet and everything social media have served as my main window to the outside world and I bet they’ve saved my sanity in more than one occasion!


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