The Tragedy Known As Bringing Your Kids To Your Doctor Appointment


There are a handful of things that I miss from my days of working outside of the home, and topping the list is being able to go to medical appointments by myself.

I used to be able to schedule such appointments before, during, or after work.  I got to sit in the waiting room quietly catching up on the latest celebrity gossip not having a care in the world, while feeling sorry for the disheveled woman sitting across the room trying desperately not to draw attention to herself and her three disobedient young children, and failing miserably.  “Sucks to be you girlfriend.”  I would deliberately sit as far away from her as possible, for obvious reasons.  What a hot mess.  “Control your kids lady!  This is not a circus.  \Who brings their kids with them to the doctor anyway?  Ever heard of some discipline, or a babysitter, or a damn hairbrush?”

Fast forward and I have become the annoying lady that everyone is trying desperately to avoid in the waiting room. I am the one who looks as if she just rolled out of bed because I didn’t manage to get my shower in for the day…again. I am the one whose children refuse to use their “indoor voice” and defy my direct orders of not using the chairs in the lobby as an obstacle course. They could give a shit how their behavior is influencing everyone’s opinion of their mother, nor do they have any regard for the other innocent people in the room who are now certainly wishing they would’ve rescheduled their appointment.

Thank God for the nice elderly lady who always gives me a sympathy grin and tries to make me feel better about the situation. “It’s goes fast, sweetie.  Enjoy it while it lasts.” Everyone else is looking at me as if I shouldn’t be allowed to have children.  They are beyond annoyed and not the slightest bit amused that my child is in the midst of an art project using the community box of tissue and bottle of hand sanitizer.  I know what they are thinking, “Will someone please call this lady’s name and get her and her misfit children the hell out of here?”  The very audible sighing that immediately follows when my name isnot called leaves little to the imagination.

It’s not like I don’t try to prepare for these visits.  The process involved in and of itself is exhausting.  Snacks packed (check).  Second snack packed just in case they don’t like the first one (check).  Books (check).  Note pad and crayons (Yep, got it).  iPad (double check).  Diapers and baby wipes (check).  Hand sanitizing wipes (Of course!  Who goes to the doctor without them?).  I am confident that I have not forgotten anything.  It’s suppose to be a quick visit anyway, so surely this supply list is adequate.

Or not.

As I stand up and motion for my children to follow me after my name is finally called, the look on the nurse’s face is priceless.  Her expression quickly goes from “Good afternoon Mrs. Veldhouse” to “You have got to be kidding me right now!”  We proceed to head down the hall together in an endless parade of chaos only to end up in a room that was clearly built for no more than two people.  This is not going to end well.

As the nurse quickly escapes the room with the false promise that the doc will be in shortly, I go into immediate panic mode.

I frantically unpack the iPad, put snacks in hand, and display books in clear sight.  Yep, we should be good.  “Okay kids, Mommy really needs you to sit quietly while we’re in here.”  I’m talking to both of them but staring directly at my 3 year old son,begging…pleading.  He is clearly the loose cannon in this equation.  It could go either way.  “Okay Buddy?  If you’re a good boy, Mommy will take you out for ice cream afterwards.”  He smiles, which is always a bit concerning in this type of a situation, but I decide to smile back and hope for the best.

The doc finally enters the room and within 3 minutes compliments me on my well behaved children who are sitting quietly in the corner, eating their Cheerios, completely plugged in to whatever they are watching on the iPad.  “God bless the iPad (I actually said it  out loud).”  Here’s what I was thinking, but did not say out loud, “They are good kids aren’t they?  Look at them.  So innocent and sweet.  They actually listen to me sometimes.”  It’s a clear victory for me.  Ice cream all around!

Things took a sour turn quickly thereafter.  My 10 minute visit turned into a 60 minute visit involving 4 shots of Novocain in my scalp and 1 stitch (yep, one).  During the impromptu procedure, my son decides to throw an absolute fit because the iPad is not doing what he wants it to do.  “Mommy, can you fix the iPad?”  He’s handing it to me.  I am laying down in the supine position with needles in my scalp.  “Mom.  Mom.  Mom.  Fix the iPad Mom! It not working!”

Obviously I can’t turn my head to address him (you know, because of the needles in my head and everything), nor does the medical staff take a moment to even acknowledge that my son is attempting to hurl the iPad in their general direction.  “Buddy, Mommy can’t help you right now.  Maybe look at a book or ask your sister to help you.”

Good one.  Princess can’t be bothered. She is completely immersed in her book about the Unicorn Gods and how they sacrifice all little brothers in an effort to save the world from their destruction.  In addition, she is above assisting an annoying toddler in what clearly is an obvious technological fix.  What a dumbass.

Long story short.  The next 20 minutes involved screaming, blood, one really big stitch, and a vigilante child who has become completely unhinged.  What started with him throwing his Cheerios on the floor, ended with him ferociously stomping on every single one individually like some miniature god damn Godzilla or something.  Those poor little circular toasted whole grain oat bastards never stood a chance.  “Save yourselves bland circular snack!  You are no match for him!”

As the visit comes to an end, I am left in the room with the annoyed nurse, my 2 children, and an overwhelming pile of Cheerio remains on the floor.  RIP little guys.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to all of the healthy snacks out there.  I should have known better.  It was a selfish attempt on my part to portray myself as a good mom.  You were sacrificed for my image and I am truly sorry.

I should’ve packed Cheetos.

“I love going to the doctor.”  Said no stay at home mom ever.

About the writer


Jill Veldhouse currently assumes the role of full-time mom to her three awesome kids. Her work has been featured on ScaryMommy, Club Mid, BLUNTmoms, and She blogs at and can be found on Twitter.


.Brianna wright 3 months ago

What the fuck you bich

lysanne 9 months ago

Oh my! It’s so wonderful to know I’m not the only one with such embarrassing children. I was starting to feel rather alone, so thank you, you’ve given me so much comfort xxx

Jill 1 year ago

I am humbled by your comment. Thanks so much for reading! Truly.

Tina Johnson Fritz 1 year ago

I have no choice but to bring my kids to doctor’s appointments and to run errands so you have to be prepared with ipads, toys, snacks and whatever else you can think of. Kids are kids though and even the most well behaved children could get sick of waiting around for hours at a doctor’s office.

Tina Johnson Fritz 1 year ago

kids will be kids, you can have well behaved kids who after an hour just get sick of sitting there. Gott abe prepared with books, toys, cheerios, pretty much everything.

Jen Farrell Martinez 2 years ago

It’s fun to pick them up from day care and have to hit appointments after they haven’t been home in hours too!

Lisa 2 years ago

I had an appt with my surgoen for a follow up to a breast lump biopsy. My mom was going through chemo at the time for breast cancer. I was scared. I had to take my 5 kids plus my niece I was babysitting for the summer to the appointment with me. They ranged in age from 10y – 15 months. The nurses and the dr were horrified!!! my results were fine and then the dr told me to come back when I was 40 for a check up. I said ” I am only 29….that is like 11 years from now” He said, ” By that time all these kids will be grown up and you wont have to bring them” lol

Kristi Stanford 2 years ago

how about being a single mom in a town 6 hours away from any friends or family (moved here for school) and had to take my two boys to my DENTIST appointment. Hard enough to go to on my own but having to yell at them to sit down and quit fighting while they were poking my gums….. hell

Jennell Hicks-Maher 2 years ago


Cydne 2 years ago

It amazes me the number of mothers who basically brag about how out of control their children are. They are out of control because you are NOT doing your job. Did my three ever act like this? Not more than once!

Ruth Simpson 2 years ago

Haha that is totally me….I had to take twins for 1 year shots with their 2 yo sister with my wrist broken. no-one was available to help and they refused to let me take in double pushchair and insisted I unstrap kids and sit in waiting room. I cancelled appointment and left….

Lisa Mo 2 years ago

I’m a single mom with 2 kids, 3 and 4 months. If I do ANYTHING they go with me. Everyone I know (that could be trusted to watch my children) works full time. Even if a babysitter was available, I can barely afford the doctor visits let alone pay a sitter! It is honestly not an option to go alone! I wish people were more understanding to this fact. I almost cried last week when the dear teenage bag boy offered to load the groceries in my car because he noticed “your hands seem a little full!” YES. ALL THE TIME. Hold the door, move out of the way, don’t sigh waiting in line behind the single mom with a whiny 3 year old and carrying a 30lb+baby carseat!

Layla Oates 2 years ago

Lol I have a ton of friends, but sometimes they are busy and it’s not always possible to arrange a sitter at short notice either. I’m usually that harassed mum.,,,

Laura Holl Quanbeck 2 years ago

I had to take my 3 yr old to my annual obgyn appt once. Doc had her sitting right next to her during the exam. Awkward!

Jessica Lauren Scott 2 years ago

A law where u can’t bring your child to ob gyn ? Sounds like total BULLSHIT to me

Rebecca Coffey Schugg 2 years ago

You make me feel so normal. Thank you

Roxane Chahine 2 years ago

Lol I’ll always remember my obgyn visit where I ended up having my 1 year old sitting on my stomach while I was being examined. He refused to be held by the nurse so my belly it was!

Stephanie Falardeau 2 years ago

As a mom of a child who has been chronically sick his entire four years of life, I have found a foolproof solution to make Dr visits more tolerable – Nintendo DS! The best $129 my husband and I have ever spent. The secret to making it work is to limit their game time to when you know you’ll be stuck waiting for long periods. If they don’t get to play all the time it stays fresh and fun. Also good for long car rides. If $129 is too pricey, consider downloading free game apps to your cell phone, works just as good!

Amy Lianna 2 years ago

Haha, this is why I’m dragging my sister with me for mine.

Elizabeth 2 years ago

Thus far, I have managed to avoid such a similar situation, thank god. But as they start outnumbering me I know it’s inevitable. Thanks for letting us know it IS survivable when the poop hits the fan.

Cyndie Turner Lang 2 years ago

I worry about the germs.

Jackie Warmke 2 years ago

It’s not just my appointments. Those I can find sitters for usually. But somehow no one is ever available to watch one kid while I take the other for a checkup. The four year old is not okay with the doctor’s focus on her sister, and her efforts to soothe the baby during shots? Not soothing.

Elizabeth Huie Schaaf 2 years ago

Love it! While I am able to go to dr appt on my own, taking my 2 yr old to any of his dr visits or urgent care surprises are always crazy.

Andy 2 years ago

I sliced the entire pad off my middle finger one morning and it wouldn’t stop bleeding. After an hour, I got an appointment and had to drag a 6 yo, 4yo, and 11 month old to the doctor. The doctor freaked out about the kids, the kids freaked out about all the blood, and the older two even left the room for all my tetanus shots. The doctor couldn’t do anything for my finger, so she sent me to a hand surgeon with the referral saying “AND FIND SOMEONE TO WATCH THE KIDS!” Haven’t been back to that doc since.

Vicky Crawford 2 years ago

Thanks for keeping it real for us “imperfect” mothers who can totally relate to this and most articles posted. Judging by the comments above we are a minority group, oh but we can only all strive to be as awesome as the perfect mothers above!

Phoenix Fourleaf 2 years ago

I am so grateful to providers who let me bring my kid. It makes it possible for me to get care when I need it.

Staci Coleman Mitchell 2 years ago

I think if mothers or fathers having to take kids along on doctor appointments really had a feasible workaround, they would use it. Babysitters aren’t cheap. High schoolers are the most affordable but are typically at school during appointment hours. Many people live far away from family and may well have friends who are at work or restricted by their own children’s schedules and are unable to help out. I can’t believe the attitude of some of the doctors.

Lynne Banta 2 years ago

Been there.

Amber Wilson 2 years ago

This is awesome!

Jackie Madden Boechler 2 years ago

Yes…my two year old…THAT appointment where you are barely covered in a thin sheet of tissue paper, legs up…as the nurse walks in DOOR WIDE OPEN two year old yanks off paper and makes a run for it…

Randi 2 years ago

I had to take my 4DD and my 2DS to my first OB appointment when I was pregnant with our third. It took 3 hours, 2DS jumped on the back of the nurse drawing my blood (this was the point I realized he could get out of his stroller even when strapped in) and in the room, with my feet in the stirrups, he found the pedals that made the table go up and down. I vowed never to take them to a doctor appointment again.

JD Katsonis 2 years ago

Oh sweet mother of pearl, this is me. It happens. Just like that. I am not alone!! LMAO

Abigail’s Mommy 2 years ago

A local dentist office just open that offers free childcare. I am hoping more places get on board with the idea.

Linnsey Amores 2 years ago

This is what happened when I took my son to my 6 week postpartum check. I’m so thankful to have an amazing OBGYN husband/wife team.

Stacie Small Mendoza 2 years ago

I can so relate to this. God bless the iPad and lollipops. I give my 2 year old lollipop when we are in the doctor’s office. That keeps her calm for about 3 minutes.

Julie Mackey 2 years ago

One time I took my then 2 year old daughter to a urologist appointment. The doctor’s office is an old house. I had to give a urine sample, so of course my daughter came into the bathroom with me. When I put the cup up on the sink she clapped and yelled at the very top of her little voice….MOMMY YOU DID IT! Oy vey. I’m sure everyone heard.

SarahAnd 2 years ago

This is so right on. I have a 14 month old and a three week old. It was a nightmare getting to all of the prenatal appointments with him in tow. My husband had to take time off work, because it is kind of hard to take care of a bored 1 year old with a doctor’s hand up your…parts.

Virtudes Shaw-Miller 2 years ago

Too funny. Been there, still doing that!

Erika Bartz Wakefield 2 years ago

I plan my appts so 1 of 2 kids are busy with something! The 9 month old is cake to take places at the moment the 4 yr old is torture.

Casey Cole 2 years ago

I have a 2 year old step daughter that I had to bring to all my obgyn appointments and it doesn’t matter what I tell her or what I bring her to play/eat it’s always a disaster. No one is willing to babysit her because she is such a handful and didn’t ever listen sop there for mommy never gets a break even when it’s desperately needed, I love the little squirt but man sometimes I could use a breather.

Lex Taman 2 years ago

My five year old got to see a pap today. Whoopee!

Shannon Littlefield MacAlpine 2 years ago

So true. Did this yesterday actually!

Judith Bruni Sarno Sartin 2 years ago

Oh yeah dreadful. …

Sarah Winters Manro 2 years ago

The first time I took all 3 of my kids to the chiropractor with me, my 2-year old and 7-year old boys were running up and down the hallway rolling those huge exercise balls – while I was in traction. It eventually gets easier….

roger glass 2 years ago

Kristen mae is your doc. a vet.

Ashley Als 2 years ago

I absolutely despise taking my kids to my doctors appointments. I mean, I try to think of everyone I can, to watch them, until I realize, everyone I know have lives. So, unfortunately, I end up taking my 3 year old son and my 8 week old daughter with me to every single appointment….

Carolyn Kapelle Anderson 2 years ago

I (unfortunately) have figured out which offices are cool with having kids there. The GP and neurologist? Cool. Rheumatologist? Huge peen.

Amy Paschal Keister 2 years ago

This is why I plan my appointments around my mom’s work schedule. I completely admire moms who have to take their kids!

Julie Roffina 2 years ago

Ah ha ha ha!!! Well and then we have A who repeats everything the doctor said at the most inopportune time.

Kathryn Pogue 2 years ago

Hahahaha. So true!!!

Julia Armstrong 2 years ago

My kids think my gp office is wonderland.

Colleen Witt 2 years ago

I am a stay at home mom. My husband is always away. I have a 5 month old n 17 month old. We all go through this I am realizing. Some days are good some are completely insane. Despite what I pack or what I do it goes very smoothly or completely out of control. I am alone with my children constantly and few times I have been able to enlist help but unfortunately most times it’s me and my kids everywhere! I feel we do the best we can in the situations at hand. We get through them somehow. : ) I gave up worrying about what others think.

Rhonda Norgrove Fournier 2 years ago

Love this!

Michelle Levi Moran 2 years ago


Lauren Olcese-Mercurio 2 years ago

REALLY needed this today! Toddler and I both have a virus and I refuse to drag us to the Dr just because hubby wants an actual diagnosis. Who wouldn’t want to drag a puking toddler to the dr?

Sara Russell Good 2 years ago

It’s the worst-been there!!

Katie Leake Harrison 2 years ago

Oh, man. I had to take my 3 yr old & my 1 yr old both to my last dr appt to talk – just talk, mind you – about migraine meds. They BOTH decided to go ape while the doc was finally talking to me. (In my kids’ defense, my doc is old-fashioned, & refuses to spend two minutes or less with a patient, which means he’s always late. But this day we had waited more than an hour & a half total before he even saw me.) The doc slowly turned to my kids (as they were having tantrums), & said to me, with a wink, “Wow, they like attention, huh?” Glad to see a guy with a sense of humor. And glad so many of you moms out there understand!!!

Tesia Kennedy 2 years ago

Had to bring my 4 yr old along with my 11 month old twins to my dental cleaning apt… thankfully the hygenist gave me a helping hand when needed!

Shellie Smith 2 years ago

*mommy stare and voice* Sit. Down. *even the Dr sits down*

Pamela Henderson 2 years ago

Oh I can so relate to this – even though I have 2 older boys of 10 and 8 (who really should know better) and then a wee girl of 3, I feel like I’m on dual bandwidth conversation – one to vainly attempt to actually converse with the doctor and the other is a 3 way conversation of please don’t touch that, can you step down off the bed, don’t open the cupboards, keep your shoes on please – all said in that smiley voice tone pleading with the doctor to understand the half conversation you’re having with them! I feel like I deserve a spa break for having gotten them to the appointment – got them all out with all clothes and toys intact, with added bottles of wine for surviving the pharmacy wait for any medicines as it’s a positive minefield for taking kids to!

Yvonne West 2 years ago

Took my kids to a doctor appointment regarding pain in my hip. She stopped me mid sentence and handed me a script for xanax and said, “here, I think u might need this” (btw both my kids have adhd)

Lizzi Mills 2 years ago

Yep. Sends shivers down my spine at the very thought – and not in a good way. Still having to do it!

Dana Marie 2 years ago

Glad my kids are 6 1/2 yrs apart

Melissa Geralyn 2 years ago

Ummmmmm working parents bring their kids to their appts. Too. Why is this just geared toward “stay at home”

Malyssa Mays 2 years ago

Lol oh man… can so relate… gotta say the easiest is when the doctor just wants to go over test results (just talking) the worst is the ob/gyn… trying to keep an infant busy while you get a colposcopy, have your IUD removed or getting a pap lol not fun!

Nicole Bliss 2 years ago

Or schedule it when you SO is home or ask a friend or family member to babysit or hire a babysitter.

Elizabeth Tarmann 2 years ago

Working moms are not at all exempted from this. Not all of us have the luxury of being able to leave work to go to the doctors. The offices are closed by the time I leave work and making an appointment before work usually entails bringing the kids along.

Suzanne Riley 2 years ago

It’s stories like this that make me count my blessings! Two kids and thank goodness, I’ve never had to deal with that! I’ll make my husband take off work before I drag two kids to my Dr appointments!

Malecia Walker 2 years ago

Haven’t had to take my own yet, but had to take my nephew to my dentist appointment.

Stephanie Petitt Wilson 2 years ago

At my last physical my then three year old would not still to save his life. I ended up holding him while he wiggled the entire time. The doctor so graciously suggested that maybe I should have gotten a babysitter. I wanted to punch him in the face. Jackass.

Julie Knepper- Updyke 2 years ago

Lol. My ob did a few of my pregnancy checkups while my toddler flipped the light switch on and off for the ENTIRE appointment. I thought it was hilarious…and that my Dr has more patience than most professionals I know!

Cindy Terrazzino DiFillipo 2 years ago

Sooo true!!! It’s funny to read….only if you’re a “survivor”…lol

Stephanie Connolly Butcher 2 years ago

I brought my baby with me to all ob appointments. Grant it she was 7mths-15mths for all of them. I just sat her up with me on my chest or strapped her in her stroller

Melissa 2 years ago

Seriously, thank GOD for the iPad. I said that out loud the other day when I brought Little Miss 3 Year Old to my eye appt. The doctor said “oh so that’s what those things are for?” Yes, I have a $500 iPad to keep my loony-girl quiet during appts. It’s so so true.

Staci Black 2 years ago

I had to bring my six month old to a massage at the chiropractor. Not so so relaxing to hold fussy baby while they try to work the tension out of your neck and shoulders.

    Brittany 6 months ago

    I have kids, but also work in a medical office, so I understand both sides. I understand having no sitter and no choice but to bring your child(ren). However, if your kids cannot behave, it might be a better idea to reschedule. I realize how insensitive this may sound, but on more than one occasion I’ve had patients come in late because of the kids, then after finally checking in, we wait longer to see them because mom is busy taking kids to the bathroom. Then the rooming (vitals, etc) take longer because the kids are acting up, digging through drawers, etc, and the exam takes longer for the same reasons. Mom may have problems with her labs, or may be having a procedure being done, but doesn’t absorb what the provider is saying because she is too distracted.

    Now your 20minute appt has taken 40 minutes and we are behind on schedule the rest of the day. And there’s granola, milk, juice, etc all over the exam room for me to clean after. So everyone scheduled after mom has to wait. Not everyone does this, of course, but it happens far more often than is acceptable.

    The most tilting scenario is when we have an elderly patient to see, multiple complicated medical problems, etc and her daughter, granddaughter, and 4 great-grandkids all come in. WHY??? There’s certainly not enough room for all of them, we have serious medical problems to discuss, and certainly do not need all of this distraction. If I had time to pull the kids out and watch them, I would, but I have other patients and labs to attend to.

Danielle Mmk 2 years ago

Great article! So true! Reminds me of when I went to my ‘pregnancy confirmation’ appointment with the OB w my 4 & 3 year olds in tow and when I was in the most compromising of positions they grabbed the pens out of my purse and started jamming them into the mirena display on the counter. *Sigh* talk about embarrassing

Jackie Okun 2 years ago

But I have to say my kids are pretty well behaved when we run errands

Jackie Okun 2 years ago

I usually take my kids to the doctors with me. Including paps… my doctors don’t mind and if they do they’ve never said so… maybe I’m lucky enough to have family oriented doctors

Stephenie Gleason 2 years ago

I can so relate to this!!

Samantha Holden 2 years ago

I took my step son to most of my drs appointments when i was pregnant. It was so much fun lol

    Samantha Sotello 2 years ago

    Yup I take my step daughter to my obgyn appts. I have them every 2 weeks and have since the beginning. It’s rough but only worse if husband comes along, too. I detest appts bc I cannot relax. She loves to do little things to annoy me in there. Doesn’t seem to matter my threats and promises.

Allison Bledsoe 2 years ago

Love it when they check my blood pressure at appts when I being the kids…yeah, it is going to be up!

Angie Marie 2 years ago

False, I take my kids to appointments all the time, I’ve never dealt with what she’s describing.

    RArmour 2 years ago

    Well clearly you’re a superior mother. Thanks for chiming in. Not.

    Lloyddoblersboombox 7 months ago

    Hey everyone! Looky here, we have a better mother than all of us!

Lawry 2 years ago

This is really the reason I did the happy dance on the first day of school. …..5yrs of every appt with kiddo in tow…..and an inconveniently timed meltdown EVERY time!!!

Cheyenne Isom 2 years ago

You aren’t alone. I took my then 3 year old to a pap as well. He wanted to see what the doc was up to… that’s too close to mommy bud

Franki Berg Bagdade 2 years ago

Ha ha this is so true!!!!

Donna Bass 2 years ago

I had to take my 3 year old to my pap smear. I strapped her into the stroller and placed her where she could see my face and not freak out. The doctor was annoyed and told me that I shouldn’t have brought her along. Well the person who was suppose to take her flaked on me. Not that I would’ve willing subject her to see that, sheesh!

    Sara 2 years ago

    Oh my goodness. The doctor said you shouldn’t have brought your kid? I would have told him/her that next time, if he/she would like to schedule my appointment after 6pm or on the weekends when I definitely had someone available to watch my child then I would gladly leave them at home. Until then, the hours they have chosen forced me to bring my child, so thank you for making this uncomfortable for me too 😉

      Sara 7 months ago


sammie 2 years ago

All I can say is been there, done that. I totally understand and relate, mama!

Kristen Mae of Abandoning Pretense 2 years ago

Oh, I’ so with you on this. Sometimes taking the kids with you is unavoidable! I’ve had to take my baby with me to the gyno on several (tragic) occasions. They always seem to start fussing right when the dog sticks his hand in my hoo-ha. It’s like they can sense my discomfort or something.

    roger 2 years ago

    is tour doc. a vet. you say the dog put his hand up your hoo haa.

Nara 2 years ago

Great article!!
I am totally, totally with you on that.
Also, people who suggest hiring a babysitter? Please. We had six (count ’em, six) appointments in the last two weeks, with another 5 coming up in the next two weeks. I go see to hospitals more than I visit the grocery store. Can’t wait for our next hiatus!


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