Can Every Pediatrician In The World Watch This?


I can’t even cut their toenails or rip off a bandaid without hysteria. Way impressive!


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      Haha yes Monika I was referring only to the picture of this post. I always see pics like this or with a giant syringe and the baby looking at it with a petrified look damning vaccines. I actually love this video and doc but I wouldn’t trust myself to do this! And yes, babies and young kids have very underdeveloped deltoids- thigh is the biggest muscle :) back to studying….

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      I prefer the thighs because,1 bigger target, 2 easier to restrain 3 quicker recovery. I never ever tell them it won’t hurt. Never lie to them. I say it’s going to hurt but it will be over very fast and you can have xyz after. And it’s still brave to cry. I really love pediatrics – and this guy is a magician seriously

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      PeepnBiscuits says

      Actually, as an RN who worked in peds as an LPN I’m an awe that a DOCTOR is giving the shots! The doc and the NP I worked with had me doing just about everything short of writing prescriptions! None the less, that’s pretty cute, but yeah, I hope he’s got good manual dexterity because that’s a lot of syringe waving there!

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    This is cute but as a nurse who does immunizations for a living it doesn’t seem all that safe. If I were doing something like this at my job and they found out I would most likely be fired. It is a fun way to do it though!

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