The Only Way You’ll Ever Cut Grapes In Half Again

Hello, most genius husband in the universe.

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Jaclyn Murphy 12 months ago

Yup he is a genius. Keep that man!

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Melanie Patton 1 year ago

Well, oh muh goodness! So easy! How could we have missed it?!

Kathleen Christensen 1 year ago

Couldn’t get the instructions to open so how? I use a knife

Seetah Ferrera Weiler 1 year ago

Wow this is amazing!! I definitely will try it!

Kenna Pope 1 year ago

Zip Slicer by Progressive! Google it! :)

Krystle Marie Tomasino 1 year ago

Lol good to.know!

Laura Felix 1 year ago

I will alway cut my child’s grapes , tom, and hot dogs until he is 18. It does help to prevent chocking to death it allows air to push the lodged food out of the wind pipe! With out it being cut it’s like a plug.

    Laura Felix 1 year ago

    Nope 18 years but it was a joke;)

Alanna Gillon 1 year ago

Fanny my halving grapes obsession just got a lot easier!!!!

Deirdre Roddy 1 year ago

Dude!!! Amazeballs!

Kiersty Sinclair-Davies 1 year ago

That is life changing

Catherine McCaughey 1 year ago

Is the answer … don’t ?

Jennifer Koeneker 1 year ago


Cristi Cuadrado 1 year ago

That’s awesome! Totally gonna try that!

Nicole Taylor 1 year ago

I don’t think I ever considered cutting them. I used to bite them in half and give smallest portion to my daughter when we ate them. She’s 5 now and tries to do this to me by handing me soggy squished grape halves lol.

    Jasmine Cruz 1 year ago

    That’s adorable! =)

    Nicole Taylor 1 year ago

    Indeed. At least they practice the skill of sharing.

Christi Monson 1 year ago

I know it’s crazy, but I just put the damn things in those net bags until my daughter was able to biter them herself, and I gave her the whole grapes. I remember eating whole grapes my entire life as a kid and never choked.

Ricki Weinman Dworkin 1 year ago

Agreed with other posters. Doesn’t necessarily work with grapes or grape tomatoes. Even with a sharp knife.

Shari Courtney 1 year ago

This works!!

Christy Niles 1 year ago

I have done this with grape tomatoes for years

Kelly Caflisch-Arnoldussen 1 year ago

Umm yeah, did not work so hot for me. Just made a mess. :(

Sarah Hogan 1 year ago

Seriously…. :-

Candace Wells 1 year ago

Gasp. Mind=Blown

Rennie Clausen-Soir 1 year ago

So simple yet so genius.

Elizabeth Topper Golub 1 year ago

OMG genius!

Melissa Zimmerman 1 year ago

This is great!! Never knew this

Jennifer Cintron 1 year ago

I missed this the first time around…brilliant!!

Jaime Sullens 1 year ago

I agree my kids just get them thrown on one side of the plate but I remember watching this lol

Nikki Allen Jackson 1 year ago

It rarely works

Andrea Peña 1 year ago

My son choked once with a grape and it was the scariest moment in my life. Since then, I always cut grapes

Monica Coralluzzo Roman 1 year ago

I’ve done this with black olives too when chopping them for taco toppings.. much easier for me to chop when they’re already in half

Rachel Cole 1 year ago

I have tried this several times and always fail miserably.

Crystal Davis-Conerly 1 year ago

Cherry tomatoes. I’m allergic and the juice always makes my hands itchy.

Jennifer Cagle 1 year ago

Ppl cut grapes? I have an almost 3yo who I’ve never cut grapes for, as goes for my 10yo.

Mary E. Farrand 1 year ago

Put them in the microwave cut in half and watch the fireworks!

Jennifer Callahan Phinney 1 year ago

Friggin genius.

Brittani Medina 1 year ago

I skin them and cut them in 4

Magdalene Zapp 1 year ago

❤ it when men get in the kitchen.

Nicola Parmar 1 year ago

Hahaha does this actually work..

Saahi Katari 1 year ago

This technique was shared to save children (and parents) from mess, discomfort and choking. The grape is still in the same length, and DOES NOT terminate the chances for choking.

Raylene Hansen 1 year ago

It’s all about the cherry tomatoes for me! Much easier to eat them cut in half than trying to spear one with your fork, and smacking the person across the table in the head with it.

Lucy Batista 1 year ago

Holy shit that’s genius.

Barbara Peek 1 year ago


Nancy Burtchell 1 year ago

You cut them for babies and toddlers…kidless people!

    Ginny Beanie Fowler 1 year ago

    I never cut grapes or hot dogs and never had a choking issue either

Karen Irene 1 year ago

Decisions decisions

Lisa Lambden 1 year ago

Wow!!! :). X

Rebecca Daniels 1 year ago

Omg Nwanne that would save me so much time lol

Melissa Moore Wilson 1 year ago

And cherry tomatoes too!

Inga Collins 1 year ago

This guy for president!

Felicia P McNiff 1 year ago


Samantha Smlth 1 year ago

OMG! Why am I just now learning of this LOL…THANK YOU

Jennifer Kennedy-Ozley 1 year ago

How did I not think of this? Genius?

Britni Henry 1 year ago

I’ve always peeled my grapes …. for ALL 3 of my kiddos. Crazy, I know! This year we a little boy at a local elementary school choked on a grape during lunch and died 3 days later because of it. No matter how you cut your grapes, just cut them please! They’ve always scared the crap out of me.

Angela Heid 1 year ago

Wow. Impressive. But I prefer my grapes in liquid form.

Monica Jo Ptacek 1 year ago

If it requires tedious work to cut it so they don’t choke, then they don’t get it until they’re old enough not to choke. Just can’t handle it!

Rebecca Ricci Simon 1 year ago

It changed my grape (and olive and cherry tomato) cutting forever!!!

Lissette Trewern 1 year ago

Who knew?

Shane Jackson 1 year ago

I just made a mess….and had 2 plates to wash

Desiree Marie Roberts 1 year ago

When you have toddlers and grapes are the perfect size to get stuck in a wind pipe you tend to care a lot about cutting lots of them in half at once lol

Caroline Rooney 1 year ago

You cut them in half to stop little ones from choking. Whole ones can get stuck.

Tracy Pierceall 1 year ago

I love life hacks. Very clever!!

Elle Wright 1 year ago

The video won’t play on my phone, what does he do?!

Kay Marie 1 year ago

Why cut grapes in half.


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