Mothers & Daughters



Jeff and I were lazy parents last night. We stuck the kids in our bed, put on a movie and decided they could just fall asleep without teeth brushing, stories and songs.

The two of us sat on the couch together; no computers, no kids. It was nice. We talked.

Jeff told me about how sweet Lily has been with him lately.

The night before, when he tucked her in, the two of them lay side by side in her twin bed and reminisced. He told the story of the night he fell in love with her, in her lilac room in our very first house. She was a few months old and crying in her crib. He went it to console her and she looked up at him, smiled and he melted, as only a father can.

He told her of the time when he’d been away on business and came home and she was so happy to see him that she cried tears of joy as she hugged him close. She teared up and cuddled with him, remembering that feeling. They traded countless stories and laughed and dozed off together.

She’s been amazing, lately, Jeff said, his voice shaking. Fathers and daughters, I sighed.

He looked at me, expectantly.

She told me she hated me four times today, I contributed.

Mothers and daughters.


  1. 1

    Jessica says

    Oh this is so true. I have one old enough to hate me and one still young enough to love me to pieces. At the moment I am in complete denial that the later will ever grow an attitude.

  2. 2

    Lori Stefanac (Lola) says

    I love that you can make me cry then laugh within a single paragraph. Nothing like being bipolar in the morning! My boys are 7, 9, and 11. They tell me that I’m lame and annoying about a thousand times a day. When I realized that unless one of them is hurt or sick, I will no longer have any snuggle time, I went out and bought myself a puppy…a girl puppy. She thinks I’m lame and annoying too.

  3. 4

    myevil3yearold says

    My hubby is waiting for that to happen. Right now she tells him she doesn’t want to snuggle with him because he is too hairy.

    • 5

      jennifer says

      I am totally set back that u call ur 3 year old evil, do u know that u r cursing her.? There is no blessing there at all. Maybe u should start building her up instaed of tearing her down. Children r our gifts. They r not evil.!!!!!!!!

    • 6

      myevil3yearold says

      I’m glad you are totally set back because I do not like you. How exactly am I cursing her? You are very judgemental to have never been around me or my children.

      • 7

        Scary Mommy says

        I assume this person is new to my blog. She won’t last long if she found THAT offensive. Good Lord.

  4. 8

    Erin@MommyontheSpot says

    So it’s not just my daughter then. My husband works a lot of hours so when he’s home, he’s like a celebity. Mom? Mom who? *sigh*

  5. 9

    Jenifer says

    Yup. Sorry to say it doesn’t get any better. My daughter is now 13 and according to her, Dad walks on water & I’m Satan!!

  6. 10

    TANYA says

    Mine still love me like I’m ice cream with sprinkles. I wonder what will happen with they get older and have no dad to turn to just me. :(

  7. 12

    Jackie says

    Sounds like a day in our house! I’ll never figure out how I am the bad person….
    Sadly, as the girls get older the dislike only seems to grow. I get dumber and they get smarter… funny how that works.

    • 13

      Robin says

      It was the same way in our house for many years. Just wait….after they have their own children you are the smartest person they know and they can’t appreciate you enough :) It’s really great – yet another bonus of having grandchildren!

  8. 15

    Vicki Archer says

    My kids do that too and it kills me…whenever I yell at my 3 year old son he cries for Daddy, my 4 year old daughter is such a Daddys girl too…and then my oldest son, age 6, always acts out only when I’m there…everyone else says he’s such an angel…I am afraid of what is coming…the “I Hate Yous”…no one has said that yet…

  9. 16

    Erin I'm Gonna Kill Him says

    Ha, I didn’t see that last line coming. I was so caught up in Jeff and Lily’s love that I forgot to even think “wait, my daughter seems to think I suck.” And now I have two. Oy.

    MY MIL has this Hallmark like expression – “My boys think I’m perfect. My girls know I’m not.”

  10. 18

    Kate Coveny Hood says

    At age four, Eleanor hasn’t yet differentiated between the two of us in her I love you/I hate you bipolar disorder. Being home with her, I definitely get more of the “I hate you”…but I also get more of the “I love you” too. Any day now though…making the most of this time for now.

  11. 19

    Raquel says

    Oh I can relate to that. My daughter, she’s 3, simply adores her dad so much so that she sometimes asks him to just lay his hand on her head so she can sleep and guess what he does and she’s out within 3 minutes??
    I tried that, didn’t work. I love seeing her interact with her dad since I grew up without mine. So sweet.

  12. 20

    Darcie says

    Ha-I was waiting for that last line. As the mother of a 21 yr old daughter, I have been there-actually, I am still there.

    It took me till about age 25 to realize my mom was not the enemy, so we are getting close and I can’t freaking wait!

  13. 21

    JD says

    My hubby is jealous right now b/c our girls are so mommy-clingy. I keep telling him they will think I am weird and uncool and horrible in a few years and he will be a celebrity. He’s not buying what I’m selling. But I’ll show him! Er, the girls will show him. Whatever. You know what I mean. He grew up with boys – he has no idea…

  14. 22

    Suzanne says

    Oh the joys of daddy’s girl!!
    My daughter is 18 months old. I picked her up out of her crib this morning at 6am. I smiled and hugged her and wished her good morning. She pointed at the door and shouted daddy. So i dumped her in the bed with hubby. Chopped liver, hello. On the other hand, my 4 yr old son is a total mama’s boy!!

  15. 23

    chachamommy says

    Why in the world are daughters like that to their daddys? My daughter is almost 21 years old and still treats daddy like he’s her knight and shining armor, and me like I’m the wicked step mother trying to feed her a poisonous apple. LOL, but we have our good times too. We share stories and cry and text each other while the men in our life is oblivious to what we are saying about them :)
    My daughters own little girl is turning out to be just like her mother, at 2 years old she’s telling her “I hate you” telling her step mother “you’re not my mommy!” hahahaha, I honestly don’t know how she is with her daddy and could literally care less (another story) but she and I make blanket tents and tell stories, we lie in bed on the weekends telling knock knock jokes (I’ll be glad when she gets a better vocabulary, the same knock knock joke is getting tiring), and fight like cats and dogs sometimes, she’s a pouter, loves to run to the stairway and pout, last weekend it was because Uncle Jacob went to Garretts and “took the cows with him!”

  16. 24

    angela says

    My daughter is (almost) three, and I can already relate. If I tell her no or impede on her fierce will in any way, I inevitably hear, “I want Daddddeeeeeee” amidst some tears. (future Oscar nominee, perhaps?)

    The funny thing is, he is actually the stricter parent! Yet I am still the bad guy. I see epic battles in her teenage years…

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