Dear Giddy Over Summer Mother


The one writing “Five more days til school is out!” with glee.

You and I can’t be friends anymore.

If you want to meet for a drink sometime, that’s okay. But I have to unfriend you from my friend list.

The excitement in your voice about doing the happy dance, getting to spend long days at the beach with your kids, taking day trips as a family and not having any schedules to adhere to… you’re killing me.

It’s been two hours since my kids have been out of school and already I’m reaching for the wine glass.


“Mommy. How long is a garden stick? Is it the same as this tape measure?”
“Mommy I’m going to clip this tape measure to my belt loop like this. See? Like this? You’re not looking… How can you say ‘I see'”?
“And Mommy, don’t tell Daddy when he comes home so I can surprise him”

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Or when the kid is watching a show called “Dog with a Blog,” yet still manages time to glance over at what I’m doing.


“Mommy, why are you writing about me?”
“Mommy why did you write a question mark there?
“Mommy can you put more cereal in a bag for me?”
“Mommy I’m going to do my homework now. After I finish the cereal. Oh can I also have a drink?”
“Before you say something like ‘are your legs broken’ or ‘did you forget where the refrigerator is” it’s not funny. And I’m in the middle of my show! So can you pleEEzzzee get me a drink?”
“Mommy are you writing about me in your blog?”

Did I mention the kid calling me Mommy is almost eight? What was I thinking sending him to speech therapy at the age of two and a half because he wasn’t talking enough?


He glances over at his older (quiet) brother who is engrossed in his iPad (aka BEST BABYSITTER ever.)
“What’s the score? What app are you playing? Do you think Daddy can download that for me?”

Oldest now chimes in because youngest has decided to measure EVERYTHING in the house with the tape measure; including his brother.

“Stop! You’re being annoying!”

“Stop measuring my foot and my head.”

“Stop measuring Wilsey.”


“I said STOP!!”

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So, to those of you wanting your long, extended days of summer: Enjoy them.

I’ll never understand you, but I’ll be sending you my eight year old so you can reach for the wine glass with me.

Me? I’ll be doing the happy dance come September.

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About the writer


Abby Stern is a wife, mom of two boys and a wannabe writer living in the Boston suburbs. She loves all '80s music and anything starting with the word chocolate. She occasionally blogs about raising a premature son and all the fun that motherhood brings at Find her on Twitter.


Joe Zentis 11 months ago

I’m not a mommy – I’m a grandpa, so I don’t know if I’m legally on this blog. I got here through reading my daughter’s Facebook page. She IS a mom of three active boys, ages ten, seven, and four – one of the best moms in the world who sounds very much like Scary Mom. And I understand. Completely. When she “complains” about her kids, there is always a tone of love and humor in her voice that can’t be transmitted in a blog. The most enjoyable posts in Scary Mom’s blog are the ones which give you the sense that the writers are laughing at themselves more than they are complaining about their kids. That kind of humor is the most refreshing and inspiring. I respect and admire good mothers more than I can say. We LOVE having our grandsons for a week or more, but that doesn’t mean we don’t breathe a sigh of relief and have a glass (or more) of wine (or vodka) after we take them back home.

August 11 months ago

I look forward to summer because when you have four kids in school, the paperwork that they bring home is endless. My desk is so full of crap from the school and I lose half the things that are important. And the best is getting a paper about what is happening that week only to look at it and have no idea which kid it belongs to (every teacher everywhere should take note: put the grade and your name on anything like that you send home for those parents with more than one kid, please!). I am so sick of the homework hassle, the reading with every kid and having to mark it on a chart, the remembering who needs to bring a poster to school and who needs a bottle of root beer for the class party. I am tired of waking up at o-dark-thirty because school here starts at 7:30 a.m. (whose brilliant idea was that?)

I look forward to not having to get the kids to school on rainy days or making sure they are up on time and ready to leave on time themselves (again 7:30 a.m.!). It takes them 10-15 minutes to ride their bikes, so they have to leave at 7:10 to get there in time to lock the bike up and not be late to class. Even picking what they wear the night before and packing lunches the night before, mornings are chaos with four kids in school (two who are not, btw). Is it really so wrong for me to look forward to the end of that for a few months before it starts all over again?

Next Saturday, June 6th, I will wake up knowing that for almost three months, I don’t have to set my alarm clock and drag my tired butt out of bed only to scream at four kids who move way too slow and complain all morning long about how much they don’t want to go to school or yell because they forgot to do a big assignment and suddenly they rememberd at 7:05 when they have to leave at 7:10.

As for being bored–if my kids tell me they are bored, I have a list of chores they can do that include things like scrubbing down the kitchen chairs, pulling weeds in the yard, scrubbing windowsills, dusting the blinds, scrubbing baseboards, cleaning the garage, cleaning the bathrooms, and so forth, so they have learned over the course of their lives to not try and play the boredom card or they will be working. Plus, I make a list of “boredom busters”, the items of which I usually find in abundance online (including several that I’ve already bookmarked and saved from Facebook posts going around) and they can look at that if they are bored. Also, they have to do certain things before they can play–math work and reading, practicing their instruments, and certain basic chores, like making their beds. Plus we have a pool down the street and I do not object to spending every day all day at the pool, like I did growing up. My kids love it too.

But I can guarantee you that even though I’m that mom who looks forward to summer, by August I will be looking forward to them going back. No reason you can’t love both–the end of school and start of summer vacation AND the end of summer and going back to school.

Misty 11 months ago

I am SO that “giddy over summer” mom! I have a third grader who hates school so whenever I don’t have to deal with all her drama, it’s a great day! I CAN’T WAIT TIL SCHOOL’S OUT!!

Cynders 11 months ago

Yesterday I woke up for the first day of summer! So excited to spend time with the kids. We made popsicles with organic fruit, made a craft for Father’s Day -oh yes we did!-, opened the huge tarp for a slip ‘n’ slide for all the neighbor kids, and watched a movie on the sheet-screen in the backyard popcorn included! Today, I am finding moldy wet towels, pieces of the yukky fruit in the couch cushions, dog barf of candy and popcorn, muddy footprints all over the house, sheet is ripped from the wind overnight. Rest of the summer-wine for me ,TV for the kids. 59 days until school starts! Yay!

Momto3 11 months ago

Those moms who think we all should enjoy every single second….you’re forgetting that some of us suffer from things that you have no idea about. Everyone is walking a different path. Some of us have mental illness, physical illness, spouses that are unsupportive or cheat, family and friends dying. It’s hard to handle your kids on a daily basis when you’re struggling elsewhere….

So yeah….some of us don’t have the strength right now to enjoy every single second. And if you think that you do….you’re lying to yourself and to us. Do us all a favor and go post a meme from pinterest about your perfect parenting life to your Facebook page and leave us alone. We don’t need your sanctimonious BS making us feel worse than we already do….

Tyra Hilliard 11 months ago

Amen, sister. We’re on Day 3 and I’m frantically poring over summer camp websites. “I don’t care if you don’t crochet, son, you’re going!!”

Theresa 11 months ago

I’m definitely both kinds of mom! Can’t wait to not care about schedules, but my kids pull the same stuff as this article. My 5-year-old son loves measuring everything as well, and his older sister gets annoyed with him pretty damn quickly! (I also have a 9-month-old .) We’re trying to beat the boredom with this…

Kris d[~.~]b 11 months ago

22 days!!!!!!,

Marjorie 11 months ago

My problem with summer vacation has less to do with him driving me crazy and much more to do with the fact that I have to work so I can’t enjoy summer vacation with him.

Therese Sibon 11 months ago

Very funny! Maybe it’s my Irish heritage that appreciates it. We laugh at funerals, and call them WAKES which is hilarious. We also get pretty drunk at them. Haha, we put the FUN in funerals (sorry just noticed that spelling!). I have 3 kids (26, 22, 16) and I became a better mom when I could see that I was not perfect, and I could laugh at that. And what is perfect – being human. Which is messy, and pissed off and loving and hilarious. Hopefully.

Heather Kelly 11 months ago

Sounds like every weekend in my house and most days after school. The kids go to school this week on Tuesday and Wednesday and I have things to go do both freakin’ days. So there’s no staying home and relaxing for a day to prepare. I hate the 8 weeks of summer, I really do. My husband complains because I am spending too much money doing things with the kids and too much gas attending playdates and running the kids back and forth to two VBS’s each summer just so I can have a few minutes of peace and quiet for 5 days in the summer without hearing someone yell at me with a whiny tone “Mom, I have nothing to do!”

Sherri 11 months ago

Hahaa! I love summer now for ONE reason: no school schedule, early morning bullcrap and mandatory 2 hours of homework (when her bus doesn’t drop her off until 5pm).

Of course I live in a school district that takes parents to court for *tardies* of less than 3 minutes.. and it only needs to happen 10 times over a six month period to trigger a court filing (or 3x in a 4 week period), and I have a child with special needs who is a ridiculous beast in the morning and often misses the bus… so yeah. She’s no barrel of joy to be home with all summer but I’d rather deal with her than the school. Needless to say, mornings can be extremely stressful and I love summer when we are on our own time!

So yep. I get why teachers need a break from other people’s kids. I need a break from school bureaucracy that comes from having a kid enrolled!

Leslie 3 years ago

I am the Mommie to whom you speak. I was created this way by God down to the fabric of my DNA. I start purring about Summer on Valentune’s Day to coincide with the mental vacation of every academically jailed boy daydreaming of fishing and exploring the woods for what died during Winter.

To be fair to the Mommie who needs more spirits than spirit to Summer-ize her parenting, there is a variable to this gig. The kids. Just as not all Mommies are like me the same is true of the little darlings.

I have met these children who are, well, variable. You know the ones I mean, they have been on your last nerve since conception. They scrapped their nails along the chalkboard of your cervix on the way out and have been a detached hemorrhoid ever since the blessed event. No matter how much you do with and for them they just will not find something to do that does not require police cones, brass band, cheering squad, tape , glue, beads, referee whistle, overpriced tickets somewhere and six friends tagging along. That one certain child who cause the teacher(s) to cry at the end of the year.

Those were tears of joy.

I know that child.

Cheers, Mommie!

Ashe-Leigh 3 years ago

I do the ‘change my name’ thing with my class. I tech year 1. After ‘Mrs Arrowsmith, watch this/listen to this/look at this’ the first 20 times in the morning (before 8:40, when I collect them at 8:35) I’m ready to change my name. I’ve joked with them about it a couple of times, and they all ‘change their name’ for the day as well. Pretty funny kids, but 25 5 and 6 year olds can get very old very quickly, especially when they all have a silly day at the same time. I’m pregnant with my first and really looking forward to being a SAHM, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from, Abby. Only problem is, not only can I not reach for a glass at school, I can’t even have one at home!!!

Ronelle 3 years ago

When my sister and I were little, my mother used to say she wanted to change her name (from Mommy). I didn’t get it. Fast forward three or four decades and add three kids who are constantly calling my name in one variation or another. Now I get it. She also said she never had a hot cup of coffee during the first ten years of our lives because she was always getting interrupted (no microwaves back then). I didn’t understand, but I sure do now.

Elizabeth@Table4Five 3 years ago

Geez, Jill, doesn’t it seem like every 2 years or so, it’s some blogger’s turn to get a shitstorm sent their way for doing absolutely nothing wrong? Hey, judgey mcjudgeypants, this is JILL’S BLOG. If you don’t like what she writes on it, there are what, 85 BILLION other websites you can give your time and energy to? No one has the right to judge anyone. She doesn’t know your actual real life, just your blog life. Oh, and what you do is none of her business, imagine that! :)

I got your back, you go on and panic a little at the thought of entertaining kids all summer long. I know I will be :) xoxo

Nancy 3 years ago

My two DD have been on summer break for 3 weeks now. I know they go back to school August 14th and YES I am counting down. We operate better on a scheduled. I love them to pieces. However, the constant calls to work to settle an “emergancy” is frustrating. I have a hard enough time keeping my train of thought when not inturrupted.

On the flip side, they are both old enough now that they are able to help around the house. My oldest will have supper fixed when we get home knowing that it will be a late night because of a ball game. This would happen if she were in school.

BTW – I enjoyed the blog :)

Rae 3 years ago

I love love love this! However, I am happy for it to be summer because my oldest won’t have parent-teacher conferences, fights about doing homework (and I won’t have to google how to do 5th grade math problems), school events, and projects. My youngest will FINALLY be off to school this fall, and THAT I am REALLY excited for. Summer will look more bleak when I’ve spent a school year of quiet at home, but as of right now, it’s only got ups compared to the previous school year.

Rosa 3 years ago

So funny! And so familiarly true!

Lynne 3 years ago

Spoiled over indulged parents create spoiled over indulged kids. I love my children, and I’ve hugged many parents who’ve tragically lost their own. They would love to wake up at 5:30 A.M, and hear them whining all day.

    Abby Stern 3 years ago

    Actually Lynne, I have lost a child. This doesn’t make me love my kids whining any more. We all need to vent a little. That’s what motherhood is all about and gets us through to the next day sometimes.

Abby 3 years ago

Tx Meagan! I won’t unfriend you! :)

    Kristin Shaw (Two Cannoli) 3 years ago

    Abby, you are gracious AND nice. Thank you for putting yourself out there!

      Abby 3 years ago

      Thanks Kristin. Just checked out your blog and I also admire you for putting yourself out there. Sounds like you’ve been through a lot too!

        Kristin Shaw (Two Cannoli) 3 years ago

        Thanks! Keep writing. Your voice is your own, and we can’t please everyone. :)

Meagan McGovern 3 years ago

I am unable to delete comments — if I could, I would.
I’m sorry that I offended anyone — the original comment was meant as an off-the-cuff, “I disagree, this isn’t my cup of tea,” comment, and clearly, it came off in a way that sounded judgmental and nasty, and that was not the intent.
A Facebook post by Scary Mommy came up, this post sounded cute and light, I read it, it wasn’t, so I commented. No, I didn’t go back and take the time to read back entries of your blog — this post is the only insight I have into your life and your parenting.
It stands alone as an example of your life with your kids. Do I judge your entire life? Of course not. I was commenting on one blog post, about a woman I don’t know, and the only information given to me is that spending time with her kids leads her to drink.
That, and only that, is what I was commenting on. And again: If I could delete the original comment, I would, because it was not intended to be mean — just questioning.
I honestly hope you have a great summer, and that you and your kids enjoy each other.

    Nan 3 years ago

    Nicely said, Megan. XX

    Meppie 3 years ago

    Awesome. Wanna be friends?

Abby 3 years ago

Thank you all (most) for understanding that humor and often sarcasm is what sometimes gets us through a day !
I assure you not one friend was unfriended by loving to spend time with her children and I promise you my kids are loved beyond belief. Agree- disagree- discuss- I welcome it all but please don’t judge me. Have you walked a minute in my shoes? Because if you had (or taken time to check out older entries in my blog) you may have found out I’ve been to hell and back a few times and there’s not a thing – not an opportunity – that I would not give to my children . I plead guilty to being sarcastic and needing a good vent now and then but selfish and miserable? That was below the belt. Don’t judge what you don’t know happens behind closed doors – and parent with a little more humoring never hurt anyone!

    Stephanie ( 3 years ago

    I’m sad that you even had to write this follow-up comment. Your piece was hilarious and obviously tongue-in-cheek. Anyone who doesn’t appreciate the humor behind it shouldn’t be reading it. They should just renew their subscription to Reader’s Digest and move along.

Larissa 3 years ago

So, here’s my take on this: I understand the feeling! When the kids finish school, we all have that adjustment period. Mom isn’t used to the incessant questions yet because the kids have been in school all year. She is overwhelmed the first couple of days… but then they will all get into their “summer vacation groove.” There is no reason to attack her or feel bad for her kids!! She is venting, which every mom (SAHM or not) needs to do so she can go back to mothering with humor. Geeze, maybe the complainers are saints, but most of us mamas aren’t. Y’all need to mature in your humor, and drop some of your judgement.

jeri 3 years ago

I was one of those giddy moms…but 2 weeks into summer break and I am ready to take up drinking as a hobby. ‘Cause seriously. If I hear, “Mom, watch this cartwill,” or “Mom, look at me do a backwalk over.” One. More. Time. I will start drinking. Isn’t watching my girls at gymnastics 4 hours a week enough?!

C.J. 3 years ago

We still have two more weeks of school here and I can’t wait for summer! No for any other reason than I really hate making school lunches. I don’t know why it is such a chore but I really, really hate it. I still have to feed them but it is so much easier to feed them at my own kitchen table. The only thing better than summer is pizza days at school!

juli 3 years ago

The big yellow school bus is my best friend. I will miss her. It’s the longest ten weeks of my life. Truly, I can relate.

SabrinaH 3 years ago

I’m a teacher, I’m a mother, I’ve been a SAHM, WAHM, and am again working out of the home. There’s one thing I know for sure: all parents love their children. They show it in different ways, at different times, and some simply haven’t had the opportunity to be educated to know how to show it or how to support their children (read: I teach low-income students, so stop stereotypically blaming the parents because if they cared then they’d do this or that). And to clarify, lest I be stoned, one should not take that comment as an insinuation the author of the post or the naysayers are uneducated… Point is, all of us are built from our own experiences. We are a culmination of the people we have been in contact with and the things that have happened to us during our lifetimes. We are victors and victims of our genetics. Love the post, hate the post, can’t give a rat’s ass about the post… it’s no matter. To someone out there, that post gave relief – that feeling of, it’s not just me. As a teacher, I love and hate the summer at the same time. I lovingly get rid of my students, and lovingly inherit back my own wild offspring. Both groups usually drive you nuts at some point or another. We never know the full picture of anyone’s life. You can’t judge a thing without all the facts. Everyone just chillax…pour a fat glass of wine, and enjoy the ride. ;o)

Leesha 3 years ago

i love my kids endlessly. i’d do anything for them. that doesn’t mean that i particularly enjoy spending every moment of my day with them (especially when i’m trying to accomplish something). and sometimes i say things that sound “mean”. but that doesn’t mean i don’t love them with my whole heart. she had a rough day, she blogged about it. big deal. get over yourselves ladies. life without kids isn’t a big bowl of cherries. and it sure as hell isn’t with kids either. children, while wonderful, also tend to be incredibly annoying. just because she’s annoyed by her son’s constant questioning doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her kids or that she doesn’t ever want to spend time with them. she was probably thinking “dear god. is this going to go on all summer?”. here’s a good example, you know how your husband/mother/father/sister/brother can sometimes get on your last nerve? yet somehow you still love them? yeah, same thing. and if you somehow have no idea what i’m talking about then you’re either a saint or a liar. ๐Ÿ˜›

Micky 3 years ago

It’s not difficult to understand that this post was made “in the moment” and not a reflection of the writers feelings all the time. I homeschool one child and I love being around her, but there’s a HUGE difference between spending the day with a schedule and a “purpose”, and spending weeks or months on a break. My youngest goes to a Japanese kindergarten that only takes August off and I am TERRIFIED of the fighting, whining, and complaining that is yet to come. Sure, we will have those beautiful, serene days at the beach or museum but it’s the REST of the time that really frightens me. Not to mention it’s balls hot here in the summer with 95% humidity and frequent typhoons all summer long that keep us all trapped inside with no way to escape. Yup, can’t wait for summer to be on the rear view mirror.

Christen 3 years ago

Clearly, CLEARLY, she love her kids. Show me one mother who loves every little thing that their child says or does, and I’ll show you a deluded liar. I can relate to all of what was written. It is NOT inherent that you’ll always like your kid(s). What is? That you will ALWAYS love them.
I have two girls who are 11 and 8, and one boy age 2… *shudder* They fight, WHINE, throw tantrums (nope..not just the 2yr old…), disobey, ugly cry for no good reason, annoy me with endless questions, etc.
Do I love my breaks? Hells yes! But do I adore my kids? Would I do ANYTHING to protect them, even if it’s just from hurt feelings from the bratty neighbor kid? Do I love the ever living shit out of them? Even yesser!
Obviously, some of you are missing her sarcasm and the fact that she is so secure in the fact of knowing she loves her kids, that she didn’t feel the need to throw it in there. Her post was about venting. Period.

    Larissa 3 years ago


Suzie 3 years ago

Directly from the Scary Mommy Manifesto, “Motherhood is not a competition.” Everyone stop being so insecure. She said she can’t wait for summer to be over, not that she was beating them with coat hangers. And for those of you with the kids who talk constantly and ask a MILLION questions and are nosey about EVERYTHING you do and say, two words…gifted testing.

Of course, you’ll have to wait for school to start again for that ๐Ÿ˜‰

Amanda 3 years ago

I totally get it! And I’m so grateful mine are in a school that offers a year round program!

Kiwi 3 years ago

I have already been overheard asking “Is it September yet?” and my kids haven’t even had their last day yet.

jen 3 years ago

Ugh, the website is called “scary mommy”, not “I’m the best mommy in the whole wide world and better than everyone and I live only for my children 100% of the time.” Go somewhere else.

    ADM 3 years ago

    ^^^This. Exactly.

    I only have my kids for about 14 days during summer (ex has them the rest of the time) and I know exactly how the author of this post feels! I feel like Garbo when they are home… “I vant to be alone”. I love reading ScaryMommy and especially the comments bc “most” of the comments are funny shit.

BananasMama 3 years ago

I have a two-year-old son whom I love with all of my heart. He was a miracle baby, and I am so grateful to have him. However, I am so frustrated on days that we don’t go out and do something, I could scream. Dealing with him all day when he’s needy makes me want to jump in the car and never come back. I don’t think that the author thinks badly of her kids; she’s just venting. Being cooped up with toddler is nothing compared to a child who can talk and won’t even let you crap in peace. When you can’t even think a complete thought (without all of the racket), you go looney. But, like I said, I love my son, but I miss the quiet.

Pam 3 years ago

I have 2 daughters, one is now
20 y/o and now living on her own and I *jokingly* say all the time “I love her a lot more now that I don’t have to live with her”…and I had an outside job! Not even a SAHM! Having children is wonderful…but it can be soooooo frustrating at times too.
I thought the post was funny and perfectly described the types of little things that can sometimes be damn annoying!
*Cheers!* (said as I reach for my wine glass…)

S. Scheetz 3 years ago

My twins just turned 1 last month, and I’ve been thinking how when they are in school, I will probably also be reaching for the wine. It’s good to vent your frustrations, and even better to have a website like this where we won’t be judged (much) for voicing our inner dialogue.

Destinee 3 years ago

This is the first time I get to join you ladies in the “count down to the start of school” stuff! My son starts center-based head start in August ๐Ÿ˜€ As a single mom to two, one disabled…yup, looking forward to the end of summer and the start of his first real school year! I love my kids very dearly, but good Lord will it be nice to have him at school for half a day Monday through Friday! I might actually be able to read a book or spend some time doing crafts or just watching a movie with his little brother!

Wendy 3 years ago

I’ve never understood the need to “attack” someone because their opinion is opposite than yours. This goes both ways. It’s so prevalent in our society. Why not accept it in the spirit it was intended, realize you don’t agree, and move on? If you have to comment, take the time to acknowledge you don’t agree like an ADULT – or simply shrug and move forward without a comment? Or even better, don’t visit a site that you know is full of content you will not like? That being said, I’m somewhere between most of the moms here, the mom that wrote this and the moms who disagreed. We all gotta make it through summer however we can, LoL…

Michelina Kimmel 3 years ago

I usually love the guest posts here but this one just seemed kind of…sad. *shrugging*

Lori 3 years ago

Ha! Yes! I understand!! But then they get big. Bigger than you. And they have a room. With a door. And a TV and a laptop and an iPhone. And you say, “Wanna go to a museum? Or a movie? or lunch? or shopping? or for a swim?” And they mumble, “No.” And pull the covers over their head. At 2 p.m. … But my husband, The Coach, is a school teacher. He’s home for the summer. And while I’m trying to read your post, he’s saying, “Hey! Look at this! Watch this play! Hey watch this commercial! Wait. I’ll rewind it.” And that makes me reach for the Tequila.

    Betsee 3 years ago

    LOL Yes, I love my husband, but go away. My kids are the older variety and far far less needy. Beloved, on the other hand, sweet Christmas baby Jesus, ain’t nobody got time for that!

      Jenelle 3 years ago

      LOL! I can’t wait for my children to get a little older so they become less needy…but there’s no hope for the husband. Damn. (LOVED your last sentence Betsee!) :-)

tarina 3 years ago

Pretty sure it was the part about her life sounding miserable that makes you sound that way. You don’t have to agree with everything posted, but Jill asks us all to respect each other and not post negative comments about people sharing their own truths. That is what they objected to. Go hug your kids and enjoy every moment and stop judging us for how we cope with our own struggles please.

sally 3 years ago

My happy dance is based entirely on the “no more homework or BS projects” aspect of summer rather than the joy of spending every single minute with my bundle of joy…

Ariana 3 years ago

I remember looking forward to summer when my kids were little, it meant no more schedules, finding “the other shoe” at 7:30 am so they could be at school by 8:00. No more last minute assignments, no more homework I’d have to force them into doing, no more finding out about homework that wasn’t done till 2 days later. I loved the end of school. I worked, my husband stayed home with them. My life actually got easier. Their dad would tell a very different story though. Good post, liked it!

Mama and the City 3 years ago

Ha! My kid is not even 3 and I already reach for the wine after 45 min on the weekends :-)

    Carmen 3 years ago

    I keep telling my husband we need to move (we’re expats, moving often, but currently in a place with only public schools) by the time our daughter is ready for school, because I need a British international school, as I want a superior educational experience for our daughter. It’s a load of BS, to be honest, because British children start school at 4 and I want to be able to have a break a year earlier!

Meagan McGovern 3 years ago

There are a lot of funny mom writers — The Blogess and Scary Mommy are two of them — who write about kids and how hard they are, and they do it well, and with a sense of humor. You feel like they love their kids, enjoy them most days, and still need a break. Because, you know, motherhood is tough. This post? There’s not a trace of warmth or affection toward her kids. Nowhere that says, “I’m looking to a few days this summer,” or even anything that says she likes her kids at all.
Some people can pull off posts like this, and it’s funny and touching and yeah, we all get that we need a break from kids. I have a kid with autism, and I homeschool. I write *all the time* about how overwhelming it is, and yeah, about wine.
But this post? Sorry, I found it mean. Two hours in, she’s miserable and can’t wait for summer to be over. She doesn’t sound like she likes her kids and needs a break. She sounds like she hates her kids and doesn’t want to be around them.
Does that mean that I’m a “biotch” and “without a sense of humor?”
Nah. It just means that I didn’t find *this* post funny. Just sad.
And that’s OK. I like Scary Mommy. I like *funny* blog posts about motherhood and the shared ordeal we all go through. And I’m allowed to disagree with some of you, aren’t I?

    Suzanne 3 years ago

    I think the problem was with your delivery. If you had just said “yeah, not with you on this one. Not funny”, I don’t think there would have been any issue. But, geez, implying she hates her kids and has to get drunk to get through life? She’s venting. I read this and said to myself “oh, thank goodness, I’m right there”. I adore my kids, but, for heaven’s sake, hearing the word Mommy over and over and over and having to break up fights over and over and over and explaining that no, it’s not lunchtime or snacktime or any other eating time over and over and over…well, I start looking for the wine pretty quickly too.

      jane 3 years ago

      I agree with Suzanne. I love the Scary Mommy site and find quite a bit of humor in mosts of the posts. This one about summer was the FIRST time I actually thought, “I feel sorry for this woman’s kids.” I really do. The other posts recently — right there with ya.

        jane 3 years ago

        Oops. Replied to the wrong post. That was meant for Meagan, above.

    Meppie 3 years ago

    Okay, okay – we agree to disagree and after reading this, I get your side. Sticking to mine as well. =) I guess I have been reading this blog enough to think “she is writing in the moment.” If I didn’t keep that in mind, I would probably be on your side of the fence. We could share some wine while we critiqued her amongst ourselves. Hope you like cab or pinot noir, ’cause that’s all I have.

    Also – I didn’t pay attention to the fact that this was not written by our beloved SM… it was someone else. And not knowing that someone else, or her daily trials and tribulations, I can again see where you would have gotten your steam from.

    Promise not to skim the titles anymore…

    One – this wasn’t written by Scary Mommy.

      Meppie 3 years ago

      Well hell – where is the fricking edit button when you need it. Please disregard the “One – this wasn’t written by Scary Mommy” I haven’t had my quota of summers day vodka yet.

    Christina 3 years ago

    You are allowed to disagree, however, you choose the right to display it in a very rude fashion. Doing that, I’m sure you knew you would be getting negative comebacks, which is why you checked here again to see if there was reply’s, which indeed there were. I think you take things far to literal. For instance, I’m sure that “2 hours in” is a bit of sarcasm, and if it is not, then who are you to judge? You think your comment on how mothers like this don’t love their children, she is going to wake up tomorrow and change her blog to “Motherhood, the beautiful wonderful amazing experience that is me”… probably not. Say what you will, like I said, you have the absolute right to be as rude as you would like, as much as it is not appretiated.

    Alison 3 years ago

    Fair enough Meagan. You didn’t like this post. Then don’t comment. Just move on. I spend A LOT of time with my kids (and I have moments I like and dislike about that), and I tend not to like or agree with posts like this one. What did I do? I moved on. I read and clicked away without commenting.

    You could have too. Just my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

lisa 3 years ago

Oh, good grief!! I am, at this point, so ecxited for school to be over….all of the ridiculous end of the year parties, b-ball games, poetry readings, picnics, etc ! Enough already!!!!! Sleep late!
The flip-side, I have to entertain my kids for 10 weeks. In my neighborhood that is not easy.
If you love to spend every minute with your kids, good for you, but don’t judge those of us that would like an hour or 2 to read in SILENCE or not have to flipping referee every 5 minutes. We can’t all be perfect like you.,

Raquel 3 years ago

I’d unfriend Meagan and Heather because they have NO SENSE OF HUMOR!!!

    Heather 3 years ago

    It was the other “Heather”…not me! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Don’t unfriend me…

Amanda Martin 3 years ago

Not sure what is funnier, the post or some of the kill-joy comments. I can love my kids and my husband and still wish them elsewhere from time to time. That’s healthy, right? Besides, I suspect no one would have kids if they had any idea how much they would come to hate hearing the word Mummy for the 674th time in a day… I’m dreading when mine start school in September because my current childcare runs 51 weeks of the year, not 38!

    momofeveryone 11 months ago

    My saddest and happiest day was when my third said mama the first time. Now all three yell it ay me day in and day out. Summer is going to be very long lol

Helen 3 years ago

You sure she wasn’t a teacher? Yes? Then you’re right, she’s nuts. I can’t wait for mine to START school!

Marsha 3 years ago

This is hilarious. I’m SO with you. I always seem to be the only mom I know who dreads summer.

Michelle 3 years ago

This is how I feel on Saturdays, my one day alone with my kids. ONE DAY. How do you guys do it all day every day is beyond my comprehension. Serious kudos (and a huge glass of wine) go to you!

    Laurie 3 years ago

    Ditto. I love daycare. I’ve often thought to myself, “I’m a great mom-because I have daycare! My props also to the SAHM’s out there!

Lawry 3 years ago

Kiddo starts Kindergarten Aug 21st I have already begun the countdown!!! Love it!! And to those whom lack a funny bone STFU….and tell me how you feel after 14 rainy days cooped up with an Energizer Bunny of a 5 yr old!!!!

Kristen Cat 3 years ago

I’m sorry Meagan, but if you love being around your kids so goddamn much why are you reading this blog and being such an unsupportive biotch? My biggest issue with motherhood is women like you!

    Jennifer 3 years ago

    Well said!!! I think people who just come around and leave comments like that really have a bigger issue with themselves…

    katiegossett 3 years ago


    Denise 3 years ago

    Sharing your sentiments….

    deneen 3 years ago

    AMEN!! if you’ve lost your funny bone, this is NOT the place for you! maybe Scarymommy should ask for an xray of everyones funnybone before admission is granted! oh, and for the record, my kids are still in school and i dread the end of week1 of summer vacay … i guarantee the B word will be played i will lose my shit! (Boredom, thats the word btw)

Alexis 3 years ago

Preach it, sister. Love my kids. Can’t take them ALL FREAKING DAY LONG.

Jen 3 years ago


Meagan McGovern 3 years ago

Why did you have kids if you can’t stand being around them? It’s like being married and hating your spouse. Your life sounds miserable if you have to drink to get through a couple of hours with the people who you love the most.
I enjoy my kids — sure, they talk a lot. So what?

    Heather 3 years ago

    Thank you for saying this! I can’t imagine wishing my kids away. How sad it is that this mother finds the desire to learn annoying. If your child wants to measure everything in the house so what! Encourage it as they are learning something! What happens when this child happens to read this blog post one day? How will they feel when they see that you told the world how annoyed you are by them and want them to go away? Sure kids can get under your skin sometimes and a break can be a great thing but this mom sounds like a really selfish woman!

      GOOD MOTHER 3 years ago

      Clapping. This is garbage.

          Heather 3 years ago

          Why is everyone with the name “Heather” leaving the bad comments! It wasn’t me I promise!! It makes me think of that movie Heathers from the 80’s. Does anybody remember that movie or am I just old as fuck?…

          Stephanie ( 3 years ago

          Ohmygoodness–I totally thought of the movie Heathers, too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          P.S. I’ve heard of this thing called choice. I think it’s, like, when we are able to decide between doing something and not doing something, like reading a website. Just throwin’ that out there…

          dee 3 years ago

          Jill smokler….. u rock! I have been fallowing your bkog for ever now. And judgy mommies… i am judging ur not so smart butts. Have you heard of sarcasm. I higgly doubt every day is like this for her and she taking her tales of raising her children. And making us “horrible” (NOT) moms laugh and feel not alone.

      Heather 3 years ago

      What is it with the “Heather’s” on this comment! I think mine is best! ๐Ÿ˜‰ only kidding….kind of like this post, it’s just a joke. A little humor to lighten your day. I’m confused though why you would even click on a blog title like this if you have a problem with it.

        Heather 3 years ago

        okay….I am obviously the problem with all the heather’s showing up because I keep commenting back to back! FRICK!!!

      Someone 11 months ago

      Try being around the SAME PERSON day in, and day out WITHOUT A BREAK. Come back to me when you have a response!

        Yanah 11 months ago

        Amen sistah

    sharon 3 years ago

    Ohmygosh, don’t be so judgmental. She obviously loves her kids and loves being around them. Kids are exhausting and demanding and phenomenal and independent and incredibly needy. If all we ever do is talk about how amazing our lives are, we are full of crap. Sometimes we are exhausted and frustrated and sometimes life is mundane. Let’s laugh about those times, too!

    I am a teacher and the only way I can survive the spring is knowing that I will get to spend the summer with my own kids instead of with your kids. And my summers are phenomenal and exhausting and frustrating and beautiful. Bring me some wine. :)

      Ariana 3 years ago

      First line of second paragraph…Best reply ever!! Go Sharon!

    Meppie 3 years ago

    WOW. How did you women even find this blog? It’s humor. It’s sarcastic. It’s facetious. It’s true.

    How truly blessed you must be to have infinite patience, it has obviously taken the place of your sense of humor.

    She writes things ~most~ women think. (key word: most. that means “not all”)

    I would think that when her kids read her blog they will laugh, because through her they will have achieved a greater sense of themselves.

      Suzie 3 years ago

      “…it has obviously taken the place of your sense of humor.”


      Tina 11 months ago

      How about how “some” (obviously there are some since this post and it’s supporters exist) moms feel this way rather than “most”? Most of the moms I personally know enjoy their children most of the time and wouldn’t find this post particularly funny even if they do enjoy the break of sending them back to school in the fall, if they aren’t homeschooling. I understand the sarcasm and see the humor, but still, unless you get some real data, go with “some” rather than “most” moms wanting a glass of wine after 2 hours with an energetic inquisitive kiddo and normal sibling interactions. Don’t knock other moms down for not sharing the sentiments of the post or for sharing the sentiments of the post for that matter. Let’s build each other up instead.

        Christi 11 months ago

        “Most of the moms I personally know enjoy their children most of the time and wouldnโ€™t find this post particularly funny even if they do enjoy the break of sending them back to school in the fall, if they arenโ€™t homeschooling.”

        Most of the moms you know probably wouldn’t be reading this blog. . . .

        They would be crafting and knitting and baking and planning awesome day trips (educational, of course) instead of spending time reading about the rest of us imperfect moms. . .

        Lighten up. Nobody hates their kids. But geez, some of us have brains that need stimulation that doesn’t come from “energetic inquisitive kiddo and normal sibling interactions”.

        Chill. Try a glass of wine.

        Peace out.

        Emily 11 months ago

        *Bashes entire post* but then follows with, “Why can’t we build each other up?” Lol. I didn’t take this entire post literally. I love my kids! But it sure can be daunting looking to an entire summer of entertaining them.

    Heather 3 years ago

    Well sometimes you marry the spouse cause he knocked you up with the unintended child. but hey good for you for living the dream!!!! *rollseyes*

      dee 3 years ago

      Wow thats a really low thing to say

      SouthernButterfly 3 years ago

      Let me guess, you’re one of those “Natural mothers” who was already in her pre pregnancy jeans when she left the hospital and does the pure organic/pinterest crap/my kid is my whole word thing? Well Some of us, have a life and interests outside of our children. My son is almost nine and I love him with all of my heart, he is happy, healthy, and well adjusted, but that doesn’t mean that by the end of the summer i’m not ready for him to go back to school.

      We need time to ourselves, we don’t stop being the women we were pre kid once the kid gets here. Our lives may change, but our wants, needs, dreams, and goals are still there. It makes you a good mother when you PURSUE those things. When your kids are old enough to look back what do you think they’re going to remember and respect you for? “Wow, my mom made this awesome popsicles.” or “Wow! My mom got her degree with 2 toddlers and an elementary aged kid in the house!” My bet is on the latter and then they too, will reach for the hopes, dreams, and goals they wish to achieve because their MOM was strong enough to pursue her own while still giving them what they needed.

    Jen 3 years ago

    Something I’ve come to realize in the last few years with my three (and only three) is that while we love our kids and wouldn’t trade em for the world, we don’t always love being moms, and for those that say well if you don’t love being a mom, then don’t have kids. That case we don’t always choose motherhood, motherhood chooses us, and like it or not we somehow make it work. After all, we live to fight another day. :).

    Jane 3 years ago

    Please clear something up for me-if you so clearly disagree with this sentiment WHY did you read it? The authors intention and opinion was pretty clear (to me) from the title.
    This is a serious question-I would love to understand!

    katiegossett 3 years ago

    Bless your heart ๐Ÿ˜€

    annnddd go fly a kite with your kids.

Heather 3 years ago

You have no idea how happy this made me.. I’m not the only one. I’m counting the days until I drop mine off at my parents for a week… Then thank the good Lord for summer rec…
Thank you for the laugh…

Heather 3 years ago

hahahaha. YES!!!! I think I have heard the word Mommy in a consecutive row more times in the last 3 days than I have ever heard in my whole life! O.O

Anna Hettick 3 years ago

lol!! I can relate but I am sort of a both ways mom. I enjoy the days when we are out of the house doing things we don’t get to do in the school year, but the days when we are at home? I’m crazy by 9am….they get up at 8:30ish.

    mary 11 months ago

    Well, what’s wrong with that?!!? I don’t understand all these complaints and such!!!! Why not enjoy your kids and the times you have with them?!!? It’ll soon be gone before you know it, and then, you’ll be complaining that you want that time back!!!!

      Colleen 11 months ago

      Oh come on! We all enjoy our kids Mary, but in small doses. How’s the old saying go? Oh yeah, everything in moderation! Too much of a good thing isn’t good. I’m sure there are others.

      Momto3 11 months ago

      Mary either doesn’t have kids, or has some really good pharmaceuticals. Where can I get some?

      Yanah 11 months ago

      I have a 14 yo and an 11 yo and I have not yet finding myself with regret or “wanting any time back.” I think that idea is a story that keeps us doing a dull job.

grownandflown 3 years ago

Meet me at the bar! My kids are much older but that boredom thing is still hard to stomach.

Laura 3 years ago

Oh my, SO true. Two days into summer: “Mom, I’m bored!” Just kill me now, okay?

Dawn 3 years ago

I nearly peed myself laughing at this, because I can relate!!! My littlest guy isn’t in school yet…this is my every day with him!!! I cannot WAIT for him to go to school next year…even MORE than he can’t wait, lol!!!


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