Dear Parent who Likes Snow Days


Dear Parent who Likes Snow Days,

I like you. I do. I just don’t understand you. You seem like a normal person and then a snow day is called and you are all smiles. I worry that you don’t understand how snow days work so I am going to explain them to you.

When school is cancelled, the kids stay home with you.

If your response to this information is still, “Yay!” I am going to assume one of the following:

1. You are being sarcastic.

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2. You work outside the home.

3. You have a nanny.

4. You have better meds than I do.

5. The kids have tied you up and are answering for you.

There can be no other explanation. However, in order for us to understand each other, I will explain why my reaction is not “Yay!” but “F@#!”:

1. I do not want to be a short order cook.

2. I need to write and cannot write while people cry about broken bands in their Rainbow Looms.

3. I like to go to the bathroom by myself.

4. I feel guilty if I let my kids watch movies or play video games all day but – oh my god – all the talking.

5. I have to share my snacks.

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So, I hope you can understand where I’m coming from and, if you can’t sympathize because you are busy making hot cocoa for your blanket fort, please…please…can I drop my kids off at your house? Just for the day.

(Unless school is cancelled again tomorrow.)



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About the writer

Vikki Reich is the Managing Editor and a regular contributor to VillageQ, a site that gives voice to the experience of LGBTQ parents. She is also the co-director of Listen To Your Mother Twin Cities. Find her at her own blog, Up Popped a Fox


Candice 4 months ago

I guess I am one of those crazy moms who love snow days. I feel for parents who work outside the home and are left scrambling for childcare. But as a mom who works from home, I enjoy making blanket forts, cocoa, and baking cookies. Yes that sometimes means that I have to stay up late to meet deadlines, but kids are only little once, and snow days are rare. It is about making memories for your kids to have long after you are gone, is it really that inconvenient to have to share snacks and not go to the bathroom without interruption once in a while?

Julie R. 4 months ago

When I was a shm my kids drove me nuts being home. And no I don’t hate my kids I hate snow days.

Stephanie 4 months ago

I hate snow days too! I am a working mom, so when they call a snow day for 1/2″ of snow in Seattle, it means I have to forgo a day at my job. Kids need to be in school. It feels like there area already so many days off – education is a priority and when they get a snow day, it just postpones our summer which already starts in late June. So Boo to snow days from me!

GG 4 months ago

Some of us are teachers so yes, I will take a day off any time mother nature grants me one. Kids need a break, too.

Tori 4 months ago

Living in Wisconsin, snow days are pretty rare. They expect kids to tough it out through bad weather, so unless the bus company refuses to drive, they’re going! I worry about all the kids who might not have appropriate cold-weather gear. When my son was in kindergarten, I gave several kids gloves because they didn’t have any. I say when the weather is dangerous, keep them home!

Marina 4 months ago

I’m in trouble! I love no school days! I get to be home with the girls and they both behave very good! I make sure we always have extra food of the food they like to eat in the fridge, we just heat it up when we need it and we just snack all day.

Snow queen 1 year ago

I hate snow days. The only people that like them have one child or older children, not toddlers or babies. A snow day means my wild child stays home from daycare along with his younger brother. Two toddlers at home with one parent is a long, depressing day.

Christina 1 year ago

any excuse to not have to get out and drive in the cold, dark morning makes me a happy mom…and yes, good meds help with the hot cocoa & fort making. Also, no guilt what so ever with T.V. & movies, love snow days!

Tiffany Beall 1 year ago

I love snow days. I also love making blanket forts, hot chocolate and playing in the snow with my kiddo. Maybe it’s because I only have one kid. Lol

Shannon Bauman 1 year ago

Kiss my ass all you mothers that have someone to watch your children when u have to go to work yet daycare is closed

Angelique Shutt 1 year ago

Haha this is totally me! I love snow days but my kiddies are also young and I don’t work outside the home yet so it’s not inconvenient for me but you can’t totally drop your kid off at my house:) this is pretty funny! I would like to pee by myself or take a shower by myself though:)

Stephanie Spanhel 1 year ago

I telecommute which means work never has a snow day. Yet I love snow days, especially since they are school aged. I get to have my babies home :)

Rebecca Madsen Seikel 1 year ago

It’s ok. ❄️ I like you and don’t understand you either. And sure, your kids are welcome to come have hot cocoa in our blanket fort. You’re welcome too! ❄️

Amy Toth DeGroot 1 year ago

My kids are grown now, but I always loved snowdays and summer vacation for these reasons…..I honestly enjoyed those days with my kids. Looking back they grew up so fast and those days are long gone. I was a stay at home mom and if they didn’t have to go out in the snow than neither did I. All the neighborhood kids would be home and they would all come sledding in our collective yards that had a common hill, so us moms would get to visit too! No homework! God….I hated homework more than they did!

Aimee Bray 1 year ago

I love snow days. I get to sleep in and no driving to school a hundred times a day to drop off and pick up.

Kristen Simpson 1 year ago

I love snow and snow days. If it’s not super bitterly cold we go out and sled and make snowmen and have snowball fights. I’ve always loved the snow though, and it’s even more fun when you have kids!

Kristi Ruffalo 1 year ago

I like my son… I like being around him. I like snow days…

maria 1 year ago

I admit it i’m a crazy mom who *gasp* likes snow days. No I love snow days. But I do work outside the home. I could choose to wrk from home on those days but I dont, and probably for the same reasons you as a stay at home writer dont like snow days.
I get why you don’t like them, but this is why i do:
1. Sleeping or even just lounging in.
2. Pajama day!
3. No make up or primping needed
4. Snowmen
5. Sledding
6. Movies & popcorn at 2 in the afternoon
7. games games and more games!
8. no conference calls
9. No spreadsheets
10. Naps!

Katy Neff 1 year ago

It may mean more work rearranging work schedule, sitters etc but I was hoping my kids had a snow day today! An excuse to call off work and make some special memories (even if they make me crazy part of the time).

Jessica Turner 1 year ago

Sure! You can drop your kids off! I’m good with cocoa, Pinterest crafts, sledding, blanket forts, etc. but you can bet I’m knocking on your door if you’re strong in an area I have low tolerance for. Lol

Andrea Phillips Goettman 1 year ago

Love snow days! I work nights, so any extra time with my kiddos makes me smile. Plus, they are hilarious, sarcastic little mini-me’s that are incredibly fun to hang out with!

Alexandra Lawson 1 year ago

I love snow days. Theyre a time to spend playing and showing your kids there’s a fun side to you as well and tired grumpy mummy. Hot chocolate and snowball fights. And cuddles in the warm together. I don’t understand the people who always complain that their kids are about and not in school =/

Rebecca Rivers 1 year ago

I love snow days and I have 5! Christmas break just ended and now I’m counting down til spring break… I enjoy bring with my kids. Some people do.

Allie Frey 1 year ago

This is meant to be funny, you people realize that right? However on a serious note, Whether you enjoy being with your kids or not it’s OKAY to want time for yourself too!!

Jojo Riddle 1 year ago

Hahaha I have to share my snacks! I hate that!

Kimberly Canales 1 year ago

I worked 2 jobs outside the home and loved snow days. For us it was a day I could also call of work and spend time with them doing all the things other mommies take for granted with out feeling guilty for loosing a little pay for something much more important.

Mellany Wardrop 1 year ago

I remember long ago hearing parents say stuff like ‘oh god thank goodness school starts in a week!!’ & seriously remember thinking (as I’m holding my sweet adorable, no siblings yet to fight with, first born son..) -what the heck is wrong with mothers??! I can’t ever IMAGINE wanting my baby away from me for 10 minutes let alone 7 or 8 HOURS!! 5 DAYS a week! I bawled like a newborn his first day of school, didn’t leave the parking lot until it was over & I had him back! It did get easier and then, came our second son, and then our third.. Let me tell you something.. Things change BIG time after they reach a certain age. Our first born is now 12 & our other 2 guys are 7 & 8.. Non. Stop. Fighting!!! I love all 3 of them so dang much it’s stupid!!! I NEED that time to regroup & meditate & find my inner peace bc the drive to school (hitting yelling fighting crying teasing more yelling) just about does me in.. Then I drop them off & miss them. I pick them up from school & it’s a repeat of the morning & I’m ready to crack open a bottle of wine & hide in the closet!! Soooo yeah, snow days.. Ehhh not my fave for sanity reasons.. they suck. But, my boys are my heart.

    Kimberly A Otto Cazel 1 year ago

    Very we’ll said! I can’t wait til they go back, then it’s too quiet!

    Mellany Wardrop 1 year ago

    Exactly Kimberly!! It’s like a solid mix of both emotions… I think that’s normal & appropriate & REALITY!

    Mellany Wardrop 1 year ago

    && thank you ☺️☕️

Lindsay Dooley 1 year ago

I love snow days!! Brings back great memories of when I was school age and loved snow days. I love seeing that same excitement on my kids faces.

Cindy Ewing-Snodgress 1 year ago

The only time I like snow is on Christmas period!!!! Any other time it is a pain in my a$$. Sorry but it’s the truth. I’m a single mom and when I hear snow day my stress level goes through the roof!!!! I use to be a stay at home mom years ago and I can see where the humor is in this article. Lol. I understand both sides but I will say this it would be nice to stay home just once on a snow day w/ my son and enjoy his fun day. So if you are a SAHM just breathe and enjoy the blessing :)

Cindy Ewing-Snodgress 1 year ago

Lol! Love your humor.

Michael Taylor 1 year ago

Snow days are the best. I get to take the day off and play with the kids.

Jen 1 year ago

I like one snow day. PJs and snuggling on the couch watching movies with the kiddos….sounds awesome. More than one snow day and I’d be pretty grumpy too.

Lynn Knight 1 year ago

AS your Mother, I lOved snow days….I HATED September as I did not want you gone all day. I LOved making hot chocolate. Any time you want time to yourself I am available almost 24/7. Baths, hair washing, homework, if she is throwing up, if your child wants to be outside ALL DAY in the snow and freezing weather ( which she seems to go enjoy) if she wants to sing and dance, blast music or play the same game 1,000 times. I am THAT Grammie and you have my number. She is a rainbow in a sky of dark clouds.

    Vanessa Dominguez Peralta 1 year ago

    Hi, are you the mother of the writer or someone that coment on it?? I love being at home with my kids too!! But they don’t go to school yet 4yo & 3yo

    Lynn Knight 1 year ago

    I am the mother of the girl that posted this. My reply was letting her know that I am ALWAYS willing to help out whenever ever the smallest break is desired… I have learned there is NEVER enough time to be with youngsters.

Amanda Lee 1 year ago

Ha ha ha ! My first panicked thought you is “I can’t miss work!!”

Cecilia Romero 1 year ago

I’m a teacher so I love snow days! That’s one day where me and my girls can hang out and just relax together! :)

Kristin Cioci 1 year ago

For real sister!

Loretta 1 year ago

We are suppose to have a day off due to the windchill being -35 degrees. I was happy at first because I work in the school district, so its a day off for me, but I predict that by 2pm tomorrow afternoon my kids will get on my nerves!

Dayna Taylor 1 year ago

Snow days are awesome! Hot chocolate, snuggles, playing in the winter wonderland- it’s an unexpected vacation day.

Jane JimBob Moore 1 year ago

I like snow days. 😛

Allison Strough-Weisneck 1 year ago

Boo hoo don’t have kids then.

Josefa Soto 1 year ago

I don’t understand why most people commenting even “like” this group… Its called “Scary” Mommy, for cryin’ out loud!

Elizabeth Waters 1 year ago

I’m a teacher, I did love snow days until I found out they’re going to stop paying us for them, now it’s mixed feelings.

PattiH 1 year ago

I say Yay no school tomorrow because I get to sleep in til 6 and I still get 3 hours all to myself!!! And I don’t have homework duty tonight! No school means more time for me. But I totally understand that I am the minority here. It’s ok, I’m used to it.

Jenny Wilhelmi Black 1 year ago

I love them, but I’m an educator!

Stephanie Meyers-Cardinal 1 year ago

So much negativity and judging going on from so many mom’s. Each mom and family is different. How can you judge someone that you have never met. Not all mom’s are SAHM’s or teachers. Great for those of you that are. But a lot of mom’s and dad’s have to work. I know first hand how stressful it is when there’s a snow day. I have to be to work very early in the morning and my husband is the one that gets the kids up and ready for school before he goes to work. We don’t have anyone to help watch the kids on short notice, our family members also work. So I have to leave work, my husband makes a lot more than me so it makes sense for him to go to work. I love my children and enjoy spending time with them . But I hate snow days and that doesn’t make me a horrible mom. But for those of you that love snow days, that’s great, but it’s not for every parent.

Marie Oprondek Gottschlich 1 year ago


Becki Rector 1 year ago

I LOVE snow days and I love when my kids get a day outta the school grind to enjoy relaxing at home with me!

Jodi Lynn Neil 1 year ago

We’re having flood days here & lots of hot cocoa!

Kelly Fuehrer 1 year ago

I always loves them. I loved that extra time with my kiddo.

    Becki Rector 1 year ago

    Me too!

Amy Myers 1 year ago

What if the parent is a teacher too? Because I kinda just want to stay in my pjs all day. Well, go outside for twenty minutes, get cute pictures, come inside and change back in pjs. Because dealing with just my snow-crazed kid is a heck of a lot easier than dealing with 30 snow-crazed third graders.

Alysia Knop George 1 year ago

I usually love snow days. Since I drive my kids to school, I’m happy to not have to get dressed, warm up the car, scrape the windows, or drive when the roads are bad or the temperature is frigid. Plus I welcome the extra time with my kids!

Felicia Penrose 1 year ago

Oh for crying out loud, some people actually enjoy having their children around. I know, crazy right?!

    Lindsay Dooley 1 year ago


Jill 1 year ago

Yeah, I get most of these posts are for humor, but if you seriously don’t like spending a bonus day with your kid I would say you are in the minority, or I’m hoping you are. I love my kids, they grow up so fast and any bonus days I have with them, even if it is to watch movies together I cherish! In just a few:10-15 years they will be in college and you will have all the time to your self, for the rest of your life. Enjoy their childhood now it’s the only one you get: be the mom you want them to remember.

Stephanie Falco Addona 1 year ago

If your a mom that works for a school you love snow days. No work and a cozy day with my boys!!!

Emily Sweeney 1 year ago

I absolutely love days when my kids are home. Snow days, Christmas vacation, days off even sick days. I love spending my time with my cool little people.

Van Grace 1 year ago

I get to stay home from work on snow says!

    Van Grace 1 year ago


Rachel Cole 1 year ago

As a teacher, I live for snow days. Even if it means having the kids home with me.

Dana Baker 1 year ago

I love love snow days. Hoping for one tomorrow in fact! We watch movies together and just enjoy a quiet day. No running around, dropping off or picking up. It’s fantastic.

Tania McCreanor 1 year ago

We obviously don’t get snow days here in Australia but my daughters catholic school has teachers days (go figure). I’m with you on every note and I know some mother’s who absolutely love it when their kids are home who make me very suspicious. Four more weeks of summer holidays!!!

Marianne 1 year ago

With my mental health issues I need routine and snow days or any extra days off school or school hols do not help me cope well at all.
My kids are all happy to get a day at home as long as they can spend most of the time in front of a computer screen.
My kids are 18, 15 and 12 so don’t need much looking after anymore.
I love my kids but if they stand any chance of having a reasonable mother they need to go to school and I need my space and the chance to volunteer in a charity shop.

Jerri 1 year ago

Last year our district had so many snow days I thought I’d have to take up drinking! I’m glad they cancel school on days when our roads are a solid sheet of ice covered by drifting snow but last winter was more than any sane mother could take. Our Christmas vacation was extended by nearly a week and a half! Have mercy!

Rita Cerne Speidel 1 year ago

I love snow days!!!

Becky Lately 1 year ago

I’m a parent, and a teacher, and I LOVE snow days!

Rebecca Harbodin 1 year ago

I’m a teacher and love it! Yes I get aggravated when the wet clothes pile up and the kids start to fight, but I love that the only thing we HAVE to do is hang out. Plus I’m a big kid and I love sledding. :)

Kristy King 1 year ago

God forbid you have your kids at home for an extra day….

Katherine Barlow Brandao 1 year ago

Sarcastic post by a sarcastic and amazing mom. Just because a mom writes an article about not liking snow days does not mean she doesn’t love her kids! I love my daughter, I love my job, and snow days can be a huge hassle for me.

Sarah Jayne 1 year ago

Seriously?! I love to snuggle with my kids on a cold day! Or better yet, play in the snow with them! What better excuse do you need to act like a kid again?!? They are only young for so long! Better enjoy them while you can…

Sarah Caissie Bruines 1 year ago

I hate making lunches that much…

Bonnie Jmn 1 year ago

Teen parents love snow days! No fighting to get them up, no fighting to get them to get out the door on time, and they cam do their own damn laundry while they are at home.

Nancy Welker Fortais 1 year ago

I LOVE snow days…..I’m a teacher!! My husband is, too. The best: When our districts close and the district our kids go to does not- but any snow day is a fine thing!!!!

Holly 1 year ago

Love reading your post and hearing a different perspective. The only reason I LOVE snow days is because I’m a teacher! A day home with my two is heaven. The talking, questions, demands, lack of bathroom breaks, no time to eat, etc… Is far greater as a teacher to 150+ students than to my own two kids at home. A day to play, build forts, drink hot chocolate, stay in pj’s and watch movies all day is HEAVEN. I also dread the end of winter, summer and spring breaks as I think a lot of teaching mommies do.

Amy Atherton 1 year ago

I love my kids but well…..shit needs to get done sometimes.

Amy Atherton 1 year ago

Amen. And it seems like the unplanned days off are even more volatile and sanity-erasing than scheduled holidays, weekends, etc. I simply don’t believe these moms who claim they love having kids home all day, every day. There is no way.

Kimberly Ketcham 1 year ago

I like snow days but that’s what I like. Crock pot chili, rent movies, snuggle.

Christy Dspradlin 1 year ago

Um hello…sleeping in is sooooo nice I love that. I work from home and my kiddos are well behaved (for the most part) so I love love love school days. Bring em on says this mom!!!

Stacy Davies 1 year ago

Omg, this was so funny! And I Can completely relate…even though I LOVE snow days!! If it wasn’t for the kids, I would have no one to sled with….although I can’t wait for them to be older so I can make them pull me around on the sled 😉

Shauna Stripling-Penska 1 year ago

Some of these Scary Mommy posts make me ask myself why she even has children. I love spending snow days and holiday breaks and weekends and summer vacation with my daughter. I like her. She is a very cool little person. I have never understood the parents who can’t wait for their kids to be at school or not home. My sister is a stay at home mom and I’ve NEVER heard her once complain about being home with her 2 boys because while we all need a little break now and then, they don’t stay children for long. So I say enjoys snow days, (buy a damn elf on the self) and quit your bitching.

Erin Ricciardi 1 year ago

I LOVE snow days! I work f/t, driving from home to home, and a snow day for them usually means it’s also a snow day for me, or that I don’t have the time restraint of the school day rushing me through my own work day.

Adam 1 year ago

Ummmmmm…I’m a teacher…

Alex Villegas Crow 1 year ago

I hate it because i don’t like being cold and i have RA and don’t want to fall. If i didn’t have this stupid disease then i think i might see the joy of it.

Carla Melissa Cotto Irizarry 1 year ago

Hahah.. That is why we live in Florida two blocks away from the beach… Wooohoooo. I love it here.

Mary Hickcox 1 year ago

I homeschool all my kids and although I enjoy your wit I truly don’t understand people that have so little interest in a fun day with their child. My children are my best friends. I love being with them!

Lori Van Tassel Pinco 1 year ago

So sick of people chronically complaining about there kids. How about don’t have any and you’ll never ever have to worry about snow days.

Haven 1 year ago

i dreaded snow days when the kids were little (thankfully they rarely happen here in Texas) but now that they are older I love it! I get to send them outside to do the work I don’t want to when it’s cold, like feed chickens. I can get caught up on housework cause I put their behinds to work! Snow days are awesome!

Shelly Bruhn 1 year ago

The reason I like snow days is bc I get to stay home from work lol

Angie Ramsey 1 year ago

A snow day here in Alberta Canada is usually also -30c or colder so going out to play in said snow is out of the question. The kids are STILL up at 7, and have no problem expecting ME to follow along behind them as they play all day, watch TV, and generally make a mess. They may have a day off of school, but as a mom, I am still on duty cooking, cleaning, laundry- now with also having to deal with ” Im bored. Im hungry. She’s breathing my air…” No thank you. Hate snow days. Just means more work for me. Doesnt mean I dont love my kids. It just means I love time alone. And that is OK.

April Briley Smith 1 year ago

lol! I hear ya. Plus it means mud from kids coming in and out playing in the snow…I hate mud 😉 Thankful it doesn’t happen too often here. Even if I hate snow, I love my kids reaction to it. They think its so magical!

Karry Karlstad 1 year ago

Moved to Florida to get away from snow days!

Meagan Quirk 1 year ago

I work for a school district different from the one I live in. Yesterday, both my district and my kids’ district had a snow day, and I LOVED it! I love them for two reasons: 1.) It brings feelings of nostalgia of when I was a kid and loved snow days, and 2.) It sometimes gives me the opportunity to be at home all day with my kids, something that typically only happens on weekends now (even though we did just have a 2-week vacation). I was a SAHM until my youngest went to school for the full day. While being a SAHM was very hard, I also miss it tremendously. “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.”

Jodi Hovatter 1 year ago

No hustle and bustle and fighting and screaming in the morning to get them fed and out the door…. I’m ok with snow days….. In moderation

Brooke Nabkey 1 year ago

I love snow days with my kids, it usually means I have a few less daycare kids, we don’t get dressed out of PJs, we eat whatever is laying in the freezer, we watch those movies together. I remind myself that someday they will be adults who don’t get snow days and will drive in any weather to work like the rest of the world. Try to think less about how it affects you and how to have an effect on them while they are home with you.

Crystal Bridges 1 year ago

Snow days here are those once in blue moon days and we get to spend quality time w kids playing in snow, sitting by fire, hot cocoa, building snow men, making snow angels… Making memories.. I am a stay at home mom w no meds, nanny or of those listed..honestly I don’t understand how anyone could not love snow days with our busy lives

Randi Looney Hinojosa 1 year ago

I live in Texas so we get ice days not snow days so they aren’t “super fun let’s throw snowballs at each other” days. However they do mean that I don’t have to wake up early and make sure my son has on pants AND socks. It also means “Hell fucking yeah no work” day for me. Win win.

Sarah Jessup Campbell 1 year ago

LOL! This is funny stuff!

Denise Hughes Frank Blados 1 year ago

We don’t have snow days with our two younger children since we homeschool. Plus, we moved from up North to Florida. When my two adult children were young, I loved snow days. I was also a stay-at-home mom. It meant that I didn’t have to make their lunches, get their uniforms ready, bring them to the bus stop (or to school if we missed the bus), or have to get up early and get dressed. It was a lazy day when I could just stay in my pajamas and the boys would go out and play in the snow if they were old enough. It also was a day of baking and cooking our favorite things to eat and popping corn and watching video tapes. I loved snow days. They were a lot of fun even when we were snowed in for three days after two back-to-back blizzards. :)

Amy Holt 1 year ago

Dear parent who doesn’t like snow days. Snow days are awesome!!! Be a kid again and go roll in the snow! Build a snowman! Eat junk food! And take a nap! Then do it all over again.

Keri Taylor 1 year ago

I love snow days and I love spending time with my kids so yeah bring your kids over there is plenty oh hot chocolate in the blanket fort

April C Beau 1 year ago

I’m a parent and a teacher, so I LOVE snow days!

Valerie Moxley 1 year ago

LOL, i swear i read the comments just to get a laugh at the uptight, defensive, judgmental moms i don’t ever want to become. BTW i love snow days, if i was your friend and you hated snow days I’d say “bring your kids over, we’re going sledding”!!


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