Does Motherhood Ever Get Easier?


Let’s face it. This mommy shit isn’t easy. Yes, it’s wonderful and you wouldn’t trade it for the world, but does it ever get easier? Two years from now, will you finally be able to relax? Does motherhood ever get easier? Let’s take a look at this from the beginning, shall we?

Newborns: Hard. Fragile and easily pissed off, they are kind of like little caterpillars that wiggle around and fart a lot. They poop, scream, cry, have stomach pains, spit up, and eat all the time. It’s a 24-hour festival of fuss and liquid. The main goal is to keep them healthy, clean, and dry.

Infants: Exhausting. Similar to newborns, but their poops get bigger and they become mobile. In other words, they can now get hurt. Teething is a bitch and a lot of babies want to be held all the flipping time. You learn to do many things one-handed, even laundry. Showers? Forget about it. You’ll have your own scent and you will get used to it. For you, sleep only happens if you are lucky enough to get a concussion. Good luck with that.

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Toddlers: Backbreaking. They run, fall, bite, bump their heads, and skin their knees. They are basically on a mission of self-destruction. They are like teeny-tiny drunks that you can’t get to walk in a straight line. They will run right into on-coming traffic without flinching, so you have to watch them EVERY SINGLE SECOND! Plus, potty training begins! They throw food, they throw fits, and they throw punches. You better know how to duck.

Threes: Tough. They may or may not use the potty, but they can certainly use their sassy mouths. The boys find their wieners (aka their BFF’s) and they never let them go…for the rest of their lives. The girls still can’t quite figure out what the hell they’ve got going on down there, but it doesn’t mean they aren’t curious. Nap times may become a battle. It’s you against the kid, you better come prepared for combat.

Fours: Challenging. This is when it’s supposed to get easier, right? Maybe a little, but that itty bitty volcano that’s been increasingly active for the last four years can erupt at any moment. They will discover their imaginations, their personalities and will also develop a fear of monsters, the dark, and any noise whatsoever. Welcome to feeling like you have a four year-old growing out of your leg. Oh, and if you’ve got boys, then butt, diarrhea, balls, wiener, stinky, poop and fart are all words that are just normal vocabulary. If you have girls, they may start getting serious about fashion choices, thus making your mornings a living hell!

Kindergarten-Elementary School: Difficult. Yes, they will go to school and catch every single strain of illness that has ever existed on the face of this planet even though they’ve already had like 200 vaccines at this point, but that’s not even the hardest part. So many activities, sports, and just stop with all the effing birthday parties already! And…you will worry. Will they have friends? Will they be on grade level? What if they fall behind? What if no one plays with them at recess and it crushes their spirit? Oh enough already! Can’t we please go back to the time when we could protect them from all of this crap?

Middle School: You’re screwed. They have to find their place in the treacherous social cliffs of adolescence. You will constantly worry about grades and safety. Will they make the team? What if someone offers them drugs? What if they have self-esteem issues? Oh the puberty! Oh the hormones! Oh the sex education! Periods and acne and everything that’s awful. Make it stop! Make! It! Stop!

High School: Now you’re really screwed. They can drive. Will they keep their grades up? They want to date. Where will they be when they say they are at their friend’s house? Will they actually be there, or will they have glow sticks in their mouths and be doing ecstasy and having relations? Or was that our generation? Who cares! What the hell are they doing out there? Oh good gracious.

College: They’re gone, but why haven’t they called? They must be studying…or at a kegger. What if they joined a commune of hippies? They never answer their cell phones. You paid over thirty grand for them to be out alone, unarmed and unsafe. What if the Greek crowd rejects them? What if they accept them? What if they become Indie or Emo? What the eff does that even mean? Well now you’ve done it. Drop your classes kids. You’re coming home to mother!

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Adulthood: Freedom! Hold on there little mama, you’re still not done. It’s not the day-to-day blood, sweat and tears kind of labor, but there are engagements, broken engagements, and warrants out for your arrest after the engagements are broken. Are they really happy? What if they rob a liquor store? Now there’s a real wedding. Were you a good enough mom to them all those years? Oh crap, they had kids. They are not raising their kids right. Now this process starts all over again.

So it can be reasonably concluded that the answer is NO. It never really gets “easier.” It just becomes a different kind of difficult. You may end up a medicated, nervous ball of stress and anxiety, but that’s okay. Don’t worry mom, you totally got this. All the hard work is going to be worth it. So, just enjoy whatever time you’re in now, because change is just around the corner…and you know it ain’t gonna be easy.

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About the writer

Kristen Lynn is the proud mother of three boys. She's a walking train wreck, terrible cook, and mediocre wife, who uses writing and humor to help manage her crazy. She wrote her first fiction novel, The Unbalancing Act, and started the blog kristenlynnwrites. You can also find her on Facebook, where she shows the world just how unbalanced she really is.


homebody/grandmom 3 months ago

well I can actually say “I love being a grandmom and helping with them” including babysitting, helping with the new house move in (neglecting mine) but actually seeing what all my hard work of a single parent looks like now..proud of my kids and seeing them grow into adulthood

Kristina 3 months ago

My daughter is 8 years old, and boy does this article describes my battle to a T. It’s a beautiful thing but yes being a parent never gets easy. I learn new things everyday and worry about if what I’m doing or saying is helping or hurting her in the long run.

Melanie 11 months ago

I have two girls, ages 3 and 8 and three boys, 13,14 and just turned 16 today. We’re in every stage possible! While it’s exhausting, it’s rewarding and definitely challenging. The stress never ends, the worries only get bigger! While oldest teen learns to drive, his first question is “can I drive my girlfriend to school?”….um…NO and NEVER are you allowed to have girls in the car! good luck w that one, I know! :-/

nicole 11 months ago

We have 6 kids and I never imagined how hard it would be, at any moment we are in category 3 crisis…..those stages are soo true and then some! Wine is my BFF lol

crystal 11 months ago

Entering the newborn stage due yesterday!!! Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

Sophia 1 year ago

I think it doesn’t necessarily get easier, but maybe there’s different stages you can be better with. I, for instance, know that I can probably do much better with a kid who can talk to me (probably, I hope!!!) because for now, my infant doesn’t understand a word I say. Nor seems to care.

kathleen diegel 1 year ago

I am a sixty nine year old grandmother. I just spent the last twenty minutes negotiating with a two year old over his choice of a pillow. My oldest child and her children live with me. I have four children–all grown and I still worry over them. Not for any particular problem just the general worry of how life treats them or them driving in bad weather. For the past twelve years I have watched my grandchildren–they are now ages 12 to 2 with a new one due in November(she will join the other five). Oh the new one–worried sick because my daughter has placenta previa. Do you ever stop worrying? Absolutely not. Has it been worth it? Positively yes. When I see the amazing adults who happen to be my children I am in awe of them and thankful to God for the wonderful blessings who are my kids. Hang in there–if you are loving your kids with all your hearts you are doing a great job. Worry is part of the job but happiness is the biggest and best part of it.

Bethany Cardinal 1 year ago

Without even reading any posts, I am BEGGING all of you young Moms – enjoy every freaking exhausting, frustrating, aggravating, incredibly joy-full MINUTE!!!!!!!
Before you know it, your little ones won’t want to be held, rocked, sung to, read to, dressed, helped, given advice, helped with home work, driven to ANYTHING by you …. And all too soon you will be wishing they were needy again. How I wish I could turn just my kids clock back 20 years. To have three kids, ages 3, 8 & 11 – I would give the world for that in a heartbeat. Take a minute to breathe little mommas. Enjoy what you will never have again.

Dulce Godoy 1 year ago


Anonymous 1 year ago

Complain all you want. Their are A LOT of women with infertility issues who would love to be in your shoes.

Shauna Stacy 1 year ago

Bring it on! ::laughs maniacally:: ::pours some wine::

Doug Harbison 1 year ago

This hit the nail right on the head.

Alexandra Sliwinski Kavana 1 year ago

OMG! My 6 month old is totally in the infant phase. Crawling, teething and constantly wants to be held. I feel I my never sleep again!

Gadija Abrahams Chothia 1 year ago

Gee! Thanks for that article of encouragement….

Deb Robinson 1 year ago


JessUllrich 1 year ago

As the mother of a 4-month old, I almost spit my coffee all over my laptop at “24-hour festival of fuss and liquid”. So funny and so true.

Jen L. 1 year ago

Shoot, if you can survive the 18months-4 years stage you are golden! I’ll take a little attitude from the kids any day over tantrums and poop! My boys are 9 and 6 and I think I started to feel sane again around when my youngest was 4.5 years old. My BFF calls 18 months-4 years “the trenches of motherhood” and in my experience this is spot on! I can reason with a 5 year old, I can negotiate with a teenager, but a flailing poop covered toddler trying to eat my make-up? No thanks! I want another baby, but the thought of going through another awful toddler stage makes me want to get my tubes tied haha

Meredith Swierczynski 1 year ago

love this! I’ve entered the middle school years and everything Scary Mommy says is true… I’m a worried, probably-should-be-medicated- mommy who recently realized that it will always be scary being a mommy…

Emily 1 year ago

I have a toddler and this is so true! She fell into a door frame headfirst yesterday because she was walking and shaking her head at the same time and lost her balance. She literally couldn’t handle walking in a straight line. Mission of self-destruction indeed.

JoAnna Danna 1 year ago

I have 4 kids still living at home age 21-26. 2 in college and a grandson who lives here. No it never gets easier, but I love them all!

Ashley Bayer 1 year ago

um nope

Tracey 1 year ago

This was great to read! So much truth! I’ve been a mom for almost 20 years now and the one thing I can say about “getting easier” is at least as they get older and more independent it’s not as constant vs babies/toddlers where it is an every minute of every day constant siege of needs. LOL. THAT part at least, mellows out. But no parenting is never easy.

Herchel Scruggs 1 year ago

I like to think I am in the easy stage with a kindergartener and 1st grader…then I worry I may be wrong and they just have me trained well.

Deana Chafin 1 year ago

Once a Mom ALWAYS a Mom.

Mary 1 year ago

My pediatrician, as a child used to tell my mom, “Don’t worry they will grow out this stage and into a worse one.” I actually liked the teenage and college years. And love the adult years. Not that they did not drive me crazy, but they were pretty independent and did not give me much trouble. They were not angels by any means, I am finding that out more and more, but as my one daughter said, “Yes, we broke the rules, but we did not destroy them. You taught us that there is a line you do not cross, and we did not cross that line. Well not too often-haha.”

Jennifer Engelmann 1 year ago

I want to think so but knowing what a mess I was in my 20’s, I think I’m in for a loooong haul

Pat Coley 1 year ago

I read this and yes it was all those things, and I loved ever minute of it. Now I feel that I can redo it again with your children. Thank you for letting me watch and go threw it with you.

Mária Kovács 1 year ago

We are screwed

Mária Kovács 1 year ago

Good read!!! I am in the infant stage lol

It’s me 1 year ago

I don’t like to think of parenting as hard but rather an adventure I’m spending with my children. yes that sounds sappy when written down like that but it’s true. I love spending time with my kids and learning from my mistakes, and theirs. I think the moment you start to find parenting hard or tedious you need to step back and look at the big picture. The big picture being that they really don’t need you worrying and all up in their business all the time. Does worrying about how many friends they have produce different results? No? Then try focusing on ways to have fun with the friends they do have and the activities they like to do.

Nicole Van Hoose 1 year ago

It gets easier.

Amanda Lewis Tarter 1 year ago

I gladly say good bye to my pre kid life!

Kellie Herbert 1 year ago

Crap. That’s depressing. I refuse to listen lol.

Raquel Guerra 1 year ago
Gail Schrimpf 1 year ago

I think this article was going for humor. Sometimes you just have to laugh. A little tongue in cheek so to speak. Just do the best you can no matter what age. Will you make mistakes…sure…we all do. Keep a good attitude, laugh some and love a lot. Some day if you are blessed, you will be a Grandma!

Rachel Grant 1 year ago

I have a 6 week old reflux baby; I no longer know what sleep is and I have a fussy little guy attached to me whose only happy when being bounced up and down. It’s HARD…very very hard. Everyone’s been telling me it will be better when he’s 3 months old. I think they are lying…

Keri Schrimpf 1 year ago

I can’t wait for those first smiles and laughs!

Andrea L. Menz 1 year ago

I think nothing is harder than those first weeks with your first kid, because of the exhaustion, but mostly also because of the shock and the adjustment to the huge increase in responsibility and your time no longer being your own. Objectively, it might not get easier, but when you’re sleeping enough and you’ve adjusted somewhat to being a mother, it feels easier. Also, once they start smiling and laughing it’s so much more rewarding!

Nina Peretto 1 year ago

did anyone ever go into motherhood actually thinking it would get easier at some point ? not me !!!! lol :}

Maria Sandström 1 year ago

Being a mommy is what you make of it. Either you persuade yourself so hard that all the quietness and peace in life is gone forever and let your kid or kids rule you. And go sit inside for the remaining 16 years.. or you tell yourself not to ever forget who you were before you had kids and you rule them. I sleep as much now as I did before my daughter showed up. She doesn’t tell me what to do. If she once in her lifetime don’t feel that she hates me I haven’t done my job. I’m not here to be her best friend, I’m here to set boundaries, tell her what’s right and what’s wrong, teach her manners and support her in every way I can. She has learned that mommy some weekends leave the house to hit some bars or hang out with friends. Nothing wrong with that. All I really wanted to say was that having a child or three doesn’t necessarily mean that your life is over. ✌

Jenny luff 1 year ago

Brilliant, I have 1 starting nursery, 1 starting reception class and eldest about to start GCSEs, so it’s fun times ahead. Xxx

Kylie Russell 1 year ago

I think it DOES get easier after 2-3yrs, but everybody has a different experience. I am similar to Jessica, if I’m getting sleep, everything is much easier to cope with lol

Kylie Russell 1 year ago

I think different people cope with different stages better. I personally don’t enjoy the 0-3 ages very much (though there are times it isn’t as bad).

Marla Brodsky 1 year ago

Mine is 17 and I find myself missing the colic infant stage. 17 year old girls suck!!!!! It’s all hard!

Tracy Gent 1 year ago

Well then F it lol

Nicole Lynn 1 year ago

For me, yes it did get easier. My first was born with severe clubbed feet and dislocated hips and spent her first 4 years in casts and requiring 3 different surgeries and doctor visits every 3 days to bind her feet. it was HELL. then physical therapy, learning to walk, she was so behind w/ her motor skills. My second, who is 3 and a boy, very very busy was much easier as a baby but is a terrible 3! Into everything. But I handle it much better after going through all that with my first, you learn tricks to parenting and short cuts for things, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve gotten wiser. Each stage of parenting has benefits/hardships, but my older children are less work over all than when they were infants.

Diane DiMarco 1 year ago

Yes after having 5 they help rach other and grow. Then move out and come back with their own. That you love But can give bsck

hbombmom 1 year ago

Hey! My boy was almost lost by his school too! In almost the exact same manner as yours. Supposed to go to after school care but got put on the bus. Substitute driver let him (a 5 y.o. kindergartner!!!!) off the bus with no parent around. Long story short, UPS driver sees him looking lost and calls the cops, cops come to my door but no one is home (both parents @ work…hence the need for asc), and I get a call on my way home 2 hours later. I. Wanted. To. Kill.

Margaret Ackerman 1 year ago

Doesn’t get easier, but every stage is different. Enjoy every stage and cherish every minute.

Frankie Laursen 1 year ago

I was afraid this was true. Thankfully, sleep deprivation over the last 7 years had destroyed some of my short-term memory so I can soon blissfully go back to believing that some day when my kids get a little older it’ll get easier.

Louise Lowder Combest 1 year ago

Does not get easier for sure.

Whitlow Fam 1 year ago

Soooooooo…..what you’re sayin’ is I should look forward to grand-parenthood then ;-)? Does the load ease up then….feed them sugar, spoil them to death and send them back to your grown up kid that you still worry about? Gosh I hope so.

Signed…Living in the “Challenging” Fours and soon to be “Hard” Newborn Stage Mom

    Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 1 year ago

    Nope, my parents still worry about me and my brothers, but also worry about all 6 grandchildren! So if anything it multiplies, LOL.

Caryn McCormick Campo 1 year ago

Wow. This is really on point!

Kat Penrod 1 year ago

Mother of a two month teething girl. Still finding my hormonal regulation to boot. This article is depressing.

Kelsey Bishop Whited 1 year ago

Easier in some ways and harder in some ways. There are certain times or phases my son went through that made me want to just cry. When he started crawling around, till when he got around 2 1/2, it was horrible. Constantly making messes and hurting himself. He will be three soon and I am enjoying this time. He has meltdowns and some attitude problems but most of the time it is a blast. He is sweet and loves to play, I love seeing him get excited over small things like its the best thing ever. I love that he loves giving me hugs and genuinely cares when he can tell I’m upset, I love watching him be a boy and play with bugs and chase our chickens. So to me this is amazing. Yes being a mom is hard, but its so worth it. I know that he is only a toddler now and I haven’t experienced the teens etc, but there is something inherently good about being a mom.

Carwen Paz 1 year ago

It doesn’t get any easier… You just get used to being a zombie…

Carwen Paz 1 year ago


Meadow Newton 1 year ago

With a 19yo and a 17mo, I can agree w this assessment! :)

Misty Unrau 1 year ago

I have 5 kids ages 7-18. Doesnt get easier. Actually it gets more painful and frustrating the older they get. To watch them make some decisions and theres nothing you can do but love them and shed tears in private.

Traci Muller Rylands 1 year ago

Yes. A different kind of difficult describes it well. I will say that so far, the hardest issue we ever dealt with was biting in preschool (age 3). There was a lead biter who then taught the other kids (including mine) how. That one gave me the most nightmares and stress.

Cath Bruyning 1 year ago

So Funny that within an hour this post is shared more than 300 times, spreading like wildfire, with moms behind laptops saying: “Finally, the TRUTH” 😀

Mary Reeves 1 year ago

Hardest job but wouldnt trade it for the world!!! A little break now & then would be a welcome treat but i dont miss pre- motherhood days at all!!!

Crystal Herman 1 year ago

I love this blog!!!! She cracks me up but she’s right on! It’s like she crawled inside my head!!!

Kerry McAleese 1 year ago

Oh gawd! Pregnant with my first! Thanks for the encouragement. :s

    Patricia Ramirez 1 year ago

    Whitlow is right my kid is now 2 and trust me is not easy but i have to say my kid has been the greatest teacher for me, I have learned what true love means and what great patience I am capable of amongst many other things, just repeat to yourself “one day at a time” and “Rome wasn’t built in one day” at least that is how I get through tough days.

Janey Dickinson 1 year ago

I know I’m just a new mom… but I believe that motherhood never get’s “easier” You just switch from one stress to another. What you were stressed out about in the baby years have now switched to a different stress when they are teens. Your still stressed… Just different things to stress about. LoL.

Natalie Richmond 1 year ago

I would never call motherhood easy but I think as our children grow our lives get easier in some ways and harder in others, it’s just a shift in challenges and responsibilities.

Jessica Farrell 1 year ago

I hate that new moms may be reading this when you need to see a light at the end of the tunnel!! Sure, there will always be challenges and hard work. The kids don’t raise themselves. But once baby sleeps through the night, it is immensely easier for you!! I can handle anything after a full night sleep. I swear it will get better!! My oldest is 5 and sure she sometimes has an attitude, but she’s still really a good kid. My little one is 2, and is in that challenging toddler stage, but I can see subtle changes as we move closer to 2.5. She’s growing up and using her words. No, motherhood is never a breeze, but I promise it will get so much easier when your baby can sleep (and one day get her own food from the fridge!, and even occupy herself for 20 minutes while you take a shower!). Hang in there new mama!

    Katy 11 months ago

    Omg! I’m 4 months in and I feel if I could just get a decent nights sleep, I could take on the world! That’s what’s killing me now.

Beth Walsh 1 year ago

I was told early on into motherhood that it never gets “easier”, the “HARD” just gets “different”. So, so true.

    Ginny Schultz Vandenburg 1 year ago

    Exactly. Certain aspects of parenting get easier while brand new hardships come up with each stage.

Jenny Cooper McEntyre 1 year ago

Mine are 4,10 and 13 and number 4 on the way………it just changes over the years not really easier or harder just different.

Lucy Imperial 1 year ago

terrible 2’s. horrible 3’s, and so on.

Jess Davenport-Burnette 1 year ago

I don’t think it gets easier you just realize you can’t control everything and let things go more.

Sunshine 1 year ago

I’ve been saying it for the last 5 years, it doesn’t get easier just different. I’m in the trenches with a newborn, 2 year old and 5 year old. What the hell was I thinking?!

Orsi Volkai 1 year ago

We have a saying in Hungary: small kids small trouble, big kids big trouble. This summs up the whole story I guess 😉

    Cath Bruyning 1 year ago

    In Dutch we have this saying too

    Melissa Valdez 1 year ago

    That either way kids are trouble? Lol, yeah that makes sense

Miriam Fernandez 1 year ago

wow i have a toddler, a kindergarter and a high schooler, i am definitively screwed….

Bonnie McLaughlin 1 year ago

Haha love it ! 😉

Andrey Markov 1 year ago

No, it doesn’t.

Lindsay R Curtis 1 year ago

I think one of the biggest lies people tell new moms is: “It gets easier”. Um, no. I’m only 18 months into this gig but it does not keep getting easier! It’s exhausting, all-consuming and…amazing.

Lucy Imperial 1 year ago

And of top of everything, when you are at home mom, people ask “”So you don’t work”” really????

    Carol A McCullough 1 year ago

    Right, like it’s not stressful being with your kids 24/7!

    Lucy Imperial 1 year ago

    So true!

    Patricia Ramirez 1 year ago

    My respects to stay at home moms, i think I would go insane.

Lucy Imperial 1 year ago

Not for me after 16 years. LOL

Vicky ‘eeby’ Dimmock 1 year ago

I keep being told it gets more difficult. .. especially the teenage years… I’ve decided not to believe them

Victoria Olson 1 year ago

I have a 3 yr old & a 6 yr old. I have 12 nieces & nephews of various ages ranging from 4yrs to 20 yrs. From what I can tell it doesn’t get easier AT ALL. The problems just change based on age generally getting more complicated in their own ways. Right now my 3 yr old is almost all the way out of pull-ups (aside from bed time) & the school almost lost my 6 yr old child yesterday because they sent her on a bus instead of to the front door for me to pick her up. My 3 yr olds biggest issue is not wanting to clean up her toys. My 6 yr old thinks she is 20. My 3 yr old wants dolls. My 6 yr old wants a phone, a tablet, a computer, a mp3 player, a trampoline, a pool, etc. So yea I would say the problems change & the stuff they want becomes more expensive…. sigh wont be too long before they are telling me they hate me & I am ruining their lives. Oh how I am looking forward to that. The 6 yr old may say it sooner rather than later considering that after watching a commercial I personally dont think should be on t.v. she asked me what sex is. I thought I had a few more yrs before I had to answer that one. Either way I love my kiddos, wouldn’t change any of it for the world, & life is so much better because they are in it; but ah those “special” moments in between the good things.

Marjorie Shipley Scheers 1 year ago

No, because they turn 16 and start to drive and scare the heck out of you and it’s all downhill from there!!

Lindsay Umstattd 1 year ago

Oh no. I’m realizing I can relate and agree with almost every article u write. I’m not sure if that’s good or bad! Lol

Aviva Comet Hoback 1 year ago

Not easier, but different. Mine are nearly 18, nearly 16, 12,8,7, and nearly 4. My one boy is second in line. The saying, “Little kids, little problems….Big kids, big problems makes so much sense. I am tired.

Stephanie Harkness Miller 1 year ago

Best quote I ever read about being a mom ‘It doesn’t get easier, you just get better at it”.

Peggy A Garcia 1 year ago

Funny! The sad part is that it’s all true….

Sara Johnston Anders-won 1 year ago

Lmao NOPE, never gets easier!!! when mine were babies I was always told as they got older it would get easier, now they are 7, 10 and 13! I’m over the saying “It gets easier” hahaha lol

Stacy Hotaling 1 year ago

This makes me super excited to experience the “threes” tomorrow.

Gemma Clark 1 year ago

:-) oh blimey!!!!

Stacy C 1 year ago

So. True.

Rosario Hinojosa 1 year ago

Double teen years. Scary.

Jen Cnossen 1 year ago

I have an 18 year old who is on her own, gawd help me and a 4 year old….I need medication now….with a soon to be 13 year old and 10 year old..all girls. Just send me the meds on a monthly basis would be great. Alcohol for birthdays would be nice.

    Jen Cnossen 1 year ago

    I know that all things are calm and then its category 5 hurricane, but I know it passes. :) My reward will be, ‘mom, you were right, thank you for loving me no matter what’. that is all that I am waiting for at this point. :)

Maura Linkowski 1 year ago

Yup. It’s only now, with an almost five year old and a newborn, that I realize that every moment is also the best moment and you will never get a single one back. Enjoy it, stickiness, stinkiness, and all.

Sunshine Aspinall 1 year ago


Jenny Holmes 1 year ago

I am entering the Tween years with DAughter #1. Godhelpme!

Paola Berdichevsky 1 year ago

Knee deep in the toddler and elementary phases!

Vanessa Mastrodomenico 1 year ago

Thank you for this article and for saying it never really gets easier! Being a mom “getting easier” was the biggest load of crap I heard after my son was born.

Virginia Ward 1 year ago

No it just goes through different stages

Christi Braithwaite French 1 year ago

my favorite was middle school, you are screwed! lol


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