Enough Already, America


This map shows every school shooting since Sandy Hook. Shootings at K-12 schools in red, at colleges/universities in purple. (Everytown for Gun Safety/Mark Gongloff, via Vox.xom)


Dear America: Wake the hell up.

I sit here at my desk after school, another school shooting scrolling across the newsfeed of CNN. Another instance which, as a teacher, makes me wonder if we — my students, my school, my co-workers — could be next. It’s enough already.

Stop making those absolutely false claims that “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, and “the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” Those phrases are trite crap, and they perpetuate the seemingly never ending gun violence which is being perpetrated in our country. Numbers don’t lie; Countries with gun control simply do not face the same issues with gun deaths that we face in this country. Don’t try and pretend otherwise; the spinning of numbers is ridiculous. It is time we wake up, and we GET RID OF GUNS.

We don’t need more guns. We don’t need guns at all. Go ahead, attack me, flame me — I am calling those who think that we need to protect an individual’s right to bear arms ignorant and scared. Because if you believe that, you are. How is that right greater than the right for a child to live?

I am scared. I am scared of walking into my school one day, and having to lock my students into my classroom and cower in a corner with fear about what might be happening outside of the door. I am afraid that I am going to have to make the choice to put myself between my students, and a gun.  I am scared that my daughter isn’t safe when she goes to school this coming September and that someone will enter what should be a safe place, and hurt her.

I am scared that people value their ridiculous “right” to own a gun more than the lives of the children who are senselessly killed by gun violence day after day in this country. I am scared that our nation is so selfish that we have chosen to give up our children’s safety for the ability to carry weapons that have no purpose other than to hurt other people.

I am scared. And enough is enough. Not one more.

Guns aren’t worth lives.


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    DJohnson says

    This is probably the dumbest article I have ever read on this site. We do not need Gun Control we need to educate our society. I could kill you with a pencil but I am smart enough to know better.

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        Stan Hauck says

        Yes guns kill people and just about any thing else, but the problem is who is behind that gun, not the gun. This may sound scary but as a parent and a grandparent I would rather it be a gun then a BOMB or some form of GAS. And these NUTS out there would use these means if guns were not around and the FACTS are that these NUTS and others that prey on YOU and ME could and will get any thing they want even if laws were in place to ban them. Crime is on the rise every where and if you look at the facts when police ect say crime is down, that’s because some crimes have been given a lessor rating to NOT make the list. Wake up talk to your police 1 on 1 and really listen to what they have to deal with. I am not a cop, but when I find a good one I will listen to what they say.

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          Dark Space says

          Good point. You can EASILY build a bomb for under $10 and 5 minutes in a standard grocery store, and the instructions are easily attainable on Youtube or any number of sites. Even innocuous items such as cold packs can go boom boom.

          We need a solution, but going down the route of gun free zones, even metal detectors, clearly won’t stop an event like what happened in Oregon – he walked in with a long rifle and shot someone in just a few minutes. Even if the police had been alerted the second he stepped in the school, no life would have been saved. I don’t pretend to have an easy solution, and doubt there is an easy one, but we should quickly dismiss proposals that clearly do not solve the problem and instead have likely unintended consequences.

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      Anonymous says

      A pencil is not designed for the sole purpose of killing. A gun is. Please stop comparing guns to any other object that is not designed solely to kill or maim.

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        Joe Shmoe says

        What about a knife? Isn’t it’s sole purpose to cut and stab? Maybe after we have gun control we can have knife control as well. When do we as a society stop blaming the tool used to destroy and start taking responsibility for our own actions?

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          mind power says

          What a dumb statement. Can you kill 20 people from a distance with a knife?

          By your idiotic logic it should be okay for people to walk around with grenades since it wouldn’t be the grenades killing people, but the people throwing them.

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            Jenn says

            You could however kill people from a distance with a crossbow, or bow and arrow. Maybe not as quickly but it could happen. Or they could just make an IED and kill a bunch of people from a far distance. You are never going to eliminate every potential threat. It is a scary world we live in and almost anything can be used as a weapon. Also what about all the sport shooters who don’t plan on killing anything? Guns are not evil. While I agree that maybe they shouldn’t be so easily accessible and some types such as automatics should not be around at all abolishing all guns is a very knee jerk reaction. What about all the people that responsibly use their guns? Why should all be punished for the sins of the few?

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            Dark Space says

            To be fair, Jenn, these people are not being killed from a distance with a gun. The killer in California the other day killed half the people with a gun, half with a knife, and severely maimed a number of people with a car.

            I don’t think anyone is proposing folks walk around with hand grenades. If anything, the only comments on that matter that I’ve heard recently are that perhaps even our police forces should not be given flashbangs or other grenade-like implements because they are not responsible enough to use them and they are not appropriate for most domestic security situations.

            You’re making a mistake, IMO, of assuming the person who has a different opinion in regards to the solution is your enemy.

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      Darla says

      That pencil might stab one person before the perpetrator is stopped- a gun can kill many. This comment is asinine and the typical gun rights perspective. Guns kill, pretending otherwise makes you an idiot.

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        Amanda says

        No one is pretending guns don’t kill. It’s just ridiculous to base your argument on the fact that guns kill. Cars kill as we’ll but no one is arguing that they should be banned. Knives kill. No one is arguing they should be banned. There are many things that can easily kill a person. If we’re banning something that has the capabilities to kill than there are many more thing to ban along with guns.

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          Darla says

          But none of the other things you mentioned has NO OTHER PURPOSE but to kill, therefore your argument doesn’t work.

          Yes, anything CAN kill, but that is not many objects true intent. A gun’s purpose is to kill, therefore they do not fall in the same category as a car or a knife or other everyday useful object that has the capacity to do harm.

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            katie says

            Very nicely put Darla. Not posting my opinion because I like the ability to learn more and hear more opinions but that was a very good point. I feel that this article is very well written and wether you are for or against gun control the point is that this is happening to our children and it shouldn’t be.

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          Heather says

          Yes, cars kill people, but even putting aside the very valid point that cars aren’t designed simply to kill whereas guns are, the bigger point is that cars, and the people that drive them, are heavily regulated by the government. Drivers are licensed, cars are registered and have to have significant safety features included in them (increasing all the time), and they must be insured because they. cause. harm. None of this is true for guns.

          So for the love of god, stop perpetuating false dichotomies. It cheapens the real debate and makes you, frankly, look like an idiot who can’t form a truly coherent argument.

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            DaWayne says

            I killed a paper target with my gun last weekend, filet fish with my knife, honk my horn at idiotic drivers with my truck, flew to Jamaica in an airplane…all vessels have the means to kill but not the intent to. The fact that someone may only kill one child with a knife is not a valid argument in my opinion…it’s still a life. Perhaps genetics would be a better approach to “weed out” the “crazies”? Of course I jest. Feel free to stand up for your beliefs as I will for mine. I’ve never even pointed my weapons at anything other than a paper target or an animal in was hunting for food, not pleasure. Perhaps your perfume sets off an allergic reaction or my emphysema and I could literally die from that. Does that give me the right to tell you to quit wearing that perfume or even ban it? Extremely ridiculous thought I agree but if the end justifies the means then why not? Good luck on your endeavors…I’m going shooting!

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            Anon says

            “weed out the crazies” yeah, that’s the answer, because mental illness is something you can just “weed out”, and the adolescent’s who initiate most school shootings went to the local street gun dealer to purchase thier weapons… no, in most cases, they took the guns from thier own home from “responsible” gun owners. Hey, of course people have a right to own guns. It’s just a shame that “gun owners” fight so uch against stricter gun laws. If you are truly a responsible gun owner, and have the best interests of your family, and society then, what’s the big deal with having a backgorund check perfomed and have to wait a bit to purchase your gun? have something to hide? Guns will never be totally removed from society and yes, thier will always be criminals that illegally access weapons but, if we have an opportunity to prevent even 1 child death from a bullet, why wouldn’t we all sacrifice a little to do so? I was in emergency medicine for 20 years and have seen more than my share of young individuals shot from a gun that was in the home… not on the street. Sometimes from suicide attempts, sometimes from kids who were playing with a friend and accessed the gun. Sad! I can assure you, even if a gun is secure in a home, and the bullets are separted… children and teenagers are very resourceful. Yes, some would say, they will just find a gun elsehere but, that’s not as easy as it may sound and, just because they may be able to find a gun through some other source… does that mean we just give up on our kids and make it easier for them? Finally, the knife vs. gun debate… guns can kill from a distance and are related to mass-casualty events. It is very rare to have multiple casualties from a single individual armed with a knife.

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            Dark Space says

            “Drivers are licensed, cars are registered and have to have significant safety features included in them (increasing all the time), and they must be insured because they. cause. harm. None of this is true for guns.
            So for the love of god, stop perpetuating false dichotomies. It cheapens the real debate and makes you, frankly, look like an idiot who can’t form a truly coherent argument.”

            You’re kidding right? If not, you’re telling a bold faced lie, ironically while accusing someone else of doing so and then calling them an idiot for “perpetuating false dichotomies, cheapening the debate, etc. My intention is not to attack you personally, either, but I’m just pointing out the ironic false statements you’re making. I can go buy a car and keep it on my private property with no license, no registration, and I can strip all the safety features off. You are licensed to operate the car in public.

            Same goes for a gun, and I realize it varies from state to state, and some are more open than others. I have to take a hunter’s safety course if I want to hunt (even on private land), and its not just shooting a target a few times, it covers gun safety, ethics, first aid, wildlife identification, etc. It takes place over the course of a few days and I took it over a 4 week period back in the early 90s. If I want to carry a concealed weapon in public, I have to take a similar course, here it takes place over a two day period, includes classroom instruction on laws, safety, etc. and firing range proficiency. My state does not allow open-carry. If I want to buy a gun from a dealer (a store, at a gun show, in my backyard, etc.), I have to go through an FBI background check – I’ve done this even in the two private party purchases, even though that is not required by law, the seller requested it. I don’t know what state you live in, but I’m guessing the education requirements are stricter than what you have to have to drive a car. Post your state and I’ll happily research it for you.

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        Anonymous says

        Do your homework people. Guns are scary and people need to be careful with them, but if we ban guns, crazy people will find something else to use to harm others. Banning guns is only taking the weapons away from the people who could use it to defend themselves. The people who want to use it for harming others are going to find a way to get them whether they are legal or not. Loot

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      Christine says

      This is a ridiculous article for this site. Just because guns are taken away, doesn’t mean the mentally Ill won’t use a knife! Look at what that kid was able to do in his high school recently (I know I am not being specific enough, too tired at this hour!) I am glad my home has guns & if you think I should be afraid my child will get ahold of it, you haven’t met a responsible gun owner!

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        wendi says

        Say what you will, countries with gun control DO NOT HAVE the killings the USA has. I just don’t get how stupid you guys sound here and I’m sure you are not. But now I have the impression of you as being stupid idiots. Do your research and not the one from Bill and co.

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          Kerri says

          What cities have the highest crime rate in America?? Let’s think here…. Detroit? BUT they also have the strictest gun laws.
          The problem is always there. The solution is NOT taking away the weapon. It’s about taking the stupid people out if society and KEEPING them locked up.
          I have known how to shoot a gun, at a target, since I was 6 or 7. My dad taught me gun safety. A gun should only be drawn against someone when your life is in danger. Not in anger.

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            Kerri says

            Sorry…. bit Detroit. Chicago has super strict gun control laws and also have an enormous gun come rate. Taking guns away won’t stop gun crime. It will disarm the law abiding folks. Criminals will always get their weapons.

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            Utterly B Groovy says

            “Criminals will always get their weapons.”
            Yes, they will, but it’s funny how it’s _NEVER_ a criminal who walks into the local school or college and kills all your kids.

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            Mash says

            Detroit and Chicago have strict gun controls because of the excessive violence, not the other way around. If there were no controls, the violence would have been much more severe. Do not confuse correlation and causality.

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        Naomi says

        If my options for having a crazed killer come at me are guns or knife. I will go knife every time. Guns are mass-killing machines. It’s time to put some real. Regulations in place. If you are a responsible gun owner, put up or shut up. You are holding the rest of this country hostage and it’s not okay.

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        Jantte says

        You’re right about the knife. You can’t stop violence and people should be more responsible (that gets lost). I think the argument is not just the weapon but the volume of harm done by a gun. Yes, he had a knife (two I think). Now imagine the impact if he had had one or two assault rifles. 4 students down becomes so, so many more. For me, that is the outrage and why we need to be better.

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      angie says

      I read a snippet of something Michael Moore said…
      Why are we not paying attention to the PEOPLE the KIDS who are killing people.. our society? Something is going wrong when we have people feeling like there is no way out than to take out revenge on the innocent. Gun control or not.. we need to take responsibility for placing such high value on meaningless crap and creating a culture that people don’t feel good enough.

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    • 37


      A pencil’s primary purpose is to write with. Even a knife’s primary purpose is to cut things with (not kill).
      A gun’s primary purpose is to shoot and kill and maim and wound and destroy. Anyone who says anything different is being purposefully ignorant.

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    • 40


      We cannot even educate “society” about nutrition and how to eat properly. I’m not sure teaching society about guns is the way to go. Just take them all away. Sorry, NRA, you can’t have “nice” things anymore.

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      Ignorance is Bliss says

      I googled pencil mass murders, didn’t find even one. Stop blindly listening to the NRA and do some critical thinking and research on your own. Just attempt to back up your own claims. Statistics don’t lie.

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    Gingersnap says

    I support gun control, which is not to say I support a full on gun ban, but that I support more laws regulating guns. I certainly can’t think of why citizens need access to automatic or semi-automatic guns.

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      Ana says

      I agree with you, a ban on guns is not the way to go. Just much more stricter regulations. Banning guns would not be addressing the real issue, the real issue is the person wielding the weapon.

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      • 44

        wendi says

        Who the hell is saying to BAN guns. Nobody besides the idiot right wing freaks. Actually listen what the government is proposing before you are yelling. I am so sick and tired of this.

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        • 45

          BK says

          “Scary Mommy” said, and I quote; “…..get rid of guns!” sounds like a ban to me. And this article has nothing to do with what the government is proposing. huh…?

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          • 47

            WDJ says

            Actually ScaryMommy didn’t say, “get rid of guns”… Lily (the author of the post) did.

            I’m pretty *right wing*… whereas I know Lily to lean to the left. However, when it comes to guns, my *opinion*… is that no one needs one if they are not police etc. or military.
            With very strict laws and regulations for getting a license & gun for hunting, & ONLY if you eat/use everything you kill.

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          • 48

            WDJ says

            This is one person’s (the author) opinion.
            She knows that not everyone will agree with her; but she doesn’t care about that. She cares about the children, and the future of our country.
            I have to commend her for that.

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  3. 51

    Leahanna says

    I feel if you are going to post an article like this then you must also post a counterargument, and that is not what I come to this site for. I don’t come to scary mommy for debates on guns, I come for parenting articles. I don’t come here expecting to read an article like this attacking someone else’s rights. And perhaps it is that the article could have been more fleshed out or written better, so that it better relates to the reader base, but it isn’t and doesn’t.

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    • 52

      HFB says

      Well, we could have the conversation about why so many mentally ill, middle-class white guys are shooting up schools, but nobody wants to have that conversation either. And, soon, every day will feature yet another mass shooting by another angry white guy and nobody will talk about it because they don’t want to talk about guns or about the problem with mental health. There’s a kid in my daughter’s first grade class who constantly bullies or says, “I’m going to kill you…” over dumb things like losing a board game, and, yet, he’s not getting the help he needs because the parents are OTL and the district tries to keep kids like him in the classroom until they can no longer avoid putting him in a special school.

      You’re right, it’s not about guns, it’s about parents, parenting, society and the complete lack of willingness to confront the problems head on. But you go right on believing that parenting your kid(s) in a vacuum will make this problem go away. It won’t, but have some understanding for the rest of us who want to prevent a kid who is destined for front page news from making it there…and taking our kids with them.

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      • 54

        Alititz says

        I agree! The focus should be placed more on the WHY and not the HOW. Our mental health system, and ignorance in our schools to early signs of mental health problems, is a bigger concern. Yes, innocent children do not deserve to die this way, but of the millions of gun owners in the US only 74 (some who weren’t even the owners of the guns) did these horrific acts. Lets compare that to the number of fatal DUI accidents per year. Taking away guns, cars, alcohol, will not solve the problem. Its about the culture of our society and how people break under the daily pressures of life. Maybe we should stop coddling our youth and making everything “fair.”

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    Lola says

    The obsession with guns in this country is unbelievable. Of course you can kill someone with your bare hands or “a pencil”. But you know what…it is waayyyyyyy easier with a gun…even easier with an automatic gun. These people who kill innocent children/people chose a gun because they CAN and because it is EASY and EFFECTIVE!
    Try to get a gun in Germany…especially an automatic weapon. I can tell you one thing…forget it! It is very difficult, and the police will probably be at your door right away asking a million questions because we monitor those kind of things, and you will have to do paperwork and background screenings first. But the best part is that you cannot just go and buy one because you feel like it one day…because of a very bad day.
    Who needs an automatic weapon anyway?! If you are a collector of guns, fine. Collect them. But be monitored please. Be registered. Answer questions. If you are a hunter…same thing. But there is no reason in hell why a 20-year old student for example can go and by 3 different guns in three months. Do you understand what I am saying… .
    If America makes it that easy to get a gun…America makes it that easy to kill their people. Sad, but true!
    We are planning to move back to Europe in a few years, and one big reason is the big gun problem in the States. And by the way…my husband is American, West Point grad, served two tours in Iraq and is a veteran. He is even more disgusted about this whole gun discussion and the ignorance than I am.

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    • 57

      amy says

      Exactly. I read an article about a county (I can’t for the life of me remember where) changed control and they haven’t had a shooting like this since. Coincidence? I think not…

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    • 64

      Simone Bettinger says

      Exactly. In Germany people do not think that they are missing anything if they don’t own a gun. It is even save to live here. A country with citizens thinking that they can only survive if they have enough firearms has a major problem.
      Or you end up shot in someone’s garage bc they thought you were a burglar and prefer to shoot. Unbelievable how stupid some people still are.
      You want to read about parenting here? How about teaching your kids that weapons are bad and kill people. That’s sth everybody should know and always keep in mind. Before the next four-year-old shoots his baby brother. Wake up America(ns)!!!

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    • 65

      Ashley says

      This. This x1000, Want a gun,FINE but if you can’t get the job done with a -normal- magazine, if you need a semi automatic weapon to take down a burglar, a deer, a piece of game- you are not a good enough marksman to own the weapon.

      Gun control:
      Control how many
      Control Mag size,
      Proof of gun safety course, background check, mental health check -and treatment or not based on that-
      and provide proof you own a safe.

      These aren’t unreasonable. I’ve been in school 7 years working on my degree to become a teacher, and i am TERRIFIED of entering the classroom! Some little kid is going to go apeshit, and I am going to end up taking a bullet for my students. My kids are going to be going to school and I have to teach them, as first graders, how to deal with that situation. No student should EVER have to leave their home wondering “Am I going to get shot today” or having to know how to deal with the situation and the self aid and buddy care to help a potentially dying friend. THIS HAS GONE TOO FAR.

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    • 66

      BK says

      How will you feel when something bad happens, and the only people with guns are the cops and the criminals? Hmmm. That’s what gun control leads to.

      If you rely on or trust your government to keep you safe from violence, you are a fool and have forgotten the violence governments have committed against the people, when the common people were not armed.

      Countries where guns are banned still have a high crime rate, it’s just the crimes usually take different forms, or the violence is perpetrated through a different method. Not to mention the fact that when someone does commit a crime with a gun in those countries, more people die, and nobody knows what to do other than hide and wait for the cops to rescue them.

      I am a woman. Having a gun on me saved my life once. I didn’t even have to shoot it or actually aim it, I just stayed calm and let the criminal see that I had it on me. He left, in a hurry.

      People who own guns should also own a fair amount of common sense.
      People who don’t own guns should get over thier fear and realize the guns aren’t the real problem.

      A person could kill many more people with bombs (also engineered only for killing) than guns. Bombs can be made from substances which are completely legal and harmless individually, and hidden where a crowd will later gather, and detonated at a time which will do the most harm. So… what do you do, ban the components that could be made into a bomb?

      Shroud everything in bubblewrap?

      Do what we did to combat meth manufacture (make it more difficult to purchase certain OTC meds like allergy pills) which only affects the law abiding citizens with allergies, who now have to pay twice as much and have a prescription to get them? That’s a great solution! Wait…the meth problem keeps getting worse. Oh. Criminals always find a way around the law.

      It’s impossible to ban or highly regulate guns in the USA, there are “throwaway” guns in many many households, and unless the government searches every single home to find them all (a gross violation of freedoms and basic rights, not to mention logistically impossible!) there will always be guns here.

      The current gun control we have is just fine.
      Gun control only affects sane, law abiding citizens, who are already responsible gun owners, and puts the criminals and mentally unstable people with access to guns at an advantage.

      Most of the people getting shot or killed with guns in the USA are criminals, shooting at other criminals.
      Most of the people harmed by guns in countries where guns are banned, are innocents.

      Have you thought of the fact that most of the reason that some countries where guns are banned or very restricted (Germany, The Netherlands, Japan) may experience less violence due to cultural differences, rather than the lack of guns? In Japan for example, people are generally raised to have much more respect for each other than the average person here in the US. You have to look at the big picture, banning guns will not keep Americans safe.

      And I find it interesting that most of the people (“non-violent” liberals) who think guns should be banned are ok with ripping an innocent child from it’s mother’s womb for no reason, while most of us who are ok with guns (more on the conservative side) would never support this.

      People need to realize that the society we currently live in has a false sense of safety, and that human beings have a tendency to be violent. With or without weapons. We should all have the right to defend ourselves if attacked. We will never live in a Utopian society, anywhere on this planet. There will always be violence, with or without guns.

      Just a few things to think about.

      I’ll keep my guns, thank you.

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      • 67

        Bob says

        Japan has a far less rate of homicide because of the way deaths are counted. If a man kills his wife and 3 kids, then kills himself, the “honor killings” are counted as 5 suicides, not 1 suicide and 4 homicides.

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      • 68

        Protective Mommy says

        Very well said! I agree 100%. I am also a woman and I also have a gun. I don’t know what the laws are in other States but here in Mass I had to take a safety course, have a background check and receive my license for me to have a gun. I would much rather be able to protect myself and my kids than be the one on the other end of a gun with no protection. All these people are crazy thinking banning guns is going to solve our problems. People will always have a way to get something that is outlawed and then all you have is a bunch of criminals with lots of weapons and law abiding citizens with no way to protect themselves. I will stock up on ammunition and keep my guns as well.

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    • 69

      BK says

      How would you propose monitoring those who own guns?
      “Your papers…..they are not in order!…”

      Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

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  5. 71

    Tommi says

    If you are so afraid for you, your daughter and your students3nts, would you not support an armed guard posted to stop things lije that from happening? It all depends on who is holding a gun whether it is a problem or a solution.

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    • 72

      Mikki says

      In Las Vegas two armed police officers were murdered and their gear was stolen, then the gun men went into a Walmart freely (thanks open carry people) and encountered someone with a concealed weapon. None of those “good guys” with guns were able to stop them. Last week in Canada, an armed shooter murdered three highly trained RCMP officers, all of who were armed. Military personnel die all of the time, despite being armed and trained.

      Please show me where one person has been stopped by a “good guy with a gun” and where arming people has helped to stop any of this. The problem is NOT that there aren’t enough guns. The problem is there are too many and there is a level of paranoia and hysteria in the US that is encouraging these people to take their anger, paranoia and hysteria out on innocent people, and ARMED officials.

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      • 74

        MIchael says

        Are you retarded? No, seriously, are you? What the actual fuck does open carry have to do with that story? UMMMM THINK ABOUT IT. THEY WENT IN AND SHOT PEOPLE. Why the FUCK do you think a law banning open carry would stop a criminal from breaking the law WHEN THEY ALREADY ARE. lol I don’t even

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      • 75

        BK says

        Mikki said; “Please show me where one person has been stopped by a “good guy with a gun” and where arming people has helped to stop any of this.”

        My answer; Many armed criminals have been stopped by the good guy with the gun. Too many to list here. The American media tends to be on the liberal side, and they would love it if guns were banned, so what stories do you think get the most airtime? Just because you don’t see it on the news doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

        A friend of mine happened to see a cop gun down a US citizen recently. He saw it clearly. The citizen was killed, they did not have a weapon on them, in fact had nothing in thier hands. The media kept changing thier story; first they said “a gun was found in the area..” Then “a gun was found near the body..” then “the person killed was holding a gun…” and finally “the person killed was pointing the gun at the cop and threatening them…” The cop was tried for this crime, and despite several witnesses who saw the same thing my friend did, the cop was aquitted. Hmmm.

        Also, with the situation in Vegas you mentioned; who says there were any good guys with guns present to try to stop the crime? Not everyone should have a gun, only those with knowledge of how and when to use it safely, and good common sense.

        MY life was saved due to my having a gun on me, so I suggest that unless you’ve been in the same situation you shut your mouth and quit judging the honest sane law abiding non-criminal citizens who choose to carry a gun. If I hadn’t had a gun on me that day, and had to rely on calling 911 instead, I would most likely be dead.

        The person with a high level of paranoia and hysteria in this case…. might be YOU, and not the gun owners.

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      • 76

        KT says

        Please don’t comment on the situation in Canada. Yes, an armed man killed 3 RCMP officers. He went out specifically to kill RCMP. He hid and ambushed them, killing 3. One had been off duty, and when he heard there was a shooter he dropped everything and went to help. He leaves behind a 14 month old, and a baby on the way. These are real people, who are feeling real pain and loss. Let’s not turn them into an off handed comment on a blog post.
        You also failed to mention that it was POLICE who ended the situation in Canada, and they did so peacefully, without any further loss of life – for the police OR the shooter.

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  6. 77

    Amanda says

    I think this whole article is ridiculous. For one, people come to this website to discuss parenting not gun control. For two, I happen to own a gun that is strictly used for hunting. I have never thought to use the gun on a person. We keep our guns unloaded and locked in a safe where our child cannot get to. When he is older (he’s only 1) he will be taught gun safety and take a class just as his father and I have done. It is completely absurd to call anyone who supports or owns guns ignorant.
    I understand that the person who wrote this article is entitled to their opinion but you cannot place all gun owners and supporters in the same group as murders. To call us all ignorant is incredibly stupid and just goes to show your own ignorance.

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    • 78

      Amy says

      I too own a gun, for hunting purposes, but i did not find offence this article, and i too find it scary that just any mentally unstable weirdo can buy a gun, burst into a school and kill my child. I believe that not every person deserves the right to own a fire arm, same as not every should be a parent, doctor, teacher etc. Obliviously giving just anyone the right to bare arms is providing disastrous results…

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    • 80

      Minerva says

      Amanda, this is an article about parenting. It is about trying to keep children safe in a a crazy society that permits almost unfettered access to killing machines.

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    • 81

      mandi0707 says

      I am pretty sure that some how if we stop and think long enough…..gun control, school shootings and dead elementary school babies circles back to parenting! We need to come together as parents. Educate our children about guns. Communicate with our children about their lives so that we aren’t just preventing ourselves from becoming the parent of a victim of the shooting but also to prevent ourselves from becoming the parent of the child committing the shooting. Either would be a tragedy. I think this has a great deal to do with parenting. Until gun laws are tightened up its our responsibility to educate and protect our children.

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      • 82

        ASO22 says

        I wholeheartedly agree. If children continue to grow up with rage, it will fester and show itself eventually. Making it more difficult for a mentally unstable young person to find a gun is a good start, but we can’t fool ourselves into thinking we’ve somehow avoided a national tragedy just because of it. We will still have angry, raging, mentally unstable young people walking around plotting other ways to take out their rage on others. Focus on restricting access but for goodness sake, realize that as a nation, we’ve got to address mental health and a prevalent blasé attitude toward life and death.

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  7. 84

    Jo Mama says

    My heart goes out to you. Every time I read something about Americans gunning each other down endlessly and drowning in medical debt my heart just breaks.

    What really freaks me out though is the insane level of brainwashing that goes on pumping in ‘patriotism’ and ‘freedom’ while leaving a whole country in debt and filled with human beings who don’t have access to the basics that most countries consider a first priority.

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  8. 88

    Lola says

    And just to clarify…I have no problems with guns.I have a problem with a country that doesn’t CONTROL their guns.You can keep your guns but please answer questions,fill out paperwork and be ok with being monitored.America just makes it too easy to buy and own a gun.That is my problem!

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  9. 89

    Andrea says

    How about we start helping people with mental issues and stop shaming them for the problems they have. I could kill you with knives, hammers and baseball bats. I guess we need to take those away too?

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  10. 93

    Amy says

    I agree that this is not the place for a discussion on gun control. I come here to discuss mommy moments and the ups and down of mother hood. This article was almost enough to make me not want to come back here. I hope the writer is never in need of being protected.

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      • 95

        leslie says

        When Newtown happened, did that event not touch you as a parent? Every shooting before or since, did any of those hit you at the level of ‘being a parent?’ Since having a child (about six months before Newtown), these shootings devestate me every time. Did it not devastate you thinking that your kids could be in that school? The shooting today happened very close to my home. Parents were reunited with their kids right down the street. Life gets a little more real. How can this not be a parenting issue?

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    • 97

      Katherine says

      You know what’s a down in my mommy-life? Opening my computer to read of another shooting in the US. Trying to explain to my kids why I’m crying again because more kids got killed. Living overseas because I will not have “freedom” confounded with guns. Those are low points for me, when I need SM. Not just when I got pooped on…

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    • 98

      katie says

      THIS is mommy moment. And if you have never had a single worry about sending your child to school you are nuts my friend. I hope this is something you never have to experience but in today’s world that is not guaranteed. Being a mother isn’t always about sneaking into the bathroom with a bottle of wine as so many of you mothers act like it is. This is real worry. A serious concern. Thank you Jill for posting this!

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      • 99

        Amy says

        THIS is a VERY serious conversation that deserves to be discussed in an educated and SERIOUS environment. Scary Mommy by her own words says to not take the articles written on her site so serious and to lighten up about the sarcastic and witty way most of the articles are written. MY saying that I come here for mommy moments and to talk about parenting ups and downs meant within the parameters of this site. This site is normally a fun, friendly place to let go and laugh at the craziness that occurs when we deal with little people. Do I think that being aware that bad stuff happens in the world is part of being a mommy. Why yes, I do! But I also actively seek out places where I can just laugh and enjoy being a mom or confessing that sometimes being a mom is difficult. I DO NOT come here, to Scary Mommy to read about gun control. For me that is a topic better suited to another site. And NO, I don’t think that every article has to be written just for me but I also damn sure have the right to disagree just as much as anyone else. I”m off to find a site that is for LIGHT HEARTED MOMMY MOMENTS as the real life mommy moments are always available.Which is why you have to LOOK for the lighthearted moments.

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    • 100

      Ignorance is Bliss says

      Having your child slaughtered at their school desk can be considered a mommy ‘down’ doncha think? Sorry, not everything posted is sent with your wants in mind.

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      • 101

        Amy says

        NOT the mommy moments that this site is known for. And as an aside, my comments aren’t EVER written with your wants in mind! Thanks and have a nice day!

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  11. 102

    Sara says

    The right to “bear arms” as outlined in our constitution was for self protection against wild animals in the wild pioneer/frontier days and earlier. You know, before there was real police and law, and when those threats were real. And you NEVER see someone taking in a .22 or a shotgun to kill students at a school. I come from a gun family, and I am in full support of severely regulating them. Killing for sport aka hunting, and shooting for fun is ridiculous. Guns are dangerous, and so are a lot of the people who own them. We can’t kill the people, but we can stop people from having guns. Seems obvious what we should do.

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    • 110

      BK says


      it’s “bear” as in “carry”
      not “bear” as in the animal.
      not “bare” as in uncovered.

      And you need a history book.

      Real police and law? Really?

      If you choose to rely on the police and/or government to save you, well…. go right ahead. Just keep in mind it takes time for them to get to you. The law ultimately means nothing, as it’s the criminals commiting the crimes, and guess what? They don’t care about the law.

      Best to rely on yourself.

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  12. 111

    anonymous says

    In towns and cities with more legal gun ownership there is less gun violence. When you take away legal gun use you only take guns out of the hands of responsible owners. There will always be illegal weapon ownership and we shouldn’t kid ourselves about gun control being the answer.

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  13. 113

    Lola says

    Interesting is that these college,high school and other shootings lately were not done by criminals.Just “normal” people (with mental issues obviously but not criminals)! I have not heard about a mass shooting done by a criminal.Criminals tend to shoot each other but not college kids.

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      • 115

        Christine says

        Lola was possibly referring to the fact that these are YOUNG people, so how did they manage to acquire a gun? There should have been a credit card required to pay for the guns, if they were acquired online. If not acquired online, why did a kid have free access to it? Where were the parents? For me, a gun that I own would be treated similar to my car, no one uses it or has access to it but me. Why? For the reason that there is a lot of damage and tragedy that can be caused by either one. Each requires intense education for the proper use of it.
        Perhaps Lola was referring to the fact that the people committing a lot of these crimes are young and don’t have a criminal background, which would exclude them from being able to own a gun.
        Or maybe she meant that the fact that they were young, would not be able to legally own their own guns in the first place?
        I know I would not want to be living in Chicago where guns are banned and yet somehow they have so many more murders than anywhere else! In the cities where guns have been further banned or restricted, crimes and deaths may have decreased slightly or for a short time, then spiked. Only the law-abiding folks will be responding to the bans, restrictions and licensing leaving us vulnerable to what the “right to bear arms” was supposed to protect us from.

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  14. 117

    Mandy says

    I agree this is a parenting and mental health issue. There are some serious issues in this country with getting help for the mentally ill. Nobody ever talks about all the mental health issues that most of these mass shooters have. Or how about the mass stabbings and slashings?? Yes we need gun control but you will NEVER keep guns out of the wrong peoples hands, My husband is a police officer in an inner city and nightly removes guns off of criminals who should not be owning guns but who are still possessing them. How about we write an article the lack of help for the mentally ill or the basic lack of responsibility people take for raising children.

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  15. 118


    For us, it feeds our family. The guns we have kill our food and there is no way I am going to let that right be taken away from us. Granted we also have other guns for sport, we have a family membership for the range, my kids know how to handle and shoot many different types of guns as do all their friends. We live in an area where there is at least one gun in every other house, lots of hunters, lots of ranchers.
    It’s terrifying that all these shootings are happening but I have the right to own guns and I’m not ignorant or scared. The guns in my house have never killed or harmed a human life. They have however provided many meals for my family and friends.
    It’s interesting that when we did live in a state where there are many restricting laws on guns I worried about my kids and guns. Now that we live where you see more people carrying guns than not and guns hanging on back windows of trucks, I don’t worry, at all.
    I agree that something has to be done but taking our guns away is not the answer, history has proved that.

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  16. 119

    Cody says

    Let me add my two cents…

    I wish city dwellers stop acting like their reality is the only reality.

    As a former military member, I find comfort in knowing citizens have a right to bear arms. Our military is approximately 2 million and scattered around the world. America, in a way, always have an army one can call upon in case our military is overwhelmed and the fight is brought home.

    Secondly, a government and its people should always have a standing cold war. It is sad, I know. However, the Government should fear the people. Without citizens having the ability to stand up to a tyrannical leader and its military, then it is only a matter of time before the Government oversteps its boundaries.

    Because of these two reasons, I am not willing to band automatic weapons.

    Nevertheless, guns are not always used for killing in malice. As some former mommas stated, some people use it for hunting. Please note that hunting is not always recreational. Remember that post “those people”, some Americans use hunting for much needed protein. Secondly, what about that momma that had to shoot a brown bear that was about to attack her child in the back yard. What about the little boy in Arizona that use a gun to stop intruders from entering his house where he and his little sisters were? What about places where the first responders are 2 hours away i.e. northern Nebraska and Southern Iowa (its where my husband is from)?

    Lets focus on mental illness treatment in this country.

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    • 121

      mandy says

      Thank you for the common sense. I like your first line about the city dwellers reality. We aslo rely on hunting for food and use our guns to humanly kill our farm animals we are going to butcher. We live in the woods and have bears and other critters a lot closer than the police or game warden! I do think we need better controls but many that are proposed would negatively impact those of us who are responsible and rely on our weapons. I think some people think food comes from the grocery store! Hint: it dosen’t. Also I am not sure everyone that comments on “automatic” weapons really know what they are. We are not talking about the kind you see in the movies where hundreds of rounds are shot in seconds, many hunting rifles are semi-automatic which is good if you shoot an animal and it needs a 2nd shot. It dosen’t make you a bad hunter as one poster suggested, it is humane. All this being said, it is very clear that we absolutly need more controls, most likely when purchasing, it is just heartbreaking what these families have gone through, the lives cut way too short. There needs to be a common sense way to protect America’s babies.

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