Fat Bottomed Girls

I love Glee. Don’t you?

I can look past Sam not returning this Fall and Mike Chan becoming a regular when I already thought he was one. I can even let go of the No-New-Episodes-Until-Fall debacle and say it out loud. And proud.

I love Glee.

In fact, our car is a Glee Only zone.

No more Raffi for this family. Nope. We’re all Firework. And Baby. And Thriller. And most days, I couldn’t be happier about this.

Except for this one morning.

We were singing our way to school {My first mistake} when I heard Chloe call, What song is this?

Fat Bottomed Girls. Kayli responded, ever informative.

I felt a twinge of discomfort. Lauren said the song hurt her feelings when Puck sang it to her. So what did that mean about me? And my kids? Were we mean? Cruel? Insensitive clods?

Crap. Insensitive clod is so not what I was going for.

I glanced back to check- Were my daughters suddenly mean girls chomping at the bit to tease someone about their fat bottom? Were they insecure about their own bottoms?

What about my two year old son? Was he on the verge of becoming a complete jerk? One of those guys who only goes for skinny girls? Ones without fat bottoms like his Mama?!

You’ll be happy to know that I sighed in relief- they were none of these things. What they were- was LOUD.

What did you say? Chloe asked.

Fat Bottomed Girls! Kayli said, her voice rising just a titch.

Oh! Fat Bottomed Girls! I love this one! Chloe responded, her joy palpable.

Me, too! Fat Bottomed Girls! Brody chimed in, smile wide, ready to belt out the prolific lyrics with his sisters.

I flushed a little at all of those fats and bottoms being thrown around. But oh well, at least it’s just us. I thought {My second mistake}.

We walked into Chloe’s preschool and smiled sweetly at the receptionist when she greeted each one of my children {aka: The Blowhorns} by name.

We were listening to Fat Bottomed Girls! Brody announced.

What? She asked -tentative, unsure, unaware- of the crazy that is my family.

Fat Bottomed Girls! Kayli and Chloe chimed in. Loudly. In unison. And with the happiest of nods.

It’s Chloe’s favorite. Kayli added. You know, for good measure.

It’s Glee music. I stammered, attempting to explain {My third mistake.}.

Yes! Brody yelled helpfully. Glee! Before he started singing, Fat Bottomed Girls you make the rockin world go round!

Right. Of course he did. What else do you do in a school lobby?

Fat Bottomed Girls you make the rockin world go round!

At which point I ushered Chloe into her classroom, rushed the other two out the door and into the safety of the van. Where I could listen to my offensive lyrics in privacy.

Exactly how they were meant to be enjoyed.

So hi, I’m Galit. Mama of three. Advocate for Glee. And Fat Bottomed Girls.

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Galit Breen blogs at These Little Waves. On any given day you can find her juggling three children, one husband, one puggle and one laptop, writing and tweeting her days away.


Andrea 5 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE GLEE. And yeah. Every now and then I skip a song or two (or just lower it) … ie: Hope it gives you HELL! Which I love and adore but don’t want my 4yo singing to my husband when he gets home from work.

Love you. xoxo -me *a fat bottomed girl*

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! Right back at you sister- the loves and the bottoms and the husbands who shouldn’t have hell sang to them! XO

Michelle Saunderson 5 years ago

Galit!!!! How I have missed you and your blog. I feel like I fell off the planet and am trying to pull myself back on. Anyway, love the post. I can so relate. My kids are old enough that they are constantly exposed to inappropriate language, experiences and the whole gambit. I remember trying to keep them as innocent as long as I could, now they have heard everything… Just wait until they start singing Rihanna and Lady Gaga, lord help us all….

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hey you! So fun to “see” you! And yes, I know- lord help us all just about sums it up, doesn’t it? :) Thanks so much for the note!

Kelly 5 years ago

Rock on Galit! LOVE Glee!!!!!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thank you so very much! Me, too!! :)

Stacey 5 years ago

LOL Kids are so incredibly helpful! This totally cracks me up. Great story.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thank you!

    And yes, helpful is *exactly* what I’d call them! :)

blueviolet 5 years ago

The good news is that kids usually sing lyrics without even thinking about their meaning!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    So, so very true! Thanks, friend! XO

Jack@TheJackB 5 years ago

My daughter is desperate to watch Glee but I have banned all but the singing/dancing from her view. She loves that stuff, but some of the lyrics and moves sometimes make me squirm.

All that hip shaking and the Lady Gaga stuff she does has made me a Puritan. 😉

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hmm- you and Puritan aren’t synonymous to me! :) But I do know what you mean.

    My kids don’t watch the show either. But I’ve been fair game with the music- and here we are!

    Thanks for the comment, friend!

Jessica@Team Rasler 5 years ago

So freaking funny. When I was little my older sister and I were listening to the radio and the next thing my mom knew I was singing along to George Michael’s “I Want Your Sex.” (I had really no idea what it was about.) Oops! My siblings still won’t let me live it down since it got most radio stations banned from our house for the next many years. I hope Glee never covers that one, for your sake!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! That’s so funny! Wowsa I’d forgotten all about the scandal that was that song! Thanks so much for the note friend! XO

holly 5 years ago

I want you to know I have been waiting ALL day to read this and it was worth it. I am a “fat bottomed girl” myself!

It feels like yesterday that I walked into my kid’s pre-school after a riotous ride there. Those days are long gone, and I can’t bring them back so enjoy them while you can.

And I am a Gleek fan and am waiting for my husband to go to bed so I can watch it on DVR. I remember when Puck sang this song and how embarrassed Lauren felt. I felt her shame and hope he shows more respect for her this season.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Holly! I remember that cringe-worthy moment as well- ugh!

    Thanks so much for the note, friend- I so love that we’re Gleeks together, too! XO

The Flying Chalupa 5 years ago

Kids will embarrass you at preschool drop-off each and every time – this was hilarious!

And for the record, my old roommate in NYC used to date the drummer of Queen and claims FBG was written about her. Who knows but it’s a great story.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    You win. That *is* a great story! Thanks for the love, I so appreciate it! XO

Feyella @Parentingsmh 5 years ago

Okay, that’s hilarious and totally the reason I am so cautious about what I listen to. When my 3yr old started singing along “na na na na na come on come on come on …” to Rhianna’s bad girl song, I knew it was time to start the censorship.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    That? Was a good idea! :)

    Thanks so very much for your note!

Sherri 5 years ago

Oh Galit!! I was cracking up, because I love that song too (and that whole Queen album, actually) but I had the same thought the first time my daughter heard it!

You and your Gleekness are so adorable! Have fun tonight!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! Thank you so much dear friend! XO

Dr. G 5 years ago

Gleeks unite!

My then 3 yo was big into Glee music and “All the Single Ladies” causing a 12 yo at school drop off to ask: Is he gay? To which I answered, Well, it’s a little soon to know, dear.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    That? Is priceless and perfectly handled!

    Thanks so much for the note, friend! :)

Truthful Mommy 5 years ago

I chuckle because my girls sing Queen on the regular and fat Bottomed girls is one of their favorites!!!LOL I thought we were the only ones. Of course, it could be worse..my girls have walked into mass singing “Peacock by Katey Perry”
THis is the chorus! THAT was humiliating, especially since my 4 yo likes to walk through the church waving like she’s a beauty queen singing this!

I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock
I wanna see your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock, cock
Your peacock, cock, cock
Your peacock

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    OMG hilarious! Love you girl! XO

Robin | Farewell, Stranger 5 years ago

Oh! I love Glee too. So looking forward to tonight’s show. But wait… Sam’s not coming back? What?! And Mike’s a “regular”? I thought he was one too. (Clearly I’m less of a Gleek than you – I hadn’t heard the latest.)

As for the singing, I have absolutely no doubt that will be me some day. We can form a support group. 😉

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    :) I’ll hold your hand if you hold mine, deal? XO

Tonya 5 years ago

I loved everything about this!! I’m a HUGE Gleek too. Can’t wait for tonight’s season premier. I also can’t wait to hear what *YOU* think of it!! :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Yay, friend! Although it doesn’t surprise me in the least that we have something else in common! XO

Marta 5 years ago

Lol, great story. You just never know when they’re going to do that to you. Sometimes they keep it all to themselves, and other times they completely embarrass you.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Mine tend to air on the side of embarrassing me! :) Thanks so much for the comment!

Hopes@StayingAfloat! 5 years ago

I love Glee! I love Galit! I love children singing!

SO much love!!

My kids will sing the song that Gwyneth Paltrow sang when she was on glee “Forget You”.

“Ain’t that some shhhhhh”

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Amen sista! My kids think that the Cee Lo version sounds all sorts of wrong!

    Hee! Did I just admit that?!

    Thanks for the love!

Jemima 5 years ago

I played FBG for my boys for the first time a few months ago (didn’t even realize I missed it on Glee) and they hooted from the backseat. Needless to say, I get requests for it all the time. It is a little disconcerting hearing my 9 year old singing, “Heap Big Woman! You done made a big man of me,” from the backseat. But… we’ve been listening to ACDC for awhile now, and GnR… Hey, Welcome to the Jungle is a very interesting societal portrait, right?

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Ooh that’s some good music you’re exposing your littles to! And yes, I can so imagine the laughter you’re hearing! Love! :)

Carolyn 5 years ago

I love Glee too.
The current song me and my toddler sing from it, Single Ladies by Beyonce.
She goes around the house singing – Cuz if you liked it then you should have put a ring on it. :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    OMG- Love! We brushed our teeth to that one this morning. Catchy. :)

    Thank you for the love!

Megan (Best of Fates) 5 years ago

I love Galit. And now I wish I knew that song. Or watched Glee. Or was in any way cool enough for this post.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    You are so silly!

    Do you want to watch Glee with me TONIGHT?

    Or at the very least sing with me?


Sarah 5 years ago

The other day my 17 month old took my phone and found Britney Spears on my running playlist. She started bobbing her head to the beat. It was hilarious and scary all at the same time. ;o) Your post was too funny! And don’t hold the Britney Spears against me…

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Oh honey, I’ve got nothing. :)

    Thanks so very much for the note!

Natalie @ MamaTrack 5 years ago

So, so funny. It could happen to any of us. My husband has almost convinced our toddler that a song talks about “cold milk on a Friday night.” Except for when the boy gets it right and sings “cold beer on a Friday night.”

Two seems a bit young to be requesting beer, doesn’t it?

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    You’re so asking the wrong Mama here! :)

    Thanks for the note, girlfriend! XO

Leigh Ann 5 years ago

Kids know exactly what to say to turn the embarassment dial to 11, don’t they? Hilarious post!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    They so do! Thanks girl! XO

Elaine 5 years ago

Um, mine go around singing Brittney Spears ALL. OVER. TOWN. At least we have cute people to jam with. 😉 Love it!!!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Amen sister, amen! XO

Elena 5 years ago

I’m an advocate for fat bottomed girls, too. 😉 Fabulous post and I’m so glad to see you here at Scary Mommy!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thank you girlfriend! Let’s advocate together, shall we? XO

tracy 5 years ago

Oh I’m blushing from those lyrics….

..okay not really.

I love you.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Blushing, my ass.

    Love you back.


Beth Lawrence 5 years ago

That song is not meant to be offensive or mean in any way, and one needs only to listen to Freddy Mercury’s lyrics to know that it was meant as a compliment. What I take umbrage with, is the fact that someone is actually listening to this song with their preschool kids. The song is about how he gets his introduction to sex from his fat bottomed nanny and that fat bottomed girls give the best “love” shall we say. All of this being pretty ironic given that Freddy Mercury was as gay as a spring day. What ever! LONG LIVE QUEEN and us FAT BOTTEMED GIRLS!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I know, I can’t believe I listen to this stuff with them either. And neither can my husband.

    But I’ll so take up that “Long live” call with you! :)

Keisha – Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams 5 years ago

SWEET! I still am waiting for someone to one up my daughter singing Rhianna’s S&M……nothing like walking into Target, her seeing Rhianna’s picture in the music section and she blurts out, “Sex in the air, I don’t care, I love the smell of it!!!!” as she does her little jig and pigtails flop side to side…… 😐 (I DIE)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I die with you! Hold me and I’ll hold you, mmkay? :)

anymommy 5 years ago

Heck yes! We should all be better advocates for Glee and fat bottomed girls 😉 (P.S. My kids love the line “so hot we’ll melt your Popsicle” from California Girls. Related: I’m an excellent parent.)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago


    You so are!

    And one more time: Hee!


Chacoy 5 years ago

It’s a lot better than your kids calling her a ‘Fat Bottom Girl!’
Kids don’t understand or listen to lyrics sometimes, they just sing or like it because of the tune or because it’s catchy!
It could be worse!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Agreed completely! Thanks so much for the comment! :)

Julie 5 years ago

Love this!!
I can assure you that this is adorable and harmless compared to the songs kids can make up on their own. At some point when my oldest son was around 6, he heard the word “marijuana”. He also happened to have a cut on his middle finger at the time. Let’s just say he got bored in the grocery store checkout line, held up his cut, and made up a song about the “pretty” word marijuana. I’ve never gone back to that store.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I die. And karma is so going to kick my ass because I also laugh. A lot. :)

    Thanks so very much for the note!

Kirsten 5 years ago

It’s all good…my little guy, who is 4 years old, arrived in church last week singing “It’s 5:00 O’clock Somewhere”…and that afternoon, he marched through the grocery store singing (at the top of his lungs) “My Redeemer Lives”.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! It’s wrong to laugh at this right? :)

    Thanks so much for the comment!

      Kirsten 5 years ago

      Hah…it better not be wrong to laugh at it, because I still am!

Alexandra 5 years ago

Oh, oh, and shall I tell you how I love and turn up the volume to Foster the People “Pumped up kids” till my teen said, “umm…mom…this is about guns and running away from them”

Oh, honey..oh.


    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! Love you girl! I knew you’d get me- offensive lyrics and all! XO

Jennifer 5 years ago

I let my children listen to Pink. The unedited version. I believe that says it all right there.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago


    {Couldn’t love you more right now.}

julie gardner 5 years ago

Singing FBG in the school lobby?
Pure awesome.

And soooo much better than some of the stuff my kid has announced to random people at the grocery store.


    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Love you. That is all.

Amber 5 years ago

Fat Bottom Girls is NOT as bad as Sexy Back by JT.

My son, who is almost 7, loves that song because he knows when to say “yeah”. Unfortunately he knows, the word sexy (OMG he said SEX!) but thankfully he can’t use it right!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    OMG I know, I know! The words these kids know these days! *Someone* should monitor what they’re exposed to! {Hee!} Thanks so much for the note!

Megan 5 years ago

Love it! They were talking about this on the radio here in Houston yesterday morning, not this specifically but kids repeating the things they hear from the radio. A little girl walked into kindergarten and said “Wakey, wakey, hands off your snakey.” Which if you don’t know who Rod Ryan is that will make no sense…but it’s his thing that he says ALLLL morning long. Or on Free Beer Friday they have a song – it’s sort of sing-songy and kids throughout Houston sing it as they are walking into school. Makes the teachers and parents cringe!

Hilarious post! Thank you!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thanks for the laugh! Oh my, I can so imagine those Kindergarten classrooms! :)

Missy | Literal Mom 5 years ago

Galit – great to see you here! Great, funny post too. Song lyrics, sung through your children’s innocent voices, really can make you laugh and cry, can’t they? Depending on where they’re singing them. :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Yes, this. What we need to work on is LOCATION!

    Thanks so much for the words friend- I so appreciate them!

Kristin @ What She Said 5 years ago

LOL! Out of the mouths of babes, right Galit? 😉

Adorable post.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thanks girl! I won’t be offended if you want to keep your littles away from mine! :)

Lance 5 years ago

Freddie Mercury would be proud of you, Galit.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thanks friend! :)

Julie 5 years ago

We love that song and sing it LOUD whenever they play it at any of the many outdoor festivals in the south. Where I’m from, it’s good to be a fat-bottomed girl!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Can I come visit? :)

Seriously Sassy Mama 5 years ago

This fat bottomed girl makes the rockin world go round on a daily basis. I am so excited for GLEE today! I love that show! My girls and I sing those songs all the time!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I know! I can’t wait either! Eek!

    Thanks so much for the comment! :)

Cristina 5 years ago

HAHHAAA Fat Bottomed Girls is the ringtone when I call the hubby. I love it! It’s a great song. It is worshipping and celebrating the woman, not being mean.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    LOVE what you wrote! That is all.

Jacki 5 years ago

Another Gleek here! We have volumes 2 through 6 in the car and we rock out to all the songs (well, my 9 year-old makes me skip the show tunes). Fat Bottomed Girls is one of his favorites, and I just say to hell with it. When our radio station plays Lazy Song they bleep out the “bad” stuff, but he still knows what it is and sings it any ways. And let’s not even get into Last Friday Night by Katie Perry.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I know, I know! My girls have just recently found Katy Perry- oh my the fun we’ll have with her! Thanks so much for the note! :)

imperfectmomma 5 years ago

LOL. Oh my goodness. Doncha just love kids timing?

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I know, right? It’s perfect really! Thanks for laughing with me ! :)

liz 5 years ago

Great post, Galit!

Situations like this always seem to present themselves when you least expect it. And the can of worms always seems to be opened in PUBLIC places, too. :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Amen sister, amen! :) Thanks so much for the note, friend! :)

Stephanie 5 years ago

My 3 Y/O daughter LOVES to “rock”. Kings of Leon are her favorite. My husband told her the words are “My shoes are on fire”. After the song was over she said “Um Daddy, I think the words are really my sox are on fire”. We love that she loves a wide range of music from rock to country to the sound of music. I think it makes her a well rounded kid. If there are inappropriate words we tell her they are not ok for her to say, but she can say this insted.

And we totally LOVE Fat bottom girls!!! I’m sure we will have a seen like this in the future!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I love how honest and direct you are about the lyrics! What a perfect way to handle this! Thanks so much for weighing in!

CampWhimzzy 5 years ago

I think it’s GREAT! I have always played all kinds of music and we sing it loud and proud, even in the grocery store! I used to worry back when they were little about the lyrics, but now that they are older, especially the 17 and 15 year olds, they have FABULOUS taste in music. I’m constantly amazed at the music they’re streaming on their computers or tapping out from their iPods…my 15yo son has Frank Sinatra’s entire collection on his iPod, along with Daft Punk and Akon…keep singing it out with them!! You’re creating awesome musical minds! :-)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    You? Just made it all okay! I’m sending all of the nay-sayers your way. You’re welcome. XO

By Word of Mouth Musings 5 years ago

My 13 yr old thinks that all songs were just about created by Glee 😉

Love that Queen erupts from her bedroom … and she thinks the Glee singers are better than Freddy … oh dear ….

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    My children believe this, too. And my husband’s jazz-playin soul dies a teeny tiny bit every time they say so! Thanks for the note friend! XO

Childless Commentator 5 years ago

I don’t have children, so it may be just me…but I don’t think you should have anything to worry about…especially with this song. When it was originally sung by Queen, it was meant to let all those “Fat Bottomed Girls” know that they were loved and prefered over all others. It’s this country today that has become overly-sensitive to everything and has made it verbotene to love a heavier girl.

Now if you’re children start running around yelling out “More Cushion for the Pushin!”…then that’s more on the lines of when you need to worry! :-) But I say let them sing Fat Bottomed Girls loud and proud!! 😀

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! I can’t stop laughing at this one! Because I’m, you know, 12. :) Thanks for the love!

Nicole DeZarn 5 years ago

Oh, this so could have been me and my four! In fact, it has been except you would substitute “Brickhouse” and add my little pixie of a daughter “dropping it low” in the office of the school. Ah yes, we are soooo special. And I have no idea who taught her to drop it low, she’s adopted, I blame genetics;)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    OMG. I’m dying at this comment! Let’s walk into school together, mmkay? Then *our* families will seem like the just right ones! :)

Sharon 5 years ago

Fat Bottomed Girls is the ring tone on my phone! It’s not offensive, it’a an anthem. After all, we DO make the rockin’ world go round! And this has been an ongoing issue as long as there has been music…… 30 or so years ago, as we listened to Alice Cooper sing “I Never Cry” in the car, my 7 year old incarnation asked, “Mommy, what’s a virgin?”

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Ouch. Tricky question there! And anthem? How much do I love that?! :) Thanks so much for the note! :)

Ali 5 years ago

I’m a huge Gleek myself. It probably won’t surprise you that Fat Bottomed Girls is my absolute favorite Queen song. It’s fun. I don’t think it’s meant to be mean of course. Heck, it’s not like Freddie Mercury really liked skinny girls either *wink*. P.S. I sing a mean Bohemian Rhapsody.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Girlfriend? I see a BR vlog in your future! Just sayin.’ :) Thanks for the love! XO

Kim 5 years ago

Music can be a hard thing sometimes. You think that they may just be listening to the music and not paying so much attention to the words and then bam … you hear them sing “Tomorrow I’ll wake up, do some P90X. Find a really nice girl, have some really nice sex.” … and you realize, hmmm, maybe not so much. Time to turn it off!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    OMG you’re hilarious. Is it wrong to love this comment so much?! XO

2ndCathcart 5 years ago

Rock on, Glee Fan! That’s awesome. If I heard preschool kids singing Queen, I’d immediately try to befriend their grown ups.

A couple of years ago, I learned this lesson the hard way. After I buckled my tiny daughter in her car seat, she said “Mommy, play the ‘Oh, Sh&t song'”.

Well. No more Fergie cd around her.

Thanks for sharing! Hope to see you guest blogging here again soon, Galit. : )

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I die. That’s priceless. XO

Mrs. Jen B 5 years ago

Oh, innocence! Although the lyrics to FBG are far less offensive than much of what kids could hear on the radio/from friends today. Sad.

At least it’s a good song! 😉

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    A good song, indeed! :) Thank you friend! XO

angela 5 years ago

Oh Galit…I will have to be careful with that volume. We have Volume 1 in the car all the time, and I just skip over Gives you Hell and My Life would Suck Without You. Ryan sometimes forgets, and little Miss Mind-Like-a-Trap starts singing them right away.

Though I am more of a Flat Bottomed Girl, which isn’t so pretty.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! You’re silly- and make no doubt about it: Gorgeous!

    Thanks or the love here! :)

Greta Funk 5 years ago

That’s hysterical! I’ve been dealing with the kids-listening-to-inappropriate-music issue lately, so I’m glad I’m not alone!

Of course, they would announce it to the school–you thought you were safe! Ha!

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    I know, right? Of course they would! Thanks for commiserating! :)

Angie 5 years ago

When my little brother was in preschool (way back in the mid 80’s) he sang “All my rowdy friends are coming over tonight” by Hank Williams Jr. when it was his turn to sing his favorite song. My mom was mortified and I think she nearly killed my dad over that. Almost 30 years later and it still makes me laugh.

But honestly, there’s only so much kiddie music that can be tolerated in the car. At least your kids will have good taste in music 😉

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Amen sister, amen. Thanks so much for the note! :)

Kir 5 years ago

I want to ride in your van. I ADORE Glee too, and the husband and twins love to watch too. We have the boys listen to whatever we are listening to in the car too and I love when Jacob will try to sing “Hey Soul Sister” it cracks me up every single time.

loved, loved, this :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Love you right back and we would *so* rock the car together! XO

Odd Dad 5 years ago

We listen to Motorhead and Judas Priest in the car and at home. I try to keep the heavy metal accessible and keep the kids away from questionable lyrics, but my kids love to rock. I’ve got two future headbangers and I couldn’t be more proud.

Of course, we still have regular kids music, too. We love They Might Be Giants and Mr. Eric, but when the oldest (5) shouts, “I want heavy rock!” I”m more than happy to oblige. Then the littlest one yells “Louder, please!” And we crank it up.

We’ve gotten stares from other commuters from the loudness permeating our Honda Odyssey, but we don’t care. We’re loud and proud!

It will be my embarrassing moment when that one song with the inappropriate lyrics gets played and then repeated in public. Luckily though, not too many of the bands we listen to sing about “fat bottom girls.” That’s just going too far.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Love the vision of y’all rocking out in the Odyssey! Those offensive lyrics make my husband cringe, too!

Lynn from For Love or Funny 5 years ago

Hey, at least Fat Bottomed Girls is much cooler than Barney…

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Amen sister, amen. :)

Headacheslayer 5 years ago

OH MY GOD hysterical!!!

I am a die-hard, 41yo GLEEK. I have almost every Glee album ever made and carry them on all road trips. I just bought Glee nailpolish from Sephora.

And OH do I loves me some Fat Bottomed Girls. Cuz I have one.

We went to see an amazing Queen tribute band and I got up and rocked my fat-bottomed self in the aisle during that song. It is awesome, it is liberating.

Glee starts tomorrow doesn’t it? *Happy gleek sigh*

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Hee! Yes, tonight! And I’m so, so very excited! Thanks so much for the note! :)

Kelly 5 years ago

That is priceless!! Remember being kids & belting out tunes…only because you liked the music…but had no idea what you were really saying?! (many a Rod Stewart song come to mind!)

So funny!

Glad to see you here today!! :)

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thank you friend, so much! And oh my, Rod! What is there to say about Rod?! :) XO

    Nicole DeZarn 5 years ago

    That so true, I remember wondering why my mom cringed when I sang “physical” by Olivia Newton John, I thought it was about P.E. class. We won’t even get into Prince lyrics some of which must have been stored in the autopilot part of my brain because I still paid no attention to them as an adult until I started singing “Little Red Corvette” in front of my kids-oops!

      Galit Breen 5 years ago

      I think you’re so right! It’s all on auto-pilot which is why we can sing Prince even today! Oh my! :)

      Thanks so much for the note!

Jessica 5 years ago

I’ve never seen Glee before but I do know this song and I can picture one of my kids singing it at school. Priceless.

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    It was one of *those* moments, for sure! I die. XO

Alison@Mama Wants This 5 years ago

Hee hee!! I wish I was there! Good to see you here, Galit. xo

    Galit Breen 5 years ago

    Thank you girlfriend! XO

Galit Breen 5 years ago

Hee! Thanks so much for having me here friend! XO


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