Father Lip Synching Daughter’s Tantrum Is Perfection

Really kids, if you’re going to throw a tantrum like this, you’re just asking to be mocked. Besides, there’s no better lesson we can teach our kids than the ability to laugh at themselves.


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Louise Scargill 2 years ago

no humour in cruelty

Louise Scargill 2 years ago

it is cruel to mock. do you like it. does it make you feel good when someone is mocking you

Ramona Zimnicki 2 years ago

Wow…so many adults in agreement that this is funny. What about the child (sibling?) In the room? What is the dad teaching him? It’s pretty obvious that this screaming child is probably invalidated on some level often. Why the he’ll would she need to scream bloody murder like that? SCREWY and so are the parents that condone such nonsense…….

Debbie Keegan 2 years ago

Awesome !!

Dawn Marie Watkins 2 years ago

Completely justified!!!!!

Meagan Stephenson 2 years ago

Terrible but do hysterical!! LOL

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 2 years ago

This didn’t work in my house…I tried it. However, taking a video of the child in the midst of a tantrum and playing it back to them does seem to work (even threaten to show it to others BUT never do it)… then every time they are on the verge of tantrum, just whip out the phone and make like you’re going to record it and that will stop the tantrum dead in its tracks..usually. Sometimes, a parent has to get creative when the usual methods like counting to 3 or ignoring the tantrum don’t work.

Marla Brodsky 2 years ago

LOVE THIS!! Someday she will have a toddler throwing tantrums and he can play this for her. This was more than him “teasing” her. This was he and his wife keeping their sanity!!

Alicia 2 years ago

I recorded my daughter when she just turned 5 acting this way in the car and she just kept screaming quit looking at me lol but later when I showed her she seemed so shocked on how she looked n sounded she has still not thrown a tantrum to that extent again I mean she has her days believe me but nothing like they were before. Raising kids Is different than it used to be bc the world is different and we have to find new ways to deal with things it used to be get a spanking or go to your room buy now kids would rather be in their room.

Vanessa Morris 2 years ago

It’s fine sheesh! Some parents are too serious. I understand there are parts of Parenting that need to be serious but for godsakes have fun with it, it goes by too fast!
My mother in law mimicked my husband when he was 5 at dept store b/c he was throwing a tantrum. Once she started everyone stared at them and my husband looked around at everyone and stopped. My mother in law leaned in and said “embarrassing isn’t it?” Nick just nodded and said that was the LAST time he ever threw a tantrum. Lmao

Mary Jane Goodman-Giddens 2 years ago

Hysterical!!! Thanks!

Tabi Mott 2 years ago

Seriously. ..
This is hilarious. My husband and I do this.
Why Cottle them by validating the behavior? They’ll calm down on their own.
Validating the behavior will only teach them to do it more often because they get attention.

Euna Esther Kim 2 years ago

Loved it!!!!! I die laughing!!!!

Lana Dramstad 2 years ago

I think it’s funny as hell and so something *I* would do as well….laugh on, I say!

Hannah Stiles Quinn 2 years ago

Got kids, no need to listen to this.

Hayley 2 years ago


Rosa Lopez 2 years ago

Iv done this to my son… It serves no other purpose than to amuse myself… Lol

Mia Brantley 2 years ago

I used to throw tantrums when I was little. That is, until my LAST tantrum. That was the one where, instead of fussing at me, or punishing me, my mother looked at me thrashing on the floor and just laughed at me. That was the end of my tantrums. If I wasn’t being taken seriously, the was no use for the dramatics. Enough said.

Maggie Alvarez 2 years ago

It is not cruel. People take things way too seriously. She’s a child though, she doesn’t realize how ridiculous she is acting. Lay off of her.

Sheri Marty Yasuna 2 years ago


Susan Davis 2 years ago

Hilarious. I’ve done this w my own kids just to keep my sanity.

And the dad is hot. Lol

Desiree Cody Stephens 2 years ago

She is throwing a fit for not getting her way. All kids do it. It doesn’t mean they are emotionally stressed and bullied. They are spoiled and want their way. Stop trying to over analyze every situation. The dad finds humor in dealing with the situation rather than beating the hell out her or making her sit in her “cool down” spot. Parents never do it right…either to hard on the kid or no discipline….to many stupid critics.

Aurora David 2 years ago

If you think this is cruel, I’m guessing your kids are probably terrors or sensitive to everything they encounter.

Laura Chase 2 years ago

Good Lord people. I have a teenager who throws tantrums lime this. She knows better. And I tell you what, this is a great solution to the throttling that my hands feel like doing. It at least releases the stress and might lower the blood pressure and hell, it might help her see how ridiculous she looks after she’s cooled down a bit!

Amy Hill Coe 2 years ago

Not nice. She’s upset, young and needing to learn how to handle her feelings and her whole family is laughing at her, and taping it. It’s not funny.

Tracy Pierceall 2 years ago

Way justified. Maybe when kids see how ridiculous they look throwing tantrums it’ll make them think the next time.

Shannon Malbrough 2 years ago

So funny! Ive been there and it is always better to laugh then to drive yourself crazy.

Kathleen Kennedy 2 years ago

tantrums are normal as long as the child is safe let them tantrum and try to teach them before they get to that point to learn to deal with their emotions so dad shouldn’t be doing this immature on his part

Kath Masch 2 years ago

Never stops being funny. I often tape my kids tantrum on my phone to show them later. Report this Dad? Are you serious? Lighten up people, laughter often is the best medicine…

Jessica Uptain 2 years ago

It’s actually a parenting technique I’ve seen on super Nanny. It shows the child how they appear pitching fits so it may shame them into stopping

Katie Bogdan Sunderlin 2 years ago

When my 2 year old throws a temper tantrum, when all else fails I will mimic her and she thinks it is funny and no more tantrum.

Jessica Lynn Freeman 2 years ago

I’ve done it. I have also joined tantrums, which was particularly funny at the mall.

Katrina Hintze 2 years ago

Awesome! Kids in tantrums shouldn’t be given any power!

Melanie Gomez 2 years ago

I love this….. So funny

Cristen Blevins 2 years ago

It just makes the father look very immature, about the same age as his daughter. She’s a child, children act that way, it’s expected. But dude, you’re supposed to be a man, her father, the male roll model. And you act like that? That’s not ok, grow up douche

Amy Mize 2 years ago

I sooooo love this!!!

Kimberly Bolaños 2 years ago

He’s a douche. How would you like someone in your family to mock you while you’re having a. bad day melt down? And then post it online? Why do so many of you think it’s so great to treat kids so shitty? Kids don’t get to be human and get upset? Rather than treat his daughter with some compassion and talk to her about what’s wrong, he does this? What an asshat. With idiot parents like this, no wonder this kid acts this way when she’s upset.

    Rose Walker 2 years ago

    It’s possible that she does this daily. He needs to deal with it in a healthy fashion for him. My son has tantrums often. Sometimes i can’t deal with it because I too am human. We don’t know all the details so it’s hard to judge the situation.

Amber Gross 2 years ago


Elizabeth Allen Jones 2 years ago

Oh that is AWESOME!!!! Love it. Sometimes it’s nice to see someone that shares your pain!

Angelique Farkas 2 years ago

Absolutely love this!

J’ne S. Brathwaite 2 years ago

Hahahaaaaaa I’ve been there

Anuwet Walton 2 years ago

I would rather see any parent do THIS as opposed to throwing the kid against the wall until it shuts up. Which, if I’m honest, and I am, I am OFTEN caught thinking about similar strategies.

Myrna Humphreys 2 years ago

Lol, my Mom threw a pitcher of cold water on my sister when she threw a tantrum….she NEVER did it again.

Cookie Go Go Pants 2 years ago

Wow really people. Scar a kid for life?! Really? I love how this family thinks.

Darlene Jean Burbridge 2 years ago

It’s wrong to mock and tease children. Period. If you saw your children doing this to another child you’d be mortified. No wonder they have troubles with their daughter. I feel for her!

Darlene Jean Burbridge 2 years ago

Maybe the child has it or one of the other disabilities I listed in a previous comment.this is showing children it’s ok to tease and mock others. Not a role model father that’s for sure.

Kimberly Paradis 2 years ago

oh poo… harming my butt!! there is nothing worse than putting up with a drama filled, spoiled hissy fit. my oldest learned easily fits did not work the youngest never tried fits. but good lord my 2nd child was a fit thrower right up until the day I threw myself down on wal-mart floor beside her and started copying her kicking/screaming loudly repeating “whaaaaaaaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaa” when I stopped she was sitting quietly staring at me, mouth open. as was a few customers LOL however she never threw another fit. she was 3 at the time I was pregnant with last kid. LOL I’m constantly threatening my 11 year old step daughter I am going to video tape her stupid fits so I can play it back so she can see how ignorant it is.

Teresa Stokes 2 years ago

Couldn’t hurt to show the cold how utterly ridiculous she looked when she acted that way!

Kensy McCarthy 2 years ago


Patty Trusty Tatum 2 years ago

Soo funny !!

Sigrid Lee 2 years ago

Been there done that.

Cristy Fix 2 years ago


Kim White 2 years ago

Every parent should probably see this. Instead of getting angry and possibly trying to ‘reason’ with a child having a tantrum, I would think this is a form of letting the child ‘see’ what he or she looks like during one, hopefully making fun of the behavior would deter it…..on the flip side, this guy’s kid must have a lot of tantrums to be able to lip sync one that well!! Hilarious and good he’s got a sense of humor!

Lana Boulanger 2 years ago

Would love to see the daughter lip sync a dad’s emotional freak out AND post it. See how funny he thinks it is then.

Jennifer Sironen Brown 2 years ago

To the people bashing this dad, this is obviously not the first time this child has had a tantrum. I would do the same thing to show them exactly what they sound like when having a tantrum. I have no tolerance for tantrums and think this is an appropriate method to show them how they are behaving. I listen to our kids and they absolutely know their words and feelings have value however when they’re acting ridiculous then no, I’m not going to encourage it by giving it value. If it’s genuine and they are scared or upset then that is different. If it’s having a fit over a toy or not getting their way then so sad too bad!

Valerie Gauthier 2 years ago

I am so through with all those kids ‘rights’ defenders! We’re not talking about child labor, slavery or worse over here….we are talking about kids throwing tantrums over ‘spilled juice’ !

How about parents rights!? Can we procreate without being powerless victims of our ‘Hail to the king kids” bullying us…

Soon, parents will go to jail for talking back to their kids…

Stop being emotional softies with your kids! Kids are not as fragile as one may think! They are strong and the smarter they are, the better they learn to manipulate society and soft hearted folks.

I remember one time in particular when at Walmart I said ‘No’ to my daughter for some stupid toy… she started her melt down. I took her out in the car on my shoulder while she was screaming at the top of her lungs to the World how much I was hurting her!! She knew perfectly she would gain the attention of the public screaming this… she knew it would bother me… I am positive i wasnt hurting her… it was just manipulation of the masses…Some kids are just hard tempered, strong willed beings and do not deal well with authority.

If i had been a giving in to these multiple tantrums.. my kid would be the boss of me by now, would rule over the house and would hold the whole family hostage… not happening…

Kids have to know their place. They should NEVER rule over the parents.

And now with the new trend that’s taking the power away from parents, teachers and giving it to children, society is creating and raising monsters! Check it out in 15 yrs.

Kayleen Gover 2 years ago

She was probably just throwing a tantrum, if she really was in trouble they wouldn’t be doing that. But as a parent, you need to have a sense of humor or you end up on the news haha its either laugh about it (chances are, the kids will start laughing soon anyway) or you walk around pissed off with migraines

Kristin Gaffney 2 years ago

I’ve done this to my kids. Sorry but a sense of humor keeps this parent sane and I’d rather laugh than get angry.

Karie Bennett 2 years ago

Sometimes you have to laugh or you’ll go nuts raising kids. I think this is hilarious.

Bryan Francis 2 years ago

I’ve done that before! Lol

Raquel Markos Casey 2 years ago

I’m usually on the side of those saying “lighten up and get a sense of humor”, but not on this one.

Sandy Broda 2 years ago

Funny to watch, but it would backfire with a lot of kids. Mine included.

Beccy Plant 2 years ago

Brilliant! And for those of you on your high horses, you’ve watched a minute of a video. I’m pretty sure you don’t know that child, the Dad, their family or what happened afterwards (cuddles?), if it was that he was copying her live. My Dad did it to us, and at times I have done it to my kids. I think it’s hilarious and after trying the usual approaches, sometimes it’s good to break up a tantrum with humour and keep everyone sane!

Claudia Peña 2 years ago

Hilarious! Tantrums are horrible and emotionally scarring … For the parents, that is…lol. I said totally justified and very funny.

Joleen Hottel 2 years ago

Gotta have one on tape to show future husband.

Jessica Cheyenne Chapman 2 years ago

I was waiting for the sound of someone karate chopping the kid in the throat. That crap isn’t tolerated in my house.

Lucy Cocks 2 years ago


Brandy Lopez Barbee 2 years ago

Perhaps it is the opposite…. When people are overly sensitive to everything they grow up and can’t handle anything. Life is gonna hurt sometimes and ones needs to be equipped to deal with that…. without going over the edge. Life is too short. How about calling the stuff that is actually horrible, horrible. Levity ladies….

Roz Wilson-Bailey 2 years ago

As a mom of 5 boys I think its absolutely hilarious !!!
Its ok to lighten the mood when a child is acting a fool. What would you have said if he beat her ass for acting like that? He would be deemed a horrible parent. So in the grand scheme of things, I think this was fine. Its funny!!

Tonya Whoopi Branam 2 years ago

Well played Dad.

Heather Boissonneault 2 years ago

Justified and hilarious

Adriane Kaylor 2 years ago

Demonstrate how the tantrum looks so kid realizes what they’re really doing? Go for it! Posting said demonstration on yonder interwebs for all to see? Humiliating and unnecessary. That’s where I draw the line.

Dawn Ruesing Blunda 2 years ago

I’ve done similar to my six year old & it makes her stop & start giggling at how silly I look. Then we can CALMLY & RATIONALLY discuss whatever is really going on. Hilarious

JoAnn McMahon Kurtz 2 years ago

LOL! So funny! Maybe this will be on America’s Funniest Home Videos in 2024. :p My 14 year old grandson can Lip Sync and mock while I’m talking (or anyone else is talking) and I always end up laughing. This dad has the right idea … always make ’em laugh.

Pixie Wing 2 years ago


Tiffany Dye 2 years ago

Yep. Love this dad!

Erinn Mc Andrew Ragan 2 years ago

Hilarious! Not mean at all. She’s obviously pitching a fit.. Not hurt. I’m sure if the situation was different he wouldn’t be doing that. I’ve done something like that to my 8 and 4 year old before and they busy up laughing when they realize how ridiculous they are being!!

Dana Blue 2 years ago

BTW 200% justified!!

Rachel Gregory 2 years ago

I don’t like the new trend of publicly shaming children

Shania Tucker 2 years ago

Hahah completely justified

Jessi Durant 2 years ago

Hahaha that was epic! I have recorded my son and he ended his tantrum very quickly! Love it!!!

Cheri Goodman 2 years ago

I think it’s funny.

Lauren Thatcher Doerries 2 years ago

With the way his imitation is perfectly timed, it’s probably being done to a recording of her tantrum rather than the tantrum itself. So she may not even be watching….of course now that it’s on the internet 😉

Ryan A Wilson 2 years ago

Yeah, not so much. Especially when the kid saying to stop laughing at her.

Paige Taylor 2 years ago

Freaking hilarious.

Erika Riley Sterling 2 years ago

It’s not going to scar her for life, but it’s not nice. I feel bad for her.


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