As if my fear of flying wasn’t bad enough…


Is there really any other way to interpret this?

Thanks. P.F. Changs. Thanks a bunch.


  1. 1

    Mrs BC says

    I truly believe that life is a destination, not a journey…..but this is just ominous. Can you take the train instead?

  2. 6

    Raquel says

    I think it is speaking figuratively??? (I hope I used the right word there). But either way the hell if I’d fly after that one.

  3. 7

    SaucyB says

    oh man, that’s harsh for something you find mixed in with your food! I say counterbalance it by having your tarot cards read. ;-)

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  4. 9

    Distracted Dadddy says

    You forget to add “in bed” to the end.

    “It is sometimes better to travel hopefully than arrive… in bed.”

    Hmm… still not that funny. At least you didn’t get the Lost numbers.

  5. 11

    Catherine Mackie says

    I agree with Raquel. Surely it means that sometimes the anticipation of winning a lottery, spending all that money that you don’t have, is fun and therefore it doesn’t matter if you win or not? I know a similar saying: It’s not just the thrill of winning, it’s having the courage to try. But as I couldn’t find anywhere that I could read about this sign I’m just clutching at straws here. I’m a fatalist… If you’ve gotta go you could go from a heartattack when you win the lottery with those lucky numbers….

  6. 16

    Danielle says

    Maybe it has nothing to do with the flight, but the destination. Meaning sometimes its the travel is more worth more then the final destination. There is a saying, which I can’t remember about learning more from the journey, then the final goal, it is the journey that we all learn more from. So maybe this isn’t negative at all.

  7. 18

    Brook @ To Be Dancing says

    well, it’s a little funnier if you add “in the back of a volkswagon” as we must do to all our fortune cookies.
    Because it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive in the back of a volkswagon.
    My worst fortune cookie ever was “you need to make some changes to your exercise program”
    Which I thought was a pretty bogus fortune.

  8. 21

    Diane says

    Why do they even put crap fortunes like that in a cookie? It’s supposed to be a happy little FORTUNE cookie!…not a damn DOOM cookie! Blah! I’d be tempted to give that thing back and tell them I want another!

  9. 22

    KB says

    LOL, OK for someone with a fear of flying that one is pretty cruel. Even for someone who doesn’t have that fear it still makes you think of horrible accidents, but I think the message (although fuzzy) is true. When you are a kid, you imagine that being a “grown-up” is so cool and so much fun. The journey to get to adulthood was full of hopeful dreams of everything you’d do or be. Now that I think I’ve arrived here, I wish I was still that naive kid because the reality is not as much fun as the hope.

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