The 10 Fights You’ll Most Likely Have With Other Moms


When I was a new mom, I found out pretty quickly that there were two things about the experience that I really disliked; other children and their parents. Of course, that all changed as I started to make more and more friends, and realized that the problem wasn’t moms, it was assholes, and just made a point not to make friends with assholes.

Still, even if you aren’t friends with assholes, they will still come and find you, wherever you are. The fact is, you can be the nicest person in the world, but someone will always manage to rub you the wrong way. Of course it’s important to pick your battles, or else you’ll end up a lonely husk of rage, but there are times you don’t want to be spineless either. At some point or another, most people will end up fighting with other moms about the following:

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1. Who gets to discipline whose child. I am that annoying woman who walks around at birthday parties, giving people permission to yell at my kid if they need to. I want them to know I don’t feel weird about it. Some people do feel weird about it, and they will tear your fucking throat out if you tell their kid to knock something off.

I once told an older kid to stop pushing toddlers off of the monkey bars when they started to climb up. The mom flipped out on me, all “WHAT DID YOU SAY??” That experience hasn’t soured me, though. I love saying “no” and if your kid’s a dick I will tell them “no”, too.

2. Snacks. Oh my god, snacks. This is a minefield. A delicious, delicious minefield. Listen to me: You are being judged on the snacks you serve your child at the playground. It is either too sugary or too crunchy-granola. Hide it in your purse and let your kid dip their head in there every once in a while instead. Do not ever give other people’s kids snacks unless you are hoping to get into fisticuffs.

3. What counts as age-appropriate. I never knew this was even an issue until I had a playdate at my house when my daughter was four. She was obsessed with SpongeBob SquarePants and was watching the show when the other kid came in. I promptly turned it off, but halfway through the playdate the mother said she “couldn’t just keep my mouth shut anymore!” and actually started to cry because she felt so bad that my daughter was being subjected to SpongeBob.

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4. Stroller real estate. Stroller parking, stroller rolling, being in the direct path of someone’s massive Escalade-type stroller. You might be surprised how pissed people get if you are in the way of their stroller, take their parking “spot” or don’t move all of your shit out of the 5-foot horizontal corridor of space they need to maneuver through the library/Starbucks/playground.

5. Sharing. Most parents want their kid to learn how to share. And then your kid meets the kid whose parents hate sharing, and you’re fucked. They’ll be in the sandbox together and you’ll tell your child to share the red bucket and then the dad will say to you, “how would you like it if you had to give all of your things to someone else??” And then suddenly it’s a fight about Obamacare.

6. Something related to school or preschool. If you think playground annoyances end when your kid gets to school or preschool you are wrong. So very, sadly wrong. Welcome to the world of fights about attendance, who is gifted and talented and who should be responsible for volunteering at the berjillion parties your kid’s class will have. Hint: It’s you.

7. Multi-level marketing gigs (Think Pampered Chef and Mary Kay). Obviously.

8. What kind of a job you’re doing (spoiler: not a good one). Back in the day, I would get into fights with older moms about this very thing. There was always something I was doing that wasn’t quite right, probably because I was an idiot, unlike them. You would think that a group of women who face criticism based on their age would not turn around and criticize people based on their age. You are wrong.

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9. Carseats. Car seats were not the bastion of bicker-fuel they were when I was a new mom. Now, you will get in fights about everything from head supports to proper Y-strap formation and it will make you wonder if you need a hobby, and also if that hobby should be carseats.

10. “I could NEVER [insert thing you’re doing here]” I could NEVER send my kid to daycare. I could NEVER give my child Lunchables. I would NEVER put SpongeBob on T.V. Honestly, who cares what you would never do? Gratz on never doing it. But why do you care what other people do? Short of hauling off and backhanding a toddler for spilling their own juice, it’s none of your business.

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About the writer

Theresa Edwards lives in Dallas, Texas, with the beloved fruit of her loins. When she isn’t busy writing, she uses her free time to complain about everything. Follow her on Twitter.


Bee 6 months ago

I’ve never had anyone criticize my choices, probably bc I work full time and spend my valuable free time only with people I really know and like and trust around my kids. I make really good safe thought out choices for my kids though and silently worry about others’ kids from time to time. But we don’t fight about it! I just tell my husband and frown.

Monika 6 months ago

*shrugs* I couldn’t give a flying spongebob what you think of my parenting choices and unless you are abusing your child or allowing someone else to abuse your child I don’t give a flying spongebob/lunchable/share nazi/stroller valeting/class mom what the heck you are doing. But then again I was always a pretty easy going, accepting sort of person.

leiah 1 year ago

I think vaccinations should be on this list.

J.Lee 2 years ago

The cool thing about critical moms is that they were that way before kids and will continue to be that way in the senior community later (watch your lawn gnomes, ladies!)

You can’t always tell when you first meet them but once you do realize that hanging out with this person makes you feel like crap or so angry you want to Hulk-out, you can just smile and be, quite suddenly, really busy. Nothing makes them madder than seeing you happy, unphased and unattainable. Plus, you don’t have to look like a tool raging out on them on the playground. This is sadly, experience talking. Lol

Emily 2 years ago

Biggest fights I’ve ever had with other moms are over vaccines. Can’t believe it’s not on this list.

Shannon 2 years ago

I might cry because ‘I’ was being subjected to SpongeBob, but not because someone else was watching it.

Kimberly Snook Haines 2 years ago

Only 3 occasions that are worth fighting over, the parent/teacher who decides correcting my sons behavior with physical punishment is ok, yes please reprimand my son but don’t put your hands on him, the other two are about car seats, the parent who insists on driving like a reckless asshole with a kid in the car or the parent who doesn’t even have a car seat…other than that if your kid is happy, healthy and fed does it really matter? No it’s unnecessary drama that I don’t have time for :)

Sharon McDivitt Greier 2 years ago

Love!!! The sharing one! So damn true!!!

Kelly Edblom Armstrong 2 years ago


Jodi 2 years ago

I have experienced all of these. The biggest fight I have had with parents and school is the one were my kid deserves an education. I have a developmentally delayed child, and many parents accuse me and my child of dumbing down education. That would be applicable if my kid were mainstreamed. :/.

Sandi Santiago 2 years ago

This is great :) I often find myself in these situations. I like to play dumb and act like the other person is a freaking genius. Oh tell me more about raising my baby please …oh I forgot to tell you I have three seven years apart and have already been there done that. Its getting worse the older they get. I have arguments over where my 14 should be at her age . Btw she is freaking one of the most amazing people I ever met so I’m doing something right.

Jamie Wysel Krug 2 years ago


Karen Graves 2 years ago

Bahaha…just add circumcision to the list and it’s pretty much complete.

Elizabeth Chambers Phillips 2 years ago

Can I add to the list… Vaccinations! Ahhhh!

Dawn Miller 2 years ago

Oddly I had a #9 once. And I couldn’t give a $#¡+ less about car seats. As long as my kid is in one and it’s securely strapped to the car I say I’m doing okay. This other mom THOUGHT we had an expensive car seat and wanted to make a snide comment about it. Jokes on you. I’m too cheap for your criticism. But nice try.

Georgie Goldstein 2 years ago

Too funny. I feel like I am always in trouble about something

Anna 2 years ago

Great article, sad but true. I always find this soooooo funny when I hear people talk like that. I just stop and stare. I’ve raised a slew of kids, bio, adopted, foster, exchange. 11 so far and honey was asking about another one yesterday. They know where I live and I’m sure they will show up when they need to be here.

The goal isn’t the biggest best buggy or coolest car seat or even perfect “whatever” the newest trend is. The only real goal is they are healthy and well rounded people by time they are 30. If that means the answer is no, and it makes them unhappy for a while, it’s ok. They don’t need $200 shoes, $500 phones and the newest video game to be awesome. But if they happen to have it, that’s ok too.

Our kids need to be responsible, happy, well educated people. All the rest is just window dressing. Breathe ladies, and let your friends and neighbors breathe too. They will all be just fine.

Maria @amotherworld 2 years ago

“I could never” rings so true. “Oh I could never let my kids play that game, or eat that food, or stay up that late, or…” and the list goes on and on and on. Why some people like to tear each other down I will never understand. To each their own.

Elisha Debose 2 years ago

Lmao my mom didnt have a problem with any of that because my mom was intimidating now im a mom no one has told me anything yet lol

Brandi Gladson 2 years ago

I think I am the “lonely husk of rage”. One that could add even more to this list. Lol.

Kimberly Moak Savage 2 years ago

Love it

Eric Beyer 2 years ago

I’ve never had a confrontation with another parent.

Catherine Heidrich Dixon 2 years ago

The same mom has confronted me on pretty much every one of these topics, plus birth choices and vaccines, and then said I was mean for choosing not to pursue any further conversations with her. Good riddance. Ain’t nobody got time for dat!

Jaimie Hadden 2 years ago

When one of these fights start you just do a little tape dance and say I don’t give a damn what you think da da da da da da

Lucky King 2 years ago

Never had a mom fight.. yet. My son is only 2 but im thinking if SpongeBob is bad…what woyld they say about my sons favourite show being the simpsons…

Jaime 2 years ago

I have only a few moms that I’ve bickered with in real life, and one is my mother in law, so that really doesn’t count. The funny thing is that the mom I’ve fought with the most is someone I actually agree with on most things. We’re both pretty crunchy, pretty careful to give our kids granola-type foods, cloth dipes, etc – but the way she gets in other people’s faces about it and judges them drives ME so crazy, that I usually give my kids candy only when she’s looking, and since I know it pisses her off when anyone drinks soda, I always make sure I have one of those super-sized ones when we go over to their house. It’s a passive-aggressive playground :)

lori 2 years ago

I remember one day at the beach I was eating an ice cream sundae (ice cream, fugde sauce and whipped cream) and gave my one year old a small bite. The lady sitting close to us said to her child (loudly, so we could hear) “I never gave you ice cream when you were that young!” I never felt so judged as a parent! What they couldn’t see was that I was trying to do what I thought was best for my child (,nursing, making homemade baby food. Etc) all they were seeing and judging me on was one bite of food!
As for car seats..I was a certified car seat technician / instructor so I did have some expertise however, I stopped trying to offer advise or help unless asked after one parent reamed me out telling me I was judging her parenting skills.

Mary Powder Dev 2 years ago

All of these items only bother you if YOU let them. Live your life.

Kellie Banks 2 years ago

#1! Parents that don’t discipline (even when they think they are) and their child is continually bullying my child/ren! Makes me thankful of my children’s behaviour :)

Pen 2 years ago

The kind of moms who complain about mama drama the most are the ones who insight it.

Diana 2 years ago

Number 7!!! O.M.Gosh! I am soooo sick of Pampered Chef, Initials Inc, thirty-one, Tastefully Simple, Tupperware, Norwex, V3, It Works Wraps, et al!!!! I want to scream, “I DON’T DO PARTIES!!!” But I don’t. I just ignore the emails, facebook posts, etc. It’s cute, neat, whatever, but nothing I can’t live without.

Misty Elliott 2 years ago

Thank God I have awesome mom friends. Although I have been unfortunate enough to have asshole mom’s that I have had no choice but to deal with throughout the years. I can’t stand mom’s who think they know it all, who honestly think they are the “all knowing holier than thou” mom. I find that most of those kinds of mom’s are heavily involved in the school system as well. A horrible place for them to be. They think they are doing the world a favor when really they are probably the most hated person in the community though no one will say anything for fear of their “motherly” wrath.

Laura Latham Nalley 2 years ago

#7 for sure!!

Cindy Robertson 2 years ago

Pretty true

Whisper Means 2 years ago

Oh no…I could see some of this coming! Ugh!

Terrie Elizabeth 2 years ago

No play with the mentally ill antivax mom untill baby was 2. Nox I wont but an entire cabinet of special food just for the nazi vegangmoorganicallgrainanddairyfree mom whose child has no medical issues, she just likes that stuff. If she must eat that and only that, then send it with her. And no, I dont like your dog. It cannot come with your child, and no backtalk when I make good on my wArn ing that it will be tethered to my porch if she brings it again anyway.

Travis Withers 2 years ago

Please tell me this is fiction. Moms fight over this? Please. You do you. I’ll do me. Get out of my face.

keelye 2 years ago

I don’t mind if another parent tells my child not to do something AS LONG AS when their kid does the same thing they discipline them as well. ‘Parents whose kids are not disciplined but they love every chance to get a hold of someone else’s child’ no no no honey

Susan Dylka 2 years ago

LMBO I’ve been witness to some of these. But I used to run an at home daycare for 13 years. Your kid either shaped up and you backed me up or find another daycare. I win.

Kimberly Cromwell 2 years ago

My one and only disagreement with another mom came on the heels of me nursing my 10 month old while tucked away in a corner at the mall. She says,” Oh my god! I can’t believe you are still breast feeding that kid. Don’t you think she’s a little big for that? I asked, “aren’t you a bit nosy for a perfect stranger? Beat it lady!” She nearly ruined my day.

JessieJaymz Baldwin 2 years ago

This makes me thankful for my Mothers Group, judgment free zone and every mummy doing the best she possibly can!

Rebecca Hensley Shelton 2 years ago

And sharing. I have one rule, we will share the toy with you when we are done playing with it. Kids who are forced to give up every toy they get their hands on grow up to be walked all over and pushed around. It never hurt any kid to wait their turn and be patience. Some adults need to learn too. I used to have a friend who would tell my girls, can my daughter play with that, she really likes that toy and when she is done you can have it back. My response….hell no, she can have it when my kids are done playing with it. Who does that?! What dors that teach kids?! That thwy are priority and that is not always the case.

Rebecca Hensley Shelton 2 years ago

My 2 year old baby girl loves spongebob, as did my older girls, and guess what…they survived, they are now in high school and are very smart, athletic, successful young ladies and they dont have self esteem issues and arent in therapy because of it. Im all for spongebob if the kid likes it.
I think a #10 is the worst. Your kid is no better than my kid is no better than the next kid. Its nice to brag on your kid, everyone likes to hear the cute stories, but when I am telling my cute stories, shut the hell up and stop trying to out do me! I will just get up and walk away and we cannot be friends. Just sayin!

Sandra Mood 2 years ago

Agree with all but number 5. I believe sharing is voluntary. It should not be forced.

Sandra Brown-Bowman 2 years ago

Oh wow, I loved this!

Lynn 2 years ago

I do not understand how parents get so offended when you discipline their kids. Now I’m not saying hit them or insist on some crazy rule but I am always ok with saying what I think and expect other parents to do the same especially when safety comes into play. I was standing with my 10 month old on the play structure at the top of a slide and a little girl comes over and pushes her. I steadied my daughter and then the little girl tried to grab her eye ball. I reacted instinctively and grabbed her hand and said no we don’t poke eyes. The dad, who was 15 feet away basically ignoring his kids behavior, chose to make a big scene. I told him he was lucky my 3 year old was at the bottom bc if the roles were reversed (me at the bottom and her with her sister) his kid would likely have been pushed down the slide because big sister is very protective of “her” baby.

Asha Tahir 2 years ago

I’ve had a couple of arguments with other moms 1 for grabbing my 2 year old for pushing a button in the lift I don’t care what he is doing keep ur hands of him

Nads Giroux 2 years ago

Love #10

Devon Raquel 2 years ago

I fuckin love reading ur articles

Deb Losee Cannon 2 years ago

Totally relate to all of these. I have 4 all at one school (k-8) and I constantly feel like I’m underachiever mom because I’m not doing enough. Yet when I volunteer or try to get involved in something, the queen bees swoop in to take charge and do it all. They don’t want help beyond their little group of other queen bee mom buddies. Seriously annoying. I now keep a low profile with most of the school moms. I sign up for the bare minimum so as not to be viewed as a total slacker then I’m like peace out.

Amanda Bodnaruk 2 years ago

If a mom ‘friend’ of mine started crying over SpongeBob, I would f’n laugh.

Laurel Eaton 2 years ago

Thank god my mom friends aren’t assholes!

Johanna Michelle Medina 2 years ago

If your child is being a little douche i will say something to them if the parent isn’t correcting their behavior…

Jackie Smith 2 years ago

Everyone’s a judgmental bitch now days! Get over yourselves

Christine Katz 2 years ago

This is hilarious. I love love love this page!

Susan Danneman Deering 2 years ago

I’m all about #1 if your kid is a jerk and shares that jerkiness with MY kids I’m gonna share my parenting with YOUR kid!

    Terrie Elizabeth 2 years ago

    I wholeheartedly agree. Boundaries, kids need them regardless where they come from.

Sasha Rose 2 years ago

Seriously, though- THE SNACKS!

Katie Rubin 2 years ago

There’s no mention of the SERIOUS fighting and judging around circumcision, sleep training/CIO and breastfeeding/formula choice. THOSE topics will actually end friendships. But this article was much more lighthearted and fun :)

Wendy Mills Zitzman 2 years ago

I’ll happily confess to being the “Snack Judger” and “Lunchable Hater” mom.

    Terrie Elizabeth 2 years ago

    Me too. My daughter’s friend used to bring those to play all the time, ham cheese crackers and a cookie. Then one day I made mine a homemade version with lowsalt preservative free ham, real cheese, and rice crackers with an organic cookie and apple slices. Her friend liked her new lunchable so much!

Taylor Alvord Stewart 2 years ago

Wow this is so true. I’ve run into my fair share of parents who think their way is best. Shut up and do what works for your family and stay away from mine!

Holly Ahmed 2 years ago

Sallie Le Kym Champagne Ferguson Truett Brooks Shakeema Sanford Carol Dawson-Searles Ashley Spence Heather Sawyers

Keri Taylor 2 years ago

I think the whole who can yell at your child thing is a pretty good point I don’t care if my child is acting up you can yell at them or tell them no but don’t expect me to raise your children either if your child is being a brat and I tell you about it don’t tell me to deal with it if I’m coming to you its because I already told them to stop and they didn’t and it’s time for an ass whoopin

Kristen Suddarth Mattson 2 years ago

Only #10 has ever brought out my claws. I hate that passive-aggressive bs

Gen 2 years ago

#5: Laughing my ASS off! OMG!!!!!

Dina Juarez 2 years ago

1) and 5)

Shanna Harter Miller 2 years ago

What’s wrong for one family may be right for another. At the end of the day, are you a happy mommy? Are your children happy? Cheers!

Melissa McCabe Cerda 2 years ago

I am pretty conservative too. And I am just not good enough for friends and family on any one of these things. But my kids are happy, healthy, and not glued to a screen 24/7. Haha!

Mindy Bowen Fernandes 2 years ago

Your forgot drive through pick up line at school. Ugh. When I lost my job and became a stay at home, it took exactly a week to get in a fight with another parent.

Melissa McCabe Cerda 2 years ago

Hahahahahaha!!!!! SO true on every single one!!!

Amanda Lewis Tarter 2 years ago

I’ll be honest I don’t get the HUGE sponge bob hatred! I’m uber conservative… But I’ve watched it… I don’t get how this is an actual mom issue?

Patricia Bernreuter 2 years ago

I am the mom who doesn’t care what the other moms think….I do what I do.

Kelly Peace Ouellette 2 years ago

Number 5!!! That’s exactly how it would play out, lol.

Randi Salzman Renninger 2 years ago

when your older kid kicks my kid, younger by two years, off her bike, not once but twice, and you sit on your fat ass and don’t say better believe I’m gonna tell your brat kid to leave my kid alone. you give me shit about saying something to your effing bad..real story

Carly Price 2 years ago

Tara Schoenberger #1? Lol! I think it’s the only one that we’re guilty of.

    Tara Schoenberger 2 years ago

    Lol. Sounds right.

Heather 2 years ago

I’m only now pregnant with my first, but I’ve already had one family member tell me I’ll be doing this parenting thing wrong. I believe the exact phrase was, “oh, I can just tell you’ll be one of *those* parents who runs to grab your kid if she’s going to fall down a flight of stairs.”

Um, yes, yes, I probably will be.

Jessica Richards Paolini 2 years ago

This is a good one.

Jessica Wegrzynski Barone 2 years ago

I’ve been extremely fortunate to not have these issues with my mom friends. Maybe I’m just blissfully oblivious to strangers and their opinions to worry…. I could’ve wrong

Nathalie Hart 2 years ago

Holy crap!! I’m in for it! “Be prepared” is right!!

Shona Buddy 2 years ago

How about the mum who thinks there kids is the next Einstein or whatever..ok we all love our kids but the fact he can shit in the toilet a few months before normal doesn’t make him super gifted. I use to love what George carlin used to say” no one cares about your kids….that’s why there your kids so you can care about them”

Kelly Mundell 2 years ago

Some of these are soo great!

Kelly 2 years ago

OMG number 4 – stroller real estate! Just last week I get on a local bus, which is a really small one as it always seems to be when there’s a million-and-five people waiting to get on, and park in the wheelchair/pram bay (no one was in a wheelchair). I’d been waiting for the bus for about 15 minutes. This other girl, her mother and her sister get on and have to park their pram in a different part of the bus… and proceed to flash me evil eyes for the 20 minute journey. VERY awkward!

Angela 2 years ago

I would not be ok with someone getting on to either of my kids. I am there parent and I can handle it. But also I keep up with my own kids so there hasn’t been an issue like this for me. I also don’t give advice about what others should do unless asked. We all raise our own kids how we feel is best. I will however let a parent know if their kid is getting out of control so they can handle it. To many people worry about things that don’t really matter like what you feed your kid. Smh.

Danielle Kingston Fry 2 years ago

Number 1. I yelled at a kid who hacked a lugi in his little sisters hair. His parents just gave me a dirty look, whatever, your kid is a little shit. Just be glad he didn’t spit on my kid…

    Terrie Elizabeth 2 years ago

    No kidding! I once reprimanded a 5-6 year old for almost shoving their 2yr old sibling down stairs and mom bit my head off. Really? Little baby seemed relieved when I caught her though, mom missed that part. No good deed

JA 2 years ago

Huh. I was not even aware that Lunchables and Spongebob were bad. I have an almost 4 year old who indulges in both daily. She’s eating meat AND cheese? HALLELUJAH! Big step up from only pasta noodles in my house! She got ten minutes of Spongebob and wasn’t hitting, biting, coloring on the walls with sharpie, or mashing playdoh into the carpet. Win? I THINK SO.

The only “fight” I’ve ever had with a mommy was when I was potty training, and she was wearing Minnie Mouse undies. Another mom (who I don’t even know and was sitting next to me telling me how her 4 year old reads on a 5th grade level while I watched him eating his shirt and threatening all the other kids with a baseball bat) informed her that “if she tinkles on Minnie, it might drown her, and then she’ll never see her again.” WOW. I asked her what the FUCK she was thinking. She told me “we don’t use that kind of language.” I picked up my kid and left.

Julie Vaughn Kollstedt 2 years ago

#1 so true. #5 hilarious!!!

Dina Sowers-Utter 2 years ago

This is hilarious, and so true lol

Melissa 2 years ago

#3. My now 22 year old (well adjusted, almost RN) knew every word to “Baby’s got back” at 3…..Uhhhh, guess I messed her up badly. RELAXXXXXX- have fun, teach right from wrong and to respect others choices, above all teach them to live in the real world so they aren’t shocked, scared, rebellious, judgmental, or paralyzed by reality when it’s time for them to stand on their own two feet. :)

Kim 2 years ago

I love your posts! It’s like you read my mind and look deep into my sarcastic non-super mommy soul.

Jennifer Hallameyer 2 years ago

Yes yes a thousand times yes!

Denver Sutton 2 years ago

I’m surprised playground battles weren’t on here. I suppose mine might fall under if you’re allowed to discipline other kids. I had enough with this one kid trying to push my kids off of a 6ft bridge, putting his foot on my 1 yo’s head in an attempt to push him down a slide, and force feeding my son his grape juice, so I got onto him. OMG did that Mom freak out and yet it was her kid misbehaving.

Lisa Notarile Lawrence 2 years ago

Great response to an “I would never” mom is to turn to them and say “I would never butt my nose into someone else’s business unless they asked”.

Melinda Seibel Felton 2 years ago

Each one of those….sad that parenting feels like a competition. No one should tell anyone what they’re doing wrong.

Binkies, cartoons, sports, vacations, naughty words, coddling, manipulating, birthday parties, haircuts….where do we stop?!?

Crystal Angelo 2 years ago

I’ve only encountered these types of moms on the internet. You know the types who use their keyboard like it’s made of dynamite.

Carolyn Fisher Latosinski 2 years ago

I work retail and I have no problem when kids are leaping off benches or running around like crazy telling them to please stop this isn’t a playground. And progressively saying it louder if needed. I have 3 grown kids and 2 grandchildren and it’s my job to make sure the shopping is good for all my customers, so if you’re not going to tell your kids to knock it off, I will!

Tania Muller Basson 2 years ago

And play groups (that moms set up to entertain themselves with as much as for their kids) it’s about how fancy the snack plate that you bring is, how you and your child are dressed and everything on this list comes up. Them the group splits into two groups of moms who wage war on one another. Pure delicious gossipy madness!

Alyssa Winston Lester 2 years ago

I would add “sleeping methods/situations”!

Melinda Hicks 2 years ago

You forgot pick up line etiquette. I watched two mom’s nearly get in a fist fight because one was blocking the pickup line (grr) and the other honked and the first one LOST HER MIND.


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