My First Day of Work


On the eve of my first day of work at my new job, I’ve already laid out my first day of work outfit, packed my first day of work lunch, set aside my favorite mug for the first day of work coffee, and cleaned out my car for the first day of work commute. I am so ready for this.

No, I’m not.

Being a stay-at-home mom has been my job for three and a half years. During this time, I found myself. I discovered some hidden talents, like that I tell some amazing bedtime stories and have a flair for organizing. I learned how to cook and I started writing again. I found that I can go for the long haul on half a tank. I started a blog. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin without wearing make-up and learned that I could actually go three days without a shower. I am good at making due with what I have.

But, now it’s time. I’m heading back to the big exciting and scary world of outside the home employment. I’ve done this before… I can do it again. Except this time, I have a better appreciation of both the pros and the cons of being a working mom…


• While at work, I will be called by my real name. I am not required to answer to mommy, mom, mama, or ma.

• My co-workers are responsible for their own lunches, tying their own shoes, and putting on their own coats.

• I will not have to wipe another person’s butt or nose for eight hours a day, five days a week.

• No one will bang on the door and cry while I’m in the bathroom.

• I can listen to my music while in the car twice a day.

• No cartoons.

• I can carry on an adult conversation without having to stop to yell at a kid for writing on the walls.

• I won’t have to share my computer so someone else can play Nick Jr. games.

• I’m not the boss.


• No farting, belching, or scratching while at work.

• Yoga pants and pajamas are not appropriate work attire.

• Hiding in the closet to eat a chocolate bar is frowned upon. (Maybe that should go into the pro column.)

• I’ll have to wear a bra consistently for at least 8 hours a day.

• No naps.

• A swish of coffee is no longer an acceptable form of mouthwash.

• No eating the leftovers off of co-workers’ plates.

• I cannot end an inter-office disagreement with “because I said so, that’s why!”

• Co-workers do not earn a “time-out” if they make me mad.

• I’ll have to leave the house on rainy days, extra cold days, and bloated days.

• I’ll miss the little buggers.

• I’m not the boss.

To my fellow employed moms: I am looking forward to joining the ranks of the exhausted, over-caffeinated, warriors of the professional world. Wish me luck!

To my fellow stay at home moms: Continue to hold down the fort and know that I respect the tremendous amount of work you do everyday. Wear your yoga pants with pride for me.


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  1. Jen C. says

    Welcome back to the working world! You definitely miss the little buggers…I’m back at work only 3 days a week and work the other 4 from home and miss mine for sure! But it’s nice to have adult conversations and not have to listen to the “mom, mommy, mom, mommy, mooooooooooommmmmmm” all day long! Nice post :-)

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  2. Hope C says

    GOOD LUCK! You can do it! I stayed home with my twins for almost 3 years and then went back to work…that was 5 years ago. As hard as it was to leave them, it was a great feeling to be at work all day with adults! LOL! Plus I find that being working full time out of the house has actually made me a better organizer and a pro at time management!

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    • Terese Lavallee says

      Hope C,
      You nailed it on becoming a pro at time management… I am a slave to my “to do” list and the calendar now. I wouldn’t survive without it!

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  3. M.H says

    Good luck with your new venture! But… It really feels like you are taking a jab at stay at home moms and your list of “cons” have zero to nothing to do with what my days are about. I don’t wear yoga pants, except when I exercise. I don’t sneak bars of chocolate (or sit on the couch earring bon bons!). I do pay bills, evaluate investments and budget, take my children to volunteer at Harvesters, tackle homework, make healthy meals, PTA, volunteer in school and church, etc . You have dwindled SAHM to our most basic stereo types above and that stings.

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    • Terese Lavallee says

      Dear M.H.,
      Thank you!
      I understand how this list can make it sound like SAHM’s are slobs and lazy. But, you and I both know, that is not the case. I 100% know how much work it takes to be a SAHM. I did many of the things you listed in your post as well. My pros/cons list was just the silly little unspoken things that I would miss or not miss while I was at work… the little bits I didn’t really consider until I made the plunge into my new daily routine. I miss my braless days. I miss yoga pants… girl, I rocked those! I am sorry you feel that I made it seem that SAHM’s are not as amazing as they are. Hell, I used to be one so I have nothing but love and respect. (But, this is a humor post and if you can’t poke fun at yourself, then what’s the point?) Thank you for your comment!

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  4. Rumsita says

    I returned to work after my second maternity leave a few months ago, and as much as I missed the kiddos, my first thought was honestly, “it is so nice that I know I’m not going to be spit up on for 10 hours.” And I have been a better mom on my days off, because I have really missed being with the kids on my 3 work days/week.

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    • Terese Lavallee says

      LOL! Ah, yes. No baby spit for a few hours is definitely a “pro!” You still have to give yourself a once over before you leave for work so you don’t show up with a dried cheerio stuck to the seat of your work pants. That may or may not have happened to me already… a few times.

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  5. Jennifer says

    Love this! I also work part time and agree I get the best of both worlds. I can relate to many of your pros and cons. Occasionally, after a hard day at home, I actually look forward to be able to go to work the next day where I can be an adult and have adult conversations. On the other side, when it’s cold and we have had a big snow storm, I am happy to be able to stay home and play with the kids outside.

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    • Terese Lavallee says

      Thanks so much!!! P.S. I envy your part time work schedule! It was stupid cold a few days ago and I did not want to leave the house. ;)

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