Passive Aggressive Gifts For Kids of Parents You Hate

You know those parents you hate? Not the ones you really hate, whose kids bully yours or are the cause of hours worth of tears and angst; I mean the ones you kind of hate. The mother who looked at you with scorn after learning your cupcakes came from a box. The ones who pay ten dollars a tooth making your tooth fairy look like a cheapskate. The smug, think they’re perfect and try to rub it in your face every chance they can parents. The ones who deserve to be kind of hated.

You’d never wish harm upon those parents – of course not! – but they do have it coming. And you’re going to passive aggressively give it to them, in the form of seemingly innocent gifts for their offspring.

I present you with a selection of thoughtful gifts which, while kids will love, are also sure to piss those children’s parents off completely. Which makes them absolutely perfect…

rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom

Summer’s fad is still going strong, and even if they already have one loom, they can make even bigger and better bracelets with a second. It’s a creative gift both boys and girls will love, but who is going to be picking up rubber band after rubber band after rubber band for the rest of her thankless life? Their mother, that’s who.
And it will drive her batshit fucking CRAZY.
$20.69 on Amazon



What’s worse than rubber bands everywhere? Lego’s of course, especially at 3AM as any parent who has ever stepped full force on one will attest. The secret to picking the most annoying Legos is to get a set aged at least 3 years older than the child it’s intended for. This way, not only will you inflict sure-fire physical pain on the parent, but you’ll also gift the annoyance of having to spend an hour assembling a toy that their child will dissolve into tears over any time it comes apart. As it’s made to do.
Available at Toys”R”Us



Voice Changer
Kids of all ages will entertain themselves for hours listening to their voice change completely. Their parents will have to listen, not only to their children’s endless chatter, but to eight other voices of endless chatter, too. Merry Christmas!
$11.67 on Amazon





Gifting a one pound jar of glitter, commonly known as the herpes of the art world, would be a tad too obvious, so mask it in an elaborate art set. Throw in some paper, scissors and glue, knowing that although the paper will soon be recycled, the glitter will live on forever within the carpet fibers and air ducts of the home.
Available at any crafts store



Musical Hand Bells
Gifting another child with a musical instrument is the artistic equivalent of giving a child a live goldfish as a carnival prize: You just don’t do it. That is, unless your intent is to piss the parent off. A lovely bonus with these is the fact that bells are often used to get service, inspiring an endless string of “ding, dong, I need a snack!” and “ding, dong, I’m bored!”
$35.48 on Amazon


moon dough

Moon Dough
Even worse than its sister Play-Doh, Moon Dough never dries out. So, you have the mess of Play-Doh, the annoyance of Play-Doh and the evidence of Play-Doh on your walls, couch and carpet… FOREVER.
$49.99 on Amazon



Build-a-Bear Gift Certificate
Your $25 gift may buy the actual bear, but the parent will be stuck accessorising that bear in pure bear hell. A bear cheerleader! No, a fireman. No, a football star!! A doctor! A dentist! A cowgirl!!! The debate will go on for hours, over every detail right down to the bear’s toes. Best of all, it will almost certainly end in tears unless the parent is prepared to pay a hundred bucks in extras like glasses, roller skates and crutches. So, you’ve either inflicted a tantrum of epic proportions on them in the middle of a an over-crowded shopping mall, or caused them to spend a small fortune just to shut their kid up. Win!
Available on



Be Amazing Gravity Goo
This chemistry kit requires adult supervision, which is bad enough, but it also results in the creation of goo. Goo, the nasty snot like crap that proves just how dirty ones house really is by providing the indisputable evidence of dog hair, dust and God knows what else stuck to the sticky mystery gunk.
$8.99 on Amazon 


Rubik’s 360
Remember how absolutely maddening the Rubik’s Cube was? The 360 is even more frustrating, with balls needing to fit within spheres and refusing to stay put as you try to maneuver the others. Meltdown, 100% guaranteed.
$25.74 on Amazon


 A Collection of  Joke Books 

Want to know what’s more annoying than a kid telling stupid jokes, the punch line to which they don’t understand? Nothing, that’s what.
Available in the recycling bins of parents everywhere


Of course, you could always go the annoying as hell battery operated toy route. If you do, just be sure to forget the batteries. Obviously!

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What started as an innocent on-line baby book to chronicle Jill Smokler’s stay-at-home days with her children, quickly transformed into a vibrant community of parents, brought together by a common theme: Parenting doesn’t have to be perfect. Welcome to Scary Mommy!


Rachael 2 months ago

Jin, you really know your Lego.

Heather P 7 months ago

This was by far one of the best reads I’ve had in a long time! Please do another one – I know there have been many releases for even newer and better annoying things since your original post!

Austin Storm 1 year ago

This list is great. You forgot pretty much any toy with batteries, ever.

Ken 1 year ago

My buddy gave my 5 year old a drum set, then I gave his kid an air horn.

jin 1 year ago

“Lego’s” is possessive, not plural. Also, the plural of Lego is Lego.

Maezeppa 1 year ago

An ink pad and a rubber stamp of every zoo animal. I’ll say no more.

Curt 1 year ago

I gave the soundtrack from the movie Frozen to a friend of my wife’s 2 daughters,She gets to listen to it over and over and over again.

Ivana 1 year ago

Author: Learn how apostrophes work. They’re not used for pluralization. “Lego’s” is possessive. “Legos” is plural.

Carl 1 year ago

Nerf guns. Or Nerf bows, footballs, swords… Especially effective in winter when the kids will routinely disregard the instruction to play with them outside.

notmyrealname 1 year ago

Please learn to use the apostrophe. Your writing looks childish.

Jessica 1 year ago

I think this year I will be gifting some mini marshmallow shooters to certain a certain child. Bonus – he is an only child so parents will be the targets lol

pinget 1 year ago

My aunt hated my mother. She gave me a Lite Brite.

Arashi 2 years ago

Ah I love these sites… Perfect way to get revenge for my cousin who just had a new baby…. She gave me a book on the “teenage body” last year and when I wasn’t looking loudly picked it up and started explaining to my other cousin and her fiance’ about what it was..There was a chapter dedicated to JUST sex…

So she opened it to the sex chapter and made them read it. I could’ve died of mortification and I’m surprised I made it out without all the blood going to my head. It takes a special kind of evil to do that to a nearly eighteen year old who already knows about all that stuff.

I’ll get her daughter glittery, glittery make up (she’s disabled so she’s very childlike and small but is a teenager and likes makeup still) and maybe a very loud toy…

Last year we gave them a nice gift for the new baby, a book that her husband could record his voice reading the baby the Night Before Christmas…This year.. I’m going EVIL.

I’ll give that kid a gift from ME alone, that will be pure evil…He’ll be one by the time I see him again..Possibly for the first time. His Christmas present will be for when he’s a little older but when it busts out…Oh…It’ll strike hard.

Finger paint.

Play doh.

And bubbles.



BUBBLES. (My parents always visibly paled whenever gave me a BIG tube of bubbles for Christmas, but they loved playing with them outside with me…These guys live in a studio apartment. >8D)

Kelly Georgiou 2 years ago

I gave my 3 year old nephew a set of drums for his birthday … was that wrong? mwha ha ha!

Heidi 2 years ago

I must be wierd, but I actually LIKE these gifts (except for the Build-a-Bear because those things are so overpriced). I would be happy if my kids got these things as gifts, they all encourage creative play and/or are educational. A little mess and noise doesn’t really bother me.

    Heidi 2 years ago

    Oh, and we have the handbells, they are really fun! You can find free music for them online.

Sarah 2 years ago

Maybe I am nuts but I am buying the rainbow loom for my daughter for her birthday with tons of bands to go with it. We bought the voice changer for my daughter after she had leg surgery and was going to be in bed with casts for 4 weeks (that was 4 years ago) and she still loves it. We love glitter and lots of other messy crafts, Legos are awesome, and joke books are one of our favorite things especially on car rides. I love how hilarious my daughter thinks some of the cheesiest jokes are. The only thing on this list that I despise is Moon dough it doesn’t stay together and essentially turns into moist sand EVERYWHERE!

how to become a model 2 years ago

I’ve learn some excellent stuff here. Certainly price bookmarking for revisiting. I wonder how a lot attempt you set to create this type of great informative web site.

stephanie 2 years ago

I think those cheap Shellcore toys are also really irritating. There the ones that you buy at the Burlington Coat Factory, or Walmart or whatever. They have only one volume, loud (aka 11). They also have no “off” switch, so once you’ve started some annoying static-laden tune, you’re stuck waiting for it to finish. I can’t remember if VTech was the same (it’s been a while). But, the cheaper the toy, the more likely to be loud, long and unstoppable!

Anonymous 2 years ago

My mom gave those to me as gifts one year when kids were younger, I couldn't get the stains off the tub and had to pay quite a bit of money and we lost our rent deposit. My thing is karma always has a way of finding us. I do think she sent them on purpose and it was very passive aggressive of her.

Anonymous 2 years ago

Whose to say, that that parent won't just give the gift away and you're out the money for spending it on the gift in the first place? This sounds so immature to me.Sorry. I just wouldn't send a gift nor my child to the party.

Michelle 2 years ago

awesome…especially the glitter. I think it was Demetri Martin who called glitter the herpes of the craft world.

JulieK 2 years ago

actually… to be REALLY annoying, put the batteries IN the annoying battery-operated toy in advance and then encourage the child to OPEN the box by tearing and ripping it apart so the horrified parent will have NO way to sneakily exchange this toy! How do I know? Well… I must be well-hated! :)

Curl 2 years ago

hahahaha that’s evil, i love it thank you !! i don’t have children yet but i’ve little brother, he’s like a son to me.kisses from France :)

Susan Pierce 2 years ago

My mom got my one year old a set of child drums one year for Christmas. She really thought she was a professional drummer! It drove me insane! Sure gotta love the mama like that .

single mom of three girls 2 years ago

I have three daughters and my sister has three sons. I had my girls about ten years before my sister got married and had her children. My sister and her husband used to buy EVERY most irritating toy manufactured for my girls- most notably “Quackers”, the “quacking” duck that quacked out “jingle bells” either by clicking a button in its wing or foot for the whole song OR (for our enjoyment I’M SURE! :@)by “whacking” it’s HEAD to have EACH individual “jingle quack” note played!!!! This undoubtedly made my girls peal with laughter and lead them to many times being placed on the “time out chair” at daycare and at home as they went around the room “whacking” everyone’s head to get them to quack!
As I said earlier, HER kids are ten years younger- and God BLESS technology! Payback’s a real bitch because I’m STILL able to “BLESS” my sweet mephews with MANY wonderfully evil toys! My other “bonus”? My girls are now ALL GROWN UP- and they have followed my example with wonderfully evil toys to be given to their cousins! Ahhhhhh. Like I said- payback’s a real bitch! 😉

Heather Ridley 2 years ago

crayola colored bubbles stain EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

Kathryn 2 years ago

Check Amazon toys for the “Flying, screaming Monkey”!!!!

Child-Free 2 years ago

No, the best present is no present. Why should we have to spend money on your kid, who probably already has everything?

lyndamcdon 2 years ago

So my kid received 2 loom kits w/1000 rubberbands, play-doh and legos. I am that mom that gives $10 for a tooth! But I not horrible!

Alexa 2 years ago

My brother-in-law does this every year. Last year it was the GD floor piano. This year, a friggin cotton candy machine, to be shared “at grandma’s” house for my 4 year old niece & my 3 year old son. WTH?

Christa Froome 2 years ago

I did just this, this Christmas.
I bought the kids a battery operated pinball game. *flash, bang, zoom, DING DING DING*, question and answer Lightning McQueen and a Wonder Woman little people set (for the parents whom firmly believe in gender roles and publicly question/harass those who don't)

There is a first birthday coming up and I think musical bells would be perfect!

Kristi Campbell 2 years ago

Wow. My boyfriend's family must really hate me! Our son got an Elmo guitar AND microphone for his 2nd birthday, and an electronic keyboard for his first. -_- This is what I get for being a filthy heathen, I suppose. lol

Alleyb 2 years ago

My MIL bought my 4 year old some kind of shrinky dink like kit – but it was made of 10,000 tiny beads that had to be assembled onto a plastic base and then melted on with a hot iron. OMG.
The next holiday he unwrapped a brand new kit – looked at her and said, oh – my mom said I’m not old enough to play with these – because I got it out and spilled it on the floor. MIL gave me the look of death.
She also bought him – (deep breaths) office supplies. Accordion file, stapler WITH LOTS staples, index cards, paper clips, glue, markers and – I shit you not mini sharpies made for a keychain.

My husband used to insist that she “really does mean well” which about dissolved our marriage..

Michelle 2 years ago

May be that I am a former girl scout/leader, and a current cubscout den leader. I actually own all of these toys for my kids, and buy them frequently for other children. (no hate intended) . I have four rainbow looms, moon dough and moon sand complete with a water table and construction toys. Build a bear has me as a VIB platinum status in thier stuff fur stuff club. Legos, lincoln logs, instruments,marble-mania… These are tried and true toys that will keep your little one entertained for hours sparking thier creativity and intellect! Sorry if I put up with a little mess and noise but I simply won’t see my little ones huddled around a tv or video game all day!

    Ashley 2 years ago

    AMEN sister! Although I know some parents who would loathe these in their houses which makes me all the more inclined to get them for their kids! I too am a tv hater! Nothing wrong with spending a little time with your kids!

Vic 2 years ago

I had a toy that a relative bought me that my parents hated. It was called Hickety Hen. It was a big chicken that rotated and clucked loudly and pooped out loads of marbles. Combo evil.

Lisa 2 years ago

The upside to noisy toys is that you know what they are up to, but anything that doesn’t shut itself off gets tossed!

Shay Pedersen 2 years ago

I love this! My kids have or have had nearly all of these and they can all be a parents nightmare! I find this hilarious!

Stella 2 years ago

Your evil genius is a gift.

Patricia Murphy 2 years ago

THE worst gift I ever got (from grandma) was finger paints for a 2 yr old, as if he would actually be able to stay on the paper. Of course it required supervision & patience. Solution: this is for at your house when you're babysitting!

    Tricia 2 years ago

    This grandma bought finger paint for her grands when they were 2…and they played with it at MY house…….work table in kitchen is easy clean up and the kids loved doing it!

Kristen Mae at Abandoning Pretense 2 years ago

Um… I bought MY OWN KID the rainbow loom?


    Kmouhot09 2 years ago

    Eh, ya live ya learn lol. Don’t feel bad I’m the mom that bought the crafty glitter filled set…still finding it in my hubby’s shoes…2 years later.

Martha AndRandal Jones 2 years ago

Our son loves those too and they are a cinch to clean …

Serilda 2 years ago

The list is great, with the exception of LEGOs – I love those myself and will be purchasing them for my nephew the minute he is old enough. However, art supplies should also include crepe paper because add a little moisture and bingo, your carpets are stained for life – (ooops sorry Mom!(Learned this lesson the hard way in the 80s))

Micah Bowling Rogier 2 years ago

My SIL gave her friends' kids the most annoying presents she could find on purpose just because she's that kind of person–nice and polite on the outside with a heart of pure evil and the attitude of I'm so much better than you, so while this will drive you nuts, I'm so perfect I'll welcome those toys for my kids.

She also rubbed in the fact that she gave the family a grandkid while I had just been told I had to have a hysterectomy to stop precancerous cells from spreading.

My husband and I love her kids though and spoil them rotten. If our gifts annoy the ever loving crap out of her, that's just gravy, so thanks for the list!

Ariana is Still Growing 2 years ago

1. Beads/Jewelry Making
2. Any science project that turns one thing into another thing
3. Musical instruments that play themselves

All already mentioned because they are all obviously evil, and irresistible to kids. I’ve been known to remove batteries when no one else is home.

Jennifer 2 years ago

This is passive aggressive holidays at their finest.

Dori Rooney 2 years ago

The Chatimal should also be included. Large hamster like animal that repeats everything you say in a annoying chipmunk like voice! Drives me batty!

    Emily 2 years ago

    I have one that I ONLY let my child use when I am vacuuming.

Ganzii 2 years ago

I bought my 3 year old electronic drums for Christmas last year, and he got that voice-changing megaphone for his birthday (from me!) this year. I don’t mind the musical toys – they are loud and kind of annoying, but at least they don’t require a lot of cleaning up. I’d rather listen to him yelling into a megaphone than have to clean something up that has 50 pieces. (I am surprised puzzles didn’t make this list. Not the little baby board puzzles, but the more complicated ones that you have to help with/do yourself.)

And wait… Moon Dough doesn’t dry out?! I have to buy new Play-Doh so often, I will have to look into this…

Of everything on this list, I think the Build A Bear thing would be the worst for me. Gifts that force you to spend your own money… awesome.

Grace | Yummy Baby Gifts™ 2 years ago

Lol, great ideas!

Torie 2 years ago

One year our kid was given Rock-n-Roll Elmo. Bad enough when it worked but one day it started playing from her bedroom when we were all in the living room. Then it HAD to go!

SummerD 2 years ago

Why this is sure genius, I will now analyze every gift my kids get and measure the amount of hate for me by the gifts they receive. Haa!

Lisa 2 years ago

Despicable Me 2 Fart Blaster. Best passive-aggressive gift EVER. Kids will LOVE it and parents will be disgusted by it. Win/Win :-)

My SIL gave my son a bucket of instruments when he was 1, and the following year my parents gave him a full drum set. And they claim they love me. Yeah right.

    jane 2 years ago

    I had to look that one up. Made me laugh so hard my eyes watered. That is number one on my list.

Lisa Morguess 2 years ago

God, don’t forget anything with BEADS. My sister-in-law sent my twin daughters a big-ass jewelry making set, complete with 30,000,000 beads, a couple years back for their birthday, and I swore it was her way of giving me the finger because we had had a falling out. My husband and I actually fought about it – he couldn’t fathom that anyone would do such a nutty thing. But I know – I’m a mom.

    Chantelle 2 years ago

    Omg, EFFING BEADS!! Hate them hate them hate them!! Pretty much any kind of science or craft kit! Because *I* end up having to do it! Argh!!

Mary 2 years ago

This is so funny! I laughed at all of them. The worst I think is the moon sand. My daughter received that a few years ago. After the first play experience I helped her clean up and was barefoot at the time. 30 minutes later my feet and hands had swollen to twice their size and were itching like crazy. Turns out I’m allergic to moon sand. Fortunately some Benedryl helped fairly quickly and the moon sand went in the trash. I googled it later and while I didn’t find many allergic reactions, I found a lot of people who think their dogs were poisoned by the stuff.

Jasmine 2 years ago

Before my husband and I had kids, we bought one of those “popper” toys for his niece. No wonder she doesn’t like me…

Also, my sister bought my 3YO daughter Aqua Sand, because she thought it looked “fun.” Her kids are getting it for their birthday in a couple of weeks.

Triplezmom 2 years ago

Someone once gave my child an electronic game that had little quacking ducks that quacked as long as the switch was on. And while my little one could turn the switch on, she couldn’t turn it off. To this day, when I hear that sound I flinch. Now I know exactly how that person felt about me.

    Charlene K. Buvel 2 years ago

    I know exactly what game you are talking about!!

another jennifer 2 years ago

Ugh. I hate moon dough. I know some parents that might appreciate it though. :)

Claudine Wooley 2 years ago

My personal nightmare is with the colored gel balls included in the gravity goo kit. The ones pictured (in the plastic cup). Well, don't ever let them go down your drain! They are super small when dry, but expand when they get wet.

My daughter filled up a cup of dry ones and added water to them from the bathroom sink. She later told me that some of them accidently went down the drain. So as they dry out over night, we can use the sink. But as soon as you run the water…they expand and clog the drain. :(

Laura 2 years ago

My in-laws gave my daughter a toy CALLIOPE when she was 3. It ran off a balloon and had only one volume, eardrum-shattering. It took 3 excruciating days for me to “accidentally” break it. The only good thing about it was that the in-laws were trapped at our house by a bad snowstorm, so they got to suffer, too. They never gave another musical toy. Gee, I wonder why not. :-)

Kendra Christine Cook 2 years ago

I buy this kind of stuff for my boyfriend's kids to do at our house all the time. I've actually purchased Chem sets from of the same brand listed. They love this stuff and we enjoy doing it with them. They go back to their mom's house and demand that she does this kind of stuff with them, too. She hates it. I get a little joy out of that, but it wasn't my intention at all. Just a happy coincidence.

Jackie Barnes 2 years ago

Those bathtub crayons should also be included. I've given those as gifts and I'm sure I was loathed, but kids love them and I really don't mind scrubbing it off the tub walls.

Tinne from Tantrums and Tomatoes 2 years ago

Moon dough… *shudder*

Debbie 2 years ago

As a grandmother i like to give them the ones that make a lot of noise. It is my pay back. They always look at me and say, “Mom realllly.” And of course I do give them the batteries to make sure it is going to make the noise.
The voice changer, never heard of that one. Being the grand parent hey this is a good idea. Love it
Thanks Jill.

Vanessa Heaton 2 years ago

love this!!! I will save it for later on lol :)

Pam Palmer 2 years ago

Heather I encouraged my parents to buy the drums,harmonicas,guitars w/amps,I still dream of getting drums before my hands and arms won't allow it so I guess that makes us both freaks LOL

Pam Palmer 2 years ago

A product always around the house and children love it,right before it's time for the ex to get visitation hype that child up!my son loved brown sugar and peanut butter is healthy bake cookies extra's for the ex "chocolate flavored laxative batch" for the road.Good thing I'm a nice person

Caroline Horne 2 years ago

I don’t have children and don’t dare to, my siblings have waaaaaay to much to get back at me for. Drums, pianos, fingerpaints, chemistry sets, sea monkeys… the list is long and unforgivable :-)

    Brit 2 years ago

    You sound like my youngest sister, lol. Myself and the middle sister each have a kid(7 and 5 years old currently) and so she takes pleasure in buying crazy noisy things for any occasion she can. Or she’ll take one of them over night, take them to the dollar store and let them buy $20 worth of cheap crappy toys that break right away so then the kids get upset. We keep reminding her that someday it’ll be her turn and then we’re getting her back. :-)

Heather Holter 2 years ago

It's probably weird but I really want some of this stuff. The only ones I wouldn't want for my kids are the build a bear gift card, moon dough, and the goo. I'm a freak I know. I actually like noisy toys and I'm still infatuated with glitter, always loved it. I just got my kids fine glitter, which is worse than regular glitter.

Kris 2 years ago

Drums too… drums are a horrible gift to inflict on unsuspecting parents. My inlaws like to give gifts that will cause me the most distress. So they sent Legos for my daughters birthday.

Sima 2 years ago

THIS is why I love Scary Mommy. I would only change the handbells to “any musical or noisy toy.”

I’m ok with Legos now that I view them as a career development toy; my son has recently announced that his perfect job would be “Lego Engineer.”

Alison 2 years ago

A ball popper. Or anything that comes with FIFTY plastic balls. You’ll find them everywhere for eternity.

Love this hilarious list!

    Carrie 2 years ago

    Oh god noooooo! :( My husband found one of those on clearance at Walmart and bought it for our 2nd daughter’s 1st birthday. It came with eight. Wanna know how many I have now? One. ONE. There was also the kitchen my parents bought 2 yr old DD for Christmas, it came with 50 pieces and now I have no clue where they’ve gone. I’m pretty sure they’ve disappeared into toy hell.

    Anything with a multitude of pieces is a sure way to piss people off.

Kate 2 years ago

My brother gave my kids that voice changer thing last Christmas. The first words out of my mouth were “Did I do something to make him hate me???” Most annoying toy ever.

    kati 2 years ago

    Yeah, my MIL got my boys one of the voice changers this summer. 2 days later, it mysteriously disappeared-I’m hoping they don’t find it before I have a chance to regift it or sell it on craigslist

Stephanie 2 years ago

Word of caution when gifting these much hated gifts…they can come back to bite you in the ass later. I gave someone Moon Dough for their kids b-day and the next year they gave us….POLLY-FING-POCKETS. Satan’s tiny version of Barbie’s but so much worse. They are sooooooo tiny that my 5 year old cannot get the clothing on without tears and gnashing of teeth so I end up having to “play with them”. They also have so many damn pieces that are the size of a baby’s toenail that you need tweezers to play with them. We only have a little starter set and it is slowly being thrown away “accidentally” or vacuumed up with glee when she is not looking.

    Mom22Tweens 2 years ago

    OMG! I remember when my girls were into those hideous things. If they weren’t shrieking over the impossibility of putting on those microscopic clothes, they were bawling because they lost that “special” shoe or pinhead sized handbag!

    Chantelle 2 years ago

    Oh god, polly pockets!!! My SIL found an enourmous tub of those damn things that she had acquired over the years and graciously passed them along to my daughter. I SERIOUSLY HATE THOSE DAMN THINGS! Hahaha

      Jaclyn 2 years ago

      That’s PERFECT for my neice. She’s only 1 now, but I have a tub of Polly Pockets hidden away. And her parents regularly piss me off.

Yep…. 2 years ago

Please add a tiny plastic suction-to-the-wall urinal to the list. Received one last week from my inlaws… Hatred of me confirmed!

Kelly 2 years ago

The game Doggy Doo
Finger Paint
Easy Bake Oven
Firetrucks/ambulances/police cars w/ working sirens
Learn-to-crochet kit

I’ve been a mother for 15yrs. Plenty of shitty gifts received and given. Better to give than receive!!!

Helen Russo 2 years ago

WOW! You are SUCH an evil genius!!!

Amy Smith 2 years ago

This list literally made me cringe through the entire thing. Thank you for starting with the only one by which I'm subjected to torture (the Rainbow Loom), it made this article the most painful thing I've read all week. Also, thank you for all the new ideas!

metoo 2 years ago

Teehee I already got my shopping done….a pink Barbie guitar for my darling niece for who I just love LOVE her parents…it plays randomly “I’m a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world”… friggin fantastic imo. HOHOHO

    momofeveryone 2 years ago

    you win today. you just win. that is amazing!

Liz Price 2 years ago

The BEST ever was a battery powered chainsaw a cousin gave ny 2 year old. Perfect for role playing chain saw massacre! Of course he loved it! Me, not so much.

    Lalalalalala 1 year ago

    You know you’re making the parents seem they are the good guys right? #youdummies

Anna 2 years ago

Musical Hand Bells – why have I never thought of these as the “perfect” gift for certain people.

Jennifer 2 years ago

I always thought my SIL hated me. That she gave my 3 year old that Moon Dough crap for Christmas last year confirmed it.

    Laura 2 years ago

    We got some of that moon dough stuff when my kids were little. Pulled it out for the first time a few weeks ago, drove my husband crazy! he tried to trash it, but it was rescued by my 13 year old niece, to continue the torture in another house.


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