You Have a Good Looking Cervix and Other Positive Reinforcement


The other day, someone said I had a good-looking cervix. (Okay, it was my OB/GYN.) But still, “Your cervix looks good,” coming from someone who spends her day assessing cervixes (cervices?) sounded like pretty high praise, especially considering the fact that I didn’t even try to make my cervix look nice. Before I could respond with a casually humble, “Oh, thanks! Just born that way!” she went on to say, “Yes, it looks completely normal for someone who has had three children.”


It was one of those compliments.

Like the time my four-year old commented on my “pretty-smelling perfume” only to point out that “it’s actually probably the dish soap I’m smelling.”

Or when my first-grader responds to my new knock-knock joke with “Haha! That’s a pretty good one, Mommy. But you’re still not as funny as my teacher.”

So maybe my cervix is only Post-Three-Kids normal, and maybe I only smell like perfume when I’m washing dishes, and maybe I’m no longer the smartest or funniest person in my school-aged kiddo’s life. That’s okay! Because I’m a mommy and I am loved by these three children unconditionally.

Unless I cut their waffles too small.

Or pick out the wrong socks for them to wear.

Or run out of orange juice.

Or am unable to immediately locate the precise, minuscule Lego piece absolutely necessary for the Cross-Wing Battle Droid Transporter Starship or whatever it is currently under construction.

Or forget the name of the My Little Pony… you know, that one from that show we saw one time last year where she was with the other one and she had white hair or maybe lavender hair or was light blue?…and WHY DON’T YOU REMEMBER HER NAME, MOMMY?!

Or tell them it’s time for school, or bed, or to put away the iPad.

Or sneak spinach into their smoothies.

Or notice that they need their fingernails clipped.

Or suggest that their incessant whining and complete lack of rationality indicates a need for a nap.

It’s not just compliments that can be hard to come by when you’re a mom. It’s a thankless job and we’re overworked and tired, so sometimes I find myself using selective listening to hear what I want to hear, instead of what my kids are actually saying.

“How many more bites do I have to take?” becomes “Mom, thank you for providing me with this healthy and delicious dinner!”

“I’m not wearing that” becomes “I picked out my own clothes, Mom. And I put my laundry in the basket.”

“But I wanted PANCAKES!” becomes “Fresh, homemade waffles? You’re the best, Mommy!”

“Mooooooo—-oooooo—-ooooommm!” becomes “It’s okay, Mom, we worked out the problem on our own and reached a mutually agreed-upon solution.”

And you know that silence that follows every sentence you say, then repeat, then yell, as you try to get three children out the door in the morning? They’re not ignoring your “Put your shoes on!” direction, they’ve already put them on….and their coats and their backpacks (which they packed themselves). They’re standing, ready to go, by the door as you leisurely finish your last sip of coffee and calmly find your keys (on the key hook, where they should be, of course).

A Mommy can dream, can’t she? Or at least, pretend.

Although they might not be the best at verbalizing their love and appreciation, these little beasts still show it.

They snuggle in tight while reading books.

They draw pictures of me surrounded by hearts and rainbows and stars.

They hug me with both arms around my neck and say, with heartfelt sincerity, “You’re the best Mommy I ever had!”

And when they help me put on my tiny kid-sized fairy wings, layers upon layers of sparkly necklaces, and a shiny (slightly cracked) tiara, they look at me sparkly-eyed. They tell me I look beautiful. And though my mascara is smudged, my ponytail is sloppy, and I have once again forgotten deodorant, I believe them.

Who needs a gorgeous cervix or fancy perfume when you’ve got all that?

About the writer


Sarah is a mommy of three, using the tricks she learned as a kindergarten teacher to keep these kiddos busy. Find her writing at Live, Laugh, and Learn to remember this fast-as-lightning time that they're little, and drinking coffee to try to keep up with them. Follow her on Twitter @skh4102.


Erin Engleheart 2 years ago

I am in love with this. Pretty sure I will read it again tonight, tmorrow night, the next night, and every night there after, as a constant reminder of how lucky I am to be a mother. ❤❤❤❤❤

Sarahbenz 2 years ago

Thank you so much for this article, it really made my day. With two small children (20 months and 5 months) life can get hard, and my body at only 22 is not what I had expected to look like. But I love my children uncondiontionally and I know they do me. So just thank you very much!!!!!!!!

Love 2 years ago

I’m laughing so hard at this! I guess sometimes you just have to take those little compliments where you can get them LMAO I’ve got a small bottle of Febreeze with Gain, and I’m pretty sure that it’s my kids’ favorite “perfume” that I wear, but only because when I spray it, they think it means the house has been cleaned LOL

Cristina Housley Ward 2 years ago

or can’t remember the names of all the Pokemon….or get the Percy and Edward trains mixed up….or step on an invisible imaginary pet…..

Shay 2 years ago

Fav kid compliment.
“Mommy, you are beautiful,” takes a slight breath, “Cows are beautiful.”
Thanks sweetheart. I love you too.

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Brenda 2 years ago

Isn’t it telling that of all the hilarious stuff in this article the most commented on is the beautiful uterus? Hey, goes to show you we love a compliment…anyway we can get it!!!! Keep up the the good work. Oh and take if from a wise old grandma – they do grow up ….and have kids of their own…. and the cycle continues. Lol

Kaila Rose 2 years ago

My fertility doc said I have a beautiful uterus made for twins but my cervix is a bit shy lol…… dontcha love gynos

Mary Grifone 2 years ago

Funny, true, and so sweet.

Mary 2 years ago

I had a doctor that got out a mirror and made me look at my cervix. I never went to her again and that image has been burned on my brain for over 20 years!

Melanie Kathryn Hemingway 2 years ago

This is awesome and true ❤️

Stephen Deeann Allen 2 years ago

Brightened my day

Kim Wright 2 years ago

I have just discovered your page!!! And absolutely love it! I’m a little envious that you have a nice cervix…. My ob/gyn told me mine was small and awkward! :/

Angel Morgan 2 years ago

Ultrasound tech told me my ovaries looked delicious. Ummmm…ok hannibal, i want off this TABLE!!! Lol

Jill Said 2 years ago

I was told the way I was stitched after the episiotomy was “tidy.” My response: “Thank you?”

Monica Davey 2 years ago

DD2 “Momma, the hair on your lip is sooo pretty!”

Sonia 2 years ago

Um I must be broken or something. My kids do do all the things that she pretends hers do. . .

Ashley Bailey 2 years ago

This is fantastic =)

Merrill Vansice 2 years ago

i never looked that far

Sarah Shook 2 years ago

Brought tears to my eyes

Jenelle 2 years ago

I still remember my grandmother when I smell green palmolive soap. I think she’d be smiling about that :) It’s thankless but enduring!

Monica Sandoval White 2 years ago


Elizabeth King O’Sullivan 2 years ago

I was told by a fertility specialist that I have a beautiful uterus. Oddest compliment, by far. But, ALSO, one that I will never forget!

Rachel Pate 2 years ago

Haha Almost every single time someone tells me how good/great/nice I look, it’s followed up with, “for having had 4 kids”. What does that mean??? I wouldn’t still look good if I HADN’T had 4 kids?! And, my doctor once told me I have “nice, healthy, mom boobs”. His.exact.words. Man, I loved that doctor! I was so sad when I had to move and leave him behind!

That being said… You are exactly right. Some days we may feel like we’ve turned into a screaming meanie before anyone listens to us (and, even then, they act like they can’t understand *why* we’re so upset. sigh…) but, there are all those small moments, gestures, perfectly-timed “you’re the best mom in the world” cards, etc. that remind me how blessed I am to have this body because I wouldn’t be what and who I am without them.

Shannon Dumont-Bailey 2 years ago

“Your abdomen really bounced back quite well, considering.” – Complete Stranger

Pamela Garcia-Alonzo 2 years ago

Super Like! =)

Brianne De Leon 2 years ago

Love this! My 6 yr old has full on meltdowns when I say -ooh you nails need to be cut!

jessica 2 years ago

Yeah, just like my son when I picked him up from school yesterday and he asks me to play that song we listened “last year when he was in second grade and we got ready real quick that morning to go to school mommy” from my ipod and then he gets mad at me because I don’t know what song that was.

Marcia Lopez 2 years ago

I had a doc tell me me the muscles in my uterine wall and vag were very strong. That’s great doc because the muscles everywhere else are shot!!!

Dragon Mom 2 years ago

Yesterday my son and I were discussing a friend who’s mother hand died a few years ago. When I asked does he ever talk about his Mom?
My son, 12, said no Mom, I think he’s trying to forget her.
I asked him, if I died, would you try to forget me?
He said – looking me straight in the eye – Mom…there’s no forgetting you, so no and he smiled.
Damn, I love that boy – even though he won’t eat anything that doesn’t resemble a steak, pizza or some kind of nugget.
He is my heart and we, all mothers take our compliments where we find them.

Tiffany Sears 2 years ago

This title made me so happy, as I’ve had doctors trying to make me feel better about my painful and overly complicated pregnancy the past two weeks by telling me repeatedly I had a “Great cervix” or “Beautiful cervix” or “That’s exactly the cervix we want to see.”

Elizabeth Cearns Barnes 2 years ago

I had an ultrasound and the technician said I have ‘fluffy follicles” Weird how it made my day. :)

Jamie Ann Symons 2 years ago

This is a great little read. Its so true.

Shana Martin 2 years ago

My kids are a little older than the author’s, but the sentiment is still the same. I can soooooo relate! Thank you for understanding!

Andria Elaine Menges 2 years ago

I absolutely love EVERYTHING you post! So glad I’m not alone! You rock, hunny!

Jeanette StPierre 2 years ago

My doctor once told me that my pap smears are always spectacular. Guess you need to take any compliments you get!

sammie 2 years ago

Hilarious! It’s like we lead the same life :) You’re not alone!

Mikki 2 years ago

I have tears running down my face I’m laughing so hard. Thank you so much for this!!! FYI, dish soap makes for awesome perfume 😀


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