Why Mothers Should Embrace Grandparents Day



My Mother’s Day this year was fine, even somewhat fun. I volunteer the second Sunday of every month at my church, watching the three to six year olds, so I had to be there by 9AM. Afterwards, we had a picnic lunch and a short hike at a local winery. The weather was beautiful. I did a load of laundry and packed a salad for myself and one for my mom, all before heading to church.

Then I started seeing photos of friends on Facebook who were having elaborate Mother’s Day weekend celebrations. Whole weekends celebrating motherhood while I had to share half a day with my mom. And I got pissed.

I already share my bed, my meals, my bathroom time – heck, all of my time – with the kids. And, in return, I should get one full day that really is all about me. But then, I have a mother, too.

I have quite a few friends whose mothers have already passed away. Others still whose mothers live far away or who just can’t be bothered to spend time with their daughters and grandchildren. And I am truly grateful for mine and she certainly deserves to be celebrated.

But, wouldn’t it be better if we each got a special day? At least while I’m still the one wiping my kids’ butts?

Turns out Grandparents Day is September 7 this year. I had to Google it because I knew there was one, I just didn’t know when. Grandparents Day is relatively new, and was officially declared by Congress in 1978. Well, I think it’s about time it got its due.

I’ve added a to-do item on my phone to work with my kids’ schools this August to make crafts for Grandparents Day. The year will still be fresh, and the kids, not having just celebrated Teacher and Staff Appreciation Week and struggling with end of the year burn out, will be happy to oblige.

And then next year, I’m going to switch my volunteer day at church so I don’t have to volunteer on Mother’s Day, AKA the day that will be all about me.

Are you with me, fellow mommies?


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    Wait, what? A grandparents day because you don’t want to “share” Mother’s Day? Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. Stop comparing your holidays to the “elaborate” celebrations of others- it will make you much happier. Besides, they are only posting the highlight reel any way.

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    That Grandmother is also a Mom and she, too, would probably like some form of gift. My mother’s day consisted of some sweet art pieces from my kiddos and a Starbucks gift card from my *gasp* MIL…. Works for me….

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    How can you ” like” this post??? This is the most Ridiculous!!!!! Spoiled and self-centered thing I have ever heard!!! ‘You are lucky enough to have a living mother..who lives close enough to spend time with and your annoyed your not center stage… ??? Unless you hatched…which is highly possible after reading this nonsense.. the women that gave birth to you..raised you..guided you and LOVED you is deserving of being celebrated on mother’s day too. Regardless off who’s as s you have to wipe!!!

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    We do both. We only get one mommy so share it with her, one day she will be gone and your kids will have elaborate dates for you. You have time to have that day to yourself. As for grandparents day it’s an extra day to shower your mom and dad with love for putting up with u and your kids lol. I say that with love. Enjoy them daily and give a little extra on mothers day, fathers Day and grandparents day.

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    Grandparents day is good to celebrate. But because they (both your father as well as your mother, if he is in the picture) are your children’s grandparents.
    If it is difficult to share mother’s day with your mom, (as I well understand because I too have Sunday morning duties) , she may well be okay with doing something for/with her on Saturday.
    Hope grandparents day goes well for you! Remember Father’s Day in June! :)

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    Umm wut? Why should a grandparent have a fathers/mothers day AND grandparents day? That’s a bit excessive. How about not be a brat on a holiday celebrating MOTHERS and spend some time with your mother and children? Sounds more like the author is jealous of other people’s weekend festivities. We did absolutely nothing in mother’s day. I sent my own mom flowers and gave her a phone call. Mothers day is about celebrating your mom. Not yourself. Jeez can you be any more entitled?

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    Don’t listen to these people. Having a day that is for your kids to celebrate you is NOT selfish, and making a big deal of grandparents day is a great way to both have that AND give your parents (and/or your husband’s) a special day of their own. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still give your mom a present, call, card, etc – but you are your children’s mother, and Mother’s Day should be about you and them! I actually already started this last year – we spent all grandparents day with my husband’s parents, made them dinner, gave presents… and we grilled with them the Saturday night of Mother’s Day weekend, but Mother’s Day was for me and my husband and son. It was lovely.

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