Gun Safety PSA, Because Kids Will Be Kids


No matter where you fall on the great gun debate, I think we can ALL agree with this Gun Safety PSA. Because kids will be kids…

Lock ‘em up folks. The guns and the vibrators.


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  1. says

    I’m not concerned about the gun safety message more than the continued sexualization of our kids. The subtext of the image is that it’s OK for kids to play with sex toys. (Though I would need to wear a helmet if I was playing with either of the toys also.) Kids won’t play with guns if the guns are properly housed in a safe, separate from ammunition, AND that kids are taught gun responsibility from an early age. I grew up in a house full of all types of guns and not even once did I ever consider using one to hurt myself or anyone else. Because my parents were responsible gun owners and present parents.

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      • john says

        I think the add was funny and gets a point across, but I do think the appropriateness of having the 2 child actors play with sex toys is questionable, at best.

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    • Katie says

      Valerie, the subtext is that it’s actually NOT okay, just as it’s not okay for kids to play with guns. And I’m sure no kid in a gun-related accident ever considered using it to hurt themselves or someone else, they were just playing. While you obviously misunderstood the commercial you actually hit the nail right on the head: “if the guns are properly housed in a safe, separate from ammunition, AND that kids are taught gun responsibility from an early age”. This is exactly the message they’re trying to get across.

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    • Chris says

      My brother is a prime example of this. We grew up in a house with guns. We were taught gun safety and how to use them properly.

      When he was about 12 he had a friend over… Got my hunting shotgun down, took off the lock, loaded in a shell to show his friend. He couldn’t figure out how to open the action and the gun went off.

      Fortunately, he only ended up shooting a hole in the ceiling and not in his friend.

      I too used to believe that education was the answer. It isn’t. If they can get to them they WILL play with them.

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    • Jane says

      Valerie, sweetie, you’ve missed the point completely! The subtext is that it is NOT okay for children to play with sex toys. (Did the moms look like they approved??) The message– quite clearly stated in the voice over and text– was that “If they find it, they’ll play with it. So ALWAYS lock up your guns.” But of course this also applies to sex toys, razor blades, valuable family heirlooms, etc.

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    • Kelli says

      I was a bit shocked to see the children playing with sex toys. I dont think its sexually charged ad (as one person seemed to think) but I didnt approve of it either.

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    • mommy who needs a laugh says

      How on earth was this sexualizing the children? It was obviously meant to be shocking and to grab your attention and once I stopped laughing out loud I was able to appreciate the point….lock up things that your kids shouldn’t have access to, I.e. Guns, medications, and even sex toys!

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    • Chris says

      I actually find your comment funny–because you’re trying to come off as knowing what you are talking about and yet, as someone else posted above, you TOTALLY missed the point!

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    • Cory says

      Amen girl! Me too. Grew up in a house with a fun in every corner leaning against the wall and prob with a bullet in it. But we were taught gun safety at the extreme. Taught that we were only allowed to touch them with Dad’s help. And we even got to shoot them at an early age, with dad’s help, because that showed us what can happen- and got the curiosity out of our systems. I grew up in the country where we hunt our food. And my kids are being brought up the same way, with the same teachings. Except we keep guns locked up-not because I fear my children and what they will do, but because others children come to our house.

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    • says

      That was the whole point, to LOCK up your guns and keep them safe. If a parent watches that and thinks its okay for kids to play with dildos then they are stupid. That’s not what the message is. I think Americans freak out over sex stuff far too much but let violence slide.

      Ask the family who’s 5 year old killed their 2 year old with his new Cricket rifle last week. Grandma said it was “God’s Plan”. Insane.

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    • Micael Anderson says

      Valerie, these are people who may own a gun, but are truly uneducated in the responsibility of a gun owner.
      I hate to sound cruel but, the Dumb, die. Don’t be dumb and do not let your children be dumb. Educate.

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    • PEter J. Kolovos says

      Valerie’s comments just goes to show what a self-righteous, self-absorbed, holier than thou, easily offended bunch of wimps most Americans have become. Get over it! The ad was geared towards adults, not children. It was extremely funny and made it’s point perfectly. If you don’t want kids to play with certain items, lock them up! Dildos and viabrators included.

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