Gun Safety PSA, Because Kids Will Be Kids

No matter where you fall on the great gun debate, I think we can ALL agree with this Gun Safety PSA. Because kids will be kids…

Lock ’em up folks. The guns and the vibrators.

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eggamuffin 1 year ago

it seems what we need is a class in dildo safety

Truth 1 year ago

You have ALL missed the subtext… which is, ‘Don’t have kids.’

Michael Anderson 1 year ago

So what I get from this, is that it is OK for your kids to get into anything they want. To not teach them respect of property and privacy. Lock it up and hide it, don’t teach to respect it.
The next time you shake your head wondering why kids have no respect today, it’s because you are too busy to teach them.

Chuck 1 year ago

Things detrimental to children MUST be put up and secured…….. by the way……… what were the moms doing while the kids were gathering up the goods…… maybe paying more attention to their children would be a good addition

Jennifer Schroeder 1 year ago

Epic comment! 😉

Chasity Gioia 1 year ago

I’m loving all of these perfect parents with perfect children who would never succumb to a bit of curiosity/temptation. You’re absolutely delusional. You’re the same parents who will argue with the teacher because your child can do no wrong. You self-proclaimed “super parents” are an interesting group, indeed.

    Micael Anderson 1 year ago

    WOW, you got all that from a three sentence statement. The problem is that the majority of you forgot the meaning of the word, RESPECT. If you teach it, it will take the student into a great life.

Linda Lawrence 1 year ago

Here is a novel idea: How about you teach your children to mind and when they are told to not touch something or not get into something they do what you say. Then you don’t have to worry all the time. If your kids don’t mind, you can’t protect them from anything.

    Micael Anderson 1 year ago

    Amen Linda

Tim Hedrick 1 year ago

Valerie!! Come-on! This was hardly “sexualizing children.” The whole point of this thing is that “they don’t recognize what they’ve got” and they still play with them, and they still like to make a weapon out of about anything. In this case, sex toys, in a darker scenario, firearms. And yes, familiarizing children with firearm handling and safety is a great thing but it is not the sole answer only part of the solution, the second part being denying all unsupervised access. I’ve been around firearms my whole life and know that even a well trained adult can have an accidental discharge, so a well trained kid certainly can.
On a second note, Valerie you really need to lighten up… go out for a walk, have a drink, tell a joke. Life is a lot more fun laughing at things. “Sexualizing children” by spoofing a sword fight with a vibrator and a dildo? Really???

Becky Meginn Burmeister 1 year ago

This is bad…..LOL

Lisa Jones 1 year ago

True true

Christy Leonard Ward 1 year ago

So that’s where it went.

David Leggett 1 year ago

Yep, even the best-parented, best-trained, best-behaved kid can give into curiosity – even just once. Don’t give kids access to mechanical things that can kill them.

Marcie Berry 1 year ago

I just choked laughing!

Christy Gauthier 1 year ago


Wendy Harden 1 year ago


Jeremy Jay Lee AUSTIN-SKIDMORE 1 year ago

Awesome way to make the point. 😉

Jamie Marie 1 year ago

Omgosh- thanks for the laugh!!

Lunette Gibson Swystun 1 year ago

LOL. LOL. THIS IS SO FUNNY. Obviously staged. And do lock up your guns!!!!!!

Christine Latreille 1 year ago

It’s frightening how many people don’t “get” the ad.

Corey Cheshire 1 year ago

Ha… This happened to a friend of ours! So funny!!!

Lani Reinhart 1 year ago

I wonder if these little guys knew what they were playing “light sabre” with! xoxoxox

Cam Comey 1 year ago

This is awesome! Love it!

Cara Wortmann 1 year ago

Hilarious, I would be on the floor laughing! All my boys hunt, gun an bow, proper safety is a required teaching. Great way to make fun of current gun issues.

Jill Eiler 1 year ago

So hilarious!

Cory Trudeau 1 year ago


Chaz Trollmato 1 year ago

If people locked up their guns LIKE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO, BECAUSE IT’S THE LAW, there would be less incidents with kids and guns.

Billmo Gaudet 1 year ago

Some of you are way too serious about this ad. Its just an ad, there is no nudity, no abuse or anything. Stuff happens, serious, I think those who see this as a dirty ad…have dirty minds.

Billie Jean Munn 1 year ago


Tiago Garcia 1 year ago

I think this is a great PSA. As a gun owner (including several of those “scary” “black rifles”) I think that every gun owner have to store their guns in a way that is not accessible to children that have not come of age. However, It becomes a problem when states like CA, NY, MA, etc start to mandate “safe storage” for all firearms… that becomes a logistic issue… especially when quick retrieval is needed. however, I agree that if it is not on your hip, or attached to your body, it should be on the safe!

Andres Linsey-Bell 1 year ago

Ok that’s hilarious! While I don’t agree with your gun control stance, I do believe in gun safety. :)

Melanie Benner 1 year ago

hahahhaha, too funny, and creative way to get moms attention on the matter heehee 😀

Taunya Hernandez 1 year ago

Freaking hilarious!

Karen 1 year ago

All kids should learn gun safety. Even if you do not own a gun & hate guns. Last year a little boy shot & killed his father. They had visited a friend’s house unexpectedly and the friend had his guns out in a back room. Point is, you never know when your child will be exposed to a gun. Teach them to never mess with someone’s purse or bag. You wouldn’t believe how many people are packing.

    Tiago Garcia 1 year ago

    ABSOLUTELY Karen! I would like to have gun safety and gun avoidance thought to ALL kids.i don’t carry on a purse (and gun instructors strongly disagree) but on my body and I think that’s a great point that gets lost by both sides at times.

Krystal Robertson 1 year ago

Oh boy!!! I couldn’t even imagine. Lol

Octavia Ellis 1 year ago

Seriously? The makers of this ad should be prosecuted for child endangerment, predation and child sexual abuse. Children, sex toys and guns!!! Sickos!

Daniella Perez 1 year ago

Are those dildos??? Wtf

Heather Lynn 1 year ago


Jennifer Long 1 year ago

So funny

Hilary Wilkinson 1 year ago

My boys are educated about guns and know how to shoot. They don’t just “play” with things they find in our home because they know there are consequences. It’s called parenting people!! I never even had to put cabinet locks in my kitchen because they were taught that they are not allowed in the cabinets.

    Lizette Alvarado Stradford 1 year ago

    well good for u but it has nothing to do with parenting…all kids are different and u just can’t assume cause a kid is curious, that it must be because of their parents…you say that your children won’t play with anything in your house but are u with them 24/7?

Mande Kay Sumner 1 year ago

LMAO!! So very true!

Danielle Miller Rhoades 1 year ago

That would b a nightmare lol

Drew Garrod 1 year ago

I hope she cleaned them, lol

Jerrold Melville 1 year ago

The facts are more guns mean more deaths

Stacey Clinton 1 year ago

Great!! :) and I think FB is blocking from liking/sharing now, so I just reposted link on my page too.

Andrea Medina 1 year ago


Kari Clift 1 year ago


Nicole Slaughter 1 year ago


Chrissy White 1 year ago

Crying! Laughing. So. Hard!!!

Penny Heiman 1 year ago

I’d feel a lot more comfortable knowing that if my kid was at someone elses house and their parents did no more than keep the gun in the bottom drawer in a shoe box. My kid would be educated enough not to play with the gun. What happens when they are not under your roof? Any and all precautions to keep our kids safe is the point… right? Most kids who get hurt by guns found them while snooping and had no real knowledge of them.

Valerie Ortiz 1 year ago

Haven’t even read the article but the pic is hilarious

Marie Parker 1 year ago

I know, right??? I could sooo see this happen. Lol! Funny PSA!

Lydia Diaz 1 year ago

Omg Marie!! This is hilarious! I wonder how many times this has happened.

Heather Rotz 1 year ago

I really hope that is photo shopped.

Amanda Nieves 1 year ago

Omg lmfaooooo. kids play with anything i swear

Jodi Wheeler 1 year ago


Marthie Potgieter 1 year ago

So appropriate

Jillian Statlar 1 year ago

omg! LMAO!!!


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