Halloween Vodka


I have decided that there is no reason for kids to get all the treats on Halloween. What about us? Don’t we deserve some fun, too? Other than overdosing on candy, of course.

Yes, yes, we do.

I still haven’t gotten over last year’s fascination with candy vodka, and got inspired last week after a trip down the candy aisle. I think — actually I know — that I had way too much fun with this Halloween Vodka…

Just take any sugar candy and separate by color…

… and soak it in vodka for a few days, shaking periodically. If there’s any gunk floating, drain it out with a coffee filter. My bottles came from Ikea, but mason jars work, too.

So easy, and so fun. (Especially if you taste it.

Don’t you wish you were trick or treating at my house?


  1. 11

    mandie says

    I have a friend who makes skittles vodka. He separates the flavors and makes a bottle of each.. Sounds so yummy!

  2. 14

    Billie says

    I have those bottles, but where did you get the corks to fit? Did you have to modify them? I am excited to do the skittles vodka (which I pinned on pinterest) or now your post is making me want to try more candies. I am making an entire display of apothocary bottles and jars for a halloween display and this will be perfect for the adult section! You rock!

  3. 18

    Arnebya says

    Mmmmm candy vodka. Whod’ve thunk? And all this time I’ve been wasting my time with straight vodka. I’d love a vodka-infused Jolly Rancher.

  4. 19

    Joanie says

    When my kids were little, I’d take them around the neighborhood to go trick or treating. Some of the neighbors would give the parents beer or wine. You could come home with quite a nice buzz on!

    I don’t drink too often any more but I’m definitely going to pass this idea on to my now grown kids!

  5. 22

    Jack@TheJackB says

    We go trick or treating in a neighborhood where parents pour shots for other parents. Mom, dad and the kids come home with a different sort of buzz, but buzzed nonetheless.

  6. 27

    Abi says

    Oh Jill,
    You know how I love my vodka. It’s as if this post was written just for me. I’m digging through the drawer now to find my coupons!

  7. 30

    The Mommy Therapy says

    These look so fun! I am beyond impressed!

    I might actually have to step it up and make this because it would make me feel crafty!

    Can flavoring alcohol count as a craft?

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