How Many Kids Should You Have?

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Amie Miller 11 months ago

You were spot on that I should only have two kids. Too bad its a few years too late and I already have six! :)

Alicia Seeley Weatherly 11 months ago

I got 3. I have two girls and one angel baby so I’ll say it’s correct.

Jackie Witcher 11 months ago

Mine said 3. We have 1 and it is highly likely he will be the only one. We thought long and hard about a second but it isn’t in the cards for us.

Sarah Ford Tjarks 11 months ago

It said 3. And we have 3 girls.

Kathy Engel Crozier 11 months ago

It was right! It said 2, and I have…oh shit, I have 4! Now where did I leave the other 2…

Jo Besana 11 months ago

I got 3 – plus a drink in my hand. I like that

Mary Jean Polk 11 months ago

Said I might be able to handle two children, so I guess, maggie, timmy and michael are SOL

Karine Ringrose 11 months ago

“could probably manage two… ” ! OMG I already have three!!!! what shall I do?!?! lol

Suzanna Bean 11 months ago

Right on! Two kids…check!

Kara De Angelis 11 months ago

Says I should only have one… But I have two already… Sounds about right lol

Kathleen Titus-Savelle 11 months ago

Two. That really sucks for my third child, lol.

Tina Lawn 11 months ago

2 kids lol i have 3 :/

Ita-Mae Brammer 11 months ago

One child….i have 2 lol

Joyce van Rijswijk 11 months ago

3! Well, not in one time. I’ll start on number two when the first one is, ehm, eleven or something.

Michelle A. Cropper 11 months ago

It said 2. Well here comes number 3 in 8 weeks :)

Tami Spain 11 months ago

Spot on with 3!

Beckie Wedo Alonso 11 months ago

Yup it said i can have 2 probably lol… i have 2 n i. Good(;

Sarah Ellis 11 months ago

Shelley Kowalski I got two! Phew. Safe

    Shelley Kowalski 11 months ago

    I’ll keep this quiz in mind for future reference

    Sarah Ellis 11 months ago

    It’s official now. There defiantly won’t be any more! Haha

Christie Fitzgerald Pillado 11 months ago

I took it twice. First time it said two. Probably. Second time it said one. Anyone get more than two as an answer.
I’m trying to figure out how to tell my six kids only one or two can stay…

Saba Mirza Ahssan 11 months ago

Only two :(

Hillary Kelln 11 months ago

I could do two. Probably. XD But one is good enough, methinks.

Rachel Escobar 11 months ago

Right on!

Jenny Murray 11 months ago

Uuummmm, totally wrong. It said I should probably have 2, well…..I have 5 and pregnant with my 6th!!! Wouldn’t change it for the world!!!!!

Sarah Cottrell 11 months ago

Totally spot on.

Anna Scott 11 months ago

It said to I have 7 lol way off

Melissa Barber 11 months ago

Quiz said probably 2, third is scheduled to arrive in Feb so we’ll see how it goes!!

Tricia Williamson Thackston 11 months ago

Said 2, I have 2…..don’t want anymore.

Heidi DeFreese Burns 11 months ago

Yep! I can “probably” parent 2 kids, and “Kid #2” arrived Jan 2014!

Jenn Heley 11 months ago

I got 3 or 4 and I currently have 2. I shared this and tagged my husband… maybe he’ll get the hint!

Labing Bing 11 months ago

oh yes. just one. and one is on the way.

Amy Marie 11 months ago

20 ! yay i love babies

Laurie Nunez 11 months ago

The quiz said 3…I have 2…17 1/2 years apart! Lol

Jen Patrick 11 months ago

Right on

Kristen Alyssa Foskey 11 months ago

I got 2 and I already have 2. Good job quiz lol

Carrie Anne 11 months ago

yes it was accurate. two and done. but i agree with a post above : why no option for “my kids wake me up before dawn every single day”

    Kristen Alyssa Foskey 11 months ago

    I was looking for that option too. I get woken up between 6:30 and 7:00 to them telling me that they are hungry. I dont even get a goodmorning mama anymore.

Terissa Elledge 11 months ago

Mine said 3… I’m working on. Number 6 wirh 2 foster babies

Jessica Pape 11 months ago

Mine said 2, we have two. Thought,.. I would like a a 3rd, I don’t don’t for see that happening

Verónica Díaz 11 months ago

Seems like I’m on the right track baby!

Elspeth Bretton 11 months ago

I got two. I have two.

Leah Kochrian 11 months ago

Spot on, I hope! I got three, which many other posts says is the hardest number to have. I currently have two girls and we are going for a third. :-)

Christine Crotser 11 months ago

Mine said 3, which is what I’ll have come March. We’re aiming for 5-7, though.

Apryl Evans-Bill 11 months ago

It said two, but I think some of my answers will change when I have kids.

The puke one, does it really matter? My mom used to bring me a bucket, cloth, and soapy water and leave it outside the bathroom door. She’d bring me soup and my favourite movie after I cleaned any… Accidents. Sympathy puker, but she did a great job as long as I wasn’t actively throwing up. I inherited her vice. Just… Don’t let me smell it…

Kristy Watkins 11 months ago

Mine says 3 and that was my boyfriend’s “ideal number” as well… Mine was always 2 but looks like I’m outnumbered

Shannon Rae-Dufour 11 months ago

It said three but i have four and the fifth is due in may lol

BenandMari Martinez 11 months ago

It said two and I’m going on four lol


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